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Massage Chair Buying Guide 2021 -Complete Guide

massage chair buying guide
Written by Sonia Naz
Choosing the best massage chair is not an easy job. Don’t worry I’m going to guide about the best massage chair. Read full article before buying a massage chair. 

We usually work long working days and we lack the time and desire to visit a massage specialist. Massage chairs are the suitable alternative for this. You can undergo a wonderful massage from behind your desk or while watching TV.

Types of massage chairs

There are two types of massage chairs

1. Massage chairs suitable for masseurs

These are special chairs that a masseur uses to massage his client. The aim is for the client to sit comfortably and comfortably while undergoing the massage.

They are usually ergonomically sound seats with a headrest, a stomach support, armrest, seat and leg supports where you sit on your knees. Usually these are easy to take with you to perform a back massage in companies or at home.

2. Electric massage chairs

Electric massage chairs come in all shapes and sizes, from the simplest to the more technically advanced models. Usually they are connected to the mains, but there are also luxury models with internal electronic motors that run on batteries.

Most look like relaxation seats in which the massage elements are incorporated. These can be purchased for personal use and form part of your home interior or office. Read the following review article according to your budget.

2D & 3D Massage Chairs

The difference can be easily explained.

2D massage Chairs

The massage unit of the 2D massage chair runs a certain path from top to bottom. This trajectory should fit the skeletal model and dimensions of most people in the world (an average of this).

You may understand that each body has its own dimensions. As a result, a massage can be experienced as annoying, because the massage does not fit your body completely or partially.

You may also be lucky because it does fit your body, then you can buy a lower priced massage chair that you still enjoy. The question then is whether your partner / co-users will also fit the chair, otherwise it will be out of luck.

A 2D massage chair cannot scan your body very well, or it can measure the dimensions and shapes of the skeleton of your body. Only the length of your body can be measured, and even that is usually limited. There are even massage chairs that according to the manufacturer “measure”, while there is no measurement at all.

3D Massage-unit

The massage unit of the 3D massage chair also runs a certain path from top to bottom. However, it will scan your body to learn how tall your skeleton is, and what shape your skeleton is. The massage chair does this at the beginning of the massage session.

Thus, the massage will suit your body better (if it is a good quality chair, and actually includes a 3 D massage unit).

Scanning can be done with, for example, infrared, which is very precise, only some Japanese chairs (for example Inada ). No fewer than 106 body profiles are stored in the computer program. The computer selects the most suitable profile for your body. You will clearly feel the difference in detail and precision. This is the most exact measurement system.

The Chinese 3D massage chairs scan your body by “pressing” against your body while rolling the massage unit from bottom to top.

When the rollers are pressed against your body, your body gives resistance through the weight of your body. (you are, as it were, pushed forward by the massage unit) The device registers this resistance in the computer with the help of a microswitch, which is activated by pressing the massage out against your body.

The computer registers the pushes of the microswitch and stores it temporarily for the massage that follows. This way the massage will be better tailored to your body shape and height.

Massage chair can prevent health problems

Health complaints can be reduced; make your life easier. Why not use contemporary technology in combination with medical knowledge from Asia, among others? Come and enjoy this ultimate care that we can use better and better in this busy society.

What requirements must a massage chair meet?

A good massage chair is adaptable to the person sitting in it. Not everyone is the same size, the same width and the same weight and it is intended that you can easily sit in it. The material from which the chair is constructed must not absorb sweat, be easy to clean and easy to operate.

When purchasing an electric massage chair, it is important that the massage strength is adjustable and can be adjusted from weak to strong in steps. When you use the chair at home, every housemate must be able to adjust it personally.

Types of massage techniques in electric massage chairs

Electric massage chairs can perform one or more massage techniques. The more expensive the chair, the more and better the set techniques work.

1. Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a deep pressure point massage that feels like a masseur’s thumbs are massaging the right places. This can be felt in the muscles and the underlying tissue.

2. Pressure massage

A pressure massage feels like a masseur’s palms are pressing on the muscles. It has a relaxing effect and reduces stress. You can adjust the pressure to your personal needs.

3. Kneeding massage

In the lower back and on the shoulders, this is the ideal massage to relax. You can set the intensive kneading movements in the right place.

4. Rolling massage

Rolling movements stretch the back muscles and allow them to relax.

5. Clapping massage

This massage feels like a masseur is patting the tired muscles with rhythmic fist movements. It gives the muscles and the whole body a real boost.

6. Vibrating massage

Vibrating movements that provide a beneficial surface massage over the entire back.

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