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The 10 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Reviews 2022

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs
Written by Sonia Naz

You sit in front of your computer for several hours a day. In order to obtain a comfortable position and avoid having back pain, to better concentrate on what you are doing, a simple stool or a classic office chair are not recommended. Today it is no longer necessary to present what an ergonomic office chair is . On the other hand, it is important, for public health reasons, to promote it and to explain as best as possible how to choose an ergonomic chair.

There are models for all body types, different positions and for all prices. Between the medical ergonomic office chair validated by demanding standards and the simple ergonomic knee seat, this page will be your ideal guide to guide you among the best references and above all, how to choose the ergonomic office chair that will suit.

What is an ergonomic chair?

Sitting is not a natural position for humans, most of us have to work in this position and tens of millions of people in France suffer from back pain. An ergonomic office chair is made to limit compressions harmful to the blood circulation and naturally straighten the spine.

The ergonomic chair offers a solution so that sitting is no longer a problem. Sometimes with many settings , it adapts to different body types and helps prevent, limit and correct pain in addition to increasing comfort and therefore productivity for work or in your play sessions.

Comparative table of ergonomic office chairs

hjh ergohuman armchair reviewsHjh Office ErgoHuman 120 kg 50 – 62 100% Polyester 3D 8h
Topstar open point chair reviewsTopstar Open Point SY Deluxe 110 kg 43 – 51 100% polypropylene adjustable height 8h
Fixkit ergonomic chair Boss reviewsFixkit Ergonomic Office Chair 150 kg 44 – 54 Nylon 4D 8h
hjh seat sit standing noticehjh Office Top Work 150 kg 60 – 76 Rigid foam without armrests 4h
Cinius kneeling chair reviewsCinius Ergonomic kneeling chair NC 49 – 65 Moss and beech wood without armrests NC
steelcase leap v2 avisSteelCase Leap 150 kg 41.5-51.5 Fabrics 1D (3D en option) 24h
Steelcase Think V2 avisSteelCase Think 136 kg 46.5-60 4D Fabrics NC*
Herman Miller Mirra 2 avisHerman Miller Mirra 2 159 kg 40.6-52 Optional, 1D or 4D Textile divers NC*
herman miller aeron reviewsHerman Miller Aeron 159 kg 40.6-52 Optional, fixed at 4D Ventilated canvas NC*
RH-Logic 400 reviewsRH Logic 400 NC* 41-53 All choice option Customizable NC*

NC * : These big prestigious brands do not really need to communicate on these specifications, in particular, the weight and the duration of use. Indeed, concerning the weight, these armchairs are ultra-resistant, not guaranteed standards for 99.9% of the population. Large models are available for exceptional body types. Regarding the duration of use, they are generally guaranteed for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our selection of the best ergonomic office chairs

With the commonplace of teleworking, it becomes important to enjoy a good seat, even at home. It is for this reason that we favored the models with the best quality-price ratios in this comparison, even if the impasse on the prestigious brands was not made, these models are unfortunately not intended for the purchase for the general public. Here are 5 different ergonomic office chair solutions with affordable prices.

1. Hjh Office ErgoHuman

hjh fauteuil ergohuman

This ergonomic office chair represents the top of the consumer range . It is a robust model suitable for classic body types, up to 1.85m. With its multitude of settings , here you have the best with the options available and in addition to the airy mesh of the backrest,.

Absolutely everything is adjustable: height and depth of the seat, height and angle of the armrests, inclination, hardness, height of the backrest, height and inclination of the headrest! Last strong point of the ErgoHuman, the synchronous inclination between the backrest and the seat. Often reserved for professional models, it is an essential addition to avoid straining the back and to keep moving to maintain good blood circulation.


  • Maximum settings
  • Synchronous tilt
  • Robust and stable

The lessers

  • to avoid if you are tall
  • A little heavy, 30kg

2. Topstar Open Point SY Deluxe

Topstar chaise open point

“ Made in Germany ” quality in the low price range! Here is the ergonomic chair from Topstar with a backrest that supports the lumbar and adjustable in height. Its fabric covering in thermoactive mesh offers optimal comfort on the back. The main advantage of the Topstar Open Point SY Deluxe is the following trio:

  • Synchronous tilt,
  • spring force adjustments according to weight,
  • dense foams perfectly designed for optimal pelvic support .

The comments on the marketplaces go back to an ultra fast and easy assembly. We may regret the aesthetic approach “all plastic” but difficult to avoid for such a low price.


  • Very cheap
  • Top ergonomics
  • Synchronous tilt

The lessers

  • A little cheap appearance
  • Fragile armrests

3. Fixkit Ergonomic Office Chair

Fixkit ergonomic chair Patron

FIXKIT is a bit like the startup of the cheap ergonomic office chair or armchair. The aim is to offer the best price. Almost everything is adjustable and it is suitable even for long hours of sitting in optimal comfort. Even if the synchronous tilt is not as high quality as that of the competition, the price of this model must be taken into account.


Quite astonishing for a first-price product , user feedback is quite good, as long as you do not stop at the not very explicit instructions, and avoid being abrupt. The consequence of “all plastic” is the fragility of this ergonomic Fixkit chair .


  • Comfortable seat
  • Unrivaled price
  • 4D armrests

The lessers

  • Limited notice
  • Fragile
  • Ubiquitous plastic look

4.hjh Office Top Work ergonomic sit-stand chair

hjh seat sit upright

A little originality with an ergonomic hjh Office Top Work chair known as “ sit upright ”. Paradoxical at first glance, this swivel chair seems to offer unparalleled ease of use for a more natural position than a seated position while protecting the body. Finally, the seated upright system assumes that the more natural standing position is preferable. The seat supports the weight of the body.


The only noticeable drawback of a chair of this type is the seat height. It will be reserved for workstations higher than a traditional desk, after that, nothing prevents you from enhancing your desk … Before buying, we still advise you to go try the machine.


  • More natural position
  • Really relieves the back
  • Recommended for traffic

The lessers

  • Requires a suitable office

5. Cinius Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Cinius kneeling chair

The Bolognese brand Cinius stands out with this ergonomic knee chain and its rubberwood frame . Finally a little organic matter and life in this universe dominated by aluminum and polypropylene. Traditionally oriented towards Japanese-style furniture, the Italian manufacturer is inspired by the kneeling position renowned in Japan for its “purity and perfection”.

The ultra dense mouse offers good support, and the manufacturing quality is guaranteed by the brand’s experience in this market. The position of this seat allows to keep the tone while limiting the pressure on the hips and the back. Very often acclaimed by its users, this type of chair is quite popular today.


  • Reputable brand
  • Very good for the back
  • Rubberwood structure

The lessers

  • Possible tension in the shins
  • Bad image in business

Our selection of Premium ergonomic office chair

We have also included the leaders in this category although they are out of the game for the general public. Here are all the same the most recommended models with prices ranging from 700 to over 1000 euros. However, you can still find these models at discounted prices on occasion or following foreclosures in a company.

6. SteelCase Leap

steelcase leap v2

The Leap ergonomic office chair with adjustable armrests from SteelCase is a worldwide benchmark . Simplicity, efficiency and solidity are the strengths of this model made of 30% recycled materials and itself 98% recyclable : ethical on top of that! Solid is a little word, the ergonomic chair Leap is guaranteed for life for a use 24/24, here is an additional argument to justify its high price.

7. SteelCase Think

Steelcase Think V2

Innovation is the last word to describe the ergonomic Think chair from SteelCase. Indeed, the century-old manufacturer offers us an “intelligent” chair . Adjustable in 4 positions, themselves benefiting from their own ergonomic design with stability and natural movement of relaxation. All the other innovations and strong points of the brand are also found in the Think model in addition to the 12 colors, 8 customization options and three possible finishes, rather typical for such a high-end product.

8. Herman Miller Mirra 2


Herman Miller Mirra 2

Herman Miller’s Mirra 2 chair offers a higher level of ergonomics than its competitors by making adjustments simple, fast, intuitive and innovative . For example, the front of the seat, after a simple release of the finger, is flexible to optimize the position of the legs and the angle of the knees. Another innovative and perfectly adapted adjustment, the tilt in “concentration” mode allows you to be closer to the surface of your desk without having your back bent.

The aesthetic design combined with advanced finishes provide an ergonomic chair that borders on perfection. The materials used, their texture, appearance and colors offer a superb rendering. Here you have a chair that is as beautiful as it is comfortable.

9. Herman Miller Aeron

herman miller aeron

Aeron, an armchair that breathes … with its airy mesh, this Herman Miller armchair offers a more comfortable seat than ergonomic as such. Not having a position close to the desk, with a less inclination, it is known to be more comfortable for telephoning, videoconferencing, interviews, meetings, monitoring screen (s), etc. rather than keyboard work. It remains nonetheless one of the best references at the international level.

Extremely robust , and even a little too much, it is sometimes criticized for the hard plastic edges on the front edge of the seat which cause a slight level of pressure on the legs. The best advice I can give you, if you can, is to go try it before you buy.

10. RH Logic 400

RH-Logic 400

Even if the design of the Logic 400 does not look much at first glance, you will discover the handy levers that are available on both sides of the seat. With discreet pictograms, they allow all possible ergonomic adjustments to be made. This model even has a pump to inflate the pneumatic pocket of the lumbar support !

Recommended by doctors and experts in the medical field, you can also choose from more than ten customizations. The finishes are up to what one would expect from the prestigious Swedish manufacturer, RH. You will tell me, at the same time, for more than 1500 euros it is normal to aim for perfection.

Which ergonomic chair to choose? Our Buying Guide

Why and how to choose an ergonomic chair or armchair? Which model for which use and which morphology? I will now expand on the essential points in this guide to help you, hopefully, find the ideal office chair.

Why choose an ergonomic chair or armchair for the back?

Even if you only spend two or three hours sitting, you are not immune to neck, back or circulation problems. This is why the purchase of an ergonomic chair (or an armchair) for the back is not done solely on aesthetic criteria. It is not more about comfort than about the posture adapted by the user.

ergonomic back chair

It is by staying for a long time in the same position doing the same movements that the body develops various pathologies. The back is not the only one affected. From the hands to the shoulder blades, it is not uncommon to end up with tendonitis , inflammation or even blocked circulation in the legs with varicose veins problems that can occur over time. In addition to acquiring an ergonomic chair at the office, it is advisable to get up, do poses and walk regularly.

The selection criteria for the ergonomic chair

We are now going to develop the main criteria to take into account before making your choice. To sum it up in a few words: the more time you spend sitting and the more unique your body type, the more you will have to spend or look for big brands.

The user’s weight and height

Main criterion, weight and size. The more you are outside the standards, the more you will have to select a model with various settings for very large and small. If you weigh more than 120 kg, your body type requires large models, which are naturally more expensive than classic models. The unusual sizes will probably have to go their way on the sit-kneeling chair models, rather reserved for thin people between 1m60 and 1m75, this to avoid tension on the shins.

What activity and what frequency of use (in hours)?

Even if you only spend two hours in front of your desk, that’s no reason to twist your back. Kneeling seated models or even standing seated chairs are perfect models for short periods of time , plus they are less expensive.

Although chairs from major brands are guaranteed for 24/7 use, and considering that this guide is not intended to atomize your PEL, we will direct you to inexpensive models.

Most of them are suitable for periods of 8 hours, the cheapest models and / or without armrests are rather effective under 4 hours of sitting. Finally, what is your activity? Those who have to get up often will prefer the sit-stand chairs, for example.

The dimensions

It may depend on the activity and motor skills at your post. It is important to have your feet firmly on the ground. This is why you must check the seat heights before purchasing . The little ones will need to reach 40 cm for example.

The other important dimensions are the width and the height, already in order to fit in the chair, but also to guarantee a good support. While the chair will maintain your back in width and height, you will have to take care of the dimensions up to the top of the shoulders and the headrest.

Materials and coating

While the big brands guarantee the use of a large proportion of recycled and recyclable materials, products whose prices are less than 1500 euros are not necessarily examples on this point.

The important thing about materials also depends on your use and habits . For example a slightly soft seat is rare in the world of the ergonomic chair / armchair. You will more often find dense foams. Rest assured this is not the most important.

ergonomic office chair

There are three main types of coverings: cotton or canvas type fabrics, leather or imitation leather, and finally nylon, silicones and various plastics . Either you are rather cautious and the choices are directed towards upholstered fabrics at the level of the backrest, or you tend to sweat a little and you will need chairs with a ventilated surface or mesh type . You can easily recognize these two types in the photos of the products.

Base (tripod or star)

The base is the part of the chair that supports it on the ground. It is often in a star shape (with 5 branches) and allows you to adapt or choose more or less silent or robust castors depending on the model and if you need mobility. Depending on the options available, you can also have a base with glides to stay firmly fixed to the ground if you need stability.

The different settings and options

Remember to take stock of the different possible settings you need:

  • Is it possible to block the tilt or not? This element is practical for different positions during the day. We don’t have the same posture when reading a report, typing on the keyboard or during a videoconference meeting …
  • Is the tilting of the seat synchronous with that of the backrest? This point is very important if you want to avoid strain on the legs and knees.
  • Can we choose the height of the lumbar support and the backrest for the head? For those who tend to have “kidney aches” or who have the habit of slouching, lumbar support is imperative.
  • Are the armrests of your chair adjustable and do not interfere with the height of your workstation.

Finally, we can say that the most advanced designs, especially at Steelcase, no longer even need a support for the head: the ergonomics are so studied that the chair completely corrects the posture. The head is supported naturally without any tension.


If you need comfort and support for the arms, special attention should be paid to the armrests. They can be adjustable and we often use the terminologies 2 dimensions see 4 dimensions for the existing possibilities:

  • in height only (1D)
  • or height and front / rear (2D),
  • a third dimension is possible if you can adjust them more to the left or more to the right,
  • finally, the so-called 4D armrests are also adjustable in rotation.

Having already worked with this type of chair, I can confirm the importance of height adjustment but not especially in rotation. Less robust models can be inconvenient when the armrest spins turns with light pressure from the forearm.

ergonomic chair

The designs

If we talk about the aesthetic side, we understand the difference and the path taken by gaming chairs . To pass for a pro-gamer, you need a bucket seat, it’s kind of the norm. Unfortunately, it is not ideal for having good posture . The DxRacer type models are suitable for the youngest, while the older ones or those who want good support, will move towards models like the SecretLab Titan gaming chairs (with customizations of the colored fabrics on various Pantones).

Finally on gaming chairs, there is no real surprise at this level, as long as you stay on an affordable price range you will have black and a rather functional design and most bucket-type models will have the same functionalities. . Only the quality of the materials will vary with, for example, more or less noisy chairs on the bearings and the leatherette coating, not to mention the featherweight of some models.

How to sit on an ergonomic chair?

To follow the curves of the body, the ergonomic chair has a slight bump that bulges the seat part.

  • The buttocks must pass behind this snoring in order to properly support the lumbar muscles, either in the curved backrest or on the lumbar support.
  • Adjust the height of the backrest.
  • Then bend the knees a little over 90 degrees so that your feet are well placed to relieve the muscles of the lower back. The weight of the legs is a counterweight to have the bust in balance and a good position of the spine.
  • Check that there is a space of 3 to 5 cm between your legs and the edge of the seat by translating the seat sideways if available or by changing your position. You will therefore be stable and slightly arched.

Sitting in this position should be comfortable and can strain the muscles, joints and blood circulation. Eventually, with this balance, your head will feel even lighter.

ergonomic office chair


Can a gaming chair replace an ergonomic chair?

It is a complex question but to answer quickly, unfortunately not. The best seat that gives you satisfaction is totally up to you . You can have a good position for 10 years on a simple padded stool, be perfectly productive, without having the slightest back problem. For those types of people, yes, the gaming chair won’t make a big difference to an ergonomic chair.

But for most of us and for the 20 million French people who suffer from back pain, it is better to choose an ergonomic seat where the position of the body is more important than the racy effect of a car seat. race. You will have spent more in a search for the right posture and the care of your back, than in the imitation leather and and the “techno-flashy” decorations of the gaming universe.

What is the average price of an ergonomic chair?

Given the breadth of ranges and the possible level of sophistication, it is difficult to speak of a single average price. Regarding our current buying guide, the models present in this comporative, we focused on inexpensive, affordable and consumer ergonomic chairs. In this range, the average price is around 250 euros .

If you are not too demanding on robustness, the cheapest models presented are under 200 euros , excellent value for money, they will unfortunately not be the most durable.

It is then up to you to decide to invest more than 500 to 1250 euros for an ergonomic chair that will last 10 years instead of 150 euros for a chair that will start to “decay” or lose its stability after barely 3 years. The biggest factors regarding this wear or the price you have to spend is the intensity of use and your weight. Fatally, overweight people will have to spend more.

Ergonomic chair FAQ:

What are the best brands of ergonomic chairs?

The two best brands of ergonomic chairs are Herman Miller and SteelCase . The reason I might advise against buying a new chair from them is the disproportionate markup these manufacturers charge when purchasing a single unit . These brands are used to dealing with professionals on orders of twenty, thirty, fifty thousand euros (see a lot more) and their purchase price can be almost half of what you will pay for a chair. Be careful, however, on occasion the question is different, to watch out for!

Which ergonomic office chair to choose for back pain?

Be careful, an ergonomic chair, even the most expensive, will not solve your back problems, a hernia of a spinal disc will not be cured by changing posture… On the other hand, using an ergonomic chair prevents your problems from worsening by compared to a classic seat.

If you have severe back pain , the ideal is the ergonomic chair with as many adjustments as possible to best adapt to various pathologies. Then the pain in the lower back inevitably calls for an adjustable lumbar support, and neck problems are rather soothed with the adjustable headrests or a better angle of the knees. Nothing beats a visit to your physiotherapist to ask his opinion. It may be necessary to favor a sit-stand chair, for example.

Where to find an ergonomic chair?

You can find an ergonomic chair quite naturally on Amazon , but first make sure of the quality of the equipment via the questions of the Net surfers. There are also ergonomic office chairs at Conforama, this marketplace offers access to many manufacturers, so it is a possible solution.

Feel free to try the chairs at furniture stores and home furnishings stores, then go back to the guide for the best purchase prices.

Gaming or ergonomic chair?

If you have no history or problem with back pain, and the design is compatible with your environment, do not hesitate! Gaming chairs now have great references and the maturity of the market has nothing more to prove.

On the other hand, if you have the slightest back problem , spending many hours on a gaming chair is not recommended, you will have to choose an ergonomic model .

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