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MAXXUS MX 20 the Premium 3D Massage Chair Review 2022

MAXXUS MX 20 the Premium 3D Massage Chair
Written by Sonia Naz

The MAXXUS® MX 20.0Z massage chair has all the qualities of a good massage chair. The innovative 3D massage technique, with the “MAINS MECHANICAL SMART 3D”, adds many features that make massage pleasant and effective.

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MAXXUS MX 20.0Z – the premium 3D massage chair with intelligent control

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Main Features

  • 3D massage technique
  • Massage rolls
  • Electronic control
  • Very quiet compressor
  • Foot massage
  • Leg stretching
  • Massage with air cushion
  • Infrared heating
  • Magnetic field therapy
  • Stretching the neck
  • Swing function of the hips
  • Arm massage
  • Stretching the waist (stretching the hips)
  • 3D Massage technique

With the MX 20.0Z, it is possible to enjoy a massage with roller and kneading, or a nice compression massage, thanks to the air cushions specially designed for this purpose. The automatic massage programs offer the perfect combination of different massage functions.

The massage chair also offers the ability to switch between 2D and 3D techniques. Thus, everyone can find the massage that suits him and enjoy absolute relaxation!

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Complete list of features of the MAXXUS MX 20 3D Massage Chair

  • Special 3D massage hands, which move in all directions, to offer an optimal massage
  • Automatic shoulder measurement (shoulder detection) with precise adjustments
  • Automatic measurement for 3D massage hands
  • Specific massage/stretching functions for the hips
  • Special rolls for an effective Thai foot massage
  • Manual control functions of the massage, with adjustment of the massage position
  • Massage of the upper and lower arms, with air cushions, adjustable on three levels of intensity.
  • Leg and buttocks massage, with adjustable air cushions on three levels of intensity.
  • Infrared heating in the lumbar region, thanks to the carbon heating system of superior quality.
  • Adjust position of the foot massage unit, to adjust optimally to the size of the body.
  • Zero gravity function: the elongated position where the legs are above the center of gravity
  • Automatic reset of massage units, when the massage chair is off
  • Adjustable massage hand spacing

Massage methods:

  • Kneading massage
  • Tapping massage
  • Compression massage
  • Massage shiatsu
  • Thai foot massage
  • Calf massage

The “zero-wall” technology allows the back of the chair to be positioned very close to the wall. A distance of 10cm with the wall is quite possible. The massage chair does not simply fold back, but it also slides forward in elongated positions and zero gravity.

Zero Wall

Special features of the MX 20 3D massage chair

In addition to the sleek design and intuitive use of the MAXXUS® MX 20.0Z, the MX 20.0Z’s remote control offers a variety of massage programs that combine massage and stretching sequences to create a sense of complete well-being and deep relaxation to the user.

The high-quality servo motors and the high-performance compressor ensure smooth and quiet operation of the massage units. The rest during the massage is an essential point of relaxation and necessary for the optimal efficiency of the massage. Only a completely relaxed body can be massaged in a healthy and effective way. The MAXXUS® MX 20.0Z offers you this exceptional relaxation and well-being experience in the privacy of your home.

Smart massage function:

  • Free selection of 2D massages and/or 3D massages
  • “Zero walls” (the chair slides in a lying position “on itself” and not towards the back)
  • “Zero gravity” (lying position, legs above the center of gravity of the body)
  • Shoulder air massage
  • Foot roller massage
  • Air pressure massage of the arms
  • Heating folder

Arm air cushion massage

This program focuses on the arms. The air cushions offer a full, pleasant and relaxing massage, arms, and hands.

Swinging hips

He focuses on the massage of the hips. The seat’s cousin and the “swinging hips” mechanism work together to develop the flexibility of the hips, glutes and lower back.

Chest and shoulder massage

The combined chest/shoulder massage unit allows intensive massage of this area. Conventional massage chairs do not take into account the fact that the chest/shoulder areas are connected. The design of the MX 20.0 focuses on the necessary connection and interaction between these two areas.

Thai foot massage

The rollers are integrated with the leg unit for the foot massage. The foot massage is beneficial for the whole body since many nerve endings are found in the soles of the feet and affect the whole body during the massage. The intensity of the foot massage can be set on three levels.

Leg massage

The foot and calf massages are provided by 38 air cushions in total. The intensity is adjustable on 3 levels. During the massage, the leg massage unit automatically performs the stretching function.

Magnetic field therapy (non-invasive)

Non-invasive magnetic field therapy is intended to promote blood circulation and cellular metabolism. Alternative magnetic fields induce electrical tension in the body, which can have a beneficial effect on the chemical and physical processes in cell membranes.

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