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Massage Chair Reviews

Top 10 Best Panasonic Massage Chair Reviews 2022

Panasonic Massage Chairs
Written by Sonia Naz

Over the past decades, the function of electronics has increased rapidly in our daily life. Everywhere you look you will see people in their cell phones, tablets, laptops and now in electric cars. And these adjustments are no different once you look at modern furniture, whether it’s the hottest zero-gravity recliners or even the 3D massage chairs.

One brand that has received a lot of attention in recent years is Panasonic. Panasonic has always been respectable in the field of batteries and electronics, but with its new product lines, it has expanded. As they feature many different massage chairs, we will try to provide readers with the best Panasonic massage chair reviews.

Our reviews will include 6 Panasonic massage chairs. We will be on the lookout for the best features of each individual massage chair and everything stood out in each of them. We will also provide a full assessment of Panasonic’s transition to massage chair sales. This will be an honest assessment of the company’s ability to provide consumers with quality massage chairs that are technologically solid and durable.

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About Panasonic Brand

Most people know Panasonic as a company that mainly deals with electronics and batteries. They have been one of the leaders in digital efficiency for many years and have expanded their experience to the massage chair industry.

You may read the following review articles about the Best Massage Chairs according to your budget:

Initially created in 1955, the Panasonic brand identity was rooted in the sale of audio speakers. But since 2008 they have grown and started selling many services and products. Panasonic promises to be committed to making the world better through the company’s global growth. They intend to maintain this guarantee through electronic efficiency, on a global scale.

Among their most important initiatives is the Corporate Social Responsibility program which is an awareness program created to establish offer categories and spending levels. The core theme of the program could be encompassed in the Panasonic brand message and the growth of its product. Compared to many massage seat brands, Panasonic has expanded its customer reach to include extremely affordable massage chairs.

Finally, we’ll wrap up our guide by providing readers with our Panasonic pick! Here is the list of 5 the best Panasonic massage chairs having great features at a reasonable price:

  1. Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA70KX
  2. Panasonic Massage Chair EP1273
  3. Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA73KU
  4. Panasonic Massage Chair EP-1285K
  5. Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA70CX
  6. Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA10
  7. Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA58
  8. Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA59
  9. Panasonic Massage Chair Yasumi EP-MR 30
  10. Panasonic Massage Seat EP30007

1. Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair EP-MA70KX

Panasonic describes the EP-MA70 as revolutionary for its heating function. They pride themselves on its effectiveness, durability and durability. So much so that it became the main reason we tried the EP-MA70. After using the chair, we can see exactly what it was.

The seat uses double heated massage rollers to deliver thermal massage therapy to stressed and tight places. Panasonic uses integrated thermal massage balls that apply pressure across the entire back to relieve swelling.

Next, we analyzed the thumb-shaped massage tongs. These rollers work in circular motions at the speed of once per minute.

The past components that users will be interested in are body extension techniques. Panasonic focused on two main methods, shoulder blade lengthening and pelvis lengthening.

The former uses airbags on both sides to hold the shoulders in place while the massage balls use kneading techniques. And the pelvic stretch uses airbags on each side of the pelvic region to perform torso twisting and therapeutic stretching techniques.

These techniques, along with 6 programmed massages and customization options, can be saved through cognitive functions. The seat can accommodate a 3-person memory setting for customized options. The biggest drawback we found with this chair was that it didn’t include an arm stretch feature. While it’s not a big deal, it’s still something to note.

  • The body scan system works automatically
  • Total body massage
  • 3D massage methods
  • New heated massage rollers
  • Customization options for the massage
  • Double heated rollers are multidirectional
  • Safety lock to prevent malfunctions
  • Foldable leg rest to increase the distance
  • Air and back massage intensity settings
  • New UltraKnead feature to mimic the Junestu methods of masseuses
  • Reclining plate of 170
  • Memory programming for up to 3 people
  • Synthetic leather easy to clean and maintain
  • 6 preprogrammed massages
  • Auxiliary wheels for easy movement
  • Automatic shoulder positioning


  • The seat does not include Swedish compression and massage techniques
  • The remote control does not allow rapid use of the program
  • No extended arm

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2. Swede-Atsu Companion Massage Chair (EP1273)

Approved by the ACA, the Swede-Atsu massage chair is among the very first massage chairs to be accepted by the professional association reflecting runners. The most important reason the Swede-Atsu Massage Seat has been accepted by the ACA is that it provides ample deep tissue support and relaxes tense muscles.

Its custom stroke, resistance and massage width, combined with its own pouf system, create an ideal split between lower and upper body massage. To relieve pain and stiffness in the hips, thighs and lower spine, Panasonic has developed a stretching system.

This stretch system worked well with Panasonic’s air system to offer compression massages and strong deep tissue massages to offer users a firm and soft option. We found this to be a really great pairing because you may find deep pressure massage or light massage for tender places.

For us, 4 numbers bring together the overall picture of this Swede-Atsu. The first is its 69 cm massage stroke. While this is much smaller than standard chairs, given the size of the Swede-Atsu, it’s a pretty good massage stroke length. Not the best even if not the lowest. Subsequently, its massage power goes to about 6 cm deep and its width varies from 2-18 cm. Ultimately, these characteristics combined with each other, create 80 massage combinations, which have shown us the versatility of this session.

Main Features:

  • State-of-the-art massage modes
  • Scheduled interventions
  • Electric reclining and button management
  • Upholstery: leather
  • 16 airbag
  • lengthen the laws
  • 8 styles of manual massage
  • Flexible height that adapts to the positioning of the neck
  • Approved by the ACA
  • Automatic timer
  • Type of healing blow: floating mechanism
  • The force of the massage goes about 6 cm deep
  • The length of the adjustable and extendable ottoman reaches approximately 15cm inches
  • Massage combinations: 80
  • 4 preset applications for novice users


  • The rollers can be corrected but the distance between the rollers cannot be adjusted
  • This chair is smaller than standard massage seats which contribute to a shorter massage stroke (69cm inches)
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3. Prestige 3D Massage Chair (EP-MA73KU)

Two features that immediately differentiate the EP-MA73 are its 3D massage and heating functionality. Compared to other Panasonic massage chairs, the EP-MA73 offers contemporary 3D massage and heating within the human body and foot massage of this chair.

Panasonic created it to imitate a professional masseuse who performs Swedish and shiatsu massage techniques and hot stone treatments. The massage targets acupoints and is coupled with the Panasonic 33 air cell massage system. The Panasonic mindset was to create a healing method to relax muscles through soothing, stretching and restoring tense areas.

A unique spin that Panasonic added was to make the massage rollers multidirectional and thermal. We have found that this helps to loosen tense muscles, particularly in the back, neck and shoulders. Surprisingly, we also found that the rollers stretch to 12cm, which is great for stiffer areas.

Users will be happy to find the thermal operation from foot massage and arm massage to reduce tension. Taking up the effective Junetsu method, 10 kneading programs are combined, while the multidirectional rollers move vertically and horizontally from the lower spine to the throat.

Last but not least, 6 automatic massage apps help create 110 combinations of massage techniques. Using these methods with body scanning technologies, we found that the chair easily accommodated users of different sizes. This was extremely beneficial for older users who wanted to use airbag massage technologies.

Access to these programs has been made easy thanks to Panasonic’s 7 Colors; remote control connection. It allows a one-touch advantage and quick access to manual programs, automatic applications and intensity levels.

Although this massage chair made a good attempt at accommodating larger individuals, it struggled with amplitude. Customers should be aware that Panasonic chairs struggled with body width and, in this situation, shoulder width.

Main Features:

  • Luxury product
  • FCC certified
  • Implemented therapeutic massage techniques
  • Designed to mimic expert masseuses
  • Heating performance throughout
  • Massage rollers designed for multidirectional and thermal performance
  • Remote management system connected
  • Thermal shiatsu foot massage
  • 10 Junetsu massage methods (ultra-kneading)
  • Integrated wheels for quick and easy movement
  • 3D massage technology system
  • Different in layout and has the ability to adapt to different themed rooms
  • 33 mobile aerial system
  • Functional body massage – 6 self massage apps
  • Covered in comfortable eco-leather
  • Created with high performance rollers


  • The body width and shoulder width of the chair have a hard time adjusting to larger people
  • Higher price than other Panasonic massage chairs
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4. Urban Collection Massage Chair (EP-1285K)

Not all massage seats combine their characteristics to complement each other. Brands that design their chairs with this mindset end up creating a complete package. The Urban Collection EP-1285 combines together 3 massage functions designed to enhance the user experience.

The ultimate goal creates a relaxing, therapeutic and useful massage program for your well-being. We have found that it works as a fantastic solution to stiffness and extreme fatigue for people who work in strenuous activities. Panasonic uses its preset massage programs to relax the body and massage techniques for quick relief.

A glowing remote gives users easy access to 8 massage styles (Swedish, Compression, Regional Roll, Full List, Touch, Kneading, Hawaiian, and Soft Shiatsu) that can be customized for various body proportions and characters. With flexible options, some areas may be targeted with mixers, rollers, and adaptive intensity settings. In large part, flexibility is what caught our attention. Urban Collection massage heads create 44 exceptional massage methods. In addition, 350 acupoints are stimulated with a 5-step height adjustable shoulder function, 3-step adjustable speed and width adjuster.

For some individuals, the appearance of the seat is not as important as the operation. True to a point, who would want a massage chair that looks amazing but doesn’t offer a decent massage? But ignoring the full aesthetic would be a mistake. When we analyze the EP-1285, we are amazed by the modern brushed aluminum accents that have made the legs and arms ultra contemporary. To conclude, we found detailed stitching that created a sumptuous look and was completed with first-class black leather.

Main Features:

  • 4 easy-to-use preset programs
  • ACA accepted
  • 8 manual massage techniques
  • Modern decorative with premium quality leather
  • Methods of the masseur
  • Adjustable positioning of the neck roller
  • Advanced massage technologies for quad style massages
  • Wide rubbing movement with floating mechanism
  • Storage compartment for remote control
  • Detailed seams
  • Full flat recline from 120-170
  • Air system for pouf
  • Aluminum accents
  • Leg stretch included
  • Special Hawaiian massage method


  • Consumers should be aware that this chair has been refurbished (customers have not reported any complaints so far)
  • The chair has poorly functioning rollers on the underside of the feet

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5. Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA70CX Review

The Panasonic MA 70Cx brings body and mind into harmony in order to draw new strength. Nothing is as important as periods of rest. The  MA 70 Cx Hot Stone is an attractive stylish piece of furniture in one. Allow yourself this luxury and discover an oasis of relaxation.

The automatic “body scan mode” uses a grid of pressure sensors to detect your size, shoulder position and the position of your spine and adjusts itself precisely to this. This gives you an individual massage, exactly where you need it.

For me, the right relaxation begins with intuitively understandable handling. Therefore, all functions of the MA70 are clearly displayed on the remote control.

This top model owes its name to the traditional Chinese “Hot Stone” treatment, in which heated stones are placed on the body: Warming massage heads (can be switched off) ensure a holistic relaxation of your muscles. Enjoy wellness for body and senses.

Doctors and chiropractors especially recommend soothing massages to people with physical disabilities. The MA70 has already made it into many medical practices.

Thanks to its timeless, elegant design in black or ivory-colored leather look and its compact shape, the MA 70 cuts a fine figure everywhere and fits perfectly into any living environment. Click here to read full detailed review for Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair.

Main Features:

  • Premium High-End Massage Product
  • Heatable massage rollers & individual, specialized automatic programs
  • Junetsu massage (precisely)
  • Shoulder and neck massage
  • Shiatsu-Massage
  • Kneading massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Compression Massage
  • Extensive air massage with stretch function
  • Arm and hand massage
  • Reflexology
  • Automatic body scan
  • Electronic intensity and heat regulation
  • Zero Gravity Position
  • Memory function for compiling your own programs
  • individually compiled program
  • Calf massage using air pressure (lymphatic drainage-like application)
  • 4-roller massage system based on the human hand
  • Massage individually and selectively adjustable by hand control
  • Multi-stage adjustable speed and roll width
  • Backrest and footrest electrically stepless and independent
  • Adjustable from each other up to the lying position (170 °)
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Display showing the massage progress
  • Easy handling
  • State of the art, recommended product
  • Including special neck support pillow
  • Transport rollers for easy transport
  • Ergonomically shaped armchair
  • High quality


  • The seat does not include Swedish compression and massage techniques
  • The remote control does not allow rapid use of the program
  • No extended arm
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6. Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA10 Review

The EP-MA10 is one of the high-end devices and one of my tight favorites. It offers a back massage as well as a calf and foot massage, which makes it a multifunctional device. Both the massage intensity of the rollers and the air pressure for the calf and foot massage can be regulated in several stages. Compared to the other premium devices from the Panasonic brand, this massage chair is gentler when performing the massage.

All in all, this model is very good value for money and extremely fair. There is more individuality and function for more money with the larger premium massage chairs. The EP-MA10 is very easy to use and its functions are obvious to the user.

Small negative point here is the slightly too short shelf space for the sole of the foot. The inability to extend the footrest could also be a problem for tall people.

Main Features:

  • Automatic body size recognition with shoulder positioning
  • Flexible 3D massage mechanism
  • Stretch function legs
  • 4 automatic programs with professional massage techniques
  • Intensity adjustment of the massage and air pressure
  • Roller massage (complete, partial, focused)
  • Neck shiatsu kneading
  • Tapping or relaxing massage
  • Calf massage using air pressure
  • Multi-stage adjustable roll width
  • Massage speed adjustable in several stages
  • Massage individually and selectively adjustable
  • Electrically adjustable backrest
  • Electrically adjustable footrest
  • Voice function (English)
  • Lighting system (depending on the massage program, the display lights up in a different color)


  • No heated massage roller without a heated massage pad
  • Missing memory program performance
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7. Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA58 Review

The EP-MA58 is a master in its class. The mature and improved sensor system can only be found in this model. In addition to a real-time sensor that localizes tension, the EP-MA58 also offers a newly developed, ultra-modern stress sensor.

By additionally entering the age, the individual stress level can be determined using the stress sensor. The results of the stress and tension diagnosis flow directly into the programming of the special programs and form the basis for a massage program tailored to individual needs.

The stretch function should also be emphasized positively. Using a specially developed lifting and lowering technique, the spine is slightly stretched and thus relieved.

Furthermore, you can choose an integrated air massage program that works exclusively with air cushions in the backrest, seat and footrest. This enables a completely new type of gentle massage and contributes greatly to relaxation.

With the “Best Position” buttons, this massage chair can be brought into the perfect position for the respective massage at any time with a single push of a button.

A newly developed shoulder massage (grip) can easily reach over the shoulders and thus penetrate deeper into the muscles.

Despite the extensive functions, in my opinion the model is very user-friendly and comes with an easy-to-understand operating manual.

The armchair is fully assembled and only needs to be plugged into the socket at home.

Main Features:

  • Real-time sensor system
  • Automatic height recognition
  • Automatic Shiatsu point recognition system
  • Tension and stress sensor
  • Flexible 3D massage mechanism
  • Special air massage programs
  • Stretchfunction
  • Home position
  • Zero Gravity Position
  • Extendable footrest
  • Deep warming function in the foot section
  • Full Auto Anti Stress Program
  • 4 individual programs with real-time sensor tension measurement
  • Quick-Programm
  • 2 preset automatic programs
  • Intensity adjustment of the massacre heads
  • Intensity adjustment of the air pressure
  • Grip-Massage
  • Roller massage (complete, partial, focused)
  • Tapping or relaxing massage
  • combination Massage
  • Shiatsumassage
  • Wadenmassage
  • Reflexology
  • Thigh massage
  • Multi-stage adjustable roll width
  • Massage speed adjustable in several stages
  • Massage individually and selectively adjustable
  • Electrically adjustable backrest
  • Electrically adjustable footrest
  • Color display
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8. Panasonic Massage Chair EP-MA59 Review

The EP-MA59 is also one of the absolute premium devices and leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to numerous functions and automatic programs, there are some noteworthy features that set this device apart from the others.

For example, what I think is important personal intervention in the programs to suit these individual needs. There are 4 storage spaces available for this, on which the desired changes and adjustments can be stored.

Furthermore, you can use the manual operation to rate the various areas of your back with different degrees of fatigue and the massage then noticeably takes this into account during the program.

Another special feature is the massage in the arm area, which, in addition to the pleasant effect on arms and hands, enables a slight stretching. For this, the arms are fixed and then the backrest is moved back and forth.

This model is not for the faint-hearted, because the massage is quite powerful and, despite the intensity regulation, could be perceived as too hard by sensitive people.

On the other hand, experienced massage experts get their money’s worth here.

The only negative point, if you can even speak of it with this professional, is the footrest. The area for the soles of the feet is somewhat short so that people with large feet cannot enjoy a foot reflex zone massage for the entire foot.

The operation requires some practice but can be learned easily by anyone due to the detailed operating instructions.

Main Features:

  • Automatic height recognition
  • Automatic Shiatsu point recognition system
  • Flexible 3D massage mechanism
  • Stretch function legs
  • Stretch function Arms
  • Extendable footrest
  • 4 individual programs with professional massage techniques
  • Quick-Programm
  • Adjusting the focus for massage programs
  • Intensity adjustment of the massage
  • Intensity adjustment of the air pressure
  • Setting the massage style of the rollers (thumb (only the top rollers work), fist (the top and bottom massage rollers are pulled together), palm (the top and bottom rollers work))
  • Roller massage (complete, partial, focused)
  • Ultra kneading massage (kneading on small areas)
  • Tap 1 (adds tapping massage)
  • Tap 2 (adds tapping massage, the speed varies alternately)
  • Shiatsu (massage compresses the muscle nodes vertically)
  • Swedish (large-scale prank movement)
  • Grasp (special kneading massage for the shoulder)
  • Stretch (slow stretching massage)
  • Repeat function (the massage that starts when the button is pressed is repeated)
  • Calf massage using air pressure
  • Reflexology
  • Thigh massage
  • Shoulder massage using air pressure
  • Arm and hand massage using air pressure
  • Multi-stage adjustable roll width
  • Massage speed is adjustable in several stages
  • Massage individually and selectively adjustable
  • Electrically adjustable backrest
  • Electrically adjustable footrest
  • Voice function (English) with volume control
  • Memory function (4 personal memory spaces)
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9. Panasonic Massage Chair Yasumi EP-MR 30 Review

The relaxation lounger Yasumi lives up to its name because “Yasumi” comes from Japanese and means “relax” or “pause”.

Through 3 different program levels and their vibrations, I got the feeling of weightlessness. After a busy day, you can relax here or let yourself be gently lulled to sleep.

Various sound and music functions are preprogrammed in this model. Six different pieces of music are already stored in the device. You can add your own favorite songs at any time via an audio connection.

Thanks to an integrated bass vibrator, the music is not only heard through the ear but also through the whole body. With the help of remote control, the bed can be adjusted electronically so that everyone can choose the most comfortable position for themselves.

The relaxation value is really gigantic and hard to imagine if you haven’t tried it yourself. Ideal for power napping, but also perfect for reading and music evenings.

We already know rocking movements from the womb, which is why they provide a feeling of security and lead to deep relaxation. This is used with the Yasumi lounger and gives the user this feeling of absolute security. Without a doubt, this is a real design highlight. A gem in every living room. However, this luxury also has its price.

The model is in no way comparable to a massage chair, although it is also used for relaxation, it is produced in a completely different way.

If you are looking for back pain relief as well as relaxation, you should look elsewhere and opt for a massage chair with roller technology.

Main Features:

  • Elegant, modern Design
  • Integrated music system
  • Wave and weighing function
  • Power napping
  • Bass is transmitted at an oscillation frequency
  • Connection for audio devices
  • Wireless control unit
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10. Actual Pro Ultra Massage Seat (EP30007)

So far we have only seen positive reviews for the EP-30007. It features a clean wood finish for the armrests and refined faux leather upholstery. We found the convenient easy-to-use control center and voice mail is a pleasant surprise as well. Panasonic provides users with 5 pre-programmed massages, also gives users the ability to create their own manual program. The programs you create can then be archived with its memory function which frees up to 4 users. An interesting part of the memory function is that it can measure the length of a user and then store that information in his memory settings.

One of the cornerstones of this EP-30007 is its pressure sensor technologies. The chair creates a virtual map of the entire spine and then models the curves and elevation of the spine.

A body scan system scans you personally and then the massage heads glide smoothly over your back at the points that require more attention. One improvement Panasonic should consider is the creation of an adjustable armrest positioning. Using today’s technology, users above and below normal height would find them extremely beneficial.

A popular addition among users has been quad-style massage technology which helps efficiently massage the whole body. The EP-30007 has many different features (such as quad-style massage technologies) and it may take some time to get used to all of them. Panasonic provides a DVD that helps new users get used to the chair and understand its performance. We recommend that you take the opportunity to watch the DVD and also read the manual to get all the benefits of the new massage chair.

Main Features:

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • 5 pre-programmed massage methods
  • Only tool required: Allen key
  • Upholstery: high quality eco-leather
  • Automatic back adjustment
  • Air massage: outer shoulder and arm
  • Suitable positioning of the control panel
  • Quiet in operation
  • Grasp and close the fist massage
  • Memory function for 4 users
  • Quad-style massage program
  • Palms and shoulders massage
  • Reflexology
  • Leg stretch
  • Junetsu massage relaxes the muscles


  • The chair does not have any pads or heating functions
  • Small for users 6’2 and above
  • When the chair is reclined, arm massage (based on elevation) cannot be used as the arms remain fixed while reclining

The Transition Panasonic at Armchairs from Massage

Moving to a new product line can be difficult for a brand new one. And assessing that transition could be just as difficult. But, after looking at Panasonic’s best massage chairs, we believe, we have a clearer idea of ​​where Panasonic is ?

Panasonic has been able to generate excellent massage seats thanks to its experience in the technology sector. With this, they can create chairs that can compete in the market. However, some of their seats lack the extended features that elevate chairs to an elite level. We believe Panasonic has understood this and reduced the cost of massage beds and seats. And this is the main reason why Panasonic can compete with other manufacturers.

They recognized that their massage chairs may not be the most advanced or have the most massage hits, but they are great chairs nonetheless. They also have something that they can offer consumers and that other brands may not have the ability to offer, producer sustainability.

Panasonic has proven over the years that it is a company and a brand that consumers can rely on. Whether you need to restore your seat, call customer support, or need a repair service for problems, Panasonic has a reputation for being an elite. When you buy a massage chair, you are making a big purchase and you don’t need it to stay with an unreliable brand new. Panasonic offers users security,

Conclusion: Our Choice For The Best Panasonic Massage Chair!

As we wrap up our Panasonic massage chair review manual, we wanted to offer readers our selection of Panasonic massage chairs. While these 6 are the best Panasonic seats, there can only be one winner. And our choice is the Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair EP-MA70KX ! The main logic is that it does a great job of combining 3D technology with heating functions. In addition, it has a 33 airbags system, multidirectional rollers and a clean, elegant and classy aesthetic appearance. Check it out below!

 Best Seller in Massage Chairs 

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