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How Often Should You Use A Massage Chair?

massage chair how often
Written by Sonia Naz

Efficient, practical and easy to use, the massage chair is a functional massage device that can be used at home or in the office.

Whether it is an electric massage chair, a heated massage chair, a vibrating massage chair, a Shiatsu chair or a massage chair  the massage chair offers more comfort and increases efficiency with less effort.

What is a massage chair?

The massage chair is currently one of the most popular massage devices. It is characterized by its ability to reproduce various massage techniques through advanced functions.

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The massage chairs have developed a lot since their introduction and are becoming ever more powerful. Today they are a great way to relieve tension, stress and pain.

There are different types of massage chairs depending on the size required, the expected programming and the budget available to the buyer.

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Where can I use a massage chair?

The massage chair has the advantage that it adapts to the furniture. Equipped with comfort and elegance in the style of a classic armchair, it can be set up in many places, for example:

  • anywhere in your home (living room, bedroom, etc.)
  • at home or office
  • in a specially equipped fitness room
  • in the garden house or under a pavilion

If you want to fully enjoy your massage chair, the best thing to do is to set up a room that will only add to the relaxation. A calming color like light green or blue can help you relax.

Why a massage chair?

The massage chair is a good alternative to a massage studio, especially if you neither have the time nor the means to have a regular massage from a professional masseur.

The massage chair is intended for everyone and is particularly suitable for a certain group of people such as:

  • who are often tense
  • who feel uncomfortable about being massaged by someone else
  • who need a regular massage for health reasons.

How do I use my massage chair?

Choose a place that will help you relax, away from noise and restlessness, where the temperature is comfortable and not too bright. Stand near an electrical outlet to connect the seat to the power supply.

If you want to use a massage seat cover in the car, as some allow with the cigarette lighter, you should not do it while driving. Indeed, in the event of an accident, this massage can be interpreted as a distraction for you. Besides that, it almost always is.

Sit so your back is straight against the seat so that your entire back can be covered by the backrest. Misalignment can have catastrophic consequences for the back: early back problems, diseases of the digestive and respiratory organs, respiratory diseases …

How often can you use the massage chair?

After switching on the device, you operate the various mechanisms via remote control, which can be wired or wireless. It is important to choose a model whose remote control is easy to use, with the buttons easily distinguishable even with your eyes closed.

Because of the risk of falling asleep and because these devices tend to offer powerful massages, many massage chairs stop automatically after 15 minutes.

You may want a second session in the process, but it is better to resist the temptation, especially if you are given a daily massage.  You have reached the maximum frequency of use, one more can quickly become too much.

Massage chairs – advantages and disadvantages

The massage chair has the advantage:

  • Same benefits as manual massage;
  • Offer an à la carte massage according to the actual needs of the user
  • Give the user a massage at home or in the office without having to travel anytime and anytime;
  • provide an effective massage of good quality;
  • offer a massage of regular intensity and, if necessary, at a steady pace;
  • do not require training as it is easy to use;
  • to allow the user to save the cost of massages in institutes and salons ever more expensive;
  • different massage levels that can be adapted to all comfort needs;
  • Adaptation to all age groups (5 to 80 years).

The disadvantage is the often not low price and a certain clunkiness. Well-priced models often disappoint with too few and sometimes insufficient functions that also stop working early.

It is the same with the materials as with almost all products: Where savings are made, longevity falls by the wayside.

Buy massage chairs

When purchasing and using a massage chair, it is important to take some precautions.

Precautions when shopping :

You -erwägen to make comparisons because some prices may be exaggerated in terms of the quality of the massage chair;-to give preference to specialist retailers, a quality guarantee and, in some cases, low prices for certain ranges, to discounters or supermarket shopping groups;

Despite their versatility and comfort, some massage chairs do not always adapt to all morphologies. If you notice hard spots or supports during the test, especially in the neck, back or lumbar region, choose a different model.

Seek advice from a massage specialist to ensure you are making the right choice.

The precautions when using the massage chair :

If you experience pain while using a massage chair, the program must be stopped immediately in order to avoid possible injury or consequential damage.

Owning a massage chair should not rule out the possibility of seeing a physiotherapist from time to time. In fact, most massage chairs have difficulty, or not at all, hitting individual knots and areas of tension.

If you want to massage regularly with a massage chair, it is advisable to consult a doctor beforehand so that he can show you the most suitable massages for your body and your state of health, as well as the parts of the body not to be massaged.

Be careful, some diseases and treatments are incompatible with regular massage. In the case of osteoporosis not yet very serious, massage is possible but must be very gentle.

After chemotherapy or radiation, massage is prohibited before a certain time. Unhealed wounds and varicose veins should not be massaged.

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