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The Gentle Bra Reviews 2022

the gentle bra
Written by Sonia Naz

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Are you looking for the perfect bra for you, then you are at the right palace. Finding the right, flexible, durable bra is not an easy job, especially when you have large breasts. The Gentle Bra is my first choice.

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What is the Gentle Bra? 

The Gentle Bra gives 300% more support as compared to other regular bras without any underwire. The Gentle Bra has a microfiber pullover that makes it comfortable and breathable. The Gentle Bra has a beautiful lace design that makes you feel sexier.

The Gentle Bra

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The Gentle Bra is specially designed for large cup sizes, which are comfortable, stretchable, durable, supportive, and look great under clothes.

The Gentle Bra is specially made from high-quality microfiber soft cotton to give 100% breath. The Gentle Bra is also best for breast cancer or surgical breasts for easy recovery. The Gentle Bra is free from every irritation and strap sores.

Gentle Bra Can Fix Your Bad Posture

According to research, more than 50% of women in America are suffering from back pain problems due to their bad posture.

The gentle bra is made to give your body a lift without any irritating wire or band as it is made of adjustable crisscross lace straps to adjust the fitting around your back and breasts to lift your posture upward and comfortably fell.

Key Features Of the Gentle Bra:

Gentle Bra is now becoming women’s number one choice, due to its soft material and easy to adjust butterfly straps.

✔ Gives you good posture.

✔ Make your breasts good looking & sexier.

✔ Prevents wrinkled skin

✔ Best for women of all ages

✔ Ideal for Yoga, Pilates, Weight Training, etc

Size and Measurements

Size Chest Circumference Suitable Cup Size
S 70-80cm/27.5″-31.5″ 70/32A 70/32B 70/32C 70/32D 75/34A 75/34B
M 75-90cm/29.5″-35.5″ 75/34B 75/34C 75/34D 75/34E 80/36A 80/36B
L 90-100cm/35.5″-39″ 80/36B 80/36C 80/36D 80/36E 85/38A 85/38B
XL 95-110cm/37.5″-43″ 85/38B 85/38C 85/38E 85/38F 90/40A 90/40B
XXL 105-125cm/41″-49″ 90/40C 90/40D 90/40E 90/40F 95/42A 95/42B 95/42C 95/42D
3XL 110-130cm/43″-51″ 95/42D 95/42E 95/42F 95/42G 95/44A 95/44B 95/44C

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 Best Sellers In Everyday Bras 

Bras – Comparison Test & Buying Guide

A bra is of course a welcome solution for many women and young teenage girls. Whether you’re going for a walk or just going to a wedding, the ideal bra is one that provides adequate support and comfort. In our buying guide, we try to offer you some tips and guidelines so that you know what to look out for.

You can also just scroll further to our top 3. You will notice that the ShockAbsorber Ultimate Run Bra is more than an excellent product.

This bra is ideal to use when you exercise because it provides sufficient support. With the Carriwell Padded bra you can be sure of an excellent and equivalent product. Ideal if, for example, you have only just become a mom.


This sports bra offers you the possibility to choose between several cheerful and neutral colors and several fits. In addition, you can still slightly adjust the straps of the bra to your wishes and requirements.

If there is a small downside, then we notice that a single buyer finds it quite a shame that not enough space has been left to place a heart rate monitor. And that can possibly be regarded as a working point.

It is a solid bra made of durable and solid materials that are not only breathable but also moisture-regulating. The bra is also completely seamless, which means that the risk of skin irritation or nasty wounds is virtually nonexistent.


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Are you looking for a decent nursing bra but would you rather not spend that much money? Then it is worthwhile to take a closer look at this bra. You will almost immediately be amazed by the great price.

When we look at the different reviews, we notice that the bra is priced way too expensive according to one user. That is quite unfortunate and annoying, but at the same time, it is also contradicted by the many other customers who have posted a reaction.

The bra is available in several colors and various fits. In addition, the bra has a handy and comfortable stretchable cup. Ideal as your breasts will change almost continuously during this period, making this bra ideal.

Shock Absorber Women's Multi Sport Max Support Sports Bra Top

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With the shock absorber Active Multi bra we can then close the top 3. Just like the first product, this bra is also suitable for sports and you can choose from several sizes and various fun and cheerful colors.

A look at the various online reviews posted by customers shows us that a single customer has some doubts about this bra. For example, this buyer does not think the bra is very comfortable and pleasant to sit during exercise and that is of course quite a shame.

However, it is a solid bra made of breathable and moisture-regulating materials. The bra straps are wide and adjustable and therefore offer extra comfort. Moreover, this bra is very easy to put on and take off again, which is appreciated by many customers.


Bras buying guide

Whether you exercise or not, it is always recommended to wear one of the best bras. You will only find out exactly what the best bra is by trying it on and comparing different models. Yet there are also a number of factors that you could take into account.

This way you can pay attention to the fit, type, shape, price tag and any additional features. Also, try to pay attention to any nice offers. You never know whether sooner or later you will come across a nice bra offer that is exactly what you are looking for.

The use of a decent bra

Nowadays, more and more women are thinking of not wearing a bra anymore. Still, wearing a bra has some use. Especially when you are blessed with a slightly fuller cup, it is always better and more pleasant to wear a bra.

Especially during sports, it is definitely recommended to wear a solid bra that provides sufficient support and absorbs any shocks. It is also important to avoid stretchy fabrics as much as possible. These do not offer much support in the long term.

It is also a recommendation to take the shoulder straps of your bra into account as much as possible. It is important that these do not always cut into your shoulders. In most cases, it is possible to adjust the shoulder straps.

Once you have found the right fit, you can fasten the shoulder straps with stitching. Just like the shoulder straps, it is also important to pay attention to the wires of your bra. Again, pain and an unpleasant feeling are completely out of the question.

The right fit

It goes without saying that it is important to go home with the right bra. The right bra has a lot to do with the fit. It is therefore important that you know your bra size if you want to buy a bra.

Only by wearing the right bra, you will notice that your breasts fit much better and look better. The right bra also provides sufficient support and can absorb and minimize any annoying shocks.

If you are not aware of your bra size, you can easily calculate it yourself. All you need to do is measure the size just below your breasts. Then you do the same but then at the level of the nipple.

That way you get 2 different sizes, namely the size of your upper body and that of your chest circumference. To find out the cup size, you only have to make the difference between these 2 numbers.

The type of bra and the shape of your breasts

Once you have calculated the cup size, you can start looking for the perfect bra for you. You will notice that there are many different models on the market. Not every type of bra is therefore suitable for just any breast.

For example, if you have a slightly larger cup, a strapless bra is not immediately a good recommendation. The classic standard bra with underwire, for example, is really suitable for any cup size. The same principle applies to the wireless bra.

If you have a dress with nice cleavage, then it is best to choose a balcony bra. This model is also ideal for any cup size and provides good support for the bust.

If you often exercise, sufficient support is just a bit more important. In that case, you are better off with a decent sports bra. In short, there are many models on the market. But before you can make a choice, it is important to know your bra size as the type of bra depends on it.


The price tag and additional features

In your search for the right bra, you will notice that there are also a lot of price tags to note. Of course, this makes sense when you know that there are different types of bras.

So you have cheap bras that you can purchase in all colors and sizes. Yet these cheap models are often not as qualitative as the slightly more expensive bras. The price is also closely related to the brand. For example, a bra from Prima Donna will also be a bit more expensive.

It might also help to read the online reviews of the customers. In these reviews, you can often obtain just a little more information about the product in question.

And you also immediately receive information about the user experience of the product. That way you can more or less find out whether a certain bra is for you or not.

5 Best Bras (Reviews) of 2022

As a woman, it is important to strive for good support, especially while exercising. We have put together a top 5 so that you can choose the best bra.

We have based these on customer reviews. So take a look at these models and who knows, there might be a bra offer somewhere that fully meets your expectations.

1. Shock Absorber Ultimate Run Sportbeha

It is important to provide your breasts with good support during exercise. This is certainly possible with this ShockAbsorber model. Moreover, you can take out your size yourself and make a choice between no less than 6 different colors.

This model is made of moisture-regulating but highly breathable materials. Because it is completely seamless, you do not have to be afraid of any abrasions.

The straps are extra sturdy and comfortable and can even be adjusted. Thanks to the anti-slip, the bra always stays in place. You can open the back completely and put the bra on and off.

In general, buyers are completely satisfied with this product. They, therefore, give good advice on the correct price-quality ratio.

If only one point of criticism can be given, then one user would have liked an extra space to place a heart rate monitor.

Whether you are exercising or not, it is always important to aim for good support for your breasts. That is certainly the case with this sports bra.

The bra is supplied by the well-known and perhaps by far the best sports brand, ShockAbsorber. Below is an overview of the pros and cons.


Design and design:

this sports bra is available in different sizes and you can choose between various fun colors.


the bra is made from a set of solid and durable materials. The materials are not only moisture-regulating but also provide sufficient ventilation and offer a breathable structure.


furthermore, you don’t have to worry at all about irritation or wounds as the sports bra has a completely seamless finish.

No heart rate monitor:

only one buyer mentions that there is not really space to put on a heart rate monitor.

Price tag:

Compared to the other products on our list, you will notice that this bra does not immediately offer the lowest price.

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2. Carriwell Seamless Padded Nursing Bra

Because of the lower price, you will certainly find this nursing bra among the cheap bras. By the way, you can choose from 4 different sizes. You also have an extra option between a white bra or a black model.

You will notice the stretchy cup as soon as you put on the bra. This makes this model extremely suitable to wear during your pregnancy and breastfeeding period. Your breasts are constantly changing during breastfeeding, and the cup adjusts accordingly.

For most users, this is a good quality bra that is also durable. In addition, the model is very pleasant and easy to use. A single review shows that the buyer still finds the bra a bit too expensive despite everything.

If you are going to be a mom soon and plan to breastfeed your baby, this decent nursing bra might be useful. The bra is available in a neutral white or black color and is available in many different fits. Choose the best nursing bra for you.



you will immediately be amazed by the beautiful and affordable price tag of this unique nursing bra.

Stretchy cup:

because your breasts are constantly changing during and after pregnancy, this stretchable cup is particularly handy and comfortable.


despite the advantageous price, one customer believes that the cost is still too high.

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3. Shock Absorber Sportbeha Performance


Just like the first model, this sports bra also comes from the ShockAbsorber brand. You can choose the model that best meets your expectations. All you have to do is indicate the size and choose from the 7 different colors.

Because you can open the back completely, you can easily put the bra on and off. The wide adjustable straps increase comfort. Furthermore, the bra is made of materials that are not only breathable but also moisture-regulating. That way, the bra is ideal if you want to ride a horse, play volleyball or any other sport.

The majority of customers only see benefits in this product. The bra is not only durable but also offers good value for money. For a single user, this sports bra turns out not to be very useful during sports.

Just like the first product, this bra also comes from the well-known ShockAbsorber brand. ShockAbsorber can certainly be counted among the most popular bra brands. This item is especially ideal to wear during sports. Whether you go horseback riding or mountain biking, this bra offers the right support.


Design and design:

this sports bra is available in different fits and you can also choose from several color combinations.


it is possible to open the back of this type of bra completely, which makes it easier to put the bra on and off.

Ease of use:

the bra is also equipped with extra-wide bra straps that you can also adjust to your own liking.

Not convenient:

only a few users are not completely convinced of the delivered quality of this bra and find the bra not very comfortable during outdoor activities.

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4. Shock Absorber Active Push Up Padded

Are you looking for a bra that not only looks nice during exercise but also fits well, then you should definitely take a look at this push-up bra. You can choose from 3 different sizes.

In the first place, this model offers good and solid support during exercise. In addition, there is also the push-up effect. The wide shoulder straps can be perfectly adjusted to your wishes. The sports bra is made of breathable and especially moisture-regulating materials.

The users of this push up bra are completely convinced. The bra offers a nice fit and the color matches the one in the picture. In combination with the good price-quality ratio, this is a top product for them.

In the meantime, there is no doubt that the ShockAbsorber brand is a true leader in bras. You really have it in all colors and sizes. Like this unique bra that is really ideal for outdoor activities. Moreover, this model also has a push up effect.



this unique bra is available in several fits and colors. This way you choose the bra that fits you best.


the bra naturally offers the necessary support to your breasts in the first place. You can also enjoy a nice and clear push up effect.

Shoulder straps:

the bra has slightly wider shoulder straps that you can adjust easily and without any problems.


the materials used are not only very strong in quality, but also durable. Furthermore, the materials are breathable and regulate moisture particularly well.

Bad value for money:

however, a single customer is not at all satisfied with the quality delivered and finds the price tag too high.

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5. Anita Maternity Bracket 5068

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If you’ve just become a mom and want to breastfeed, or if you’re still pregnant, this bra can be a great asset. Different sizes are available and you can choose between a white or a black bra with an underwire.

During the breastfeeding period, you will notice that your breasts change continuously. The cups of this bra adapt to these changes. In addition, the bra has a soft yet sturdy underwire to increase comfort. The wide shoulder straps can be perfectly adapted to your wishes.

Despite the fact that the product is reasonably expensive, buyers are completely convinced of its quality and durability. The bra is not only easy to use, but also looks very nice.

Finally, there is the option to choose the Anita Maternity Underwire 5068 bra. This model is especially recommended if you have just become a mom and have decided to breastfeed.

Naturally, this type of bra also provides sufficient support during pregnancy. And that’s important as your breasts are constantly changing during and after this period.



it is a handy nursing bra that is available in 2 neutral colors and several fits.


because your breasts change continuously during and after pregnancy, this nursing bra is extra handy. The stretchy cups adapt to your breasts.


buyers do not seem to be annoyed by it for the time being, but it is still possible that some will find the price tag a little too high.

Have you ever try a more flexible & stretchable Gentle Bra? In this article, I’m going to review the Gentle Bra in detail.

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 Best Sellers in Bra 
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