OHCO M8 Massage Chair Review 2022 – 4D Luxury Massage Chair

The OHCO M8 massage chair is an absolutely extraordinary new chair. Its specifications make you dizzy. Its design is by Ken Okuyama and the choreography of his massage by shiatsu master Okabayashi Sensei. It is made in Japan.

Its 4D massage system with L-track and its total heating system are just examples of its multiple functions. OHCO have also another luxury massage chair model OHCO M.DX Luxury Massage Chair, which is less in price than OHCO M8 Massage Chair. Let us quickly read the article OHCO M8 Massage Chair Review 2022 in detail.

OHCO M8 Massage Chair is Available in 3 Luxury Colors

Midnight Midnight Walnut

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OHCO M8 Massage Chair Review 2022

The all new OHCO M8 massage chair is the second most recent creation from legendary designer Ken Okuyama and shiatsu master Okabayashi Sensei . While the angular elegance of the OHCO evokes movement, what Ken has created is tranquillity amid exquisite engineering, as it did with its striking interior of Shinkansen bullet trains ( Japanese TGV). For Ken, the design should be holistic.

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  • Made in Japan
  • 4D Massage Sens*TM Technology
  • Body Scan Function
  • 14 Auto Programs
  • 9 Manual Programs
  • 48 Airbags
  • 6 Rollers
  • High-Quality PU Leather
  • Multilanguage Remote Control with LCD
  • Too Much Costly


The exclusive Sens8TM  4D motor is at the heart of the OHCO M8 massage chair. Besides basic movements like tapping, kneading, rolling, and combining, the 4D motor uses advanced massage algorithms to mimic the feel of human hands.

It precisely manages the rapid speed with our exclusive UltraSlow movements. The rapid acceleration and deceleration of engine speeds create patterns of movement that resemble those of a human.

Other proprietary software design elements add nuance, complexity and scope to the movements of the Sens8TM motor. These technical elements are perfectly blended to provide an experience that is both therapeutic and deeply relaxing.


Luxury is not a compromise. Exclusive M-Series MaxTrack technology is the perfect marriage of our Sens8TM mechanism design with a uniquely shaped massage track.

The M-Series lets you seamlessly transition from zero gravity, to flat, and even inversion, without wasting time. The design of the MaxTrack ensures precise massage at every point of contact thanks to the flexible design of Maxtrack.

MaxTrack design allows the M.8 massage chair to perform a massage seamlessly in the flat posture position, and also offers an exceptional range during back extension movements.


The first of its kind for any massage chair. Move in and out of your OHCO M8 massage chair with ease and grace with the new left and right swing doors. To use the doors, locate the release button located on the front of each side.

Press the button and pull the door. Slip into the seat of your massage chair. Once you are seated in the chair seat, grasp the door handle and pull firmly to close the door.


In Japan, the standard of excellence is not a fixed point, but relentless pursuit of improvement. It’s exhausting attention to detail, and endless striving spirit and the reason every OHCO chair is made in Japan.


Unparalleled Design Designed by world-renowned designer Ken Okuyama , the OHCO M.8 is the perfect blend of beauty and precision with unmatched comfort and functionality. He designed the most exclusive Ferrari ever sold, but it is in the calm that Ken finds renewal and finds peace in a timeless design.


The OHCO M.8 massage choreography was designed in collaboration with Japanese shiatsu master Okabayashi Sensei . Under his leadership, OHCO engineers created an unparalleled tactile orchestration that brings your whole person into harmony, unleashes the healing power of the body, and rejuvenates both mind and muscles.


Benefit from a gentle neck pull, as the M.8 headrest slightly alleviates the pressure exerted on your cervical spine by the pneumatic neck stretch. The mechanical rollers then work and knead the muscles of the neck. Find relief and help restore neck mobility with every session.


Let the tension dissipate as intricate movements mimic the hands of a shiatsu master, gently compressing and kneading your calves. This powerful and soothing ability improves circulation, leaving your calves refreshed and renewed.


The warmth of the feet, palms, back and seat increases relaxation and comfort. Each heat zone can be controlled independently. The infrared heating elements located directly on the massage rollers provide localized heat that can loosen and relax the muscles and improve blood circulation.


Enjoy every fresh breath as the Air Ionizer removes dust, dandruff, spores and other irritants. Located in the OHCO M8 massage chair’s headrest, a small fan moves ionized air through the vent port, echoing the sound of weak ocean waves. Cleanse the air and clear your mind.


Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the M.8 headrest diffuser to bring an aromatic dimension to your escape. As you settle down and breathe, your sensory receptors immediately begin sending signals of relaxation to your subconscious; enhancing your entire OHCO experience.


The OHCO M.8 massage chair can adjust in an infinite number of recline positions including Zero Gravity, Flat, and Inversion, which makes the M.8 chair one of a kind.


A carefully choreographed two-way foot roller gently soothes the soles of the feet. The massage chair comes with Shiatsu heel pads which can be removed if the massage is too intense. Additionally, the M.8 comes with pads to relieve foot pressure if needed.


The OHCO M8 massage chair is equipped with well-placed air cells. Used all at once, the massage provided will relieve the feet, calves, hips, outer thighs, glutes, arms, hands, neck and shoulders, melting muscle pain and fatigue.


Like the hands of a masseuse who know your body intimately, twelve individually controlled air cells embrace each of your arms and perform movements among which a multitude of combinations adapt to the exact needs of your arms.


Enhance your experience with the OHCO M8 by connecting your smart device to play relaxing sounds, music or your favourite guided meditation.


The OHCO M8 massage chair requires only 6.25 in. (15 cm) between the back position and a wall.


A USB port is located on the front of each arm. The conveniently located slot allows you to store your cell phone, TV remote, or any other item you don’t want to wear or hold during your massage.


The OHCO M8 uses motion sensors and warm LED light, which is both welcoming and luxurious. It is activated by movement. Approach your massage chair and a gentle stream of light illuminates your path. In a dark room, you can let your chair be your guide.


Designed to be simple and intuitive, the easy to read user interface allows you to adjust and monitor your massage. Several language selections are also available, including French.


  • Fast – Recommended for those looking for a quick refresh for the whole body. It is also a good demonstration of the basic capabilities of the chair, incorporating massage, air, heat rollers, as well as rollers for the legs and feet.
  • Full body – mobilizes the back, neck and shoulders. An extremely relaxing total body shiatsu massage experience. Designed to revitalize your whole body and invigorate your mind.
  • Float – The ultimate meditative and calming experience. The massage program, which takes its name from the chair, provides undulating movements in the shape of a figure 8 that sway the hips and thighs, balance the body, relax the mind and provide deep relaxation.
  • Stress Relief – A full body massage that combines a variety of techniques in a slow, methodical “dance” designed to deliver a hypnotic and totally soothing massage.
  • Relax – Peace, Tranquility and Escape. This complete session combines slow and calming, predictable and repeated massage techniques, allowing body and mind to release the stress of the day through this massage-centric mediation of body and mind.
  • Stretch – Designed to mobilize the back, shoulders and neck. Choreographed to allow healthy extension movements of the entire spine, hip rotation and full-body stretch.
  • Morning – Energize and refresh. Wake up your body and mind. Whether you use it in the morning or at noon, this massage tones and stimulates energy, and is choreographed to draw blood from the extremities of the body to its heart.
  • Night – Clear your mind. Derivative. Dream. A slow, methodical and structured massage that completely clears the mind and puts you to sleep. Choreographed to move blood from your heart to your extremities, helping you overcome the challenge of insomnia and provide you with an extremely useful ritual massage.
  • Full Body Air – Refined, slow air massage for arms, shoulders, back, hips, legs and feet. A smooth and pleasant experience that exclusively uses the air massage functions of the chair.
  • Sports recovery – A comprehensive program aimed at refreshing and rejuvenating tired muscles and accelerating recovery after intense sports activity.
  • Neck and Shoulders – Designed to relieve muscle pain and fatigue in the upper back. Targets the neck and shoulders with a variety of kneading massage patterns.
  • Lower Back – Relieve and relax the lower back and hip muscles with a targeted kneading and pat massage focused on the lumbar region.
  • Glutes – Focuses on the lower back, glutes and thighs, this session relieves tension and relaxes the lumbar region and large muscles in the lower torso and thighs.
  • Feet and Calves – Relieve sore and sore feet and legs. Air cells surround the feet and calves, while pebbles on the soles of the feet treat reflexology points at the bottom of the feet. Treats and relieves tired or swollen ankles, feet and calves.

The assembly video: https://youtu.be/PqNBuzO2CX4

The video of the installation of the essential oil diffuser: https://youtu.be/5fD8WOtBBoA

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