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The 10 Best Facial Massage Devices Review 2022

The 10 Best Facial Massage Devices
Written by Sonia Naz

Your face is the first thing people will see of you so it should look fresh and healthy! Facial massage devices can help you to improve or heal the health of your skin, muscles, nerves and pores, making your skin tighter and more radiant.

Based on light therapy and heat therapy, the muscles in the face are stimulated to reduce pain and stress. By using a facial massage device you will not only look more beautiful, but you will also notice a difference mentally.

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In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the many benefits of a facial massage so that you can get a better idea of ​​the different ways and devices available today.

The 10 Best Facial Massage Devices To Buy Online Now

1. Jade Rose Quartz Roller

This beauty ritual dates back to Chinese Antiquity and has since been a known way to remedy all kinds of beauty ailments. The authentic rose quartz stone contains healing powers that, among other things, reduce wrinkles on the face, increase the general elasticity of the skin and improve circulation.

By improving circulation, the facial muscles and nerves also relax, which prevents or slows down a feeling of tension. The package also includes a vitamin C hyaluronic acid serum based on aloe vera that will be better absorbed into the skin by the facial massage.

The quartz stone is attached to an ergonomic handle for smooth use and extra durability. In addition, there is an extra piece of silicone between the quartz stone and the handle so that it does not make a sound when you move the quartz stone over your face.

Most important features:

  • Chinese Antiquity Method
  • Authentic quartz stone
  • Ergonomic design

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2. B-You Massage Masker

From waking up to going to sleep, our eyes are busy. Not only do they have to be constantly alert to our environment, but often they also have to concentrate on a screen, board or other work throughout the working day.

All of this puts a lot of pressure on the muscles and nerves around the eyes, causing puffiness, wrinkles and dull patches of skin. With this facial band that you place over your eyes, after a hard day or at any time of the day, you can enjoy a short massage based on vibrations and heat that will treat the air sacs and acupuncture points around the eyes.

That way you take away pressure and headaches in a few minutes and your eyes are relaxed again to continue. While your eyes rest for a while, you can switch on relaxing music via the Bluetooth connection or you can play one of the pre-programmed meditation music.

Most important features:

  • Eye band
  • Vibration and heat
  • Meditation music

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3. Project E Beauty 5 in 1 Mesotherapy Device


This rechargeable facial massage device that works on the basis of mesotherapy and light technology has no less than 6 functions and is therefore a guaranteed success on a healthy, beautiful face. In addition to the red light function that improves circulation and decreases tension in the face, there are 4 other colors and 5 other functions.

The yellow light restores the balance of sensitive skin, the green light treats dark spots on the face, blue light helps against acne and kills bacteria and the pink light makes the skin whiter. The blinking pink light function ensures that skin care products are better absorbed by the skin. It is recommended not to use the grooming device more than 3 times a week and never longer than 15 minutes.

Most important features:

  • Full therapy
  • light therapy
  • Rechargeable

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4. Renpho Facial Massage Device

Just close your eyes, rest and enjoy, that’s what you do when you use this facial massage device. The facial massage based on vibrations and heat takes away the pressure around the eyes, while you listen to nature sounds.

The device contains a speaker that also further relaxes the mind during the massage by playing soothing nature sounds, or your own music when you switch on the bluetooth. At first glance, this facial massage device looks a bit like virtual glasses and actually it is exactly the way you put it on.

Especially for people who are busy with their eyes all day, students, people who work a lot on the computer, but also for the elderly and people with myopia, this facial massage device is a handy asset to relax the eyes and the muscles around it. The device can be charged using a USB cable and after the 15 minute session it switches itself off automatically.

Most important features:

  • Facial massage glasses
  • With sounds of nature or your own music
  • Automatic shut-off of 15 minutes

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5. Original Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set

The jade facial massage roller is a handmade facial massage device made of 100% natural stone. The use of jade has been a technique used in medicine and facial care in Asian countries for centuries, and it is bearing fruit.

After just a few sessions you will notice that the bags under your eyes become smaller, your skin becomes more radiant and you have fewer wrinkles. The effect of jade has also been proven for acne and other skin irritations, so this facial massage device is also a handy asset to have at home for young people!

The device itself consists of a handle with a jade stone on each side. Depending on the zone in the face where you use the facial massage device, use the larger or smaller jade stone.

Most important features:

  • Facial massage roller with jade stone
  • Asian medicine
  • Also beneficial against acne and other skin problems

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6. Rhorawill Electronic Acupuncture Pen

Since this massage device comes with 5 attachments, it is not only a facial massage device, but a health device for the whole body. The pen works on the basis of a non-rechargeable battery and has 9 speed settings and an LED display on which you can read the intensity.

Each of the 5 attachments has its own function, but they all focus mainly on the acupuncture and the treatment of the pain points in your body. By treating those points you will relax the muscles and improve circulation.

In the box you will find a guide with the acupuncture points in your body, the massage pen itself and the 5 attachments for traditional acupuncture, point acupuncture, tapping acupuncture, facial massage and demolition massage.

Most important features:

  • Massage pen
  • Acupuncture
  • Operation on non-rechargeable batteries

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7. Pure Daily Care Luma – 4 in 1 Skin Therapy

Do you also want to shine again and receive compliments about your fresh appearance? Then try this facial massage device that has nothing but positive effects. The device works on the basis of light and vibration and is completely painless to use at home or anywhere.

With the red light you use the massage function, while the blue light stands for vibration. Activating the skin cells will not only improve the skin’s elasticity, but also eliminate excess fat and wrinkles. Finally, there is also a cold function on the device to soften and tighten the skin.

Most important features:

  • Beauty & massage device
  • Completely painless
  • Light and vibration

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8. Ultra-soft waterproof facial massage device

This facial device has a double function: on the one hand it is a facial cleansing device and on the other hand it is a massage device. The cleaning function consists of a silicone brush that cleans the pores in the face while vibrating and at the same time massages and relaxes the face.

The device is waterproof so you can use it in the shower in the morning and rinse it under the tap without any problem to share it with several people. In addition to the cleaning function, there is also a separate massage function to treat the area under the eyes. With a fully charged battery you can use the device for up to 45 hours, so you don’t even have to carry a charger on vacation!

Most important features:

  • Cleaning function
  • Massage function
  • 45h battery life

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9. Microcurrent Facial Massager Roller

We all like to keep looking young for as long as possible and that is only possible if you pay the necessary attention to facial care. With this electronic facial massage device you stimulate the muscles and nerves in the face, so that they do not become limp and your face stays nice and taut.

The device has a Y shape with a massage ball on the two ends that will mold the muscles in the face and improve blood circulation in the face. The device can be charged with a USB cable and when fully charged it lasts for about 8 hours. The device lies very ergonomically in the hand and comes with a storage bag and box.

Most important features:

  • Rechargeable facial massage device
  • 2 massage balls
  • 8 hours of battery life

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10. Face Machine, Facial Massager

Both when you have skin problems and when you feel the need for a facial massage, getting this facial massage device at home is a good idea. The rechargeable device has various functions that can solve many of your problems.

One of those functions is the clean mode, in which the pores of the skin are opened by the heat released and blackheads can be easily removed. Then there is the warm mode up to 42 ° C, ideal for relaxation of the facial muscles and pain relief around the eyes.

On the other hand, the cool mode closes the pores and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Finally, there is the lifting mode that stimulates the muscles and makes the skin more energetic and elastic. Goodbye crow’s feet and wrinkles!

Most important features:

  • Beauty & massage device
  • 4 functions
  • Rechargeable

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The main benefits of a facial massage

Enhance facial muscles and relieve tension

Many people are very tense in their faces. When we feel tense, tired or stressed, we almost automatically tighten the muscles in our forehead and around our eyes, which in the long run leads to the formation of wrinkles. By massaging your face at the end of a busy day, you relieve that tension and therefore also prevent or slow down wrinkles.

Release toxins

Beauty products and the environment to which we are exposed on a daily basis have a negative impact on the health of our skin. If we do not clean and care for our skin on a daily basis, toxins will build up on and under our skin, which is negative for our health. You get gray skin, bags under the eyes and facial lines. Facial massages increase the blood flow in the face and will help the toxins to dissipate so that your face and skin look radiant.

It improves circulation

Just as with a solid workout, your blood flows faster, this effect is also there when you start stimulating the facial muscles. A short facial massage increases the oxygen and blood supply in your face, making the skin on your face healthier (see also point 2). More oxygen also means that your skin produces more collagen and cells, which gives you a smoother skin.

Better application of beauty products

By moving your face with your finger from bottom to top during the massage, day creams and serums will absorb better into your skin. This technique is not only important for your daily cleaning ritual, it also feels very relaxed.


In addition to the positive effects for your skin, there are of course also mental benefits that are associated with facial massages. By massaging the muscles, they will relax and you will experience this relaxed feeling not only in your face, but in your entire body, and this often all day long!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do facial massage devices really work?

Absolutely! The usefulness and effect of facial massage devices has been scientifically proven and anyone who has ever tried it can have a say in the effect. During a facial massage you relax the muscles in your face and you will feel less tense in terms of stress and nerves. In addition, facial massages also have a beauty effect on your skin. So nothing but benefits!

Can you massage your face every day?

Massaging your face every day is sure to have no negative side effects and is a good idea rather than a bad idea. At the end of the day, you will not only relax your face, but also the rest of your head and body. Your head and face contain a lot of nerves that run to the rest of our body. Even when you relax your face in the morning before applying your day cream, this gives a relaxing effect to start the day.

Do you get wrinkles from facial massages?

On the contrary! By regularly massaging your face you will loosen up your muscles more, which results in better general blood flow and your face is less tense. By massaging those muscles in your face and around your eyes you will less likely cause wrinkles and you will keep looking radiantly young for longer.

Conclusion about facial massage devices

It doesn’t take much time to give your face an extra boost. Often 15 minutes is enough to relax the muscles and improve circulation. In addition to the effect in the field of massage and muscle relaxation, many facial massage devices have an extra beauty function to open skin pores and thereby make your skin more radiant.

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