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Osaki Premium JP-1100 Massage Chair Review 2022

Osaki Premium JP-1100 Massage Chair
Written by Sonia Naz

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Osaki Premium JP-1100 Massage Chair Review 2022

Main Features:

  • Produced 100% in Japan
  • Zero gravity position
  • 4D Mecha Technology
  • 3 warm-up programs
  • Massage programs for the whole body
  • Double scan, double heating
  • 85 massage techniques and 41 different types of massage
  • Roller foot massage


JP-1100 is the new 4D massage chair with a medical certificate

Osaki Premium JP-1100 Massage Chair

Premium feel and luxurious design

Since 1954, Osaki has been innovating and developing the highest quality massage chairs in the world. The mechanism is carefully made to respond to the body’s needs and solve stiffness in the neck, upper part of the shoulder, shoulder blades, foot, legs, and waist.

The new Cyber ​​Relax JP-1100 series is offered relief from daily stress with a high advantage that you can use it in the comfort of your home. The many sophisticated functions can respond to the needs of each user.

Osaki Premium JP-1100 Massage Chair

4D Mecha Innovating muscle loosening for you

Osaki High Tech wellness programs can help relax your body with the most innovative 12.5cm deep layer muscle massage (Top in the world). We all suffer from severe muscle stiffness no matter how old we are.

The 4D performance of the rolling pins moves similarly to the human hand up, down, left, right, back, and forth. Speed ​​is also easily controlled by its knob.

Osaki Premium JP-1100 Massage Chair

Kiwami Mecha Pro

The best results for deep relaxation in the massage chair industry.

The Osaki Premium JP-1100 massage chair is very useful for relieving chronic and muscle pain. Body therapy programs use deep pressure to realign the deeper muscle layers.
Advanced body scan

Advanced body scan

Advanced double body scan

Have you tried a massage chair that massages your bones and you feel a lot of pain from it? Well, this is not what a professional massage should do!

The Osaki artificial intelligence system: instinctively detects the shape of your spine, detects the position of your shoulder, and offers you a deep and gentle massage on your muscles. The sensors optimize the massage points.

Osaki Premium JP-1100 Massage Chair

Eliminate daily stress

12 levels of intensity adjustment remotely.

Depending on the muscle pain you experience, you can use either the 7-level automatic programs or the 12-level manual programs. Adjust the intensity by simply touching the remote control screen.

Shiatsu massage points

Shiatsu massage points

Deep layer approach technique.

The Japanese manufacturer aimed to produce the ultimate massage chair that can locate exact acupuncture points from head to toe, including knees.

Matches your need for massage

Produced for the benefit of your whole body


85 various kneading techniques.


State-of-the-art Japanese massage using air pulsations

State-of-the-art Japanese massage using air pulsations

Absolut happiness

All of our clients love the air massage technique. The functionality of the air massage is performed based on the pressure and periodic release of the pads. To ensure a high level of relaxation, the technique used controls the air supply to mimic the flexibility of a hand massage performed by a professional masseuse.

The flow rate of the Japanise JP-1100 is optimized and controlled: one airbag inflates quickly and instantly, while another inflates slowly and gradually. Powerful moving airbags deliver unprecedented pressure and relaxation like no other product you’ve experienced before.

Massage with the triple air system

Massage with the triple air system

It offers 3 air modes that recreate the flexibility of a hand massage:
  • Manual kneading mode.
  • Pulse mode
  • Normal mode

Air massage

It wraps your body with 31 bags of air and helps you release fatigue comfortably. The force can be adjusted in each area.

  • Shoulder massage
  • Foot/foot sole massage
  • Arms massage
  • New calf massage
  • Waist/pelvis massage
  • Neck stretch
 Shiatsu rollers for the soles of the feet

Shiatsu rollers for the soles of the feet

The JP-1100 chair performs a treatment that improves mobility. The rollers are pressed into the muscles of the feet. This is a great feature for athletes, women, or anyone who needs to relieve foot muscles.

The Japanise Cyber ​​Relax range uses revolutionary techniques of 2019 using advanced foot warmers that help improve blood circulation.

Foot massage on the plantar fascia

Foot massage on the plantar fascia

Many of us don’t worry much about stressed feet. Re-energize your body, improve your mood, and free yourself from muscle soreness with the new Cyber ​​Relax JP-1100 foot massage feature.

The unique shape of the rollers stretches and extends the feet from the arch to the outer side of the soles and relaxes them. The plantar fascia absorbs the impact of walking. The Osaki Premium JP-1100 foot massager can be adjusted in 3 levels.

Flat position 180 degrees

Flat position 180 degrees

High-quality sleeping posture to make you feel comfortable.

Give up your whole body and relax. The new 4D massage chair from the Japanise Cyber ​​Relax range provides the user with a feeling of weightlessness. It has to do with the 180-degree recline setting that the chair can assume.

JP-1100 flat position (180 degrees) massage benefits

Eliminate back pain

Eliminate back pain

The 180-degree flat position decompresses the spine and relaxes the whole body.

Osaki Medical’s mechanism is the best in the industry. Use the back pillow for comfort

Helps blood circulation

Osaki deep relaxation.

Blood circulation in the legs improves and swelling is reduced. Elevating the legs above the level of the heart during a 180-degree flat position can help prevent conditions such as varicose veins. Your body is completely aligned in parallel with your heart. It is the ergonomically correct resting position.

Improve correct posture

Improve correct posture

Deep tissue 4D (sports massage)

Benefits: Improves posture, increases mobility, corrects muscle imbalances, and reduces stress and headaches. In other words, Osaki is specially designed for medical research in Japan to meet the demands of each user.

Extendable footrest

Extendable footrest

Cyber ​​Relax JP-1100 is the perfect massage chair for every member of the family. Leg support extends to over 34cm in length. This massage chair is perfect for tall people. The intelligent mechanism adjusts immediately to the size of your body.

Feel and enjoy the massage

The luxury of a warm massage

The luxury of a warm massage

Rear central heater

Get the most appropriate temperature for the human body, which can help eliminate muscle tension. Osaki Premium JP-1100 Massage Chair, Double Body Warmers warm the areas around the shoulder blades. These areas tend to shrink.

Foot sole warmers

JP-1100 is the only Japanese massage chair with a heated seat back and foot rollers. These parts tend to be cold, which is why they are the target for warming up.

It is also possible to use only the heating function.


Intensive stretching program

Intensive stretching program

Intensive stretching program:

  • Neck stretch.
  • Backstretch.
  • Waist stretch.
  • Foot stretch.
  • Knee stretch.
  • Double stretch.
Color remote control touch panel

Color remote control touch panel

The short 7-minute courses intensely relax the stiffness and tiredness that people often experience these days due to lack of exercise or desk jobs.

The chair is equipped with a total of:

  • 21 types of automatic courses.
  • 12 types of massages.
  • Intensive massages 6 regions.
  • 3 body relaxation techniques.
  • 3 stretching techniques focused on certain areas.
You’ll find it all on the easy-to-use touchscreen remote.

Choose the program for you

Main types of approach in intensive massage.

4D neck massage

4D neck massage

This is the best relaxation chair for the whole body, from head to toe. Shiatsu point massage semispinal capitis muscle.

Shoulder massage

Shoulder massage

Massage aimed at the shoulder muscles.

Focusing massage on the shoulder blades

For tension and fatigue of the shoulder blades.

Sciatic focus massage

Sciatic focus massage

Sciatic massage can help you in two ways. The main benefits are soothing tight muscles. Osaki Premium JP-1100’s smart technology is designed to reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Gentle massage and stretching help the release of endorphins.

Massage focused on the legs

Massage focused on the legs

Imagine a five-level strength setting for a moment, when your legs are staggered and need to relax. Shiatsu pad sensor and pulse massage to instantly refresh you.

The most accurate examination of the body

The most accurate examination of the body

The most accurate morphological examination of the body is due to double scanning. The best in the industry for JP-1100 massage chairs.

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