Osaki Massage Chair Reviews 2024 [Top 10 Reviewed]

As among the most recognized and renowned massage chair brands, Osaki is known worldwide for the production of high quality massage chairs. Over time, the brand has remained consistent in quality and customer service, while pushing the technology integration forward for their massage chairs. Osaki not only generates some of the best electronic massage chairs, but also creates high quality foot massagers, back products, and portable massagers.

This buyer’s guide will consist of  Top 10 Osaki massage chair reviews. We will review the 10 best Osaki massage chairs with an in-depth evaluation of each. This will include an analysis of all features and a complete overview of each massage chair.

In addition, we will also provide an overview of Osaki as a brand. After carefully examining some Osaki chairs, we decided these 10 were the best today. However, before starting the investigation, below you will get an organized comparison table for your convenience. Try to find your favorite one.

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What is Osaki?

Osaki is a Japanese based massage products company. They have released several famous massage chairs such as Osaki 1000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 7200h and Dreamer. The most important reason why Osaki stood out for us is that they prioritize full body relaxation and encourage an active lifestyle. This motto is clear when looking at the design and performance of the chairs.

Among the best things Osaki has been able to do is keep up with the times. Through our inspection manual, you will see that Osaki was technologically revolutionary. This can be seen in their own airbags, zero gravity functionality, and running luxury applications.

Top 10 Osaki Massage Chair Reviews 

Let’s discuss the Top 10 the Best Okasi Massage Chairs available in the market.

1. Okasi Massage Chair OS-4000T Review

Osaki OS-4000T is one of the best technological massage chairs available. What sets it apart? We can start with the automatic recline which puts the entire human body in an ergonomic posture.

Osaki Massage Chair Reviews

Your body is scanned by a computer scan system that suits your needs. With 5 flexible degrees of intensity and frequency, you can choose how quickly your muscles are massaged and how much power. This is great for when you feel more sore some days and not so much on others.

Since you use this massage chair, you will see that Osaki included hip, shoulder and lumbar squeezing. This is hugely beneficial for people who are nursing accidents as it provides a soothing and tender squeeze for all those aching regions.

Osaki’s most intriguing move was the decrease in the number of airbags from the OS-4000T. Sounds terrible, right? Not only that, by reducing the amount of airbags within their atmosphere massage technologies, Osaki was able to increase the surface and volume area of ​​the massage. This increases the mechanical life of the chair ensuring it can last much longer than the competition.

Main Features:

  • Design built-in zero gravity
  • New foot roller
  • Air massage technology
  • Automatic leg scan
  • 6 automatic programs
  • Computer scan of the body
  • Relaxing calf and foot massage
  • Heat treatment for lower back pain
  • Automatic recline and automatic timer
  • 5 Levels of intensity and flexible speed
  • Full leg extension
  • Seat massage with vibration
  • The recommended weight capacity is small (104 kg.)
  • Complete adjustment for the shoulder straps is missing

2. Osaki Massage Chair OS 4D-Pro JP Premium Review

(The Luxury Massage Chair)

Osaki has produced this massage chair with premium Japanese materials created by Fujiyroki, one of those premium massage chair manufacturers in Japan. It features advanced aesthetics with personalized massage techniques, air massage technology, and body navigation scanning.

Osaki Massage Chair Reviews

Available Colors:  Black. Brown, Avory

At the heart of the Osaki OS 4D massage chair is the latest and most innovative Osakis massage chair technology. Osaki calls it Kiwami Mecha and aims to provide customers with custom control over the roller system.

The 4D kneading system highlights flexible control within the width, speed, and life of the rolls. What differentiates it from other systems is that it enters hard-to-reach places in your body, such as the upper neck or shoulder blades. Once he targeted those areas, Osaki scheduled a deep tissue massage to reduce the tension within those muscles.

Osaki really brought out full control as he provided 5 pre-set programs per self (whole body, shoulder, and waist rejuvenation; and whole body stretching and relaxation) and thus created stronger variations of those techniques when exercising. enters the Kiwami Mecha style. The mode is further complemented with Osakis 44 airbags which are strategically deployed. Eventually, Osaki wanted to take the intricate details of a professional massage and place them on a massage seat.

Main Features:

  • 4D Kiwami Mecha Ball kneading system
  • Body navigation scan
  • 10 preset automatic programs
  • Adjustable roller speed
  • Personalized massage methods
  • Magic air massage
  • Electric recline
  • 3D navigation point method
  • Removable cushion and back cushion
  • Adjustable foot massage only and roller diameter
  • 3 seat air alternatives (arms, shoulders, feet, calves and waist)


  • It does not have zero gravity recline
  • The door for the feet is missing
  • The inversion therapy function is missing

3. Osaki Massage Chair OS-6000 Review

The OS-6000 is just one of Osaki’s new massage chairs. Its main computer scan design features s-track rolling technology that delivers constant massage pressure across the entire back. This technology is what the OS-6000 is based on and the rest of the features are built in to support its performance.

Osaki Massage Chair Reviews

When comparing the OS-6000 to classic massage chairs, there is a huge difference. Conventional massage chairs employ linear vertical motion that prevents equivalent pressure from being applied to the upper and lower spine. On the other hand, the OS-6000 offers massage rollers to focus on the lumbar, shoulder and neck areas and apply an equal distribution of pressure to suit the curvatures of the body.

Since Osaki put so much emphasis on their roller methods, we had to test them. The most intriguing thing about the twin rollers is that they are designed to mimic and simulate the touch and feel of real fingers and thumbs. This was exceptionally relaxing with the air and pillow pads in the head and neck region. Your upper body feels fully supported while your lower body is pampered with a foot and calf massage and extension mode that inflates the airbags.

Main Features:

  • Pregnant women will need to consult a doctor before using this massage chair
  • The manual says you shouldn’t use it for more than half an hour at a time
  • It is NOT designed for non-residential environments

4. OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair Review

From its name, you’d think the best part about OS-3D Pro Dreamer is helping you lose weight. While it helps you fall asleep faster, that’s not what impressed us the most. On the contrary, it was the ability of the chairs to adapt and adapt to hectic lifestyles. To prove it, Osaki included shiatsu massage, clapping, beating, rolling, vibrating and kneading functions that work together to offer therapeutic relief to the whole body.

Osaki Massage Chair Reviews

The technology supporting the Guru Dreamer’s deeper massage ability is attributed to the 3D rollers. They are intended to provide a deeper and wider massage than normal massage rollers. Osaki also designed this Guru Dreamer’s 3D engineering to massage the body’s acupuncture points with greater depth and precision.

Osakis’ precision in targeting specific points on your system is the thing that allows the Guru Dreamer to be versatile in their massage. Users can choose between point massage and zone massage methods. The point massage allows you to massage a particular point of the human body. On the other hand, the zone massage stops the 3D rollers on a certain area and massages the area within an 8cm zone. Combining this feature with the adjustable intensity gives users complete control over the strength and speed of the massage.

Main Features:

  • The back pad is not removable
  • Not great for hamstring massage
  • Memory setting is missing

5. Osaki Massage Chair OS-7200H Reclining Review

The OS-7200H executive massage chair is built with a clever design through an abundance of features. However, the main focus of this Osaki OS-7200H is to relax the shoulder, lower back and neck areas. This is achieved by adapting to the curvatures of your body and massaging, stretching and warming the Thai-style upper body.

Osaki Massage Chair Reviews

In our view, yes, Osaki was able to join their warm-up and massage with the s-track massage robot to detect the whole body and make the appropriate changes. The 13-engine system and 6 automatic programs provided the technology needed to properly adapt to different builds.

Osaki also divides the focus of the massage into two parts, the upper and lower body. What propels the 7200H massage chair into an elite class is its ability to be well-rounded. Surprisingly, Osaki was able to reduce tension in critical upper body regions without compromising lower body massage and support. An automated massager fully reaches the calves, feet, thighs and buttock areas. This is sometimes seen through the quad roller, pelvis massage, and automatic leg scanning. Finally, Osaki included elite features such as built-in speakers, color therapy, and multi-layer padding.

Main Features:

  • Poorly translated manual
  • The maximum load is only 125 kg.
  • Additional for installation in the house (the chair is very heavy to install for one person only)

6. Timeless Cream Massage Chair OS-4000

The OS-4000 is one of the timeless Osaki massage chairs that continue to remain popular over time. It has the key features that have made Osaki effective in many of the newer models. Osaki focused on adapting elements, such as the solid design and the incorporation of zero reclining gravy into the OS-4000.

Osaki Massage Chair Reviews

Available Colors:  Cream, Brown

Ergonomic design is a significant factor behind the OS-4000 as it accommodates an assortment of spinal curvatures and shapes. This technology is combined with a scanning system that scans the entire body that allows the massage rollers to align with all the curves of the back.

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Osaki OS 4000CS Massage Chair Reviews 2024

One of our favorite features was the 2 heating pads in the lower lumbar area. The chair includes 1 heat pad on each side and is made to deal with any lower back pain you may have.

The 6 chair massage methods include several alternatives and feature popular massage techniques such as Swedish and shiatsu massages. It also provides users with width adjustment choices and 5 distinct intensity and speed levels. Finally, the airbag massage includes compression functions for the buttocks and lumbar region, even a shoulder airbag massage.

Main Features:

  • Massage is not an additional feat that some users like
  • Cloth in the back, which reduces the total force of the massage
  • The remote control of the text is little

7. Osaki Massage Chair OS-1000 Intelligent Deluxe 

The OS-1000 is one of Osaki’s smallest massage chairs. Its design is more compact and does not have a large LCD screen to operate the chair. Rather, there is a smaller / narrower remote that is hooked onto the armrest of the chair. Compared to the OS-4000 or OS-6000, the OS-1000 works better for smaller rooms and spaces. This can be extremely useful for people who live in apartments or condominiums.

Osaki Massage Chair Reviews

What stood out the most with the OS-1000 was the stroke length of its massage function. It has the ability to reach from the neck to the coccyx thanks to its 74 cm stroke. Osaki has built around this component with the addition of neck massage, increasing the lower spine range and implementing an intelligent 4-roller system.

The identity of the OS-1000 is definitively established by two fundamental principles. The first is compact sizing to save space and appear contemporary in design. And the second is to create a full-body massage experience that includes greater range, intensity, and recline. The only drawback is that the 15 minute reset and the lack of heating.

Main Features:

  • Powerful full body massage
  • 4 Roller system
  • 5 preset automatic programs
  • 3 configurations of adjustable width
  • Covered in synthetic leather
  • The speed control of the massage is manual
  • Full recline reaches 170 degrees
  • Includes a new neck massage
  • Increased lower spine massage Variety
  • 74cm stroke length
  • The rollers extend from the high neck area to the low coccyx area
  • 20 airbag
  • Vibration massage of the seat and calf
  • Protection and rolling wheels for wheels and floor


  • No heating pad or heating function
  • One massage only lasts 15 minutes after which you have to reset (annoying for when you want to sleep with the whole massage)

8. Osaki Massage Chair OS 3D Evolved Pro Cyber 

The larger developments using the 3D Pro Cyber ​​chair have resulted in small improvements. One of the latest changes was the positioning of the airbag. Osaki has focused on improving hand and arm massage functions as they include 8 of the 36 total airbags. Mechanical improvements such as the addition of durable spandex in the base arm portion of the massager.

Available Colors:  Black. Brown

You may be wondering, what does this do?

Overall, the Cyber ​​Pro offers high-end quality. However, its product identity is based on the exaltation of small characteristics that, in the eyes of Osakis, would make a big difference.

Main Features:

  • The air massage technology is a new generation
  • Automatic body and leg scan
  • Acupoints technology
  • 36 airbag
  • Double roller foot massage
  • Heat for lower back pain
  • MP3 connection for audio
  • Squeezing of the hip and lower back
  • LCD display for easy use
  • 9 massage configurations (preset)
  • 5 levels of control for massage heads
  • H and arm massage for relief from long days


  • This massage chair is of smaller construction, making it not ideal for anyone over 6’2
  • Although it is a small Osaki massage chair, it is not a space-saving chair, it needs 15-41 cm for a complete recline

9. Galaxy Kuma Osaki Massage Chair Review

The functionality for your Galaxy Kuma is divided into two sections. The first is that s-track massage works that it focuses on your system. And next is the L-track massage function which focuses on the buttocks and hips. Both of these rollers are designed for full extension coverage and the mix is ​​implemented for full body massage.

Osaki Massage Chair Reviews

The L-track rollers follow the entire extension from the neck to the buttocks. The S-track completes this functionality by providing the forceps with greater massage consistency in the lumbar and upper areas (neck and shoulders). The double coverage in track S and track L sets the body in a position that allows each spinal disc to decompress independently and differently. This allows the disc tissue to properly absorb nutrients while reducing the total pressure on the spine.

The degree of the massage varies somewhat. Sometimes you will get a very strong massage and sometimes you feel a little weak. This can be annoying because you are constantly readjusting the intensity of the massage. However, one component on which Osaki has done well with the Galaxy Kuma is its massage coverage range. Stress bags and rollers extend their reach from the arms, calves and shoulder areas.

Main Features:

  • Stress sometimes becomes too weak or too powerful
  • It doesn’t have many preset apps compared to other Osaki chairs

10. TP-8500 Osaki Massage Chair Review

The inspiration for his Osaki TP-8500 came from technology developed by NASA. Osaki switched to zero gravity positioning to combine weightlessness and massage.

Osaki Massage Chair Reviews

How did they do this?

They focused on aligning the back to detect the perfect relaxation point. The positioning of the spine relative to the thigh creates the ideal seating angles and support. Osaki has gone a step further by combining the massage functions in the TP-8500 to reach its full potential when in a zero gravity position. We have found that this increases the degree of massage, which some users may like and others may not. A significant benefit we found is that it significantly reduces vertical stress in the spine. We have also found studies that have shown that when your legs are raised above the heart, your body receives more flow. Together with their NASA technology,

All in all, the chair’s elegance and streamlined design definitely make it futuristic. It is finished with a full black look that adds to its contemporary aesthetic.

Main Features:

  • A computerized system for body scanning
  • Synthetic leather upholstery
  • 6 massage methods
  • Quick checks
  • Automatic leg scanner
  • USB charger for phones, tablets, etc.
  • 5 automatic apps
  • Slim and elegant LCD remote control
  • 136 kilograms. Weight capacity
  • L-track technology
  • 2 lateral resistances
  • 5 levels of intensity and 3 adjustable speeds


  • The buttons on the remote are extremely small, which makes the text difficult to see

Conclusion: All models of Osaki Massage Chairs are good according to their price. However, I would recommend you to buy Osaki OS 4000 Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair, which is under $2000.

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