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Kraftgun Massage Gun Reviews 2022-Why Not Recommended?

kraftgun massage gun reviews
Written by Sonia Naz

Kraftgun Massage Gun Reviews: Should You Buy Or Not? Is It A Scam?

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kraftgun massage gun reviews

kraftgun massage gun


Kraftgun has been one of the best massage gun products that have gained a lot of buzz in recent times, mainly due to their (very) aggressive social media activities and overall online presence. But, is it worth the hype? Or is it just another massage gun in the already saturated fitness tools market? Here, we will give our unbiased Kraftgun reviews.

Quick Summary: Why We DON’T Recommend Kraft Massage Gun

No doubt Kraftgun has no alternative and there is nothing negative to say about the product. However, we don’t recommend you to buy the Kraftgun as the company has MAJOR issues with their shipping and distribution for many months now.

Also, their communication services are not quick responsive. Right now, on the website, it states that due to demand, it will take 6-9 weeks to SHIP.

That’s a very long wait for a product that most likely you’re buying because you need it right now. According to an announcement on their Facebook page, shipping times are improving so maybe in the near future they’ll catch up.

For now, though, Kraftgun might not be the best choice (this might change if they get their act together) unless you’re okay with waiting.

Best Alternatives of Kraft Massage Gun

As we don’t recommend you the Kraftgun massage gun, so here are some best alternatives of the Kraftgun massager.

1. Most interesting technology: TheraGun PRO

 Check Current Price

This commercial-grade therapeutic massage gun offers personalized, guided app experiences that help reduce muscle pain, improve mobility, and enhance relaxation.

With a rotating arm and regular battery life, the Theragun PRO has been carefully designed for maximum ergonomic comfort and professional strength and remedy.

Bluetooth enabled and built-in with the Therabody app; this gun will continue to work collectively and research your behaviors and preferences. This massage gun will advocate tailor-made therapies to help the assets you enjoy most.

It chooses four arm positions designed to reach every home of the body, and the ergonomic triangle allows you to hold the gadget in quite a few strategies without straining your palms and wrists.

Theragun comes with two rechargeable batteries that transmit 150 minutes of run time each. You may find that you use one prize while using the other and repeatedly trade it for an entire day of use.

You may be able to follow the current pace and energy on the OLED show and enter any tempo between 1750-2400 PPMS through the Therabody app.

This therapeutic massage gun is very costly, but most will no doubt find it worth the funding for the commercial device you get.

This can be very extremely efficient and is too intense for some too, so start low and work your methodology just as well as elevated settings. In addition, some customers complained about harmful or unresponsive buyer assistance.


  • Personalized treatment plans through the Therabody app (good gun)
  • Two rechargeable batteries
  • four arm positions
  • Adjustable speeds
  • Six therapeutic massage heads


  • Expensive
  • Is also too extremely efficient for some
  • Harmful Buyer’s Aid

Good integration of the gun + app

Good industrial-grade therapeutic massage gun that when used with the Therabody app delivers personalized treatment plans to suit your lifestyle.

 Check Current Price on Amazon

2. LifePro Pulse Fx Massage Gun

(Most Interesting Grip)

 Check Current Price

There is a fantastic alternative that is almost exactly the same with VERY similar features. The main differences are actually just the color and the price (and our recommendation is cheaper).

We recommend checking out the extremely highly rated Lifepro Pulse FX (Currently $25 Off) which you can be used in days (rather than months!) Read some of the customer reviews and you’ll see why we’re impressed!

Designed with athletes and bodybuilders in mind, this therapeutic massage gun should penetrate as much as 16 millimeters into muscle tissue.

Pulse Fx massage gun includes a curved, easy-to-handle handle to add extra leverage when you’re performing. It has a powerful 250W motor that delivers high penetration vibrations and is designed to send waves of relaxation and aid in your body’s joints and muscle mass, promoting mobility and flexibility through therapeutic massage treatment.

This massage gun has three adjustable tempo settings for quite a few depth ranges, and the therapeutic massage head can be rotated to a few adjustable angles, so you can probably therapeutically massage these hard-to-reach areas.

Pulsating vibrations penetrate deep into your muscle mass and fascia, treating areas that even the most experienced palms most likely cannot reach. Each LifePro Therapeutic Massage Gun comes with built-in dwell assistance and life assurance.

To say that this therapeutic massage gun is very extremely efficient, and even the setting at the bottom is too intense for some too. Plus, there are only three pace settings, with some customers complaining that the battery lasts up to one to two hours.


  • Very extremely efficient (250 W motor)
  • Curved, easy to grip, resistant to design
  • Three adjustable angles
  • 5 therapeutic massage heads


  • Is also too extremely efficient for some
  • Only three tempo settings
  • Temporary battery life

Terribly extremely efficient therapeutic massage gun with a curved, easy-to-grip handle and a three-angle adjustable therapeutic massage head.

 Check Price on Amazon


3. TaoTronics Therapeutic Massage Gun

(Most Interesting Base) 

 Check Current Price

This superior therapeutic massage gun opts for an ultra-long working time and should perform for four to ten hours, depending on how you use it.It needs to be charged for six hours initially, then four hours to get the rechargeable battery to 10% for wireless use.


It has a choice of ten selectable speeds, and the high-torque 100W motor produces 24 to 1400 beats per minute to reach tissues up to 3200 milliliters to increase blood flow for an environmentally-friendly treatment of the deposition and launching deep tissues. He is a very special person, nice and easy to use.


The digital show shows two digits, the left side shows the degree of depth and the right side shows the battery level. It comes with six special therapeutic massage heads.


These interchangeable heads are available in a number of shapes to target specific muscle groups for faster recovery and assistance. It’s quick and easy to swap heads in size, and you can accomplish this in seconds.


This gun operates quietly and is equipped with a rubber barrel for a non-slip grip. It’s portable, lightweight and comes with a handy PU travel case to keep all your parts perfectly organized in their designated compartments.


Suppose this therapeutic massage gun is powerful and too intense for some, even when they work in the first stage. Once you start using this software program, start at the bottom stage and work out your methodology. It also has a 15-minute automatic shutdown to protect the motor from overheating.


The producer recommends not running it for more than an hour at a time and giving it 30 minutes of free time between one-hour courses.


  • Special person nice
  • Superior battery life
  • Very extremely efficient (10 depth ranges)
  • Six therapeutic massage heads
  • Clean, lightweight and portable


  • An extreme torque motor is also too intense for some
  • 15-minute auto-off

Superior battery life

This rechargeable therapeutic massage gun features superior battery life, a sturdy motor, six therapeutic massage heads and an extra carrying case.

 Check Price on Amazon

4. Chirogun Therapeutic Massage Gun

 Check Current Price

This therapeutic massage gun comes with a whopping 15 totally different therapeutic massage heads and two totally different therapeutic massage balls on your complete set of degree treatment and deep tissue desires.


The 15 head attachments are devices to massage every muscle in your body, promote circulation and serve to accelerate any warm-up and recovery.


It has a choice of 30 adjustable tempo ranges that go up to 3200 PPMS and a rechargeable battery that gives you a whopping six hours of run time.


This therapeutic massage gun uses the latest knowledge in low noise costs for a quiet, therapeutic experience, and its ergonomic design makes it clean and easy to use.


At the draw, some customers complained that it took a very long time for this weapon to be priced. They talked about it taking about three hours to get it to 50% and seven hours to get it to 100%.

In addition, some complained that the therapeutic massage heads were difficult to remove and change.


  • 15 therapeutic massage heads + 2 bonus balls
  • 30 adjustable speeds
  • Special person nice
  • movable


  • It really takes a long time to praise
  • Therapeutic massage heads can also be difficult to distinguish

Most versatile

Fund-friendly therapeutic massage gun that comes with 15 completely different therapeutic massage heads, two bonus balls and 30 adjustable speeds.

 Check Price on Amazon

5. Apollo Kinetics Pulse Therapeutic Massage Gun

 Check Current Price

This budget-friendly therapeutic massage gun comes in six completely different colors, so you can work out probably the easiest aesthetic to match your vibe.

It is extremely sturdy and designed with a brushless DC motor to ensure less vibration, noise and longer life. This software program is ultra-light and weighs only more than two kilos including the battery, making it large and portable and you can take it with you wherever you go.

Apollo massage gun chooses three completely different vibration settings to trigger muscle tension and relieve muscle pain. Apollo is versatile and consists of four attachment heads to pay attention to completely different parts of the body and to relax the whole body from a quadrilateral technique. It comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Again, this therapeutic massage gun only has three speeds, which is much slower than other expert modes, but customers assume it works anyway. Some customers also complain that this software program makes extra noise.


  • Fund-friendly
  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • Extremely light and portable
  • four therapeutic massage heads


  • Only three speeds
  • Loud

A variety of colors

Fund-friendly 3-speed therapeutic massage gun, ultra-light, movable and available in a variety of colors.

 Check Current Price on Amazon


Bottom line

Incorporating a descending treatment into your fancy routine can be pretty clues to your physique. Using a therapeutic massage gun helps to relieve exhausted, painful and stiff muscle mass. These massage guns eliminate knots, improves circulation and lymph flow inward.

These guns also relieve muscle spasms and stiffness, reduces lactic acid build-up, activate the nervous system and stimulate muscle mass, joint mobility improves and relaxes and thicken connective tissue and fascia.

We did the review and put in place the weapons that caused this decline is the easiest therapeutic massage weapons on the market.

Our favorite is the TaoTronics Therapeutic Massage Gun for its superior battery life, value, six therapeutic massage heads, and ten depth ranges. It’s large, easy to use, and it’s clean, lightweight, and portable so you can take it anywhere.

We actually really feel that any kind of therapeutic massage guns are in the prime of their class and would be good investments for anyone looking for a deep tissue launch and beautiful ending treatment.

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