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Naipo MGS 801 Massager review 2022

Written by Sonia Naz


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If you feel like you have a stiff body and need to release tension, a classic massager like the Naipo MGS 801 is an ideal item to do this from home and save a few dollars.

We all have certain days of work, study, even bouts of several days of tension and stress that seem to sap energy. Doesn’t it happen to you or has it happened to you? In these cases, a back, neck and cervical massager can be a great solution.

They do not replace the treatment of a real and specialized masseuse, that is, they will not completely decontract your back. But the benefit of relaxation at the end of the day is something that is noticeable and a lot.

With the Naipo MGS-801, we have the backing of a great expert brand of massagers to relieve muscle pain. Besides that he always has incredible offers to offer us. Therefore, we play with an advantage. Let’s see what the model we analyze in this post has for us. But first, do you want to see its price?


One of the peculiarities of the “handle” type massagers (these are those that have two hanging strips to grip with the hands and arms and thus handle it better), is the comfort they offer compared to other types or models.

A stop along the way … do you know that a Naipo massager is synonymous with quality, right? If you don’t believe it, click on the link you just saw

To explain ourselves better, we will say that they are one of the best options in terms of versatility. They will not only serve for cervical muscles, but also lumbar muscles and the whole of your legs.

But the Naipo MGS-801 neck and shoulder massager is not known only for that, so let’s discuss all its features:

  • Like many other models of handles, this massage device has 8 nodes for Shiatsu or deep massage. In this case, they will be 4 smaller than the other 4 to adapt to different areas of the body.
  • It offers us an advanced heat function that helps relaxation.
  • With the control buttons on the side we can choose between 3 massage intensities.
  • The Naipo brand itself tells us that it is “Suitable for the whole family.” By this they mean that the manufacturing materials are careful with sensitive skin so that it can be used by all kinds of people.
  • Finally, say that it is wired. It needs to be plugged into the electrical current to work. Of course, bring an adapter for the car in the package (although remember not to use it if you are the one who drives).


  • The ergonomics offered by its “U” shape for use in more areas of the body
  • Adapters for home and car network (3 meter cable)
  • Heat regulation and synchronization or shutdown time for safety after 15 minutes of use
  • The intensity selector (3 different) allows this to be optimal
  • Relaxation anywhere, anytime

  • Not wireless
  • Having a similar model, of the same brand and competitor at the same time, does not facilitate the purchase decision

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In this last point, we will see our conclusions about the product and the opinions of other users about it, in addition to answering some of the most frequent questions about the Naipo MGS801. In this way, by reading our website, you will make sure you have all the necessary information before buying this cervical massager.NAIPO MGS 801 MASSAGER REVIEW

The first thing we are going to indicate is the value for money. Since it seems to us a product that perfectly meets expectations and is highly recommended to try this type of self-massage at home. This is due to its adaptability to various areas of the body, as well as its 3-level selector for massage intensity and heat.

Let’s see the most frequently asked questions:

  • Indeed, it is hot and has optimal intensities (selectable by levels as we have already said).
  • It must necessarily be plugged in to work, that is, it does NOT have a battery.
  • It weighs about 1.8 kg.
  • It hardly makes any noise.
  • If you buy it on Amazon, you have 30 days to try the product with a guarantee of full refund of the amount paid.

See Current Price on Amazon


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