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6 Reasons to Buy Himalayan Salt Lamp for Health in 2022

Written by Sonia Naz

Hello friends, today we’ll talk on the 6 reasons to buy Himalayan salt lamp at the end of the post. Let’s quickly move on the best Himalayan Salt Lamps available in the market.

Where is the perfect place to buy a Himalayan salt lamp?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked this question. Sometimes my friends don’t even know this jewel, but as soon as they find it in my house, they are curious and want to know more.

Just that the place or store where I buy it is not the problem, but is the quality good. Let me explain, a reputable store may offer poor quality lamps for sale.

I am giving you a list of my personal preferences so that you too can benefit from the best Himalayan salt lamps.

Our 2022 Selection of the Best Himalayan Salt Lamps

1. LEVOIT Himalayan Salt Lamp

Levoit was able to stand out from the crowd by creating a lamp model with a different design. Instead of a compact lamp like other brands, this one offers us  a Specialized Design basin with several Himalayan salt crystals. 

Therefore, buying this lamp makes it possible to combine the useful with the pleasant. In addition to benefiting from the benefits of this product (cleaning the air by eliminating positive ions), you will also have the possibility of using the product as a decorative object because the style can blend or merge perfectly with your decoration interior. 

The crystals have been hand selected by knowledgeable professionals. It is not for nothing that the Levoit brand Himalayan salt lamp is so loved by meditation and Yoga professionals. CE, FCC and RoHS certified, the lamp can be used safely to enjoy its benefits.

It is very easy to handle with its touch control features. And best of all, the manufacturer offers you two spare bulbs in case the original bulbs are out of order.

However, we can say that apart from the multiple benefits this product has questionable points. First, the price offered is really high compared to the competition.

In addition, if you like the exotic side of a Himalayan salt lamp more, this product is not for you. Indeed, it was designed for people wanting to have a Himalayan salt lamp, but with a rather modern style.

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2. Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp (5-7 kg) with intensity control knob

The Body Source did not want to be out of the ordinary. The brand offers us a lamp similar to what we are used to seeing on the market. Their product meets everyone’s needs perfectly.

It is rigid and easy to use. In addition, this lamp is made from 100% pure Himalayan salt crystals. It is good to specify this aspect because many brands offer lamps of very low quality.

Like the Levoit brand product, this one too plays its role in completely removing negative ions in order to provide clean air. sold in 3 models, we advise you to take the 7 kg model because we found the other models (3 and 5 kg) too small.

But be aware that this advice only works aesthetically, but even the smallest of the Himalayan salt lamps does its job perfectly (if it is 100% pure).

But, like any product, this one is not lacking in flaws. Indeed, the plastic variator is a bit fragile. Additionally, the manufacturer should review the product packaging.

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3. V.C.Formark USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

This Himalayan Salt Lamp is, like the first one, designed with the spirit of being out of the ordinary. Indeed, the V.C. Formark  brand presents us with a pyramid-shaped lamp in order to bring out the esoteric and mystical side.

Just note that the mystical side we are talking about just refers to where the product is mined (the Khewra mines in Pakistan) and while some think the formation of these mines is mystical, others think it is. is just the evolution of “mother nature”.

So, do not think above all that by turning on your lamp, you will see things coming from Mars or from the world of the “invisible”. The sole purpose of Himalayan salt lamps is to purify the air you breathe around you. The negative ions they release eliminate all that is bacteria and positive ion.

To come back to the advantages of the product in question, this lamp, like the others mentioned above, really plays its role. Indeed, it has the ability to decrease your stress and make you feel more than good. Just turn it on and adjust the intensity to your liking and the result will be stunning.

In addition, with the pyramid style, this lamp makes you travel by providing more calm and romanticism.

However, the lamp manufacturer should pay more attention to the finish of the product. Even if the lamp is of good quality, the finish leaves something to be desired. Also, the price is a bit high compared to the average.

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6 Reasons to Buy Himalayan Salt Lamp for Health

I accept it, I am one of the very skeptical people when it comes to talking about a miracle product and the arrival of Himalayan salt lamps has not escaped my skepticism. 

I thought these lamps were just yet another scam in the world of wellness and the pursuit of happiness. It is quite normal if you think like me that salt remains salt and that it is the same everywhere in the world. But I clicked when I went to visit my sister and saw how this lamp did for her daughter.

In fact, she suffered from allergic rhinitis as a child and had problems going on vacation or camping as this disease is characterized by repetitive sneezing (really repetitive and there is no pause button).

A friend advised her to go for a Himalayan salt lamp and she did. After a few days, far from saying that the disease disappeared, but that the symptoms disappeared.

Just to tell you that it is good to be septic until the day we see tangible results. And like me, a recent fan of these jewels, I did not regret having visited my sister because I could realize that what I believed was totally wrong. Indeed, these salt lamps have a lot of advantages.

How Salt Lamps Work – Negative Ion

To understand this concept, just remember what makes you feel good when you are at the beach, a waterfall, a windy ridge… like me, you feel fit and rejuvenated… These phenomena and their benefits on human beings have been the work of scientific studies for years.

Indeed, it is the negative ions produced and released by nature that make you feel liberated and energized. These studies even found that plants are more likely to grow faster in areas with negative ions.

But what about humans?

Negative ions neutralize free radicals causing cancer
Negative ions revitalize cell metabolism
Negative ions strengthen the immune system
Negative ions purify the body’s blood and lymphatic system
Negative ions balance the autonomic nervous system

Today, with recent discoveries, we no longer need to use these kites during periods of thunderstorms in order to get a dose of negative ions. Himalayan salt lamps are there to replace techniques that have become ancestral.

Where do Himalayan salt lamps come from?

What question! From New York lol, no I’m kidding

Obviously, there are people who have never heard of Himalayan salt lamps and it is normal that they ask the question concerning their origins.

Indeed, it is enough to do research on Youtube to discover the mines of Khewra in Pakistan which today, are visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Since Pakistan is 95% Muslim, prayer places have even been set up in the mine and other tourist features.

The formation of these mines go back millions of years and it is thanks to the natural phenomena of Mother Nature with the drying up of the primitive ocean that an ancient inland sea has evaporated thus forming these deposits of mineral salts.

It is a natural process and you only need to look closer to realize the beauty of the place. These lamps are designed with salt harvested by hand 1 kilometer deep from the Khewra mine which stores over 6 billion tonnes of salt.

Far from being unhappy like the miners in the mountains of Congo, they are happy to do this work because it allows them to benefit and be in direct contact with the salts of the Himalayas.

What are the different advantages of Himalayan salt lamps

It’s lamps are a must and everyone should get them

1 – Plays a role in the reduction or complete elimination of allergic attacks

Like my sister’s daughter, these lamps play a big role in reducing allergens and any irritants in the air caused by dust, dirt and pet hair.

2 – Makes the air clean

With technological development, it is now demonstrated that we live with dirty air produced by the dirty electricity of our household appliances, wifi … A Himalayan salt lamp plays a role in cleaning this air for finally, get clean air that you can breathe without danger.

3 – Provides deep sleep

It’s pretty crazy to talk about the harmful effects of positive ions because it’s a little contradictory that they do harm while negative ones are good;). But it is scientific and natural logic, negative ions reduce stress and anxiety which often causes insomnia. On the other hand, positive ions cause stress, anxiety and insomnia.

So, if you are an insomniac and think you are related to savages, try Himalayan salt lamps.

4 – Increases immunity and facilitates coughing

Himalayan salt lamps have many benefits for breathing. Even if you don’t see them, know that dust and positive ions pollute the air you breathe. Heating the salt lamp produces water vapor which in turn expels negative ions. These merge with the positive ones to provide you with clean air that helps improve the health of your lungs.

5 – Salt lamps help reduce depression

If you’ve been like me at some point in my life, you’ve probably knocked on the door of the local drugstore several times to get medication for fatigue or stress. Far from saying that these drugs are ineffective, but that to have a home treatment, I much prefer Himalayan salt lamps. Why? Because once you have adopted the drugs, then you will be addicted and with the lamp you can have a clear conscience.

6 – Himalayan salt lamps can relax you

Besides white which is very rare to find, Himalayan salt lamps come in different colors. Indeed, in the mines of Khewra, there are different veins and the color depends on the part where the lamp was extracted.

These colors allow you to have a bluffing light allowing you to relax.

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