Ring Spotlight Camera Battery Review 2021

Ring Spotlight Camera Battery Review
Written by Sonia Naz

As you might guess from the name, Ring is a company famous for its doorbell series. Not just any old doorbell-it is known for pioneering internet-connected video doorbells, a sector that has been popular in recent years.

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However, this is not the only type of camera sold by Amazon-owned companies; its book also has a series of connected security cameras. Cameras such as ring spotlight camera batteries.

But here, this is a unique security camera. This is a product designed not only to capture and record suspicious activity, but also to defend against potential thieves by illuminating them as they approach your property.

Ring Spotlight Camera Battery Review: What you need to know

In short, this is Ring Spotlight. It is essentially a ringing doorbell, but security lights replace bells and buttons. It uses motion and audio detection to record 1080p video clips, and it works on the same application as the Ring Video doorbell, so you can manage all Ring products in the same place.

And, just like the ring video doorbell, the Spotlight cam is battery-powered, which means you can install it wherever you like without worrying about running a power cord or drilling holes in the wall. It is the ultimate choice for the convenience of security cameras.

Ring Spotlight Camera Battery Review: Price and Competition

There are not many direct competitors that provide the same features as Ring Spotlight. On the contrary, competition comes from the Arlo series of security cameras, D-Link’s new DCS-2802KT and Nest Outdoor Camera systems.

However, none of them can match Ring’s functions perfectly, and the price is 199 pounds. For example, Nest must be powered by the main power source and has no built-in lights. 

The Arlo Pro 2 system is battery-powered and has security lighting cameras in its range, but the price is quite expensive.

Ring Spotlight Camera Battery Review: Features and Subscription

Spotlight is a wireless outdoor security camera that integrates motion detection security lights. It records 1080p clips through a wide-angle lens, triggered by action or audio. It will then upload these clips to the Internet and alert you via app or email or both.

Like most connected security cameras, you can view clips or download clips. You can click on real-time feedback directly, and the camera has two-way audio so you can also talk to anyone on the other end of the camera. And you can adjust the sensitivity of the movement, so it won’t be set off with shaking bushes or people walking past your house on the sidewalk.

Ring Video Doorbell 2 Review: The Best Video Doorbell You Can Buy

Like the competitors mentioned above, Ring Spotlight is designed to be battery powered, which is a boon for DIY smart homes. This means you can place the camera wherever you want without worrying about finding a nearby power source.

Open the panel at the bottom of the camera and you will find two battery bays. The camera is equipped with only one battery. If you buy a second battery to supplement the single battery provided in the box, you can charge one while the other continues to record.

These batteries are also easy to charge and replace. Just like the batteries that power the Ring Video Doorbell 2, each battery can be directly connected to any 5V USB charger via micro-USB.

The next important sign of Ring Spotlight Camera is that it can connect directly to your wireless network. As with Arlo or D-Link systems, there is no need to connect an additional hub to the router-just pair it with the wireless network to get it up and running. I was able to connect the camera to my wireless network and associate it with my existing Ring account within a few minutes.

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I found the range to be quite good. I installed the camera outside of my garden office, about 30 meters from my nearest mesh Wi-Fi node and a brick wall, and it was still able to maintain a strong enough signal.

However, I did encounter some problems when installing the camera, and the bracket provided in the box caused me the most trouble. This is fixed to the wall by a circular plate, and the camera is held by a short arm that slopes slightly downward, with a ball joint at the end for fine adjustment of the position.

The problem is that the range of motion is not wide enough. Ideally, I would like the camera to be far away from a random thief, but if you mount it too high, you won’t be able to tilt the camera steeply enough to capture the movement close to you screwed into the wall.

In the end, I decided to position it above the height of my garden office door, but even here, the camera would not see anyone too close.

It’s also worth noting that although the camera is “weather resistant,” the camera does not have an officially recognized IP rating, so if you can place it away from the components, it might be wise to do so.

In terms of subscription, the ring is also a mixed bag. Initially, you can get one month of free cloud storage video clips, all of which will be kept for 60 days.

However, after the first month, you have to pay to store the clip in the cloud, or you cannot access the stored video, either for viewing or downloading. Like D-Link, you can’t even get 24 hours of free storage.

What I disagree with Ring’s model is that you have to pay more for each additional camera added to your account, or upgrade to a Protect Plus plan, which includes unlimited cameras and shops 60 days of editing.

Competitor’s D-Link system is more generous, with a free package that provides 24 hours of clip storage and support for up to three cameras, as well as one year of high-quality cloud storage.

In addition, you can also choose to record to a USB storage device, if necessary, you can completely cut off the cloud.

Either way, after paying for the subscription for two Ring cameras for three years, you will see higher prices than D-Link, which somewhat negates the attractiveness of the lower initial price of the camera.

Ring Spotlight Camera Review: Performance

To be fair, the D-Link system does not have a spotlight or doorbell option. Before that, the Ring system was independent. It is also really easy to use.

The battery can last more than a month per charge-don’t forget that you can add a second battery. The two LED safety lights on the side of the camera lens are bright, illuminating an area about 10 meters around the camera.

I was very impressed by the video quality of the Spotlight camera. Although it was shot at 1080p, the lens was a bit spotty and muddy. The benchmarks in this field are the Nest IQ and Hello doorbell cameras, which can take clearer, clearer, and sharper shots. In contrast, the ring is very poor.

I also want to better control the camera to find the position of the action. The app allows you to limit the scope and direction of this detection, but you can’t always fine-tune it in the way you want. Traditional IP cameras allow users to draw boxes around the area to detect movement, which will be a more effective system.

Having said that, there is no fundamental error in the camera or the lens it produces. It can record movement, can also be expected, and did not miss anything obvious when I tested it.

I was able to recognize the faces of people approaching it, day and night, and issued email and app-based alerts in a timely manner. The live feed also pops up reliably and quickly, which is a problem I encountered on other camera systems.

Ring Spotlight Camera Review: Verdict

Overall, the ring spotlight camera is a cautious thumbs up. It is easy to install and set up, does not require an additional hub to connect to your router, and is powered by an easy-to-charge lithium-ion battery.

If you already have a Ring doorbell, it can be well integrated with the rest of the system. The camera itself is very reasonably priced, especially because it also doubles as a security light and provides dual battery bays.

It’s important to note that Ring’s subscription price will be harder to hit your pocket than competitors, especially if you want to run multiple cameras.

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