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Proform Pro 2000 Treadmill Review 2022

proform pro 2000 treadmill review
Written by Sonia Naz


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ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill is an excellent treadmill in the ProForm series. It has a sturdy structure and can accommodate users weighing up to 300 pounds.

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You can enjoy and use 50 kinds of programs to maximize the exercise treadmill. In 2019, ProForm replaced the small LCD screen with a larger HD touchscreen display.

ProForm SMART Pro 2000 price fluctuations

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The suggested retail price of SMART Pro 2000 is US$1999. But the price usually drops to $1599 or even $1399. Because we see prices listed around $1599 so frequently, the price of this treadmill is between $1500-2000.

At the low end of similar products, we hope to see degraded accessories and functions compared to competing products-we did it! But this is not necessarily a bad thing.

If you meet the following conditions, you will like Pro 2000:

If you take the price of $1500 seriously. This is a good treadmill with a price of US$1,500. For those who really want to stay at this price, it has a good list of features and accessories that can meet a small amount of demand without enticing you to consider using it. A more expensive treadmill option.

If you are looking for motivation and help you create an effective exercise program. Pro 2000 comes with iFit membership, which is free for 12 months. This subscription service eliminates all guesswork about getting a treadmill at home. Hundreds of on-demand fitness videos are provided, most of which are dedicated to treadmills.

ProForm SMART Pro 2000 console and display

Pro 2000 received 4.5 stars from

Compared with other treadmills that cost between US$1,500 and US$2,000, the Pro 200 can earn 4.5 stars. You can find treadmills in the price range, and there are more fancy, but the Pro 2000 still offers a good warranty, durable structure, and excellent subscription service.

  • Strong power. Pro 2000 has a more powerful motor, and over time, its bearing capacity will be greatly improved, especially for heavier users.
  • Incline and descent range. Pro 2000 can drop to -3%, and can tilt up to 15%, while the other two top brands in this price range cannot.
  • Space and flexibility on the deck. Pro 2000 has a lot of moving space, with a width of 22 inches and a length of 60 inches. The platform is also equipped with ProForm’s patented ProShox™ cushion for firm and cushioned workouts.

Read the full text to better understand the features of Pro 2000. Is it suitable for your home?

ProForm SMART Pro 2000 Build Quality

Model overview

Motor size:  3.5 CHP

Driving area:  22 inches x 60 inches

Bearing weight:  300 pounds

Folding: yes

Area used:  39.15 inches (width) x 79 inches (length) x 71.4 inches (height)

Maximum speed:  12 mph

Electrical requirements: Nominal 120 volt circuit, capable of carrying current of 15 A or more

Warranty:  10-year frame, 2-year parts and 1-year labor warranty

Roller size:  2.5 inches precision balance

Buffer: Yes

Motor size: The motor in this treadmill is 3.5 CHP, which is the recommended daily use range. We believe that a motor of this size can support daily operation, not just walking. But this is the smallest size motor we recommend for daily use.

The motor cover on the Pro 2000 is also minimally invasive. None of our testers encountered the problem of stepping on the motor cover.

Minimally invasive motor cover on Pro 2000

Running surface: The running surface is 22 inches x 60 inches, which is 2 inches wider than C1650 and equal to F65. It also has 2 layers of good-quality belts to prevent users from slipping. The updated model of Pro 2000 is 2019, which includes thick-textured foot pedals, and we feel safer when we move the belt up and down.

The texture of Pro 2000 on the running belt and foot rail is very eye-catching.

Weight capacity:  ProForm website states that Pro 2000 can withstand a weight of 300 pounds. However, the product information that came with the treadmill claims to have a higher weight of 350 pounds. When you are within 50 pounds of the weight of the maximum user of the treadmill, you should consider weight bearing capacity.

Folding:  Pro 2000 has a drop setting and can be folded for storage. It is not common to have both functions on a treadmill. The treadmill uses the EasyLift™ assist device, which does make it easier to lift and store the treadmill platform. The user manual recommends that you should be able to safely lift a 45-pound object to lift the Pro 2000 platform. The deck is locked in a folded state by a hydraulic arm. The hydraulic system also makes the landing of the lower deck very easy, even hands-free.

Pro 2000 can be folded to save space and easily transport

Incline range: The incline range of this treadmill is -3% down to 15% incline. The price of Pro 2000 in this range exceeds that of treadmills with similar prices, and the powerful 3.5 CHP motor allows the treadmill to move smoothly between different slopes without causing discomfort to users. This is well integrated with the many training programs that come with Pro 2000. You can use the quick selection button to adjust the tilt and speed through integers, or use the up and down buttons or the plus and minus buttons above the fan to adjust in small increments.

Maximum inclination and descent of ProForm SMART Pro 2000

ProForm SMART Pro 2000 features and accessories

Tilt range:  -3% to 15%

Display:  7-inch high-definition touch screen

Board exercise:  50

Speaker: Yes

Fans: yes

Heart rate monitoring:  EGK handle

USB port: No

HDMI port: No

Audio jack: yes

Kettle box: Yes

Tablet holder: Yes


  • Accessory tray and support rod

Display: ProForm finally updated the display on Pro 2000. What used to be an outdated LCD screen that is easy to navigate is now a 7-inch touch screen display that is extremely active and super easy to use.

High-definition touch screen display.

Board exercise:  There are 50 pre-installed exercise programs on Pro 2000. When you purchase a treadmill from, you will also get 12 months of iFit access, allowing you to use hundreds of treadmill exercises on the device. However, iFit membership is not required to use Pro 2000.

Speakers: The sound bar of the console has two built-in 3-inch speakers. They project audio from HD displays. You can plug headphones into the audio jack on the side of the console to transmit sound through the headphones. You can also connect mobile devices to the console via Bluetooth and cast music through the console speakers.

The Pro 2000 console has a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

Fan: Although it may seem trivial, the fan built into the Pro 2000 console is actually a great feature. Whenever the fans we test treadmills are weak or non-existent, we will miss them! There are 2 fans built into the console of Pro 2000. These fans will really improve your comfort when using this treadmill.

Powerful cooling fan on the Pro 2000 console.

Heart rate monitoring:  Pro 2000 comes with a heart rate monitoring handlebar. They seem to be more accurate at lower speeds, so if you are walking, you can get a good idea of ​​your current heart rate. However, measured by running speed, this form of heart rate monitoring is very unreliable in most treadmill brands we have tested. The console can be paired with an iFit chest strap. We strongly recommend that you use this method to track your heart rate and purchases more accurately. Not only can you view a more accurate reading of your current heart rate, but you can also view a complete history of your heart rate throughout your workout.

Tablet computer stand:  SMART Pro 2000 has a detachable tablet computer stand above the console. It has a spring clip that can be firmly fixed to any tablet or mobile device in it. The tablet holder rotates from left to right. If you choose not to use it, you can keep it during assembly, or you can easily remove it later.

Accessory tray and support bar: The treadmill has an additional accessory tray between the two console columns below the console. Below the plastic accessory tray is a steel pillar, fixed on the console support rod. The crossbar provides great support for the console and minimizes movement when the treadmill is at higher speeds.

Additional accessory tray and support rail for Pro 2000.

ProForm SMART Pro 2000 subscription service

Name:  iFit Coach

Brief description: Check out the extensive library about studio treadmill courses, outdoor running, walking and hiking trips, Google Maps and more. The iFit class controls your treadmill to change your incline/descent and speed to mimic real-world terrain and training scenarios.

Cost: Purchase Pro 2000 from ProForm and get 12 months free. $15 to $33 per month.

User profile: $15 per month for one user profile, or $33 per month for up to 5 user profiles

Class variety:

  • cycle
  • Run
  • Oval
  • Training Camp
  • outdoor
  • strength
  • Yoga

Community: share results, create and join challenges, post to message boards. Subscription restrictions: we can’t help feeling that iFit can make their UX more user-friendly and intuitive. Currently, the learning curve is a bit uncomfortable.

Others:  iFit has apps that can track nutrition, daily activities, etc. Although these apps are good, they can be more reliable by purchasing other products (such as iFit Sleep App heart rate monitors and iFit wearable and/or Bluetooth chest strap heart rate monitors).

There is a lot of knowledge about iFit, which we did not find in the individual reviews of iFit compatible treadmills. But you can learn more about this subscription service by reading our in-depth, comprehensive review of iFit here.

Summary of ProForm SMART Pro 2000

The ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill is a good choice for users looking for a high-quality treadmill that costs around $1,500. It has the exclusive ownership of treadmills in the price range and outperforms many competitors. Although we tend to avoid fitness equipment with many plastic parts, the Pro 2000 is our exception treadmill.

We are particularly pleased to see that ProForm canceled the old display of Pro 2000 and chose a more user-friendly option.

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