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SAMSARA Massage Chair Review 2022

samsara massage chair review 2021
Written by Sonia Naz

With the SAMSARA massage chair, you can enjoy every moment of a relaxing and pressure shiatsu massage in any part of the body.

With the SAMSARA armchair, you no longer have an excuse to enjoy a high-end massage chair in your home, with a very attractive exclusive design and, above all, at a very tight price!

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Main Features: 

  • Automatic Computer Body Scan
  • Intelligent Mechanical Robotic Massage Hands
  • Zero Gravity Function
  • SL-Track Massage System
  • Auto Massage Modes from 6 to 8
  • Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • Lower Back Infrared Heating
  • Adjustable Roller Width
  • Extendable Foot Rest

SAMSARA Massage Chair Review 2022

SAMSARA Massage Chair Review 2022

Main Features:

  • Auto body scan
  • Zero gravity reclining system
  • Shiatsu-2D ergonomic system with 6 types of massage
  • Massage-compression airbag and infrared heating system
  • 2 YEARS Official Guarantee of Global Relax
  • Colors: Black, beige or red
  • LCD control
  • USB charging port

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SAMSARA Massage Chair Review 2022

Massage system

The ergonomic L-shaped massage system, with a maximum length of 135 cm.

This system consists of 4 massage heads that move vertically and from side to side, with a width of 6 cm. up to 21 cm. and with 3 levels of adjustable width.

Pressotherapy system and airbag

The Airbag system consists of 1 injector, 8 valves, and 28 airbags, distributed in the area of ​​the shoulders (4 airbags), arms (8 airbags), buttocks (8 airbags), and legs (8 airbags), with 3 levels of intensity.

This system allows you to enjoy daily benefits such as oxygenation of the muscles, improved blood circulation, and even optimized lymphatic drainage.

Zero Gravity System

The authentic and exclusive position of ZERO GRAVITY, allows a perfect alignment between the back, heart, and legs, favoring an improvement of the blood circulation of the body.

Armchair upholstered in double-layer PU leather

The thin top layer offers protection. The lower layer, thick and porous, made of “PU” leather, enhance the exterior appearance of the SAMSARA massage chair.

This layer of PU Leather is a plastic compound that combines the beauty and benefits of the leather, protecting it in turn from the harmful action of external agents, such as spots, and sunlight.

Control panel and USB charging connection

On the inside right side of the SAMSARA massage chair, there is a unique and convenient control panel and a USB charging connection, which is very useful for charging any mobile device.

In addition, the chair has an easy-to-use LCD control.

Vibratory massage for reflexology

Vibration reflexology massage on the soles of the feet, from the latest generation rollers.


Official 2-year warranty + 3 years extension warranty.

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