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Real Relax 2022 Massage Chair Favor-03 Review 2022

Real Relax 2020 Masage Chair Favor-03 Review
Written by Sonia Naz

Real Relax 2022 Massage Chair Favor-03 is the best cheap massage chair under $1000 in the market with almost all the functions like expensive massage chairs.

I have already reviewed all models of Real Relax Massage Chairs in 2022.

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The Real Relax 2022 Favor-03 Plus massage chair with its somewhat futuristic design is one of the models in the medium price category.

If your budget is over $1000 and under $2000 then, prefer the Real Relax SL-Track Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair with Robotics Hands.

50 airbags massage the user’s arms, shoulders, hips, calves, and feet. A total of six automatic modes plus the Shiatsu massage in the calf area are available to him. The armchair has a switchable heating function in the waist area.

According to the manufacturer, the massage chair is suitable for people who are between 1.60 and 1.85 meters tall. The footrests can be extended for taller people. The manufacturer specifies the maximum user weight at 200 kilograms.

The manufacturer emphasizes the zero-gravity function as a special feature. In this weightless mode, the user should be able to relax better.

Thanks to the automatic programs and the possibility of regulating the intensity in three stages, massages can be carried out in a targeted manner.

The back area can be tilted backward for a relaxed lying position. All settings are made via the intelligent smart remote control, which is equipped with a high-resolution screen and, according to the manufacturer, can be operated intuitively.

Both rollers and airbags are used for foot massage, which massages the feet and, according to the manufacturer, relieves pain and tension in the feet.

Thanks to the Bluetooth function, users can control their mobile phones during the massage and play their favorite music. In order to move the massage chair if necessary, it is equipped with two castors that are supposed to simplify handling.

In our Real Relax Zero Gravity massage chair review, you will find out what functions you get for the price and whether it meets our requirements.

Optics and workmanship

Visually, the Favor-03 massage chair from Real Relax doesn’t have to hide from the competition, although the company only calls for half the price in contrast to the iRest 2022 Massage Chair.

The Real Relax 2022 massage chair looks a bit futuristic and underlines this with functions such as a LED light on the logo on the sides and a Bluetooth function for music playback via the smartphone during the massage.

Depending on what you like better, you have the choice between a black or blue/beige armchair.

This makes it relatively easy to combine with light and dark living areas. However, we would have simply wished for a uniform light color for the armchair instead of the blue seating area. That would be more minimalistic and would go better with various bright furnishings.

The Real Relax massage chair offers supports or rails for arms and legs, so you can relax all parts of the body and let yourself fall for a soothing massage. We liked that very much and there were also extra bracers that can be used when lying down. This was unique in the massage chair test until now.

The Favor-03 massage chair is operated with a remote control that can be easily operated with the buttons and also has a display on which you can see the body regions to be massaged.

Despite the many buttons on the remote control, we found our way around the functions relatively quickly. Otherwise, the enclosed manual can be read at any time and the Real Relax support team also reacts quickly and reliably to inquiries via email.

smart control

Construction and assembly

The packaging size is: 111 x 82 x 114 cm. Due to this size, the massage chair is delivered by a shipping company. They will call you again in advance to give you a more precise time window for the delivery.

Note that the armchair is only brought to the first door. It is best to see that the two of you are waiting for the package.

We also unpacked the armchair right outside the door and then carried it into the house.

This makes it easier to get the armchair through the door and you have a better chance of grasping the armchair.

When you have reached the desired floor, you can simply roll the armchair on the two rear wheels and place it in the desired position.

Make sure that you have half a meter behind the armchair to enjoy the massages without any problems in the lying position.

Range of functions

The Real Relax Favor-03 Zero Gravity massage chair is an armchair in the middle price segment that still offers extensive functions.

Below you can see an overview of the functions and we will go into more detail on certain features.

Function overview

  • Heating function at the waist
  • 6 automatic programs
  • Reclining function
  • 8 back massage rollers
  • Foot massage rollers
  • Zero Gravity for a weightlessness mode
  • Full body airbags for a gentle massage
  • Suitable for people from 1.60m to 1.85m thanks to extended footrests
  • Loadable up to 200 KG
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Bluetooth audio playback
  • LED light in changing colors
  • 3 airbag levels
  • Roller massage

Particularly noteworthy is the Zero Gravity function, with which you can switch to weightless mode at the push of a button and thereby relax.

Automatic Program Function

Like many other armchairs, the Real Relax Zero Gravity offers automatic programs with which you can start right after you have set up the armchair.

So you don’t have to study the operating instructions. As impatient people, we naturally wanted to be massaged directly without having to study a book first.

This is definitely a plus for us. Individual adjustments can of course be made at any time and the operation of the remote control is learned quickly despite the many buttons.

With the LED light and the Bluetooth function, you can create a relaxed atmosphere, depending on your taste. This is an ideal addition to relax and let go after a stressful day at work.

The massage functions are limited to the airbags and roller massage.

If you want to increase the intensity of the roller massage, you have to fold the headrest support backward. This means that the massage heads are not padded as much as with the cover. The airbags can be operated with remote control at 3 different levels.

For us, this is unfortunately rather poorly resolved. With other armchairs, we were spoiled by a setting with the remote control. That’s why we lack that in this armchair. However, the price of the Real Relax massage chair is also a lot cheaper than in the premium segment.

You won’t find the popular Shiatsu massage here either. The neck massage is not very intensive because of the design of the armchair. These aspects give the armchair a few negative points in the functional category.

Body parts

This armchair can massage almost all parts of the body. These include the following:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Armed
  • legs
  • Feet

About the Real Relax brand

Real Relax Inc comes from the USA and was founded in 2014. You were able to prove your expertise in the area of ​​massage chairs 10 years before the market launch. At that time, however, sales were limited to partners from 40 countries.

The team consists of over 100 employees who are split between the USA and China.

Not only do you value the sale of massage chairs, but you also focus on the areas before and after the sale, such as customer service, after-sales service, and also offer your chairs in local markets.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Real Relax Zero Gravity massage chair


  • Heating function at the waist
  • Zero Gravity Function
  • Bluetooth
  • Remote control with screen
  • Loadable up to 200 KG
  • Rollers to move the chair
  • Relatively quiet
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • No kneading massage
  • Heating only in the waist area
  • Relatively big

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In the Real Relax Zero Gravity Test, we have given you an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the massage chair and summarize the most important things for you.

The massage chair impresses with its futuristic design and offers many extras, such as Bluetooth and the Led light.

He doesn’t have to hide behind the expensive premium armchairs. However, in order to keep the price low, you have to do without some massage functions. It should be emphasized here that there is no Shiatsu massage.


ince the product has a warming function, it quickly loosens tense muscles. The armchair also offers a foot massage roller, which is a good choice after a long day. In total, the product uses eight massage points so that you can enjoy a pleasant full-body massage.

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Before buying any product take the time!

Take the time to calmly answer these questions. You can of course also arrange the individual points according to priority. In this way, however, you will be better able to look for some criteria and thus decide on the right product.

  • Is the thing you want a high-quality massage chair test?
  • Do I know the manufacturer or have I already had good experiences with them?
  • Do I really need the item now or can I wait another season to save money?
  • Do I benefit from a manufacturer’s guarantee that goes beyond my statutory rights?
  • Do I need every addition that the massage chair test offers me?
  • Do I attach particular importance to a specific brand?
  • What do I really need the purchased item for and how often should I use it?
  • Can I save money in other ways?
  • Do I already have a similar object with the same function?


Q: Does the manufacturer give a guarantee on the massage chair

Ans: Yes, 2-year guarantee

Q: What is the maximum user weight for the armchair?

Ans: This massage chair is suitable for a body weight of up to 200 kilograms

Q: Is the foot part adjustable?

Ans: No, the foot section is rigid.

Q: Does the chair do a body scan before the massage?

Ans: No, this model does not have the body scan function.

Q: Does the massage chair have a heating function?

Ans: Yes, the armchair has a warming function in the waist area.

Q: Can I change the intensity of the massage?

Ans: Yes, the massage strength can be adjusted in three stages

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