iRest A306 Massage Chair Reviews 2024 [Yoga Stretching]

iRest brand is one of the best-selling chairs in the industry of massage technologies. iRest A306 massage chair is one of the best selling massage chairs in the market. This product offers excellent quality and after-sales service, as well as It, is offered in the market with a reasonable price and high variety of colors.

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iRest A306 Yoga Stretching Massage Chair

This massage chair with 6 automatic massages has created a difference between massage chairs due to its excellent features such as rocking massage and DEMO fast massage.

Irest A-306 Yoga Stretching Massage Chair Reviews 2021

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In the specifications section of iRest Massage Chair , you can read more details about the special features of this product.

Quality specifications of Irest massage chair A306

L and S Shape

This device has 4 massage balls from the back of the neck to under the seat in the form of L SHAPE to create a different experience for you. The movement of the massage balls in this massage chair is proportional to the S SHAPE position on the spine.

L-shaped mechanical massageiRest A306 massage chair

The massage chair is close to the curvature of the human back and goes up and down from the neck to the thighs, which further stimulates the acupuncture points.

Air purification system

This system allows you to use the negative oxygen ions produced to eliminate dust particles and bacteria in the air around the user and strengthen the immune system.

Auto Body Scanning System

Irest A306 massage chair automatically scans your body height, weight and spine data to adjust proper massage positions.

Yoga Stretching Function

Irest A-306 massage chair has a yoga stretching function. In this function, the chair first pulls your feet and legs, then lower towards the ground. in the meanwhile, the backrest pulls the upper body to recline position.

Bluetooth & HD Speaker

A306 has Bluetooth technology which allows the user to listen to music and phone calls on HD speakers in the headrest.

Easy access to control buttons and USB charging

On the right hand side of this device for ease of use, the main buttons of the device settings are located and it has a USB charger.

Foot massage – blade rolling

Due to the importance of foot massage and the presence of nerves in all limbs in the sole of the foot, this device offers blade massage or acupuncture in the sole of the foot with the combination technology of Thai rolling and gouache massage.

Massage storage capability

Due to the variety of massage tastes, this chair has provided the possibility of storing 2 desired massage programs.

With zero center of gravity (ZERO GRAVITY)iRest A306 massage chair

When the chair is lying on its back, its legs are raised at the same time, the body is placed in a completely horizontal position and the body weight is divided and placed at a point of weightlessness or zero.

Irest A306 massage chair has 3 stages of zero gravity to adjust.

In order to reduce stress and pressure on the spine, and to improve blood flow, the ability to distribute the pressure on the spine by changing the angle of the massage chair makes it possible to experience more physical and mental relaxation.

Zero placement capability

This feature allows you to experience your massage chair just 10 cm away from the wall of the bed, which means maximum use of minimal space.

Cradle massage capability

In this mode of the automatic program, the device is alternately like a cradle to a flat position and again in a sitting position, which in addition to improving blood circulation, relaxes the person.

Waist traction

This creative function, which is similar to the function of the human hand, regulates the distance between the vertebrae of the spine and prevents pressure on the cartilage nerves.

Heating TherapyiRest A306 massage chair

Heating 40 to 50 degrees can improve back pain. The emitted wavelength is symmetrical with the wavelength of the human body, so energy is absorbed by the human body, which can activate molecules and promote metabolism

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