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The 11 Best Gaming Chairs Reviews 2022

the best gaming chairs
Written by Sonia Naz

Gaming today is an activity in its own right, comprising hundreds of millions of aficionados and other followers. With its advent on the computer, more and more demanding gamers want to enjoy excellent playing conditions, allowing them to make the most of gaming moments.

The gaming chair is, in this perspective, particularly popular, in the sense that it welcomes you with Deluxe comfort during your longest gaming sessions. We invite you to discover our comparison of the best inexpensive gaming chairs , before turning to the buying guide, which is full of information on the buying process.

Comparative Table of Cheap Gaming Chairs


Secretlab Titan gaming chair reviewSecretlab Titan PRIME PU Leather 130kg 180 cm
avis chaise gamer maxnomic lead blackMaxnomic Leader Black PU leather 150kg 119-129 cm
Razer Iskur avisRazer Iskur Multilayer PU Leather 130kg 137cm
SongMics OBG62B gaming chair reviewSongMics OBG62B PU leather 150kg 119-129 cm
mFavour TOP-08 gaming chair reviewmFavour TOP-08 PU leather 150kg 125-135 cm
Amazon Umi gaming chair reviewsAmazon Umi PU leather 170kg 118-128 cm
review Robas Lund 62505SG4 DX Racer gaming chairDX Racer 5 Polyurethane 100kg 122-131 cm
aiidoits silent ergonomic chair reviewsAiidoits ergonomic chair Tissue 150kg 125 cm
avis chaise gaming Intey INTDJY02Intey INTDJY02 PU leather 125kg 126 cm
review gaming chair DX Racer Robas Lund 62503SN6DX Racer 3 PU leather 100kg 128 cm
IntimaTe WM Heart gaming chair reviewIntimaTe WM Heart PU leather 150kg 120-130 cm

The 11 best budget gaming chairs of 2022

Let’s make a quick methodological point. In order to sort and prioritize our selection, we based ourselves on consumer reviews, tests and technical characteristics. Using criteria, we were thus able to estimate in all objectivity which products offer the best value for money, while remaining on a reasonable price range. Let’s discover without further delay the ranking of the best gaming chairs .

1. Secretlab Titan et Omega

chaise gamer secretlab titan prime

Features & Reviews


Secretlab is unquestionably illustrated as a genius manufacturer, and its Omega and Titan series confirm this. Similar in many ways, however, they differ in terms of user specifications, seating and cushions. The best Omega gaming chair in our review is intended for users under 1.80 m and under 110 kg, where the Titan is more generous, for people up to 2 m and 130 kg. Regarding the seat, the point goes to the Titan, which offers an equalized seat .

Very concretely, you will be able to sit cross-legged, which the Omega does not allow (or, in any case, in a much less comfortable way). The difference is smaller for the cushions, namely that the lumbar cushion is directly integrated into the Titan (like a car seat) where it is “free” on the Omega. Apart from these differences, the models stand out for their technical characteristics. The very solid steel structure , supported by 5 feet and thick casters, promises a lot of durability – especially since the products are guaranteed for 3 years.(5 years under conditions). Despite the weight of the chair, the assembly turns out to be quite simple, even if it is preferable to have two people to finish it quickly and smoothly.

The documentation provided by Secretlab (based on steps and pictograms) is well thought out, but is in English… Fortunately, you can count on the YouTube video provided by the manufacturer to assemble your gaming chair. Comfort, meanwhile, is unmatched: whether you opt for the basic PU leather covering , NAPPA or the original SoftWeave – plush and enveloping texture – you will be sure to appreciate the case you slip into.

The benefits are also such that those suffering from back pain, lumbar and cervical can only be satisfied. The only possible improvement on this point ultimately concerns the armrests, which could benefit from a softer contact. That aside, it’s clear to us that the Secretlab Titan (and Omega) gaming chair is shining as the best gaming chair. A high price, of course, but amply justified by the prowess.


  • Build quality
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Numerous adjustments (relax backrest, 4D armrests, multi-tilt seat, etc.)
  • Quick and easy assembly …

The lessers

  • Despite the notices in English
  • Relative stiffness of the armrests

2. MaxNomic Leader Black

chaise gamer maxnomic leader black

MaxNomic, brand of NeedForSeat, wanted to join the big leagues with its Leader Black gaming chair . Well know that it is totally successful. The brand masters its subject from A to Z with this seat and even pays itself the luxury of coming to shake up the Secretlab Titan on its own territory, and this in all areas: finishes (a little better on the Titan all the same, it must admit), comfort , design , general manufacturing quality ; in short, everything is good on this seat .Features & Reviews

In terms of comfort and adaptation to the body, the MaxNomic Leader Black is sold in three different versions : one with a gas piston to accommodate a person measuring less than 1.80m , another for players whose the size is between 1.80m and 1.93m and, finally, the latest version for large sizes from 1.94m to 2.00m . In all three cases, the maximum recommended weight is 130kg , although the seat can support up to 150kg. For the rest of the body, adjustable lumbar support and 4D armrests round off the experience by allowing you to really personalize as much as possible according to your morphology and according to the activity in progress: you will potentially need a different setting for a film session than for a game on Valorant.

Obviously, for such quality you have to be prepared to spend the price that this MaxNomic Leader Black seat costs. But if you can afford it, you just have to go for it. If you want to know more about the brand, do not hesitate to consult our page on Maxnomic gaming chairs .


  • The undeniable qualities of finish, materials and comfort
  • 4D armrests, always such a pleasure
  • The integrated lumbar support, very practical
  • The sober and quality design
  • Silent casters
  • Easy assembly even alone

The lessers

  • The headrest does not have shape memory (unlike the SecretLab)
  • The high price despite everything

3. Razer Iskur

Razer Iskur

Features & Reviews

If you are looking for a high-end gaming chair, there really isn’t that much to choose from. Apart from SecretLab and its Titan for example, it is difficult to find very good quality on a chair dedicated to gaming. But that was without counting the brand with three green snakes, the so-called Razer . Specialized in the field of gaming for many years, with always high quality products, whether keyboards, mice, headsets, PCs or accessories, the American company is everywhere. Their Razer Iskur gaming chair therefore reflects the spirit of the company, namely taking into account the needs of gamers in order to offer them suitable products .

Back pain is one of the reasons people buy a quality chair. And this is precisely the number 1 argument of the Razer Iskur . Its lumbar supports are developed in an exemplary way, without doubt better than all the other current chairs or almost. The lumbar cushions placed on this gaming chair are equipped with a jack system, allowing the person sitting on it to adjust the backrest on the fly to best fit it on its morphology. It is therefore not something that is simply “comfortable”, but rather totally personalized .

Apart from this feature, the Razer Iskur masters its subject everywhere. But mastering is not a sign of perfection: for such a price, some gaming chairs from SecretLab will be preferred over the overall finishes and the general comfort of the product. It is therefore necessary here to choose between the excellent lumbar support from Razer and the almost perfect overall comfort of the Titan chairs.


  • Excellent lumbar support
  • 4D armrests
  • The design, neat and very sober for the Razer
  • The general quality of the product
  • The choice of synthetic leather

The lessers

  • Product designed above all for people from 1m74 to 1m84 according to Razer
  • The high price

4. SongMics OBG62B

songmics armchair obg62b

Features & Reviews

Let’s start strong in terms of value for money with this gaming chair from SongMics, a recognized manufacturer in the industry. Offering a wide base and a good depth, this model is above all qualitative in terms of choice of materials. There is an easy-to-maintain PU cover, as well as various high-density padding to support the different parts of your body. We will also note the practical facilities, like the height of the seat which can be adjusted to a little less than 10cm, the folding armrests or the screw preventing the structure from loosening. At this price, everything therefore appears very well made.

It is therefore quite logical that a clear majority of consumers, over 80%, award a score of 4/5 or 5/5. With this in mind, they value both the comfort and the ergonomics of the model, praising in passing its value for money. Regarding the ease of assembly, if the score is reasonable at 3.9 / 5, some users still regret a material that is difficult to assemble for neophytes, in particular with regard to the armrests.

Overall, we appreciate the chair’s excellent quality-price ratio, because while it is certainly not free from flaws, it has the advantage of offering good performance at an affordable price. Note that for beginners, external help (physical or online tutorial) may be welcome as a supplement. For our part, we want to enhance the comfort of the gaming chair , because while some users certainly regret padding that is too harsh, the quality of the foam as well as that of the cover manages to create an envelope, like a second skin. Most enjoyable for a successful immersion.


  • Comfortable and with padding
  • Quality, easy-care cover
  • Practical facilities
  • An ergonomic model

The lessers

  • No blocking of the casters
  • A complicated assembly for beginners, especially for the armrests

5. mFavour TOP-08

mfavour chaise gaming

Features & Reviews

While a bit more expensive than the previous one, this gaming chair offers an imitation leather covering. In addition to providing superior comfort, faux leather comes with obvious thermal properties, allowing you to capture your body heat to heat the material for a long time. The PU leather, however, is only a glimpse of the comfort, which seems to be the central asset of the model. There is thus a cushion lined with lumbar support, as well as a high density cotton headrest offering soft support. Note also the quality standards of materials, like the metal steel alloy frame, offering perfect resistance and therefore real durability. Ergonomics, finally, is ensured by the inclination of the backrest as well as the adjustment of the angle of the backrest, the armrests or the height of the seat.

In the same way as before, this inexpensive gaming chair therefore garners the praise of many consumers, 68% of whom give the maximum score. They praise both comfort and value for money and, above all, many of them appreciate the ease of assembly, a relatively rare point. If customers recognize a quality brought to the frame, some nevertheless regret the slightly more fragile armrests, and therefore recommend observing its durability over time. Others, on the other hand, have noticed squeaking noises after a certain time of use.

Overall, we will still appreciate the value for money of this model, undeniable both in the eyes of consumers and ours. Again, in this price range, it will not be possible to demand perfection, but let’s recognize that the choices made by the manufacturer in the design of this chair appear to be most relevant.


  • The PU leather coating resembles real leather
  • Comfort (cushion and headrest)
  • Strong and durable frame
  • Practical, reclining and ergonomic armchair

The lessers

  • The quality of the armrests appears a notch below
  • After a while of use, a few squeaks appear

6. Amazon Umi

fauteuil gamer umi by amazon

Features & Reviews

The cheap Umi gaming chair is now in the top 5 with a product in the same price range as the previous one. Available in three color duos, this Amazon gaming chair is all about comfort, using a cushion for lumbar support and a footrest. To gain in relaxation capacity, the model also offers a maximum tilt of 135 ° (against 180 ° for the previous model), the famous footrest and armrests which are also modular. In addition to optimally supporting your body, this model can support a weight of up to 170kg.

We thus find, inevitably, hyper playful consumers, 80% of them awarding a rating of 4 to 5/5. Unlike the first model, which indeed seemed to pose a problem for beginners for assembly, this is apparently not the case with this one.

In our opinion, it is a most balanced offer that Umi offers us here. by Amazon. The promise is not usurped: the comfort of the equipment will welcome you for the longest gaming sessions! On the other hand, it is possible that some models squeak according to some consumers. The classic solution is always lubricant with a little mechanical oil.


  • A comfortable model, with support cushions
  • Footrest and reclining backrest
  • Simplified assembly

The lessers

  • may seem a little fragile, to see over time

7. DX Racer 5

robas lund dx racer 62505SG4

Features & Reviews

Let’s find a good inexpensive gaming chair whose price is certainly higher than the average for the selection, but which has the advantage of presenting undeniable advantages. This, starting with its comfort: if we regret a maximum supported weight of “only” 100kg, among other things due to its low thickness, we recognize the strengths of the rest of the model. Its cushions, in particular, appear to be of the highest quality and support the head, neck and back, while the structure supports the back and the seat supports the posterior and lower back. You can also customize your comfort, since the backrest is adjustable and can even be tilted 180 °, enough to have a multifunction use!

Its obvious qualities consolidate it in a position of popularity with consumers, more than 70% of which give a score greater than or equal to 4/5. In this spirit, they mention the support and comfort provided by the backrest, seat and cushions, and appreciate the ease of assembly, which receives an honorable rating of 4.5 / 5. If they also value the quality of construction and finishes as well as the choice of materials, they are however disappointed with the armrests. Because these fulfill their office well as such, they reveal an important play when one tries to adjust them in height, and for which it is moreover not possible to operate a rotation. So prefer to leave them in place!

We therefore understand, therefore, that the only real flaw of the gaming chair lies in its armrests which, it must be admitted, are not up to the rest of the structure. Let’s admit that this one is still doing wonderfully well at this price, and that the levels of comfort offered are memorable. Gamer friends, you won’t get out of it!


  • The quality of the materials and the care taken in the finishes
  • The comfort of the seat, backrest, and cushions
  • The tilting position up to 180 °
  • The backrest is adjustable in height

The lessers

  • Armrests cannot be adjusted 360 °
  • For height adjustment, the armrests have a relatively large play

8. Aiidoits Ergonomic Office Chair

aiidoits silent ergonomic chair

Features & Reviews

You will notice it without worry: the Aiidoits chair is not designed, as a base, for gaming. But the only difference with a gaming chair in this price bracket is the design : no frills, no colored thread lines, no visible logo either; here we have the bare minimum visual . In terms of comfort, the Aiidoits office chairis not recessed: the armrests can be adjusted in height, as can the headrest which can also be swiveled back and forth and the seat can of course also be adjusted in height. The lumbar support of this chair is adjustable in height by about ten centimeters, it provides the necessary comfort and reduces tension in the lower back. The brand also specifies that its wheels are silent.

Finally, the overall fabric cover allows for a certain sobriety, although it is relatively messy compared to PU leather (and more difficult to clean). If you are looking for a model like this, we have made a selection of the best inexpensive ergonomic chairs .


  • Sober chair, which works for work as well as for a gaming setup
  • Overall quality for this price
  • Up to 150kg
  • For people from 165 to 190cm

The lessers

  • Won’t glorify your setup

9. Intey INTDJY02

Intey Chaise gaming

Features & Reviews

Intey is betting on accessibility with this model, not only in 40% reduction since its launch, but also offering an immediately applicable reduction coupon of 8 euros. The price, yes, and the performance too: its cushions preserve comfort levels, its backrest can be tilted to 4 positions, the seat can be adjusted in height, and the armrests can be rotated on 2 axes.

The success is therefore very present, also more than 85% of consumers rate the product at 4/5 or 5/5. They highlight both the comfort and the value for money of this inexpensive gaming chair, but also its ease of assembly. Some users still note some potential improvements, such as a wider seat for people with larger thighs and a more balanced cushion in its support.


  • Affordable price and top quality-price ratio!
  • Back and head cushions
  • Reclining backrest and adjustable seat
  • Adjustable armrests

The lessers

  • Not suitable for people with voluminous thighs
  • A cushion that is too hard?

10. DX Racer 3

robas lund dx racer

Features & Reviews

Let’s meet again Robas Lund, who chooses to convince us again on the comfort. Its seat with balanced reception and support is accompanied by a reclining backrest, which is adorned with two cushions for the lumbar and head. We will appreciate a full imitation leather covering, both aesthetic and comfortable.

From this perspective, comfort is obviously the point most popular with consumers, 90% of whom give the model a 4/5 or 5/5. However, customers regret that the maximum weight supported is only 100kg, which further reduces comfort for people who are stronger or have voluminous thighs.


  • Comfortable and with cushions
  • The backrest is reclining
  • Aesthetic design

The lessers

  • A maximum weight supported of only 100kg

11. IntimaTe WM Heart

intimate wm heart

Features & Reviews

Let’s finish our comparison with this model of IntimaTe, certainly one of the most accessible of the selection. Even more so in blue, where the price drops below the 100 euros mark! We appreciate that the model achieves the essential: its structure supports up to 150kg, and is adorned with a backrest with a slight inclination, between 90 and 105 °. Its combination of synthetic leather and cotton, on the one hand, and head and lumbar cushions, on the other hand, form a comfortable duo.

This is also a point on which all consumers agree, who award a franc 5/5 both for the model, as well as for comfort and value for money. They recognize that of course, at this price, one cannot expect prowess worthy of a higher end, but that at this price, it does the essentials perfectly.


  • Ultra accessible price
  • Maximum weight supported: 150kg
  • Head and lumbar cushions
  • Comfortable

The lessers

  • The backrest is relatively little reclining

Buying guide: How to choose your gaming chair?

The comparison has shown you, we hope, that quality and inexpensive can rhyme, as long as we know how to choose. And that is the whole question in the end: which gaming chair to choose? To achieve this, we give you useful keys here, like the selection criteria.

Presentations, characteristics, advantages and price of the gaming chair

We all know the classic office chair, welcoming enough to allow you to sit on it to work, but the comfort of which will not be memorable. The gaming chair, on the other hand, focuses above all on comfort: the quality of its foams as well as its padding and reinforcements come to support each member of your body to deploy maximum support. It’s also a practical product, coming with armrests, a headrest, and sometimes even a footrest.

Obviously, because of their qualitative standards, even inexpensive gaming chairs require a certain investment, between 100 and 250 euros. The selection in this range will depend on your needs, so feel free to refer to our criteria.

Where to find a gaming chair? Our buying recommendations

Several options are available to you. You can first opt ​​for physical and specialty stores. However, this will require you to devote some time to it, as long as you have such stores nearby. Above all, once there, you will have little objective information apart from the technical characteristics to be able to carry out a real comparison. Note also that for storage reasons, these physical stores are obliged to offer reduced selections.

A second, more attractive option is then available to you: buying online. Via the different platforms, you can indeed buy a gaming chair with complete peace of mind, since you will have access to a wealth of information on each model. The choice is also much wider, because of the many models that can be found on the net. Last argument in favor of online sales: cost reduction and regular promotions allow you to find THE good deal!

How to choose your gaming chair? Selection criteria

As we indicated in the methodological point of the comparison, several criteria are the basis of our analysis and allow us to objectively compare the products. We invite you to use these criteria in your turn to find the model that will suit you the most, given your budget as well as your expectations and needs.

  • Comfort: quality of the foam, support for the seat and back, cushions, etc.
  • Ergonomics: reclining backrest, adjustable seat, etc.
  • Strength: maximum weight supported, quality of materials, etc.
  • Design and aesthetics: style and colors, quality of finishes …
  • Ease of assembly

What are the best brands of gaming chairs?

Many manufacturers attach the “gamer” label to their products, but it is often there for marketing reasons. It is therefore advisable to turn to trusted manufacturers, whose products are acclaimed for their quality.

  • Secretlab and Noblechairs : these are two brands playing neck and neck in the high-end. They highlight Premium materials, optimal comfort and numerous configurations of the armrests, the seat or the backrest.
  • DXRacer
  • AKRacing
  • Empire Gaming
  • Songmics
  • RobasLund

We are aware that gaming equipment requires a certain investment, so several manufacturers are aiming to position themselves in the quality-price ratio niche. This is for example the case of RobasLund and Songmics, carrying out the essential in terms of adjustments (inclination of the backrest, in particular) and comfort (support cushions, for example).

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