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Self Massage to Feel Good Everyday

Self Massage to Feel Good Everyday
Written by Sonia Naz

It is not a question of waiting for the pain to heal. At least that is what advocates Chinese and Japanese medicine by inviting us to listen to our body and our mind.

Among its practices, the massage of do-in, derived from shiatsu and auto-shiatsu, is an ideal self massage to prevent and fight the small evils of everyday life. 

You may use massage chairs at home or office for better pain relief.


Our body is made up of different flows that allow it to work properly. The best known: the blood network but it’s not the only one. Chinese medicine also takes into account the meridians, real energy highways that cross the body.

The massage do-in promotes the mobilization and the harmonization of the meridians by precise gestures according to the state of mind or the pain of the moment. Massages, friction, pressure points or stretching are the essential steps of the massage do-in.

According to Koan specialist Michael von Lintel: “This is a playful practice that does not require any particular age or health level, but it is better to learn with a person approved by the French federation of traditional shiatsu so to do the right things. ”



It is essential to learn the sequence correctly, although the exercises are not difficult. “Having a personalized energy balance makes it possible to detect the nodes and other problems that can be overcome by means of adapted automation.

Koan says. Shiatsu schools but also books and videos on the Internet make it possible to apprehend the do-in. But the best solution is to learn from a practitioner who will have examined us. “It must be seen as a playful game whose goal is to feel good in his body during and after a self massage. ”



This practice of well-being is destined to everybody, that one is or not in the search of physical or even psychic improvement. “The idea is to learn not to depend on the practitioner and take literally his health. But beware, this method is not a substitute for a general practitioner to treat diseases.

The do-in is a preventive and daily accompaniment that one can make oneself for the purpose of well-being. “Says the practitioner. Headaches, digestive disorders, difficulty sleeping, stress or weight gain are all problems that find a solution in the massage do-in.

Thanks to the different pressures on the body and the various massages, the do-in can also be used as a manual facelift to fight against the effects of age.


How to overcome repetitive headaches? “Nowadays, we are mostly sitting, staring at a screen. All the energy of the body goes to the head and creates an energy plug. The shoulders and the neck tighten and lead to more or less intense migraines.

The massage do-in on the temples, the occiput (joint of the neck and the head, Ed), the neck and the shoulders release the tensions. But then you have to restore the energy in your lower body by rubbing your hands and feet. “No need to wait for the pain to set in, the massages adapted to our needs and made ten minutes every day prevents the hassle of everyday life. And like a snowball effect, if you feel better in your body, you feel better in your head. What to face our days more serenely.

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