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The 5 Best Arozzi Gaming Chairs Review and Comparison 2022

Arozzi Gaming Chairs
Written by Sonia Naz

Who said you had to spend exorbitant sums to acquire a real gaming chair? If some brands climb to the top of the basket like SecretLab , Noblechairs or Maxnomic , their models are often expensive. That was without counting on the Arozzi seats This brand aspires to an extended offer and today benefits from a vast catalog. What are the best Arozzi seats  ? What can the brand bring you? You’ll get your answers and more in this buying guide.

Arozzi: history

Arozzi is a Swedish, not an Italian, company that designs gaming hardware and computer accessories. Born in 2013, it was originally created with the aim of designing seats for the racing industry .

arozzi logo

But over time, it looked into the world of gaming and established itself in the market with the desire to offer ergonomic and comfortable gaming chairs with excellent value for money. The brand also offers bucket-type gaming seats like DxRacer , but also a little more sophisticated models for more comfort.

Comparison Table of the Best Arozzi Gaming Chairs

As you will have understood, there are many Arozzi gaming chairs. The Swedish manufacturer aims to make gaming chairs accessible and offers various ranges. Therefore, not all of the brand’s models are created equal. But then, what is the best Arozzi gaming chair  ? What are the differences between the ranges?

To help you take a step back, here is a comparison table of the best Arozzi gaming chairs followed by our selection of gaming chairs from the same manufacturer.

arozzi vernazza avisArozzi Vernazza Simili Cuir 145 kg 170-190 cm 70 kg/m³
Arozzi Verona V2 reviewsArozzi Verona V2 Simili Cuir 105 kg 170-190 cm 45 kg/m³
arozzi turret avisArozzi Torretta Tissue 100 kg 160-180 cm 46 kg/m³
Arozzi Mezzo V2 avisArozzi Mezzo V2 Similar-Leather / Fabric 120 kg 170-190 cm 70 kg/m³
Arozzi Start avisArozzi Start Tissue 105 kg 170-190 cm 35 kg/m³

Arozzi armchair: Our selection

Arozzi seats are plentiful. And it’s easy to get lost. To help you make your choice and see more clearly, here is our selection of the best Arozzi gaming chairs!

1. Arozzi Vernazza

arozzi vernazza

The Arozzi Vernazza seat is the brand’s top-of-the-range model . With a successful racing design, the Vernazza is a very imposing gaming chair . Its wide seat allows great freedom of movement. The backrest is curved but does not give you a feeling of being locked away. This Arozzi seat is not a cocoon to hold you back. With a high backrest, it will suit anyone measuring around 1.80m.

The racing aspect is particularly successful. The backrest like the seat recalls the world of racing in form, but also in colors. This model is available in red and black, a very classic color combination in the middle, but also in black and white and solid black. We remain on common associations in Racing type gaming chairs.

In terms of durability, Arozzi takes the lead and offers an armchair with a very high density . The seat and back are particularly firm . Which doesn’t make it a very comfortable gaming chair. You don’t sink into it like a sofa. We can clearly feel the desire to make a seat intended for good back support .

This concern for the density of the seat is nevertheless counterbalanced by the presence of rather large and comfortable cushions intended to hold you back. So that if you stay in contact with the seat, your back is retained by the lumbar cushion and the headrest.

This seat has all the adjustments you would expect from a high-end chair. It benefits from an inclination of up to 160 ° , a rocking chair mode. We can only regret the presence of 3D armrests , where competition tends to democratize the 4D armrest.


  • A racing chair with a neat design
  • Ergonomic
  • Built to last
  • All the options expected of a gaming chair

The lessers

  • 3D armrests

2. Arozzi Verona V2

Arozzi Verona V2

The Arozzi Verona V2 seat is a new improved version. With the evolution of gaming chairs , Arozzi had to review its old model to deliver a version in line with the competition. Now, this new version incorporates the same features as the most popular gaming chairs:

  • 3D armrests
  • Rocking chair function up to 12 ° tilt
  • Tilt up to 160 °

This revision of the Verona model is not limited to the simple functionality of a gaming chair. Arozzi has also redesigned the design of its seat . Still in a very marked sporting dimension , the Verona V2 has many similarities with the Vernazza. Its straight lines give it a certain uniqueness compared to other Racing type gaming chairs .

On the other hand, this gaming chair differs from the Vernazza by its lower seat density . If this model is once again intended for people of adult size (approximately 180cm), it is intended above all for a public looking for a comfortable gaming chair . However, this rather low density leaves one puzzled as to its durability compared to other models of the same brand.

But the real strength that distinguishes this model from others lies in a wide choice of colors . This is the Arozzi chair offering the most colors among the different ranges. Black, gray, blue, orange, green, red or white, you will find your color with this armchair.


  • Available in 7 colors
  • All the options expected of a gaming chair
  • A design reworked for the occasion
  • Very comfortable

The lessers

  • A little low density of the seat

3. Arozzi Torretta

arozzi turret

Do you prefer to avoid imitation leather? It is true that this type of coating can interfere at a certain temperature. But don’t worry, the Arozzi Torretta armchair offers you an alternative.

The Torretta is an office chair suitable for long gaming sessions. Even the most expensive models have their limits. The Torretta succeeds where leather upholstery consistently fails. It has a breathable fabric covering . In addition, the backrest benefits from a feather lining . With this design, the Arozzi Torretta gaming chair ensures great comfort and keeps your back cool.

The brand, true to itself, once again delivers a seat with a very wide seat. However, this gaming chair turns out not to support too heavy a load. And despite its steel base , it cannot support a load greater than 100kg .

Another detail may bother you: the armrests. Like any other model, this model benefits from the functionality of a top-of-the-range Arozzi seat, but incorporates 2D armrests . 2D armrests limit adjustments to the depth and height of the armrests, while 3D functions also incorporate width adjustment. And with the width of the seat, the thinnest riders may find it difficult to use the armrests a little too far apart.


  • Breathable fabric that does not retain heat
  • All the options expected of a gaming chair
  • Very comfortable

The lessers

  • Can not support more than 100kg
  • 2D armrests

4. Arozzi Mezzo V2

Arozzi Mezzo V2

Among the many gaming chairs in the Arozzi catalog, the most versatile is the new Mezzo version. The first advantage of the Mezzo V2 is that it gives you the choice between a model in PU leather and in breathable fabric (the Mezzo V2 Fabric). The issue of leather and fabric upholstery divides consumers, and Arozzi leaves the choice up to the customer.

Whether it is the Mezzo V2 or the Mezzo V2 Fabric , only the coating changes. They have the same strengths and the same flaws. The seat density is also the same. Particularly rigid, this gaming chair benefits from a cold hardened foam providing a certain firmness. If comfort suffers somewhat, Mezzo models from Arozzi gain in durability .

Once again, this Arozzi seat benefits from all the brand’s options :

  • Rocking chair
  • Backrest tiltable up to 165 °
  • Adjustable height

However, it is still at the level of the armrests that the bottom hurts. With 1D armrests (only the height can be adjusted), Mezzo ranks among the models with the least developed armrests in the catalog.

However, with a mid-sized seat and comfortable foam padded armrests , this is a slight downside.


  • The choice between a leather covering and breathable fabric
  • The expected ergonomic options
  • Very good value for money
  • A long service life in anticipation

The lessers

  • 1D armrests

5. Arozzi Start

Arozzi Start

Arozzi manages to stand out from the competition thanks to its breathable fabric models. But the strong point of this brand is to succeed in offering what it knows how to do best at an unbeatable price. The Arozzi Inizio seat is an entry-level model among all-option gaming chairs.

Like the Torretta, the Inizio benefits from a breathable fabric cover . Thus, the seat does not retain heat and allows you to sit for a long time without being disturbed by the heat retained by the backrest.

The Arozzi Inizio seat carries with it the ergonomic options common to all gaming chairs. We appreciate the curved shape of the armrests, more comfortable for the forearms and wrists, despite the fact that they are 2D armrests.

And if it is an entry-level, the manufacturer has still thought of including plastic covers to hide the connection between the backrest and the seat. A very appreciable and often forgotten detail in this price range.

The real black point of this model is in its density of seat . The Inizio seat is intended to be the opposite of the Torretta, a more comfortable , more cozy seat . For this, the manufacturer opts for a lower density . However, the density of the seat often reflects the life expectancy of the product. And this Inizio is one of the chairs with the lowest density. Thus, it will most certainly suit those who cannot stand a too firm gaming chair and prefers a comfortable breathable fabric.


  • Breathable fabric cover
  • A very good value for money

The lessers

  • A common design
  • A little low density of the seat
  • 2D armrests

Why choose Arozzi?

Like other brands that have specialized in the gaming chair sector, Arozzi draws on extensive experience in the motor racing sector. The brand has been able to work with professionals and is based on real know-how . The relationship to comfort and ergonomics is therefore not to be proven and goes beyond the simple will of the brand.

arozzi gaming chair

© Arozzi

But this past in the automobile fades at the sight of Arozzi’s gigantic catalog . Because Arozzi isn’t just limited to gaming chairs. The brand offers all types of office equipment and gaming accessories. You will find :

  • The gaming office
  • Microphones
  • Mouses
  • Helmets
  • Glasses
  • Clothes
  • Green funds
  • Non-slip floor mats
  • And even racing simulation stands

You have access, with Arozzi, to a whole range of equipment. You will find everything you need to build your gaming room in a uniform racing style.

arozzi chair

© Arozzi

Arozzi or AKRacing, which brand to buy?

Arozzi and AKRacing both share a common track record in the motor racing industry . With their experience in the professional pilot’s seat, however, they have both taken different paths.

AKRacing is intended for luxurious products with a neat design . In addition, their brand specializes only in gaming chairs.

For its part, Arozzi targets a large audience and wants to be more accessible by offering similar options, less prestige. For these reasons, you will find Arozzi gaming chairs in supermarkets.

However, Arozzi is no less efficient. But if you are looking for features at a lower cost , failing a design that meets the canons of Gaming-Racing, then Arozzi is perfect for you. But if the more unique visual of AKRacing appeals to you and is an important criterion, then you can turn to AKRacing.

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