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Naipo Back Stretcher Yoga Mat with Heat Review 2022

Written by Sonia Naz

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The Naipo Yoga stretching mat imitates stretching exercises from yoga for the neck, shoulders, back, waist and hips and is said to be suitable for yoga beginners and professionals. This is done by specially programmed sequences of inflation and deflation from the air chambers in the mat. Depending on the intensity, more or less air is let in, making the stretch stronger or weaker.

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The Naipo stretching mat offers four different programs. The massage mat comparison only contains another comparable massage mat from HoMedics. Against this, Naipo’s product has “Pause” button which does not let the air out of the chambers, so that selected stretches can be held longer. In addition, there is the gentle warming function, which is not available with the HoMedics product.

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Product and scope of delivery of the Naipo Yoga stretching mat

Let’s start with the basic things of the yoga mat. Anyone who has already been on our side a bit should know Naipo . Good quality at a fair price is what makes this manufacturer of massage devices so special.

The Naipo Yoga stretching mat follows the well-tried, simple look in gray and black . The gray mesh is an air-permeable mesh that covers the contact points of the air chambers. The rest is black PU leather .

The neck pillow , the roll pillow across the entire width below the buttocks and the side pocket for the wired remote control are particularly striking . There is also an extension for the feet . As an accessory in the scope of supply included can be found on a network adapter and the German manual .

When you first unpack can creases be seen. You may also notice a plastic smell . However, both should disappear after a while when unfolded . Otherwise you can look forward to good workmanship and a high quality impression .

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Dimensions of the Naipo Yoga massage mat

The length of the yoga massage mat is approximately 120 cm plus the extension of 35 cm . Overall, it is 155 cm long. It is 60 cm wide . The folding design makes it much easier to stow and transport anywhere. When folded, the length is reduced to 38 cm .

With the existing handle , the Naipo Yoga stretching mat can be carried like a suitcase. 4.6 kg weight should not be too heavy either, so that the mat can be described as handy .

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For treatment with the Naipo Yoga massage mat

Range of functions of the Naipo yoga mat

The massage program of the Naipo Yoga massage mat is better described as an stretching program . Even if relaxation should ultimately be ensured, it is not massaged , but stretched . For this purpose, 8 air bubbles are sewn into the mat , which inflate and release air in a certain sequence .

The four different programs are based on yoga . In particular, stretching for the back of the body and the hips are integrated. The yoga massage mat offers 4 different intensities . From low to high, little to much air is let into the chambers to intensify the stretching.

Warming function of the Naipo stretching mat

You also have the option of adding a gentle warming function. This warms up the muscles and stimulates the blood circulation . You won’t get a strain without the heat function, but this makes the stretch of the Naipo massage mat feel more comfortable .

The stretching programs in detail

The four stretching programs have different goals and can be completed in three different intensities:

  • Stretch is an all-round treatment for pain and stiffness, especially in the back.
  • Flow is a progressive series of full-length stretching exercises designed to mobilize the spine.
  • Energize loosens knots and tensions in the back.
  • Twist is a short treatment during which the shoulders are relieved and the hip area is rotated.

Use of the Naipo stretching mat

Who is the stretching mat for?

The Naipo Yoga stretching mat is suitable for anyone who has problems with their back due to work or other reasons and would like to do something for their spine .The  The yoga massage mat is also suitable for those who would often do something for their mobility in the evening , but often do without it due to a lack of energy reserves .

Another target group are seniors who have problems with normal yoga. Through the mat of the back is in the important areas gained much , without exposing themselves to even great risk of injury .

Ultimately, you get an in Naipo stretching mat convenient way , something for the back to do without great discipline have to have. Because the work is primarily done by the mat and you can relax yourself.

As with all other massage products, the same applies here, if you have special physical conditions (pregnancy, pacemaker, injuries to the spine, etc.) you should always first ask the doctor whether you can use the product without hesitation.

Requirements for the application

The manufacturer does not provide a recommendation for the height of the users. According to customer experience, the ideal height is probably somewhere between 170 and 180 cm . Below and above there are still a few inches of scope . However, the larger role probably plays the length of the upper body.

The body weight plays a role from well over 100 kg . According to the manufacturer, less air may eventually be blown into the chambers. However, there is no upper limit. We have not found any customer reviews about limited functionality due to high body weight.

The mat should be used on a hard surface . This is how the strains work best. You should get used to the functionality first and start with the lowest level . If the stretching program is too lax, you can still set the Naipo Yoga stretching mat to one of the two higher intensities.

After plugging in the power adapter, the mat switches to standby mode . If you want to save electricity , you should unplug it after use .

The control

Control of the Naipo stretching mat

The control is very simple and intuitive to do . During treatment , you can easily switch between the settings using the wired remote control.

The operation has the following keys from top to bottom. At the top is the on / off switch . Underneath is the button for the mode. This is followed by a pause / start , heating function and intensity . Just five buttons in total .

After pressing “On”, the Energize program turns on by default at the medium level . If you change the mode, flow , twist , stretch and again energize follow . If you pause the program, the air remains in the chambers and you can hold the last stretch .

The stretch strength button toggles between low, medium, and high . When a new mode is selected , the medium intensity is always activated first. The heat function can be activated and deactivated – there is no intensity setting here.

The treatment

Functions and treatment through the Naipo Yoga massage mat

For the treatment of the Naipo Yoga massage mat you take a position lying on your back with your legs bent . So, the legs are initially set up.

A program then lasts 20 minutes . This is a detailed workout, primarily for the back, neck and hips . If you have the option, you should also do other exercise-promoting sports so that there is no imbalance if only one side of the body is stretched.

The pumps that inflate the air chambers are of course not silent . Still, it would be enough to make the TV a little louder. The Naipo mat is rather unsuitable for the office during working hours.

Naipo promises a lot in the advertisement. Among other things, it promises relief from muscle tension, pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulder, back, hip and waist area as well as the improvement of body flexibility.

In fact, the device stretches as promised. Many previous customers are already satisfied with the lowest intensity . If you stay tuned and stretch regularly – be it because you struggle with other options, be it as an extension of the previous routine – then muscular tension and pain can be reduced .

In addition, the spine is well mobilized , which should increase its flexibility . However, every body is different and the effect can vary accordingly . Ultimately, real yoga is definitely more effective – but also more demanding.

 Pricing & Availability *

  • The exercises provided ensure good stretching . For some immobile users, the lowest level should be enough.
  • Very convenient . Ideal for agility training without much effort.
  • Well thought-out programs that are very extensive at 20 minutes .
  • At break, the air is not let out of the chambers , which means that preferred stretching exercises can be held longer .
  • Good workmanship, high quality .
  • The operation is very user-friendly.
  • Additional heating function .
  • The pumps are not silent .

Conclusion Naipo Yoga massage mat

Compared to the competition, the Naipo Yoga stretching mat is a little bit more well thought out . First, the advantages over the HoMedics STRETCH are the lower price . Second, there is the feature at Naipo that the stretch can be maintained during a break . Thirdly, an additional heating function is integrated. If you like the principle of relaxation through stretching and a little more flexibility, we fully recommend the Naipo Yoga massage mat .

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