Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con
Written by Sonia Naz

Nintendo Switch Neon Blue & Red with improved battery life

This concerns the Nintendo Switch with improved battery (model number MOD. HAC 001- 01 ).

Experience gaming at home and on the go in a whole new way!

This bundle includes:

  • Nintendo Switch system
  • Left and right Joy-Con controllers (neon blue & red)
  • Nintendo Switch Dock
  • Joy-Con Grip
  • Joy-Con Straps (2x)
  • AC adapter
  • HDMI cable

The Nintendo Switch offers you the opportunity to play the same games where, when and with whom you want. Nintendo Switch combines the flexibility of a handheld system with the power of a home system, offering all-new ways to play games.

The Nintendo Switch is a revolutionary game system. Not only can you connect it to the TV at home, but you can also easily turn it into a handheld system with a 6.2-inch screen, where you can play on the go. For the first time ever, you can enjoy the experience that home gaming systems offer anywhere, anytime.

The screen is an advanced touchscreen with multi-touch capabilities for compatible games. The battery can last from four and a half to nine hours, depending on the game and the conditions in which the system is used.

When you are not at home, you can charge the Nintendo Switch by connecting the power supply to the USB Type-C port on the system.


At home and on the road

At home you can place the Nintendo Switch in the Nintendo Switch holder, with which you can connect the system to the TV.

This way you can play in your living room with your friends and family. As soon as you remove the Nintendo Switch from the holder, the handheld mode is automatically switched on.

You can then continue the great gaming experience that you had at home on the way. The Nintendo Switch is equipped with a clear HD screen. This allows you to enjoy the gaming experience you’ve come to expect from home gaming systems in the park, on the train, in the car or at a friend’s house.

Integrated Joy-Con controllers

The versatile Joy-Con controllers allow players to have fun in a variety of surprising new ways. You can hold one Joy-Con controller in each hand or use them as one controller by attaching them to the Joy-Con Grip. The controllers can also be attached to the system itself for use in handheld style.

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con

In supported games for two players, each player holds one controller. Each Joy-Con has a full range of buttons, so each controller can be used independently. Each Joy-Con also has an accelerometer and a gyroscope, so the left and right controllers each have their own motion controls.

The Nintendo Switch has a number of built-in functions that make the system more interactive. On the left Joy-Con is a record button that you can press to take screenshots in games. You can then share these screenshots with friends on social media.

On the right Joy-Con is an NFC touch point that you can touch amiibo figures against, as well as an infrared motion camera that recognizes the shape and movement of objects in certain games in addition to the distance.

For example, the camera sees how far away a player’s hand is and even sees the difference between the rock, paper and scissors hand gestures.

Both Joy-Con controllers feature a new HD vibration feature that delivers refined vibrations in compatible games that are more realistic than ever before.

The effect is so realistic that you can feel, for example, how several ice cubes touch each other in a glass, when a Joy-Con is shaken. The HD vibration function creates a realistic experience that images and sounds alone cannot provide.


The Nintendo Switch gives you the opportunity to easily play together. Up to eight systems can be linked together for wireless local multiplayer.

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con

Thanks to the built-in stand, you can place the system upright anywhere and distribute the Joy-Con controllers to play together when there is no TV nearby.

  • Place the Switch in the Switch Dock to play games on your TV
  • Slide the Joy-Con controllers onto the Switch and take it with you like a handheld console
  • Play co-op or competitive multiplayer games with two using one Joy-Con controller each
  • Use GameCards to play games

Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo also announced a new online service called Nintendo Switch Online. This paid service is required to play certain games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Tennis Aces, Splatoon 2 and all future online games.

Free games like Fortnite Battle Royale can also be played online without a subscription! The Nintendo Switch Online service offers many advantages:

  • Online Multiplayer – Play online with or against others
  • Nintendo Switch Online App – Stay in touch with friends via the dedicated app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Storage Cloud Service – Create cloud backups of your stored data and more
  • Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo Switch Online – Play a growing collection of classic games with added online modes
  • Exclusive offers for members – Take advantage of offers available only to members


Games you can play on Nintendo Switch Lite

On Nintendo Switch Lite, you can play all Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode.

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