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Massage Chair Buying Guide 2022 -Complete Guide

massage chair buying guide
Written by Sonia Naz

Choosing the best massage chair is not an easy job. Massage chairs come in a variety of brands and types, with each function meant to address a specific issue. So, how do you know which chair has the features you want, and what’s the difference between the many types and designs?

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Don’t worry!

I’m here to guide you with my review article ” Massage Chairs Buying Guide 2022“.

Any major purchase can be stressful, but when it comes to a massage chair with more functions than your phone and a price tag that might be three times as much, you want to make sure you’re making the proper decision.

You should begin by learning the fundamentals. Here, we’ll go over what to look for when buying a massage chair, as well as each of the important factors that can influence your decision, such as price, programs, user issues, health concerns, top brands, and staff preferences. This information will help you choose a massage chair.

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What is a massage chair?

David Palmer, a massage therapist from California, invented the first massage chair, named “a chair in a box,” in 1968. It was built specifically for delivering chair massages safely and successfully without the client collapsing to one side or the practitioner needing to hold him up. It weighed 28 pounds.

Nowadays there are electric massage chairs with robotic hands.

Types of Massage Chairs

There are two types of massage chairs

Traditional Massage Chairs

Master Rio Portable Massage Chair

The masseuse uses them to reach the massage recipient’s head, shoulders, and back with ease. A portable chair that has been ergonomically designed is used for chair massage.

Chair massage focuses on the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands. Massage therapists may deliver on-site massage in a variety of locations thanks to the portability of the massage chair, and clients do not need to undress to enjoy a chair massage.

Robotic Massage Chairs

iRest SL Track Massage ChairRobotic massage chairs provide a whole-body massage utilizing a massage chair with electronic vibrators and motors. A robotic massage chair has internal electrical motors and gears to massage the person sitting in it.

The majority of robotic massage chairs come with a controller that lets you modify the massage’s style, location, or intensity.

Features to look in massage chairs

The modern massage chair is an exceptional combination of technologies and innovative design elements that all work together to allow you to unwind and enjoy a relaxing massage whenever the mood strikes.

Let’s discuss the features that you’ll have to look at before buying any massage chairs.

Massage Chair Design

You must evaluate the space of room available for a massage chair. The massage chairs, as you can see, are not small. They are larger and bulkier. As a result, you must ensure that you have sufficient space to get the greatest massage chair.

If you choose a foldable massage chair, keep in mind that it will take up more space than a standard one. So have a look at the design first to see if it fits in with your home or office.

You should also seek a chair that is appropriate for your height. It should fit and feel well on you. Massage chairs will be difficult to obtain for short persons due to their design.

Massage Rollers

For a deeper, more precise massage, massage chair designers are constantly working to increase the depth and precision of the rollers. With that in mind, you’ll notice that some chairs come in three different dimensions: 2D, 3D, and 4D.

Massage Rollers

2D Massage Rollers – A massage chair with a 2D system is likely to appeal to a casual user or someone who isn’t searching for a very deep massage. The standard 2D massage system is the one that has been around the longest. It strengthens your back and surface muscles without going deep into the muscles beneath them. These are the gentlest rollers.

3D Massage Rollers – A 3D massage system takes all of that a step further, and it’s featured in the bulk of today’s massage chairs. This penetrates deep into the muscles of your shoulders and back, increasing the intensity of the massage.

These rollers can extend deeper from the track in order to massage areas that are sometimes overlooked by traditional massage chairs, such as the upper neck and shoulder area.

4D Massage Rollers – 4D rollers deliver a deep tissue massage with the highest amount of penetration and exact message attention. These 4D rollers have the ability to turn and strike angles that the 3D rollers do not. The massage intensity is quite consistent across these two settings.

When considering these alternatives, keep in mind that many massage chairs have a remote control that allows you to control the strength of the massage as well as how far out the roller heads protrude. This function, however, will not be able to make a 2D massage more intense than its capabilities, while the 3D and 4D massages will continue to be strong.

Massage Tracks

S-Track and L-Track are the two types of massage tracks. Furthermore, some modern massage chairs are combining both of these tracks to provide an even more comprehensive massage experience. This combination is known as SL-Track.

S and L Track

S-Track – The S-Track is the original track design. The S-Track follows the curve of your spine and concentrates on different parts of your back. The L-Track takes your massage a step further by combining the same track design with a longer track length.

L-Track –Some S-Track-shaped chairs do reach further up your neck, what sets the L-Track distinct is its capacity to reach your glutes and hamstrings. The L-Track stretches from your neck to your lower back, then under your glutes and thighs, earning its name from the shape it creates within the chair. This feature is ideal for someone who wants special attention devoted to their lower back and legs and is ready to pay a little extra for it, as S-Track chairs are normally less expensive than L-Track chairs.

Zero Gravity Function

Almost every massage chair on the market has a recline function. Not all of them, however, can recline to a zero-gravity position. When your legs are hoisted to a level above your heart, you can accomplish this NASA-invented pose. The goal of this position is to relieve some of the stress that gravity places on your joints by resting your body weight on the back of the chair, which improves the massage.

Zero Gravity

This ideal position allows for a more pleasant, deeper, full-body massage. When you select a specific program on a massage chair, it will automatically recline into this position.

Some chairs additionally include two levels of zero gravity as well as one-touch zero gravity. There are even a few chairs that provide elevation therapy, which raises your legs even higher for better circulation, which is beneficial for persons who have lower body swelling.

Types of Massage

There are so many massaging techniques. Also, one massage chair often offers many types of massages. Let’s look at types of massage so you would get, which is good for you.

Massage Types

Shiatsu Massage – Shiatsu massage is sometimes referred to as acupressure massage. Shiatsu is a Japanese technique that uses stretching, pressure, and rotation to give a whole-body healing effect that can help with stress, muscle discomfort, and tight muscles.

Shiatsu’s philosophy is fairly old, and it is founded on the concept that your life energy, or ki (chi or qi), runs through the body through various energy channels. That energy channel is obstructed when you experience pain in a certain region.

Shiatsu massage helps to clear the obstacles while also providing a pleasant and rejuvenating session. Shiatsu is available in several massage chairs, like iRest 2022 Massage Chair.

Kneading Massage – Kneading massage relieves stress and discomfort by raising and stretching muscles while also improving blood and lymph circulation. Kneading also aids in the delivery of essential nutrients to the spinal area as well as the removal of toxins from muscle and nerve tissue.

To achieve these results, your massage chair can knead your back in small circular strokes on both sides of your spine, which is a method used in practically every massage chair.

Kneading is also the foundation for the “Grasping” massage style, which combines kneading and 3D Massage roller technology to deliver a massage that gets those hard-to-reach parts of the neck, upper shoulder, and certain muscles along the spine.

Kneading is another technique featured in practically every massage chair since the rollers can readily reproduce its actions. A combination Kneading and Tapping technique is available in a number of today’s massage chairs, and you may select it from the manual mode settings. This technique is available in most Japanese Brand Massage Chairs like Panasonic Massage Chairs.

Tapping Massage –Tapping is an excellent approach to relieve stiffness, improve circulation, and break up scar tissue. Tapping is a sequence of quick strokes that activate muscles and connective tissue. It’s also known as Percussion massage.

It certainly lives up to its percussion moniker, and it can make you feel like you’re being banged on. This technology is available in nearly every massage chair made, and you’ll find it in all of our best sellers, which you can see in our Best Chairs for 2022 post.

Rolling Massage – By providing steady pressure with the rollers while sliding up and down your back, this method concentrates on the muscles right near the spine. This warms and loosens these generally tense muscles, making your back perfect for a complete massage.

If you put your chair on auto, it’s usually used to prepare you ready for the rest of the massage program. This is one of the manual modes on almost all massage chairs. The Osaki OS-PRO Cyber is one such example.

Deep Tissue Massage – A Swedish massage that is more intensive is known as deep tissue massage. It focuses on deeper muscles and connective tissue, and it’s especially good for persistently tight or contracted muscles in the neck, lower back, and shoulders.

While these massages might help you relax, they can also be rather forceful. The massage strokes work out knots in the muscular tissue that are more difficult to reach. It also focuses on chronic pain or muscle tension, resulting in increased relaxation after the massage.

It’s a lot to take in, therefore it’s great for individuals who can bear a lot of suffering. 3D and 4D massage rollers are the best at recreating this deep tissue massage. The Dreamwave models, the Luraco i7 PLUS and Legend PLUS, the Synca Kangra 4D, some modern Osaki chairs, and the Human Touch Novo are some of the chairs that offer this type of massage.

Reflexology – Reflexology is included in the footrest of many massage chairs, which enhances your total massage experience. Reflexology is a wonderful technique to relax and reduce tension in your feet while also boosting your overall health.

Who doesn’t enjoy a decent foot massage? To elaborate, reflexology is a type of massage that focuses entirely on the feet and is based on the theory that applying pressure to specific areas of the foot releases endorphins, which promote well-being in other parts of the body.

Endorphins are our body’s natural pain and stress relievers. How do your feet feel after a relaxing foot massage at the end of the day? At the stroke of a button, this feature may be ready for you. Look for chairs with a footrest part if you’re seeking this function.

This feature is available in some models, including the Osaki OS-PRO Maxim, Titan PRO, Medical Breakthrough 6, and Infinity Riage X3. The complete list of chairs may be found here.

Swedish –One of the most well-known styles of massage is the Swedish massage. It’s ideal for folks who don’t receive massages very often and have a moderate pain tolerance. Longer massage strokes that warm the muscle are essential for releasing tension and breaking up knots.

It also has a number of other health advantages, including increased circulation, pain alleviation, and joint comfort. This is a relaxing massage that you can enjoy before going to bed.

Most massage chairs provide this form of massage, which is usually utilized as the Sleep or Relax mode. The Luraco i7 PLUS, and Medical Breakthrough 5 for example, use it in the Night Massage Mode application, which is supposed to improve sleep.

Vibration Massage – Vibration Massage is a tried-and-true method of relieving pain and increasing circulation. Vibration plates, commonly found in the seat of many massage chairs, give a vibration massage with adjustable intensity.

The vibration massage is used by most massage chairs that claim to be able to sync your treatment with your MP3 player.

Although this is a difficult feature to come by, it is becoming more common in the seat region of some massage chairs. The Osaki OS-PRO Dreamer, which is part of the sync and hip massage programs, is one of our chairs that has this capability.

Junetsu Massage – Panasonic massage chairs feature the Junetsu massage technique, which is a highlight of their Real Pro Ultra range. Junetsu is a Japanese word that means “ultra-fine kneading” and is a technique utilized by professional massage therapists all over the world. It consists of one-second circular, thumb-like motions.

Junetsu loosens tight muscles rapidly, and the circular motion reverberates down via connected muscles, energizing you all the way to your bones. Juneau is the ideal massage style for someone who likes kneading but desires a more targeted massage.

The swift motions remove stress quickly and renew your muscles, ensuring that you’re ready for the remainder of the day. Although the Real Pro Ultra chair is no longer available, it is likely that their successor chairs will use the same technology.

Special Techniques –There are a variety of massage chairs available, each with its own set of techniques. Customers are drawn to them. Heated massages, spinal relief, yoga, muscular stretching, combo, reflexology, and other services are available. Each of these methods has its own set of benefits.

Compression Massage – Compression or squeeze massages are excellent for releasing tension in the hips and thighs. The massage chair will often inflate airbags in the hip area to squeeze different parts and reduce stress and joint discomfort. To ensure that you get the most out of your massage, utilize the squeeze massage in conjunction with the back rollers.

This will be the foundation for the airbag massage that chairs provide. This is the type of massage you may expect if you see airbags supplied in the chair.

Massage Chair Brands

It’s difficult to pick the greatest massage chair out of a sea of options. Each maker made every effort to create the best massage chairs available. You must choose a chair from a well-known manufacturer.

Here is a tip for you. Look for firms that provide excellent customer service so that you may save money in the long run.

Let’s have a look at the brands to know the basics of massage chairs, their benefits, and what they can do for you.


In the privacy and comfort of your own home, Osaki massage chairs provide a fashionable, personalized massage treatment experience. You have the option of customizing your massage to ensure that it meets all of your requirements.

Osaki has introduced stylish, budget-friendly massage chairs. You’re sure to discover the perfect solution to your aches, pains, and relaxation requirements among our broad selection of chairs. Osaki’s 3-year “Rock Solid” Limited Warranty is included with the purchase of any Osaki massage chair.

Best Massage Chair Under $5000

Osaki Os-Pro Admiral AS Massage Chair

Osaki Os-Pro Admiral AS Massage Chair

Check Price on Amazon

Read the following article about the Osaki massage chairs review:

Osaki Massage Chair Reviews 2022 [Top 10 Reviewed]


Titan massage chairs use spinal decompression to provide a unique type of massage that focuses on relaxation. The majority of these back pain massage recliners use Titan’s revolutionary L-track massage technology, which gives improved neck and back support, particularly in the lumbar area.

This allows the spine to decompress more easily, resulting in increased relaxation and allowing users to get the most out of their massage.

The maximum weight is one of these features. The maximum user weight restriction on most massage chairs is around 285 pounds; however, Titan massage chairs are intended to tolerate a little more.

The Titan TP-Pro Alpine massage chair is a great option if you’re looking for massage recliners for back pain that can accommodate up to 300 pounds. This is the only chair that can reliably support persons weighing more than 300 pounds.

All of Titan’s massage chairs come with an industry-standard 3-year limited guarantee, with options for an extended warranty.


The designers of Apex massage chairs are the same who designed Osaki and Titan chairs. The unique and inventive features of heating blankets and shoulder blade massage technology are available in these chairs like high-tech massage chairs that aren’t found on many other massage chairs.


Infinity massage chairs built a name for themselves by creating a collection of chairs that emphasize inversion therapy’s benefits. If you’re seeking zero gravity massage chairs with inversion and heat treatment capabilities, the Infinity series is likely to have what you’re looking for.

The majority of Infinity massage chairs are designed to save you money while yet giving a high-quality massage experience. The Infinity Escape, one of the collection’s best-selling items, improves on standard foot and back massage techniques.

Infinity also comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, which covers various parts of your chair for the duration of the warranty. Parts and labor are covered by in-home servicing for the first year at no cost to you. Only sections of the last two years are covered.

Infinity Riage CS, Compact Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Infinity Riage CS

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Human Touch

Human Touch has been making wonderful massage chairs for over 35 years. The goal of their powerful, compact massage chairs is to provide the best massage benefits possible, using techniques that are similar to those used by a professional masseuse.

Human Touch massage chairs demonstrate a commitment to wellness solutions by focusing on innovative technology that improves daily living and relaxation. By bringing a Human Touch Espresso massage chair home, you may enjoy a rejuvenating massage in the comfort of your own home!

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair, Espresso

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Luraco massage chairs are the only ones we sell that were conceived, researched, and manufactured in the United States. These massage chairs combine cutting-edge home massage technology with cutting-edge healthcare and entertainment capabilities to create massage chairs that are a cut above the rest year after year.

They are the only medical massage chairs we sell, and they can support people up to 6’7″ tall and 300 pounds. The iRobotic I7 PLUS comes with an optional heart rate and blood pressure monitor so you can keep track of your vitals and improve your overall health.

Luraco i7 Plus iRobotics 3D Medical Massage Chair with Zero Gravity


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These massage chairs are also the only massage chairs with UL, FDA, and CE certifications, making them ideal for use in commercial settings. They even come with their own commercial warranty.


For the past 35 years, Panasonic has been at the forefront of inventing the most cutting-edge massage-replicating technology.

Panasonic massage chairs are available in a wide range of prices, allowing anyone on any budget to enjoy the luxury of a massage chair in the comfort of their own home.

You can rapidly compare the various Panasonic massage chairs using a simple comparison chart. It’s a lot easier to figure out which chair has the features you’re looking for without having to go through each product listing.


Kahuna massage chairs combine a variety of high-end functions into a single-piece design. There is no need to set up these high-end massage chairs! Simply unpack your Kahuna chairs, position them in the area of your choice, and plug them in for instant comfort.

When it comes to warranties, Kahuna stands out among massage chair manufacturers. Kahuna offers a limited 10-year guarantee that covers parts and labor at no extra charge for the first year, any parts needed to repair your Kahuna chair for the next three years, and the framework only for the remaining years.

Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with SL-Track 6 Rollers – SM-7300S

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Inada massage chairs are the first to come to mind when considering a life-enhancing investment in a modern massage chair. Since 1962, Inada has been producing world-class therapeutic massage chairs.

They invented the first automatic shiatsu massage chair that year. These chairs are Made-in-Japan and Japan is famous for quality products.

INADA DreamWave Massage Chair


Check Price on Amazon

Their main headquarters in Osaka is where they undertake a lot of their technology development. The major manufacturing facility for these modern massage chairs is in Nawa, a traditional little town in Japan’s Tottori prefecture.

The title of “World’s Best Massage Chair®” has only been awarded to Inada. Inada massage chairs are the perfect mix of ancient shiatsu healing practices and modern technology in terms of therapeutic advantages and stress reduction.

Inada massage chairs are available in a choice of neutral hues that will mix well with your home and lifestyle. Many of the main features are available on all of the chairs in the collection.

Inada’s aim is to remain at the forefront of the industry and to make a positive contribution to society through “health.” They will continue to build items with the actual value from the standpoint of a specialist manufacturer.

Investing in a modern massage chair is a move you’ll wish you had made years ago.


The Dreamwave massage chair range is constantly evolving and expanding, starting with the Dreamwave Classic. The brands are all innovating, and we’re sure to see a lot more from them in the future.

Dreamwave is all about providing comfort and luxury to everyone, making ultimate relaxation a reality for everyone.

Dreamwave massage chairs got multiple awards in the wellness industry. It was a finalist for the 2009 American Society of Furniture Designers Pinnacle Award and received the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Honors in 2009.

Johnson Wellness

Johnson Fitness & Wellness has a lengthy history in the fitness business. These chairs set out to design a unique massage chair that would help not only athletes but everyone in need of a massage.

Johnson Wellness J6800 Deep Tissue Japanese Designed 4D Massage Chair

Johnson Wellness J6800 Massage Chair

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A Johnson massage chair comes with zero gravity, Bluetooth, and 4D massaging technology, among other features. The list of amenities for the ultimate relaxing experience goes on and on.

They wanted to focus on the appearance as well as the mechanics when constructing their revolutionary massage chairs. These massage chairs have streamlined aesthetics and long-lasting materials, resulting in a massage chair that will last for years. Refined engineering and design result in a piece that is neither too modern nor too conventional to feel stuck in the past.

It’s a beautiful, polished piece of furniture that you’ll be proud to display.


Look no farther than the Synca Massage Chairs if you’re seeking an in-home setup that massages your entire body. These chairs can help you relax and loosen up the muscle that’s generating so many of your aches and pains with tapping and kneading capabilities, as well as various configurable choices.

CirC – Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair

CirC - Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair

Check Price on Amazon

Nobody should have to deal with backaches and foot problems when there’s something you can do for yourself that will pay for itself every day. If you come home to your own massage chair, you may find that you sleep better, wake up more rested, and are more prepared to face whatever the day brings.

Foot & Calf Massage

Foot and calf massage is now common in medium to big massage chairs. A foot massage can make your evening that much better if you’ve been on your feet all day or work in a physically demanding job.

There are various chairs that provide advanced reflexology foot massages, as well as others that provide airbag calf massages. This treatment helps relieve pains and improve circulation in the legs and feet.

Many foot and calf massagers have intensity controls, and some even have an automatic leg rest adjustment mechanism. This way, you may be certain that the massage’s location and intensity are exactly what you want.

It’s not a good way to end the night with aching feet. Take a seat in your recliner and relax as it works its magic.

Infrared Heat Therapy

Heat and massage both have similar benefits, and when used together, they can enhance each other’s effects for a more complete experience. Both enhance blood flow, and massage can aid in the removal of toxins from the body.

Massage and heat also help to enhance muscle flexibility, which can help to alleviate discomfort and limit movement. A heated massage can help with arthritis, deep tissue injuries, inflammation, and muscle tightness.

Our top-name brands provide a variety of massage chairs that include heat therapy. Lumbar heat is the industry standard for massage chairs, with heating components located in the lower back.

A few massage chairs, such as the Johnson J6800, offer full-body heating components and even heat blankets.

Airbag Massage

Using a mechanism incorporated into the chair, an airbag compression massage commonly works the user’s extremities. Compression massage can assist to relieve stiffness and improve blood circulation. In the same way that a regular massage can stimulate the lymphatic system to remove toxins from the body, compression massage can do the same.

By using manual controls, you may usually modify the intensity level of the air compression massage and sometimes target specific areas, such as the back rollers. There are other massage chairs that use airbags to keep you in place as you stretch or get a hip squeeze.

This moderate squeezing approach works well for larger areas, such as your entire arm or leg.


It’s also a significant consideration. You should choose a chair that is affordable. However, the cost varies depending on the features and quality. You should choose the option that is most economical for you. Also, don’t hunt for various features if you don’t require multiple massage approaches.

Best Massage Chair Under $1000

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

Check Price on Amazon

Before you go out and buy a massage chair, you need to figure out what kind of massage chair you want. If you’re looking for a massage chair with a lot of extras, like a remote, a music system, cup holders, and so on, go for one that comes with a lot of them. You’ll look for a chair with all of the aforementioned features.

Similarly, if you want to buy a massage chair for yourself and none of these possibilities appeal to you, you should go for a model that is less expensive. You might want to look into buying a refurbished or secondhand chair that is still in good shape.

Best Massage Chair Under 2000 Dollars

iRest A306 Massage Chair

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When it comes to the greatest massage chairs, the most important factor is comfort. Larger seats, for example, are not appropriate for you if you are short in stature. You should choose individuals who are more capable of dealing with reduced pain or who are less agitated.

When buying a massage chair, most individuals are mainly concerned with the price. However, as previously stated, there are a number of key aspects to consider when determining which massage chair is best for you. There are, however, a few crucial factors to consider.

Comfort should always take first. You should feel safe and secure, and you should not have to change postures on a daily basis. The next thing you should consider is your financial situation. To figure out which chair will best suit your needs, you’ll need to compare and contrast many types.

Comfort should always be the priority. You should feel safe, secure and not need to change positions daily. The next question you should ask yourself is what your budget looks like. You will need to compare and contrast multiple models to know which chair will fit your needs best.


Last but not least, this factor should be taken into account. The greatest massage chair usually comes with a 1- to 3-year warranty. To make your purchase more reliable, try to secure the longest warranty period possible.


What does a massage chair do?

The majority of people experience issues while sitting, such as lower back pain, shoulder pain, and so on. A massage chair can help with pain, stress, and muscle strain. It helps to untie knots.

How does a massage chair work?

A massage chair employs a variety of techniques. Built-in systems, rollers, nodes, airbags, and other components are among them. These characteristics aid in the relief of muscle tension and the improvement of circulation.

Can the massage chair hurt my back?

No, if you purchase the greatest massage chair for your needs, it won’t injure your back. To purchase the greatest one, you need to follow the buying guide.

Why is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair Better Than a Traditional Chair?

As you might expect, the zero gravity feature is one of the features that make a massage chair well worth the extra cost. These chairs can recline you into a position that not only provides a more intense massage but also allows your spine and joints to decompress, reducing back pain and joint stiffness.

How often can I use the massage chair?

A massage chair can be used as frequently as you choose. There are no limits on how much you can use per day or week. When you’ve had enough, you’ll know.

In general, it’s best to start slowly; make sure the massage chair’s backrest isn’t too horizontal (the intensity is largely affected by the backrest’s position owing to the earth’s gravitational pull), and do one program every other day. Later on, you can increase the frequency of your sessions to many per week or even per day.

Can the massage chair go to the 1st floor?

In most cases, you can easily be brought up on the 1st floor, possibly with a few handymen from your area or by the company you have chosen. It is best to leave the chair in the packaging until it is on the correct floor.

Look at the dimensions of the massage chairs in the box and carefully measure your window frames, possibly windows and stairs or lift, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Which is the best massage chair?

Here is the list of the Best Selection of Massage Chairs according to your budget:

[wptb id=5156]

Final Conclusion

Above all, the best massage chair should help you relax by relieving stress. After a long and exhausting day, it is essential to relax. It helps in the improvement of your health. So make sure you’re getting the best value for your money by investing in the best quality. It’s also useful for quarantines before, during, and after the “COVID-19” outbreak. I sincerely hope so. This article has been beneficial to you. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Thank you for reading my article.

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