Hitachi Impact Drill VTV16 Reviews 2022

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Hitachi Impact Drill VTV16 Reviews 2022

With only 3.8 kilograms, you can safely call the Hitachi Impact Drill VTV16 800 Watt a lightweight. And that despite his hefty power. Because with 800 Watts, it is absolutely no small boy. In fact, it allows the chuck of this machine to rotate at up to 1400 rpm.

Hitachi Impact Drill VTV16 Reviews

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This makes it easy to use it for drilling in wooden and metal surfaces. And drilling in stone or concrete is no problem either. During drilling, the Hitachi Impact Drill VTV16 800 Watt can also make a knocking movement. Switch on the knock function and it hits the stone or concrete surface 46,400 times per minute.

High durability

In fact, you can see it right away from this machine: it won’t just break down. And so it is. You have to make it very colorful if you want to break the Hitachi Impact Drill VTV16 800 Watt. For example, its gear housing is completely made of aluminum.

A material that is not only known for its low weight, it is also exceptionally strong. As a result, nothing strange happens to the gears, which makes the machine last longer. And when you’re done with jobs, don’t leave the Hitachi Impact Drill VTV16 800 Watt lying around loose. You simply store it in the included case until you need it again.


Drill Chuck 3.2 – 16mm (1/8 – 5/8″)
No Load Speed Hi: 0 – 1,400/min. Lo: 0 – 700/min.
Full Load Impact Rate Hi: 20,000/min. Lo: 11,200/min.
Overall Length 443mm (17-7/16″)
Weight 3.8kg (8.4 lbs.)

Package Contains:

  • Supplied as standard
  • Manual
  • Handle
  • Depth stop
  • Chuck wrench
  • Plastic case
  • Easy to use
  • High power 800 watts
  • Best selling in the world
  • Expensive

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