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Inada Massage Chair Review 2022

inada massage chair
Written by Sonia Naz

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Due to “Covid-19” most of my recommended products may be unavailable. However I’ve given the best alternative against each product. Buy the alternative in case of recommended product unavailabity.

Inada started manufacturing massage chairs as early as 1962; the specialist in the most special massage chairs for 58 years. Such as the Dreamwave: can rightly be called the best massage chair in the world.

Inada Massage Chair

Inada Massage Chair

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Best Alternative

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The Inada massage chairs are the best in the world! Why is Inada the best? Inada does not make microwaves, TVs, radios, and also a few massage chairs as other manufacturers do. Inada simply wants to create massage chairs that give the very best massage, that are closest to, or even surpass, the skills of a professional therapist.

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The DreamWave ™ from Inada is the result of years of research, testing, and uncompromising attention to detail and design. No less than 50 million dollars has been invested in the DreamWave ™ to achieve the best result.

Now that the Inada Therapina Robo is a fact, a new benchmark has once again been set in the massage chair segment.

Inada massage chairs are designed to enhance natural healing and  wellness.

 All this thanks to the healing power of shiatsu massage using impeccable Japanese quality and design. You cannot see or feel this via the internet, and we can put up a very nice story, show beautiful photos and videos, only when you have tested an Inada massage chair (and preferably after many other brands), then you know what you only want and can you really estimate the value of the different products.

A high-priced electric massage chair does not have to be the best or most suitable for you. However, if you don’t know the differences, you are still ignorant, nor do you know what value the massage chair will have to you in the future.

For example, we see different brands of massage chairs appear on the marketplace, chairs that just aren’t (or that aren’t at all afterwards). That is a shame, you can only spend the amount in question once.

You will not easily find a real Inada massage chair on a second hand website. Therefore, make sure that you make an informed decision and do not regret it. Take your health seriously, an Inada massage chair will become your very best friend!

Inada massage chairs offer the widest range of innovative features that you will not find in any other product. Real wonders of product science. Designed and built with real passion.

The result is a massage chair experience that optimally improves health and well-being. Your stress level will decrease quickly. It’s all part of what makes Inada’s massage chair, the world’s best massage chair ™. And you can feel it! Although the price is sometimes in the upper class, Inada gives you without a doubt the best value for money that you will not regret.

Not convinced yet? Make an appointment for a demonstration at home and look in our Guestbook for the reactions and experiences of our customers.

3S Flex:  Inada has made another winner!

The 3S Flex looks a bit like the famous Dreamwave, but it is smaller and has a completely different feel. The Flex 3s focuses, among other things, on posture correction, ideal for the user who is fitness oriented and health conscious. The lower back and shoulder program is also unprecedentedly detailed.

By combining deep massage and stretching movements, the 3S Flex creates a massage chair experience that is both therapeutic and incredibly relaxing. Designed in consultation with renowned Japanese sports instructor Tadashi Kaneko.

The Flex 3s helps to restore the natural S-Curve of your spine as a foundation for improved posture and mobility. These are both crucial for an energetic and confident life in our busy, stressful world.

The 3 S Flex has 6 pre-programmed massage programs and no less than 500 possible settings via combination of manual operation!

The Shiatsu point locator is a patented body scan technology that adapts each massage session to your individual body profile.

Inada 3S Flex is very suitable for people with specific lower back and shoulder complaints,

who want a solid massage. Also people who have the tendency to walk a bit “forward” in combination with hanging their shoulders, can benefit greatly from the 3S Flex. For more information about kyphosis, for example, see this link. For general information about (lower) back pain, information can also be found on this link.

Full Body Massage with just the right amount of pressure from head to toe for an ultra relaxing shiatsu massage using the combined air cells and massage rollers.

Improving the mobility and flexibility of your body and posture. The new adjustable shoulder stabilizers contribute to this.

To complete the ultimate relaxation, hands and soles of the feet can be heated a’la Hot stone therapy.

Traction, the gentle stretching

The only massage chair in the world equipped with effective stretching movements combined with traditional massage shapes, making it categorized as a medical massage chair and receiving medical certification (medical certification no .: 223AKBZX00226000)

Inada Family’s vision on Dreamwave massage chair design

The Inada Dreamwave massage chair is the synergy between Eastern medical wisdom and modern technology.

The ultimate goal of massage is to enhance the self-healing effect of our body’s “natural ability” by lowering stress levels and improving blood circulation. According to Eastern Medicine, the key to good health is to achieve a balance between  yin and yang  elements of our body, including the relationships between our upper and lower body, left and right, and front and back.

The body has more than 350 pressure points connected to the organs along the meridians. By stimulating specific pressure points by kneading, pressing or tapping, an organ can be positively stimulated and in certain cases a disease can be slowed down or even stopped.

Shiatsu therapists and the Inada massage chair

The Inada massage chair is the only one that is so extensively based on the technique and knowledge of professional massage and shiatsu therapists. In 1998 the Inada Massage Chair was approved by the Japanese government as a “medically sound” treatment by massage and acupressure therapy.

Family Inada is convinced that the whole world can experience positively what aspects of Japanese medical traditions can bring about through massage and acupressure for general health, preventive health and general well-being. Quality and reliability; Inada massage chairs are the only ones built with a lifespan of plus 15-20 years.

Undergo a rigorous test and must be able to work continuously for 2500 hours, translated into more than 10,000 individual massage sessions. You don’t have to count long, to find out the difference between visiting a masseur or therapist 10,000 times and the purchase value of the Inada massage chair. For example, a massage session at € 45 x 10,000 = € 450,000! Plus, the Dreamwave is at your service day and night, as long as and whenever you want, it will become your very best friend!

Massage chair Dreamwave Inada has 16 pre-programmed massage programs

16 pre-programmed massage sessions, and over  1,000  possible massage combinations, more than any other massage chair in the world. Shiatsu Point Locator, is a patented body scan technology that optimally adapts each massage session to your individual body profile.

Full Upper Body Massage, with just the right amount of pressure and movement for an ultra relaxing shiatsu massage, covering your neck, shoulders, arms and hands. Infrared seat heating, in the lumbar area (lower back) and seat for extra relaxation and comfort. (very functional when cold!)

Hip and thigh massage

where the inner massage movements melt away muscle pain and fatigue. Calf, foot and sole massage, embraced by many air cells that give rhythmic compressions to optimally relax. DreamWave ™ technology, which creates a unique figure-8 shaped movement of the hips and seat.

Loosening the lower back has never been so effective! Over 3000 square inches of massage surface coverage has the Inada DreamWave ™. This is the most comprehensive and customizable body massage in the entire massage chair industry.

Deep relaxation setting, brings variety to the core group of massages with slow, methodical movements designed for a hypnotic, thoroughly soothing massage. Youth session, gentler massage experience designed especially for children. Smartphone Pocket, complete your massage experience with relaxing music from your smartphone or MP3 player.

Extensive massage information Inada Dreamwave

Neck traction:

Shugi; “Hand of the therapist” The Shiatsu “pull-knead air system”, Is the function, to combine the treatment of neck and shoulders. The system lifts the neck from both sides to stretch and knead the neck muscles.

Built-in pads provide the shoulder massage. The Shiatsu pushes the pressure straight down and in addition Shiatsu also applies a firm air pressure to the back (between the shoulder blades). Here one gets the feeling as if the shoulders are kneaded by hand. With the shoulder pads raised, the rollers provide a thorough massage.

These mechanisms are designed to provide a comfortable and stimulating roller massage to the Shiatsu points in the muscles from the neck and shoulders to the lower back.

The pressure against the rollers is distributed over four points, giving a gentle kneading without too much stimulation and discomfort. With the ultra slow system, kneading becomes a convenience and the result is comparable to that of a professional therapist.

The use of air, which places pressure on the rollers, ensures a soft and comfortable kneading, the massage rollers can expand and contract continuously by approximately 7 cm, so that the back is thoroughly massaged.

Massage chair Inada and arm massage

Arm pressure units provide a thorough massage from the upper arm to the fingertips.

The arms feel refreshed and are no longer tired. The arm massage relieves the stiffness caused by lack of exercise or by having adopted the same posture for too long.

This air pressure system provides the “full arm” with the desired treatment. Twenty air cells work on the upper arm, forearm and fingertips.

Experience the kneading of a gentle massage with your arms and shoulders wrapped in the mobile unit, which can be adjusted laterally to your personal size.

The Hip “Swing” Function 

This system mimics the actions of a professional massage therapist.
Together with the airbags, hips – pelvis are treated and released with a rocking and pressing movement. This program is designed to help you relax even more after your massage.

Youth massage program

This new program is for young people from 14 years old. This program is automatically set to reduce “stiffness” in the young and restore the fatigue of modern life.

This program gives a less intense stimulating massage. It still creates a soft sensation that reduces physical stress in young people.

Health massage program with air pressure: Full body Air 

A professional massage therapist uses his techniques not only on areas of the body where certain symptoms are present, but reaches the entire body using an effective point massage.

The “Inada Dreamwave Healthcare Program” is the result of studies and the integration of this approach and goes as follows; A full body air massage (approx. 15 min.) Especially for people who experience a direct / intense “massage” with rollers as less pleasant.

So you don’t like to use a mechanical massage, or you temporarily have a sensitivity that “regular massage” does not allow; this is a super intelligent air pressure massage program. The entire body is massaged using air; without massage rollers. A soft massage which by ao

Stretch without effort

This stretch program stretches the spine and muscles responsibly thanks to its “full body stretch” feature. In combination with the other massage techniques, the body is prepared to “release” the bottlenecks in the body caused by stress.

From head to toe you experience a light traction that no other massage chair can replicate. Gently space is created between your spinal discs. This is recommended for people who want to feel “reborn” and “loose”.

With Inada’s unique circulating kneading functions 

Rhythmic tapping / Shiatsu and hand kneading / double kneading, we are one step closer to a professional technique. It massages the pelvis from both sides through the buttocks, relieving both the thighs and buttocks from fatigue.

The air creates a rippling sensation and a relaxing massage, while the vibration provides comfortable stimulation. Air and rollers give a firm massage. The rollers reach the back very low and provide greater stimulation to this area.

Air cells provide a strong Shiatsu treatment on the back and on both sides of the calves. Very welcome for people who suffer from tired legs after a day of standing work.

The difference is huge

Feeling and a personal interpretation of a treatment is not easy to explain. In general, the Inada users say that our chairs massage much more detailed, humane, precise and calmer, while it can still be an intense experience.

Compared to other massage chairs, they prefer to call it a therapeutic chair that will never get boring. You will only experience that feeling in an Inada massage chair. Let that also be the intention of Inada.

New in June 2022! Inada Therapina Robo

In addition to the unrivaled Inada Dreamwave, which has been the example for all massage chairs in the world for 13 years, a completely new design has now been added, the Inada Therapina Robo

In addition to the unrivaled Inada Dreamwave, which has been the model for all massage chairs in the world for 13 years, a completely new design has now been added.

Again a very special massage chair, which, like the Dreamwave, we can better call a “Therapy” chair because of the enormous contrast compared to all other massage chairs. Massage’s and therapy actions are the only ones in the massage chair industry that come so close to a real human action.

With 24  special and well thought-out Healthcare programs;

  • Lymph massage
  • Recovery from exhaustion
  • Letting go of stress
  • Stubborn shoulder stiffness
  • Warming-up
  • Cool down
  • Swelling relief
  • Massage & Stretch
  • Centripetaal massage
  • Centrifugaal massage

Youth programs

  • Increase concentration strength
  • Stretch and recover from exhaustion
  • Posture adjustment
  • Relaxation with music

Specifically concentrated locations

  • Neck, shoulders, shoulder blades
  • Lower back – Arms – Seat – Soles of feet
  • Spine Rolls – Calves

Posture adjustment and Zazen meditation

Program based on the Zazen meditation.

A form of meditation with a very rich history. It comes from ancient Japan. This form of meditation stems from Zen Buddhism, something that can be deduced from the name of this form.

Zazen is very much like Mindfulness, but goes even deeper. To understand how Zazen is applied and how to find yourself with Zazen, you must first understand how it works. * Read more about Zazen meditation at the bottom of the page.

Stretch exercises & Yoga

  • Totale stretch
  • Anteflexion en Dorseflexion stretch
  • Laterale twist stretch
  • Stretching stretch
  • Dr. Yukari yoga

Museum, Source of Unconditional Love

Music-supported and comprehensive program based on Mother’s Love.

How does Zazen work?

Zazen consists of 3 different phases, of which each person has to go through 2. You leave all thoughts out of your mind so that there is nothing more than emptiness.

In classical times and according to the original teachings this is often achieved by repeating different mantras. Nowadays, attention is mainly paid to breathing and exercises such as counting the breath are often used.

Once inner peace is achieved, Zazen moves on, going deeper than mindfulness. Then you can go in 2 different directions: you can go the Koan direction or follow the Shikantaza direction.

What is the Koan direction?

A Koan is a question, one that cannot be answered with logic or reasoning. Only through meditation can one come to a solution from within the person himself. Using the self-conscious attained through the concentration phase of Zazen, one can experience the reality that exists beyond the conscious.

What is the Shikantaza direction?

Shikantaza is seen by many as the pure form of Zazen, during the Shikantaza you focus on the presence and the present that takes place during meditation. During this meditation, everything happens around you and in yourself. Actively focusing on throwing these thoughts away is what Zazen stands for. Thinking about not being allowed to think, that is the essence of Zazen.

In summary, again a very special massage chair, test this Therapina Robo in our showroom in June 2022.

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