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The 10 Best Inexpensive DXRacer Gaming Chairs Reviews 2022

Best Inexpensive DXRacer Gaming Chairs
Written by Sonia Naz

If there is one activity that has grown considerably in recent years – strong in new technologies and even becoming more professional – it is gaming . In this vast community, we find as many console aficionados as there are PC players – with the difference that the latter often want to invest in equipment adapted and dedicated to the gamer, such as armchairs. Among them, we find in particular the brand DXRacer , known certainly for its expensive prices, but also for its high quality models. Comfortable , resistant and ergonomic , they convince more and more people beyond the “gamer” bubble, to reach office workers, for example.

Also, we invite you to find our selection of the best DXRacer gaming chairs , followed by more information on the identity of the brand, its strengths and the strengths and characteristics of its products.

DXRacer gaming chair comparison table

Robas Lund 62506SW5 DX-Racer reviewsRobas Lund 62506SW5 69 x 35 x 86 25kg 100kg Backrest, 1D armrests, height
DXRacer OH-RF0-NB reviewsOH/RF0/NB 67 x 33 x 87 26kg 150kg Backrest, 3D armrests, height
Dxracer formula f8 reviewFormula F08 67 x 67 x 128 22kg 100kg Backrest, 3D armrests, height
Robas-Lund DXRacer Black reviewsRobas Lund 62503SN6 74 x 50 x 127 24kg 100kg Backrest, 1D armrests, height
Robas-Lund 62501SR4 DX-Racer reviewsRobas Lund 62501SR4 69 x 35 x 86 25kg 100kg Backrest, 1D armrests, height
DXRacer F11 N reviewsFormula 11 F11-N 69 x 35 x 85 25kg 100kg Backrest, 1D armrests, height
Robas-Lund DXRacer-R1 reviewsRobas Lund 62561NR4 67 x 32 x 87 25kg 100kg Backrest, 3D armrests, height
DXRacer Formula reviewsKing KS06 100 x 50 x 100 28kg 150kg Backrest, 4D armrests, height
DXRacer Sentinel S28 reviewsSentinel S28 68 x 62 x 147 25kg 150kg Backrest, 4D armrests, height
Robas-Lund DXRace V1 reviewRobas Lund V1 69 x 35 x 86 25kg 100kg Backrest, 3D armrests, height

Comparison of the best DXRacer gaming chairs

The term “cheap” is relative here, in the sense that the brand’s prices start at around 200 euros . But they can run up to over $ 700 – so we’ve made sure to keep the prices relatively low, while ensuring that the models are value for money. So, whether it is for the Formula , King and other series, we have considered as much the technical characteristics as the feedback provided by the tests and other consumer opinions . Impartiality is our credo! On the other hand, if the price is above your means, we have also made a selection where you can find the cheap gaming chair. at the price that suits you.

1. The DXRacer Robas Lund 62506SW5, for its value for money and reliability

Robas Lund 62506SW5 DX Racer

Features & Reviews

Recognized manufacturer, Robas Lund unveils here a model stamped DXRacer, the price of which is frankly attractive. If the introductory price put it in the good average of releases, its 30% reduction makes it even more competitive. Admittedly, the recommended maximum weight of 100kg is a bit restricted – a defect in the thickness of the foam? – Robas Lund does not ignore any of the usual quality standards. We thus find removable cushions for the lumbar and head, the rocker with locking mechanism or the tilt of the backrest to 135 °. However, at this price, Robas Lund sacrifices the leather coating for the polyurethane. On the user side, it is as much the ease of assembly as the comfort and the value for money that are put forward,


  • Excellent value
  • Lumbar and head cushions
  • The backrest, armrests and height are adjustable
  • Super comfortable

The lessers

  • Maximum weight of 100kg
  • No leather covering

2. The DXRacer OH / RF0 / NB


Features & Reviews

For comparison, let’s now turn to the original manufacturer, with the small price increase that goes with it of course – that said, there is a disparity in prices depending on the colors, with black and black / red proving to be much more accessible. than the rest. However, we find the typical standards of the brand, such as the lumbar and neck cushions, the imitation leather covering or the height, the armrests and the adjustable tilt. In terms of construction, the aluminum frame is as aesthetic as it is solid and resistant, since it supports a maximum recommended weight of 130kg. We understand that it is illustrated as one of the best among consumers, who praise the ease of assembly and – obviously – its comfort, but regret the absence of real leather for the coating or,


  • Aluminum structure
  • 2 removable cushions
  • Tilt, height and armrests are adjustable
  • Faux leather upholstery …

The lessers

  • … But no real leather yet
  • The noise of the wheels is sometimes a little pronounced

3. La DXRacer (l’original) Formula F08

DXRacer Formula F08

Features & Reviews

A little more accessible than the previous model, this Formula series model is even cheaper in black. Particularly welcoming, the chair is based on quality metal construction, which can support a weight of up to 100kg. Comfort and ergonomics are not forgotten either: while the synthetic leather and the cushions welcome and support you, the armrests, the tilt and the height are adjustable, allowing you to personalize your comfort. Note however: although adjustable, the seat height is still recommended for people up to 1.80m. Suffice to say that it is once again a great success for the entry-level Formula series, which also delights the hearts of consumers, almost all of whom award it the maximum score.


  • Firm and comfortable seat
  • Lumbar and neck cushions
  • Adjustments and inclination
  • Strong metal frame

The lessers

  • Low recommended maximum height
  • Difficult assembly alone

4. La DXRacer Robas Lund DX Racer 62503SN6

Robas Lund DXRacer Black

Features & Reviews

Now let’s come back to Robas Lund, which promises us a more attractive price-performance ratio. Available in black, this gaming chair embeds the classics, such as 3D armrests, tilt up to 135 ° or even cushions. If, again, imitation leather is absent for the seat and backrest in favor of polyurethane, it is however found on the head cushions and for the lumbar backs. The balance of price and performance is valued by consumers, 90% of whom give a score equal to or greater than 4/5. The comfort as well as the solidity of the structure are also widely emphasized. However, some do identify possible improvements, but typical of what the original manufacturer ultimately offers such as tilt lock or better height adjustment of the cushions.


  • Attractive price
  • Imitation leather for the lumbar and head cushions
  • Solid and reliable construction
  • Height adjustment, tilting system, 360 ° armrests …

The lessers

  • … But the cushions are not very adjustable in height
  • It is not possible to block the tilt
  • Polyurethane coating

5. The cheap DXRacer Robas Lund 62501SR4

Robas Lund 62501SR4 DXRacer

Features & Reviews

In view of the prices traditionally charged for this range, the term “cheap” appears appropriate. Especially since we find characteristics typical of previous models, like the inclination of the backrest, the polyurethane coating for the whole but imitation leather for the cushions, or the solidity of the structure, adorned to accommodate a user weighing up to 100kg. Obviously, this has earned it great popularity among consumers and, it seems, both gamers and non-desktop users. This enhances ease of assembly, comfort of course, as well as ergonomics, made possible by the various well-thought-out settings. However, some users notice that the armrests cannot be qualified as 3D, since they are only adjustable in height. Also,


  • Interesting price
  • Faux leather for the cushions
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable

The lessers

  • The cushions are not very adjustable in height
  • The armrests are not 3D

6. The DXRacer Formula 11 F11-N (the original)

DXRacer F11 N

Features & Reviews

And back to the original manufacturer! There is a significant price disparity here, around 50 euros, depending on the color you choose. We stay on the classic of the Formula range, with a recommended maximum weight of 100kg and a height between 1m60 and 1m80, which is a bit limiting. As for comfort, the range is what we know: a faux leather covering for the whole – including the cushions – which is felt both in the seat and the backrest, the most firm and warm. However, the reviews remain similar to previous models in the same range, as well as the maximum recommended height or even the relative difficulties of mounting alone.


  • Cushions and faux leather cover
  • Adjusting the height, inclination, armrests …
  • Aluminum build quality
  • Ultra comfort

The lessers

  • Low maximum height
  • It is a little hard to ride it alone

7. The red DXRacer Robas Lund 62561NR4

Robas Lund DXRacer R1

Features & Reviews

Although it shines on accessibility, RobasLund also aims to target more upscale, and it is done with this beautiful model – definitely a “Racer” – available in black / red or black grey. So, is the price justified? There are of course many adjustments, such as the tilt to 135 °, the height or the armrests. Stamped “3D”, they are in fact mainly adjustable in height and depth, the rotation, for its part, being only 30 ° at most. Also, quite surprisingly: at this price, Robas Lund does not choose imitation leather, but keeps the polyurethane for the coating. This is all the more damaging as the original manufacturer manages to offer imitation leather its entry-level models, such as the Formula or the King.


  • Faux leather cushions
  • Solid construction
  • 3D armrests

The lessers

  • Polyurethane coating
  • Rotation of the armrests only 30 °

8. La DXRacer King KS06

DXRacer King Formula

Features & Reviews

In the same state of mind as the Formula series, the King series is intended to be entry-level and therefore highlights an attractive quality-price ratio, although not very accessible. But the performance is there, especially with regard to the adjustment possibilities: the tilt up to 135 °, but also the armrests, which come with 8 possible positions, or the height. When it comes to comfort, DXRacer doesn’t do things by halves, even with the King Series: while the 4D armrests come with cushions to warmly welcome your forearms and handles, the head cushions and lumbar cushions provide the perfect support. . Last appreciable point: the genuine leather covering, which gives this model aesthetics, ease of maintenance and comfort. It is understandable that it enjoys such popularity among consumers.


  • Premium quality: leather covering
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustment of tilt, height, seat, etc.
  • 4D armrests

The lessers

  • Forcing a high price

9. DXRacer Sentinel S28

DXRacer Sentinel S28 reviews

Features & Reviews

The Sentinel S28 is one of the DXRacer chairs that want to be rather complete . In addition to its maximum supported weight of 150kg, it has top settings : the inclination of its backrest is adjustable and the same is true for the height of the seat. The main advantage lies in its “4D” armrests ; this means that their height, their depth, their vertical tilting and horizontal can be configured. The idea behind so many possibilities is obviously to make this armchair as comfortable as possible and thus to adapt to all body allow everyone to make the most of their setup. In terms of size, it’s the same observation: DXRacer shows generosity and allows players from 1m80 to 2m05 to feel comfortably installed in front of their desk. The backlash is that small sizes may quickly get lost in such a chair.


  • 4D armrests, always a success
  • High maximum weight
  • design over
  • Lumbar cushion and headrest provided

The lessers

  • The significant price
  • Not suitable for small riders

10. The DXRacer Robas Lund V1

Robas Lund DXRacer V1

Features & Reviews

Although we reserve it for you for the end: a truly inexpensive DXRacer chair, since the prices offered start from around a hundred euros! And for this price, we find features worthy of previous models but much more expensive, such as the tilting system or the height and adjustable armrests. Be careful, however: with regard to the latter, even though they are stamped “3D”, they are in fact only 30 ° rotatable (as well as adjustable in height). The polyurethane coating is certainly less attractive than leather, but let’s face it that at this price, we could not ask for better.


  • The cheapest DXRacer gaming chair in the selection
  • Numerous adjustments for height, tilt, etc.
  • 2 head and kidney cushions

The lessers

  • The armrests are not 3D

All about DXRacer gaming chairs

dxracer chair

What makes their identity, their quality but also their price?

While remaining within reasonable price ranges in view of the brand, the previous models are fiercely qualitative. You will surely have noticed the application of recurring standards, such as the cushions, the solid construction, the high levels of comfort… and of course the price! Here is some additional information about what MAKES the brand: its identity, its commitments, but also the characteristics common to its productions.

DXRacer: high-end gaming chairs

hostess dxracerMany companies are entering the field, but few can compete with the quality of DXRacer gaming chairs. The brand, established in Michigan (United States), was created in 2001. The tends to promote above all high quality standards. In this state of mind, it offers several product lines:

  • Formula Series
  • King Series
  • Iron Series
  • Racing, Racing Pro et Racing Shield Series
  • Work Series
  • Drifting Series
  • Valkyrie Series
  • Sentinel Series
  • Tank Series
  • Boss Series

But what is it that marks this “standard” so much? The name tells us more: “Racer” for “Racing”, that is to say the races of Formula 1. You surely see what one is talking about: DXRacer is inspired by the construction and the design of the seats of racing cars … since it was his job when it was created! Suffice to say that comfort and stability, as well as the quality of construction and reliability appear to be essential points.

So, publicity or real commitment?

The characteristics of a DXRacer gaming office chair

A bit of a rhetorical question, we agree, the popularity of these chairs speaks for itself. These indeed share common characteristics which constitute as many real assets for the brand:

  • A solid construction . We will first think of the structure, entirely metallic and / or aluminum and reinforced by thick and resistant metal pipes.
  • Top-of-the-range comfort . It is also preferred, revealing a firm base, made possible by simultaneous layers of foam preventing deformation, and therefore ensuring long-term comfort. In order to lengthen this feeling of the body and to enhance its thermal properties, the gaming chair is finally covered with high-quality leather.
  • The practicality . Whether it’s for the seat, height and tilt adjustments or the removable head and lumbar cushions, you enjoy impressive freedom of customization, all done with ease.
  • Ease of maintenance . For the parts other than the frame, the covering is either leather (seat for example), or imitation leather (and armrests). In addition to their heat retaining properties, these materials are found to be very easy to clean.

A cheap DXRacer gaming chair, is it possible? The price

So yes, it is “THE” weak point of these armchairs: they are expensive . We told you previously: count at least 200 euros, and at this price, you will go more towards partner constructions ( Robas Lund type ) than the original Series from the manufacturer, which is much more expensive. However, it is difficult to fault the price in view of such qualitative characteristics.

Resolutely turned towards the sporting side, the brand does not completely fall into the category of MaxNomic or Secretlab which rather present gaming chairs with a less racy but really high-end style (with prices exceeding 400 euros). An alternative remains the Arozzi seat brand, which offers excellent products and offers compromises between bucket design and comfort chair style.

If you prefer to stay on a DxRacer stamped model, you can head to Robas Lund for better value (and, above all, more accessible) or opt for older or even used models.

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