FUJIIRYOKI JP-1100 Massage Chair Reviews 2024

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Fujiiryoki JP-1100 Massage Chair Reviews 2022

Main Features :

  • Made in Japan
  • Medical Certification number: 229ABBZX00034 obtained in Japan
  • Double scanning, double heating system
  • 65 massage programs, 35 personalized massage techniques
  • 4D massage mechanism
  • Massage with perfectly synchronized air cushions
  • Zero Gravity position allows you to have a perfect inclination of the body, this guarantees a deep relaxation favoring circulation.

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Wellness and Relaxation

Massage Chair with 4D Massage Technology.

Fujiiryoki JP-1100 massage chair is made in Japan and have the Medical Certification number: 229ABBZX00034000, obtained in Japan for the quality of the massage and benefit programs. Now you can experience the luxury of Japanese massage in your own home.

Premium Massage Chair & Luxury Design

In Japan since 1954 Fujiiryoki innovates and develops massage chairs of the highest quality. The Fujiiryoki massage mechanism is able to relax stiff muscles.

The 4D Massage Mechanism is an Innovation for Muscle Relaxation

4D Mecha technology is an innovation brought by Fujiiryoki, which offers the user the possibility to benefit from both a light and a deep massage.


With this technique, the Fujiiryoki JP-1100 massage chair offers a deep massage (12.5 cm) and helps eliminate muscle pain, which is also effective for sportsmen.

Kiwami Mecha Pro

Massage chair JP-1100 is very useful for the relief and elimination of chronic pain and muscle aches.

Massage programs apply deep pressure to invigorate and relax the deeper layers of the muscles. Research by Fuji Medical (as of May 2017).

Double Scan

Have you tried a massage chair that massages your bones and feels a lot of pain? Well, that’s not what a professional massage should do!

The JP-1100 Artificial Intelligence system instinctively detects the shape of your spine, detects the position of your shoulders and offers you a deep massage dedicated to your muscles. Sensors optimize the massage points just like acupuncture.

Eliminate Daily Stress

12-Level Massage System

Depending on the muscle pain you are experiencing, you can use the 7-level automatic programs or the 12-level manual programs. Adjust the intensity simply by touching the remote control screen.

Shiatsu Massage

Deep Layer Approach Technique

The Japanese manufacturer designed the Fujiiryoki JP-1100 massage chair to be able to precisely locate acupuncture points from head to toe, including the knees.

  • Match your massage needs
  • Product to comfort the whole body
  • 41 types of massage
  • 85 different massage techniques

Japanese Pulse Massage, with State-of-the-art Air Cushions.

The well-being 

The air cushion massage functionality is performed based on periodic pressures and releases. To ensure a high level of relaxation, the artificial intelligence used controls the air supply to mimic the flexibility of a manual massage.

The Japanese massage chair Fujiiryoki  JP-1100 optimized and controlled : one air cushion inflates quickly, while another slowly deflates.

The air cushions offer unprecedented pressure and relaxation.

Massage with Triple Mode Air System

It offers 3 modes that create the flexibility of a professional massage:

  • Method of manual dough
  • Pulse mode
  • Normal mode

Fujiiryoki JP-1100 massage chair envelops your body with 31 air cushions and helps you to comfortably release accumulated fatigue. You can adjust the strength of each area.

  • Shoulder massage
  • Leg / foot massage
  • Arm massage
  • New calf leg massage
  • M taste at the waist / hips
  • Neck stretch

Shiatsu Rollers for the Soles of the Feet

The mechanism of the Fujiiryoki AI JP-1100 massage chair has a treatment that improves mobility.

This is a great feature for athletes, ladies who often wear high heels, or anyone who needs to relieve aching foot muscles. The Japanese Cyber ​​Relax model is equipped with top heaters from 2019 that help improve blood circulation.

Foot Massage

Many of us don’t care much about our stressed feet and this is totally a false omission. Your whole body is reflected in your feet. Re-energize your body, improve your mood and get rid of sore muscles with the new JP-1100 Cyber ​​Relax foot massage function. The unique shape of the rollers stretches and extends the feet from the arch to the outer side of the soles and relaxes them.

The plantar fascia absorbs the impact of walking. According to your needs, you can adjust your Fujiiryoki JP-1100 foot massage up to 3 levels.

Flat Position at 180 Degrees

High quality sleeping position to help you feel a sense of comfort.

Let go of your whole body and relax. The Fujiryoki JP-1100 4D Cyber ​​Relax massage chair provides the user with a sense of weightlessness. It has to do with the 180 degree recline configuration that the chair can take.

Benefits of 180 Degree Massage with Fujiiryoki JP-1100

Get Rid of Back Pain

Remember our grandparents used to lie down and use pillows under their legs? Today we have Fujiiryoki Medical massage chairs for this.

You can immediately benefit from the 180 degree flat position, it decompresses the spine and relaxes the whole body.

According to the latest medical studies done in Japan, the 180 degree flat position of the Fiujiiryoki massage chairs has been found to be more effective in relieving tension and stress than the Zero Gravity position.

Improve Blood Circulation

Fujiiryoki JP-1100 massage chair offers deep relaxation

Blood circulation in the legs is improved and swelling is reduced. Elevating the legs above heart level during the 180-degree flat position can help prevent conditions such as varicose veins. Your body is fully aligned in parallel with your heart. It is the ergonomically correct sleeping position.

Improve blood circulation

Improve Your Posture

4D massage program also for athletes

Our 4D deep tissue technology (sports massage) will benefit you by correcting your posture, increasing your mobility, correcting muscle imbalance, reducing stress level, reducing headache, migraine. Fujiiryoki JP0-1100 massage chair is specially designed under medical research in Japan to meet your specific and distinctive needs.

Extendable Footrest

Fujiiryoki JP-1100 massage chair is the perfect chair for all members of your family. The footrest extends to a length of over 34cm, so it instantly adjusts to your body size.

Discover the Luxury of Relaxation

With the right human body temperature, it will help eliminate muscle tension. Fujiiryoki dual body heaters warm the areas around the shoulder blades. These areas tend to stiffen, as do the soles of the feet (which tend to cool easily).

Pamper Your Feet

Just like a hot stone massage, our unique heating system features foot and back rollers. It is designed to relax muscles and reduce tension. Ultimately, it improves the circulation of the whole body.

Only the heater can be used.

Intensive Stretching Programs

Touch Screen Remote Control

The short 7-minute courses intensely relax the stiffness and tiredness typical of people today due to lack of exercise or desk work.

Fujiiryoki JP-1100 massage chair is equipped with a total of 21 types of automatic courses, 12 types of massages, 6 regional intensive massages, 3 body relaxation techniques, 3 types of focused stretches.

Wellness and Health with Personalized Programs

Main types of intensive massage.

4D Massage Focused on the Neck

This is the most relaxing chair for the whole body from head to toe. Massage of the Shiatsu points “muscle semispinalis capitis”.

Shoulder-focused Massage

The shoulders are the second part of the body, as the center of concentration for the stress accumulated during the day. We recommend programs that focus on the deep back muscles. The Fujiiryoki JP1100 massage chair will free you from all muscle tension.

Massage Focused on the Sciatic Nerve

Sciatic massage can help you in two ways. The main benefit is to calm the tense muscles (if your muscles are tense, they will put pressure on your sciatic nerve). Fujiiryoki JP-1100 intelligent Japanese technology is made to reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve. The soft stretched massage helps release endorphins – a hormone that helps lift mood.

Focused Leg Massage

The leg massage program has five specific adjustment levels to release tension in the leg muscles. It is especially recommended for tense leg muscles. Pulse Shiatsu massage helps improve blood circulation in the legs.

Morphological Analysis of the Body

The JP-1100 massage chair is able to scan your body with very high precision and locate your Shiatsu points. The massage will be precisely adapted to the body. The morphological scan is performed with high precision while identifying the acupressure points of your back.

Specifications of the Fujiiryoki JP-1100 Massage Chair

Massage Technique

  • Mechanism of human movement 4D Mecha
  • Complete massage with air cushions and rollers
  • 3D massage (up, down, front and back)
  • Deep massage (rollers up to 12.5 cm deep)
  • Spine and shoulder sensors
  • 85 massage techniques (kneading)
  • Roller massage for the heels (for the plantar fascia)

Air Cushion Massage

  • Pressure massage with air cushions
  • Foot reflexology massage
  • Heat therapy for legs and back
  • Arm massage
  • Massage of the muscles of the thighs and buttocks
  • Foot and heel massage
  • Back massage

4D Mecha Technology

  • Body warming
  • Precision scanning
  • 3D depth adjustable on 12.5 levels
  • Air cushion massage pressure adjustment
  • Hand massage (shiatsu points)
  • Waist massage (5 intensity levels)
  • Foot massage (5 intensity levels)


  • Mechanisms for adjusting the speed of the Mecha massage
  • Knead: (4-step adjustment, 8-10 rpm)
  • Tapping: (4-stage adjustment, 250-650 rpm)
  • Up / Down: Approx.5.4 seconds
  • Adjust the backrest and footrest to any
  • Desired position
  • Foot leveling. Roll adjustment: 3-step adjustment
  • Inductive standing stop sensors
  • Footrest Adjustment: More than 35cm
  • Foot rollers rotation speed: About 14-21 cycles / minute
  •  Removable support and cushion (these can be easily removed and cleaned).

Remote Control

  • Color touch screen remote control
  • 30-minute massage course
  • 21 types of automatic courses
  • VIP course (intensive full massage)
  • Elite therapy course (offering unique comfort)
  • Slow stretching (whole body stretching)
  • Relaxation with air cushions (full body massage with air cushions)
  • 16-minute massage course
  • Deep rejuvenation
  • Neck / shoulder course (shiatsu massage)
  • Courses for life (rejuvenation, relaxation)
  • Stretching courses (whole body with air cushions)
  • Massage program focused on the neck, shoulders, scapula, sciatic nerve
  • Memorable course (can memorize your favorite massage)


  • Box dimensions: 920x935x1360mm
  • Full recline (L x W x H): 880 x 2000 x 700 mm
  • Distance from the wall: 50 cm
  • Power supply: 50/60 Hz (AC100V-240V)
  • Power Consumption: 50-60Hz (130W)
  • Motor power consumption: 90W
  • Standby power: 0.3W
  • Net weight: 78 kg
  • Gross weight: 104 kg
  • Minimum width before assembly (approx.): 680 mm
  • Power supply: AC100V – 240V (50 / 60Hz)
  • 100% made in Japan
  • Parts manufactured by Hitachi Medical Instruments
  • Leather made by Nissan
  • Self-diagnosis.


FUJIIRYOKI JP-1100 4D / 4S Mecha Massage Chair is the best luxury 4D massage chair with Japanese Technology. I recommend it with confidence, it is worth more than all the investment.

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