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Medisana Massager MCN 88930 Review 2022

Medisana Massager MCN 88930
Written by Sonia Naz

We know that if you have come this far it is because your back needs more or less urgent relaxation. So we are obliged to offer you the best review of the Medisana MCN 88930 Massage Backrest.

We are facing one of the main models of the Medisana brand. That is why this time we are going to discuss comparisons, prices, opinions and everything related to the Medisana MCN 88930.

Our intention is that this buying guide helps you to see if it is this massager that your back needs and not another. In addition, it is also important to study which one best suits our pockets.

If you buy the Medisana MCN 88930 now with one of the Amazon offers that we are going to leave you during this model test, we assure you that you will have a satisfactory purchase. Either because of the guarantees that this store has, because you will not find lower prices or because we update it at all times for “Flash Offers” that are limited in time.

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Your back is sure to appreciate relaxing with this cervical massager after the hardest days.


We like to discuss each and every one of the functions of each model that we analyze. In the case of the Medisana MCN 88930 it was not going to be less. And this time we are also going to help ourselves with the points highlighted, precisely, by the brand itself; always adding our point of view.

Medisana Massager MCN 88930

MCN models are backs with cervical massager. In this specific massager, we have shiatsu functionality, as in the “pro” version as we will see later.

For those who do not know what shiatsu is: it is a type of deep massage. But besides that it has:

  • Possibility of choosing between 3 massage areas: we can select the upper part, the lower part or the entire back.
  • It has vibration in the seat part like other backrest or chair type massagers.
  • It also offers a separate neck massage. Let’s say it works standalone.
  • Like most cervical massagers, it has infrared light and a heat function for a more satisfactory self-massage.
  • The remote control helps us to quickly, easily and efficiently select the type of massage we want at all times. The truth is that we value it very much.
  • Finally, note that it can be easily washed. Since the neck part and the cover are removable and washable.

Differences with the «Pro» model (88970)

Medisana Massager MCN 88930

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It is not only the price that differentiates these two backs from the same brand: Medisana MCN 88930 and Medisana MCN 88970 «PRO». Because obviously it is clear that the second is an improved version of the first.

But … to what extent is it profitable to buy the pro version? Are they really differences that make a difference, allowing redundancy?

Well, the answer is that their is no diffrence between the two models. They differ visually and little else in terms of functionality. They are made of different materials and the Medisana MCN (88970) “pro” version is individually height adjustable at the neck.

Taking into account the differential factors of each model and the minimum price difference that exists between them, either of the two options is good. We would not know how to opt for one that stands out over the other in a remarkable way. Perhaps the “pro” version is more suitable for people with less common height. Do you want to see the prices?

Still, we feel that when it comes to performance, both models deliver what they promise. And it shows in the  user ratings: 4 out of 5.


  • The backing of a specialist brand in this type of massager. Never better said.
  • It is a complete model with a good performance.
  • Being able to choose between the “Pro” version and the normal version, the purchase can be more satisfactory.
  • The remote control.
  • The neck massage is very nice.
  • It does not work with rechargeable battery.
  • The massage can sin of being something hard.
  • One of the typical disadvantages of back-type models: that they can look like a “hulk.”

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Most of the user opinions on this Shiatsu massager backrest models are correct. In fact, that can be seen in your score in Amazon reviews.

Medisana Massager MCN 88930

But to make it clear to all of us, we are going to do a review. We said at the beginning that we wanted this to be the most comprehensive Medisana MCN 88930 buying guide, right?

We consider it to have a pretty decent massage. Although an electric or automatic massager can never replace a real, professional chiropractor or masseuse, it is a very good option to relax after work.

After reading the opinions of real people, it is important to take into account one thing: the adjustable height that we talk about in the differences with the “pro” version.

Buy the Medisana MCN 88930 if you are a standard height. Well, many users find that problem. So if you are tall or tall, opt for the version with adjustable neck height.

A review of the most frequently asked questions

First of all, we leave a summary of the more technical data of the Medisana MCN 88930 product. Since this is how we quickly answer many questions:

  • The measurements of this backrest are: 118 cm high, 40 cm wide and 9 cm thick.
  • It weighs approximately 6.5 kg. Although it is manageable.
  • It works at an electrical power of 48 W.
  • And the power supply is 220 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz. Compatible in any home or office.

In addition to these points, we must also know that the Medisana MCN 88930 massage backrest does not have, for safety as it is shiatsu, with a car adapter. But of course, that means that it works with electric current, keep that in mind as well.

The other questions are usually related to the differences with the “pro” version that we already considered answered above.


For shiatsu massagers, Medisana MCNs are one of the best options. But before the possibility of choosing between the two models that we have detailed, study if it is worth buying the “pro” version. Not that the Medisana MCN 88930 isn’t good. In fact, here we recommend both models, they both convince us.

But when choosing one or the other, the opinions of the users give a vote in favor of this improved version.

Finally, we recommend that you read the instruction manual well to find out how to find the right type of massage for each moment and even to avoid possible safety blockages of the massage balls (you may have to do a little configuration before turning on the appliance and put it to work).

It is worth taking care of your back and shoulders with these massage tools.

If you are not convinced, you can go to see the review of the Medisana Massager MC 830 , which has similarities with this model.

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