Top 5 Elliptical Trainer Review 2022

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Written by Sonia Naz

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Hi! Welcome to my post “Top 5 Elliptical Trainer”. I always give authentic and unbiased reviews after deep study of each and every product. I cover the basic needs, brand, reliability, durability, and customers feedback on the product.

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Elliptical trainers offer you the opportunity to keep fit at home – regardless of the weather, which has to be used as an excuse not to be active. Exercising is not only healthy, it also gives you a certain level of fitness. Better posture and generally better well-being are also the effects of physical activity.

If you want to do sports at home, you have many different options: from the rowing machine to the exercise bike to the elliptical trainer. In my elliptical trainer comparison I introduce you to 5 devices with their properties and special features.

In my guide, I would like to explain in more detail what advantages this training device brings you and what the differences to other exercise bikes are. There I also point out the various criteria that are decisive when purchasing the elliptical trainer. I will also answer the most common questions asked in connection with the elliptical, for example:

  • Who is this training device for?
  • How do you train most effectively with an elliptical trainer?
  • How often and for how long should the training be carried out?

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Elliptical Trainer List 2022: Find your Best Elliptical Trainer

Sr.No. product price
1. SportPlus SP-ET-7000-iE Ellipsentrainer Check Price
2. Sportstech CX640 Ellipsentrainer Check Price
3. Nautilus E626 Ellipsentrainer Check Price
4. HAMMER Premium-Ellipsentrainer Speed-Motion BT Check Price
5. AsVIVA E4 Pro Ellipsentrainer Check Price

1. The SportPlus elliptical trainer SP-ET-7000-iE with Google Street View


The SportPlus elliptical trainer is one of the medium-priced fitness machines that I present to you in mydirect comparison. This cross trainer is the model SP-ET-7000-iE, which scores with the following features:

  • 24 computer controlled resistance levels
  • Magnetbremssystem
  • Poly-V belt drive with self-tensioning
  • 24 training programs
  • Free Cardiofit app
  • Non-slip and large step surfaces
  • Floor level compensation
  • Display with function keys

The SportPlus elliptical trainer is equipped with the latest and most modern features. The self-tensioning V-belt drive ensures a pleasant sequence of movements that is easy on your joints.

In addition, according to the manufacturer, it is whisper-quiet and maintenance-free. The permanent brake system is equipped with a flywheel mass of 19 kilograms. You have a 24-stage resistance adjustment – controlled by a motor – at your disposal. You can make the settings using the cross trainer computer.

The training computer has a two-color 5.5-inch LCD display with backlighting and an integrated tablet holder. Select the one you want from 24 training programs.

The treads are relatively wide and non-slip – 45 x 27 centimeters – so that you have a good grip during training. The entry is deep, which means that you can easily and comfortably step on the cross trainer.

Using the Cardiofit app and Google Maps or Street View you can plan, save and run your own routes with the SportPlus elliptical trainer SP-ET-7000-iE. The training resistance adapts to the altitude profile from Google Maps or Street View.

During your cross training, you can call up various information on the display:

  • Pulse
  • Calories Consumed
  • Route
  • Time
  • Speed ​
  • Watt

You can optionally measure your heart rate while running in combination with the 4.0 Bluetooth chest straps, which you can buy from accessories shops.

A special feature is also Google Street View, as well as Google Maps. All of this and other features are available to you via the app for Android and iOS. With the connection to the app, you can expand your training program with various functions.

What should you watch out for when exercising with an elliptical trainer? 

Take it slow and increase the load over time. In the running program, your hips must be straight and your arms slightly bent. It is also important that the soles of your feet are always in contact with the foot pedals. You can find out more about this in my guide.
With the integrated transport rollers, you can simply push the SP-ET-7000-iE elliptical to the side when not in use. With the floor level compensation, you can adjust the training device to uneven floors when you set it up so that the elliptical trainer stands straight. The maximum user weight is 150 kilograms.


What is the stride length of the elliptical trainer?

The stride length of the SportPlus SP-ET-7000-iE is around 47 centimeters.

Can I also fold the cross trainer?
No, this device is not collapsible. However, the elliptical trainer has castors so that you can push the fitness machine to the side.
With a height of 1.80 meters - what height should the room in which the elliptical trainer is set up?
With a height of 1.80 meters, the cross trainer requires a room with a height of at least 2.20 meters.
What is the length of the foot pedals?
The length of the pedals is approx. 45 centimeters, so that you have a fairly large step surface.
Can I use the SportPlus elliptical trainer if I am 1.64 meters tall?
You can grip the handles below so that the SP-ET-7000-iE can also be used with smaller users.
Is it possible to run backwards on the elliptical trainer?
Yes, this is possible with this fitness machine.
Does the SportPlus elliptical trainer switch off when not in use?
Yes, if this training device is not used, it switches off automatically.
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2. The Sportstech CX640 Elliptical Trainer with HRC Programs and Tablet Holder


The exercise machine CX640 of Sportstech is designed for the ideal total body workout in combination with the corresponding fitness program.

When you train on the elliptical trainer, you train your stomach, legs, buttocks and many other main muscles. With the integrated tablet holder in combination with a Bluetooth console, you have the option of providing appropriate entertainment during training. On the large display you can see information such as during your workout

  • Pulse
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Calorie consumption
  • Recall

This elliptical has 26 training programs and 5 HRC programs.

What are HRC programs?

With elliptical trainers, HRC programs regularly check the pulse. How exactly these pulse-controlled training programs work and what advantages you have from them, I will explain in more detail in myadvisory section.

The magnetic brake has 16 levels and is computer controlled. According to the manufacturer, it offers a pleasant and even braking effect and is very durable. The flywheel mass of 24 kilograms ensures that the Sportstech elliptical trainer runs naturally and smoothly.
Elliptical trainers generally offer you training that is easy on the joints and, according to the manufacturer, more effectively than on a stepper or ergometer. You can also add an app to this device. So you get more training programs or watch films or videos during your training.
The Sportstech elliptical trainer is equipped with castors so that you can easily move the training device. The maximum user weight for this home trainer is 120 kilograms.
With the practical bottle holder you can have a drink during your fitness program and don’t have to go through a “dry spell”. The CX640 is one of the higher priced fitness machines for the home.


Can the stride length be adjusted on the Sportstech elliptical trainer?
No, you cannot adjust the stride length on the CX640.
Can smaller people also use the elliptical trainer?
If you are 160 centimeters tall, you can make good use of the Sportstech cross trainer. Smaller people should rather buy the CX610 or CX620.
Does the elliptical trainer have an illuminated display?
The elliptical has an LCD display, but not illuminated.
What is the name of the app with which I can connect to this elliptical trainer?
The app is called “delightech App”. The Sportstech CX640 is compatible with this app.
Can I fold the device together?
No, this exercise bike is not foldable. However, you can move it quite easily thanks to the transport rollers.
Does the app only work with iOS devices?
No, the app for this elliptical trainer is available for both iOS devices and Android devices.
Is the training device very loud when running?
No, the elliptical is not very loud.

3. Nautilus E626 elliptical trainer with electronic incline mechanics


This home trainer from Nautilus can be found in the category of higher-priced elliptical trainers. The E626 elliptical trainer is a top model from the manufacturer’s performance series .

With a total of 29 training programs and 25 resistance levels, this training device offers you a comprehensive training program for at home. With the electromagnetic incline adjustment from 0 to 11 percent, you can specifically train different muscle groups and simulate a mountain run.

The 2-DualTrack LCD display has a blue backlight and gives you a good overview. With the Bluetooth connection you can connect to the Nautilus app for mobile phones and virtually run the Prague or London marathon. The app shows you the real running routes as an HD video recording on a corresponding device – such as an iPad or TV set .

With the Nautilus app, you have the opportunity to organize virtual running events with other people. It is planned that you can take part in official running events with the elliptical trainer and the app.

You can connect the Nautilus elliptical trainer E626 to your smartphone via an MP3 connection . Loudspeakers are integrated into the fitness machine , through which you can listen to your favorite music while exercising.

The exercise bike from Nautilus also offers you large footplates for good safety and the precise magnetic brake system and high-quality precision ball bearings also speak for the training device.

The special coating of the individual components should ensure longevity and protect the material from sweat. The training device can be flexibly positioned with the transport rollers.

When exercising with an elliptical trainer, good stability is important – both for the device itself and for your feet on the pedals. The foot pedals should be non-slip and of sufficient size. Arm bars provide even more stability.

The stride length of the Nautilus elliptical trainer E626 is 50.8 centimeters. The elliptical running movement and the stride length give you a joint-friendly training at home.

According to the manufacturer, the PWD high-speed drive system with the rotating flywheel and a high moment of inertia ensures that you can simply start off and train evenly.

The double step rails used should increase your stability, balance and smoothness and effectively distribute the step load. The maximum load on the device is 136 kilograms.


Is the incline setting of the elliptical manual or electric?
The Nautilus E626 has an electrically adjustable incline setting.
What is the stride length of this elliptical trainer?
This fitness machine has a stride length of 50.8 centimeters.
Is the device collapsible?
No, you cannot fold this fitness machine. However, soft castors are installed so that you can slide the elliptical back and forth.
Can I simulate a mountain run with the Nautilus elliptical trainer?
Yes, you can simulate a mountain run. Simply select the appropriate training program.
Does the fitness machine come with a heart rate belt?
No, you can read the heart rate using the integrated hand pulse measurement. A chest strap is not included in the scope of delivery, it can be purchased as an option.
Is the training app free?
Yes, the training app for the Nautilus elliptical trainer E626 is free.
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4. HAMMER Premium-Elliptical Trainer Speed-Motion with BlueTooth


In the area of ​​sports equipment, which is characterized by particularly high quality, the models from the manufacturer HAMMER are mentioned again and again. 

This well-known brand is also active in the elliptical trainer segment and offers a real premium model. This is the HAMMER premium elliptical trainer Speed-Motion BT, which can be controlled via app as a special feature.

You benefit from a connection via Bluetooth, so that in practice it is no problem at all that this sports device can be combined with a smartphone.

Of course, with this model you can expect not only all requirements to ensure effective training, but also modern technology. An electronic magnetic tape system is used, which is characterized by a very precise load control.

In combination with this, the 26 kg flywheel system should also be mentioned, which enables a very quiet running movement to be implemented.

Thanks to the high-intensity training, thanks to the HAMMER premium elliptical trainer Speed-Motion BT, you can implement particularly effective fitness training in order to lose weight quickly. But this model is also wonderfully suitable for optimizing endurance.

Another advantage worth mentioning is the availability of 22 varied training programs that will ensure optimal motivation. All programs can be conveniently selected via the display.


How can the HAMMER Premium Speed-Motion BT elliptical trainer be transported?
For this, the manufacturer integrates special transport rollers so that you can move the sports equipment flexibly.
Is there also a holder for a tablet available for you?
If desired, you can also combine a tablet with the HAMMER premium elliptical trainer Speed-Motion BT. This has the advantage that you can take advantage of the additional functions, especially in terms of entertainment.
Does the manufacturer also install a function for height compensation?
On uneven floors, it is particularly useful if sports equipment has a height compensation function. This is what you can expect from this sports equipment from HAMMER.

5. Ellipticall Trainer AsVIVA E4 Pro with Fitness Computer


The AsVIVA E4 Pro elliptical trainer is one of the higher-priced elliptical trainers that Ipresent to you in mydirect comparison. With this device, you have twelve pre-installed fitness programs and an additional fmyheart rate-based programs for fitness and interval.

In addition, you can manage the entries for fmyusers in order to achieve an optimal training effect for all users. This training device also has 16 computer-controlled resistance levels.

Which braking systems are used on elliptical trainers?

These training devices are usually equipped with a magnetic brake system. It is considered to be particularly quiet and durable. The resistance is set in stages, whereby you usually have fewer resistance levels available than with the induction brake system. You can find a comparison of the two braking systems in the advisory section.
According to the manufacturer, the very quiet elliptical drive and the maintenance-free permanent magnet brake ensure optimal power transmission and an elliptical movement during your training.
The flywheel mass of the elliptical trainer is 18 kilograms and the so-called easy-glide rails and the precision ball bearing should offer you a pleasant run. The maximum weight load of the training device is 130 kilograms.
The fitness computer of the home trainer can be linked to the eHealth fitness app for Android and iOS. You establish the connection to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth .
The elliptical trainer and ergometer E4 Pro has a tablet holder and a mobile phone holder as well as a USB charging station. A drinking bottle holder including a drinking bottle are included with the exercise bike.
The fitness computer shows you all functions at the same time on the large display – for example your training programs, the heart rate as well as information about training such as time, speed, calorie consumption and distance. Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth interface, you can listen to the radio or MP3 files or watch television or videos during your training program.
The hand heart rate monitor is integrated in the handle and provides you with data on your heart rate during your training. However, you can also receive the data via a Polar-compatible chest strap. However, the chest strap is not included. The elliptical trainer can be pushed through the transport rollers, for example to push it to the side when not in use.


Can I use the elliptical trainer well if I am 1.75 meters tall?
Yes, the stride length is 50 centimeters. With a height of 1.75 meters you can use the training device very well.
How big is the footprint of the AsVIVA E4 Pro?
You need an area of ​​200 x 52 x 171 centimeters to set up the elliptical trainer.
Can I also run an incline with the training device?
You can simulate an incline using the resistance setting. This means that you regulate the resistance upwards and thereby obtain an incline.
Can I fold the exercise bike?
No, the AsVIVA elliptical trainer is not foldable. However, it has integrated transport rollers so that it can be pushed to the side if necessary.
Can the app also be coupled with a Windows 10 tablet?
No, the pairing can only take place with devices with Android or iOS.
How big is the inner distance of the pedals on the elliptical trainer?
The inner distance between the pedals, i.e. the distance from pedal board to pedal board, is 8 centimeters. The pedals themselves are 17 centimeters wide.

Common Questions:

Here are some common questions, we will answer one by one:

What is an elliptical trainer?

An elliptical trainer is a fitness device that you can use to train endurance and fitness at home. Elliptical trainers are part of the equipment in the various fitness studios and can be used at home.

If you look closely at the elliptical trainer, its appearance is reminiscent of a bicycle home trainer. While you can sit down on the exercise bike, the elliptical has no seat. So you train standing up.

In addition, most home trainers only train individual muscle groups and elliptical trainers, on the other hand, also use other muscle groups. In addition, you can adapt the movements and sequences of movements when exercising on the elliptical trainer to suit your needs.

The elliptical trainers are often referred to as cross trainers, which is actually not entirely correct. I will explain the differences between these two fitness machines in one of the following sections. First of all, it should be said: Training on the elliptical trainer is gentler on the joints than training on the cross trainer.

On an elliptical trainer, the flywheel with the integrated brake is usually at the front. As a rule, most of these fitness machines are equipped with a magnetic brake.

The pedals are connected to the magnetic brake via an intermediate joint. The movements on the elliptical trainer are stretched and are similar to the movements of Nordic walking.

In addition, the arms are also involved when training on the elliptical trainer. The arm bars are angled so that you can grab them easily during exercise. your arms are slightly bent or slightly extended when you grasp.

Heavy, but stable and mobile

The elliptical trainers are very heavy due to the integrated flywheel, but offer a very high degree of stability. In addition, these training devices have side arms, which also ensure a stable stand.
As a rule, transport rollers are integrated into the foot part of the fitness machine so that the machine can be pushed to the side if necessary.

How does the elliptical trainer work?

Did you know the following?

How the elliptical trainer works can already be deduced from the appearance of the training device: You stand with your feet on the foot pedals and your hands grip the two arm bars that are located in the front area of ​​the elliptical trainer.

You grasp the arm bars with slightly bent elbows and thus support the running movements that you perform with your feet at the same time.

When running, the heel remains on the foot pedal in order to be able to carry out a fluid and above all healthy movement. It is important that the main work comes from the feet, the arm movements are carried out automatically by your body.

In addition, the arm bars give you a certain support during your training program. Experienced elliptical trainer runners do not have to hold onto the arm bars, but can complete their training without them.

You set the resistance level using the integrated computer. You can use this to determine how strongly the magnets act on the flywheel or brake it. The two pedals are coupled to the flywheel so that you drive the flywheel while running.

With the elliptical trainer, the pedals and the arm bars work asynchronously – normal gait is simulated. This movement is called the cross-over movement.

The difference between an elliptical trainer and a cross trainer

Elliptical trainer comparison

The terms elliptical and cross trainer are often used for a device. However, these fitness devices are different training devices. In principle, the elliptical trainer is a subtype of the cross trainer. The two training devices do not differ in their functionality, but in their structure:

  1. The cross trainer owes its name to the movement of arms and legs: they move asynchronously. Moving on the cross trainer is similar to climbing stairs and cycling.
  2. The elliptical trainer is a further development of the cross trainer. The advantage of this training device over the cross trainer is that you can do sport that is easy on the joints with the elliptical trainer. This means that people who struggle with knee problems can also use the elliptical trainer. The movements on the elliptical trainer are softer, more flowing, the steps longer.

On the structural side, the difference lies in the flywheel. While this is usually built into the rear of the cross trainer, it is built into the front of the elliptical trainer. Due to the design, the movements are slightly different compared to the cross trainer, which is sometimes due to the different lengths of the rods and the different translation.

Due to the longer step size, training on the elliptical trainer is often perceived as more pleasant than on the cross trainer.

When training on the elliptical trainer, your feet always remain on the foot pedal of the training device. The elliptical guide moves the hips, knees and ankles naturally, which is more comfortable and gentle on the joints. This makes elliptical trainers the ideal training equipment for people who are overweight or for people who want to do something for their fitness and health in a gentle way.

In the following comparison of advantages and disadvantages, Iwould like to illustrate the advantages of the elliptical trainer.

The Pros and Cons of the elliptical trainer

  • Movements that are gentle on the joints
  • Also suitable for people with overweight or knee problems
  • Longer step size than with the cross trainer
  • Improving and increasing fitness
  • Low maintenance
  • Promotes fat burning
  • Compared to the cross trainer, it is more expensive to buy
  • Sometimes they need more space than a cross trainer

What types of elliptical trainers do I differentiate?

differencesThere is not only the difference to the cross trainers, but it is also important to differentiate between different elliptical trainers.

Most models are visually similar, but there are also differences. Some of the fitness equipment can be folded up or I have already presented the mini elliptical trainer to you in my product comparison. This means that I have these fitness training devices according to:

  • Elliptical trainer
  • Collapsible elliptical trainers
  • Mini-Ellipticaltrainer

Otherwise there are other distinguishing features for the individual devices, such as the flywheel, the braking system or the stride length.

What should you look for when buying an elliptical trainer?

The investment for buying an elliptical trainer is – depending on the device – not exactly insignificant. Especially if you want a good training device that offers you several options and is good workmanship and quality.

So that you can find the right elliptical trainer for you, Iwould like to list the various important points to purchase in more detail.

Cheap or high priced?

The frequency of the planned fitness training should also be taken into account in your purchase decision. If you do not plan to use the elliptical trainer too often, an inexpensive model may be sufficient.
However, if your training program is aimed at frequent use, a more expensive and therefore usually higher quality elliptical trainer is probably the better choice. And these are the criteria that you should look out for when buying an elliptical trainer:
  1. This is what you should pay attention toThe maximum user weight can play a role in your purchase. The elliptical trainers are usually approved for 120 kilograms. However, you will also find exercise bikes with a maximum user weight of 150 kilograms. The maximum user weight is the maximum load limit. If this is not exceeded, you can use the fitness equipment over a long period of time without damage to the strain.
  2. The braking system differs from one elliptical to another. Most of the devices are equipped with a magnetic brake system. You can also get elliptical trainers with electronically adjustable magnetic brakes or induction brakes. The resistance setting is also related to the braking system. Typically, most of the fitness machines have 15 to 20 resistance levels that you can choose individually. But there can also be more resistance levels.
  3. The flywheel says something about how fluid the movements are when exercising with the elliptical trainer. The device of your choice should have at least 10 kilograms of flywheel.
  4. The training computer should show you all the important information about your fitness training. Most elliptical trainers have an LCD display that shows your progress in training. Some of the elliptical trainers are equipped with a very clear display that is easy to use and shows you the data very quickly and easily. Other of these training devices have various buttons, some of which have to be pressed in combination in order to be able to call up relevant information. Many of the machines on offer have various programs that can make your fitness program more varied. These programs also offer you the opportunity to set up a very special running training course with different circumstances.
  5. The stability also plays a role. Iare not only talking about the stability of the elliptical in general, but also about your stability on the foot pedals. Make sure that the foot pedals are sufficiently large and have a non-slip coating to give you a good grip and stand. The arm bars offer you additional safety during your running training with the elliptical trainer. With the mini elliptical trainers, for example, you do not have any handlebars that allow you to stand better. If you want to be on the safe side, the handrail elliptical should be a better choice. Widenings on the side surfaces of the fitness device ensure that the device itself is stable.
  6. The stride length , you should also consider when buying. This indicates how long you take a step with the elliptical trainer. Smaller people should buy an elliptical trainer with a smaller stride length; taller people should buy an exercise machine with a larger stride length. If several people are exercising with the exercise bike, you should orientate yourself on the tallest person.
  7. The best elliptical trainerThe distance between the pedals also plays a role in the purchase decision. It can have an influence on how gentle and comfortable the movements are during your training. What is meant is the inner distance between the pedals, which should ideally be between 50 and 100 millimeters. Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not give a value for this. When in doubt, you should ask or look for the Q factor.
  8. The number of training programs is sometimes very large, depending on the device. How to find elliptical trainers that have 24 and more programs. The programs offer you the opportunity to cover different “distances”: with an incline or a little faster than normal. The variable programs can be an advantage for variety in training.
  9. Heart Rate: If you value heart rate measurement during training, you can choose between hand sensors and chest straps. The latter usually measure more precisely, but usually have to be purchased separately. It is essential to check beforehand whether the chest straps are compatible with your training device. On the other hand, hand sensors are located directly on the elliptical trainer in many devices. There are also devices that offer pulse-controlled training programs to optimize your training even more.
  10. Accessories in the form of coupling options with training apps for iOS and Android may also play a role in the purchase decision. If you enjoy watching films or videos while you are running, the “Bluetooth” equipment could be the ideal option for you. You can connect your smartphone or tablet to the elliptical trainer via Bluetooth and listen to music or watch films. A tablet or mobile phone holder on the training device itself can also be an advantage. Some of the elliptical trainers available on the market are equipped with a water bottle holder, for which you usually get the right water bottle.

Something about the history of the elliptical trainer

Effective fitness training not only focuses on the natural sequence of movements, but also on reducing stress on different parts of the body. In the course of these considerations, the first elliptical fitness trainer came onto the market in 1995. It was developed by the company “AmerSports Deutschland GmbH”. However, this fitness device was a cross trainer.

Precor also released an elliptical cross trainer. The CrossRamp played a major role in this training device. Using this CrossRamp, the height could be adjusted in angular steps of 13 to 40 degrees. This enabled users to train different muscle groups in a targeted manner and at the same time.

With a slight incline it was possible to take long steps, with a large incline short steps could be combined. In 2004 came the successor to this training device, which was on the one hand more compact and on the other hand now made real running movements possible.

Train many muscle groups in a way that is gentle on the joints

With the appearance of this cross trainer, it was clear to specialists and doctors that this training device could train many muscle groups at the same time, but also very gently on the joints. This was the beginning for elliptical machines to take their place in the gym. Some time later, the cross trainer also established itself in the private sector.
Further development stages of this training device followed. The running movements were made even more effective by bringing the rear-wheel drive forward. And that was the birth of the elliptical trainer.
Over the years, the braking systems have been further developed and improved, so that today most elliptical trainers are equipped with a magnetic brake system. However, the development goes even further: The modern elliptical trainers have ball-bearing articulated joints on the arm and pedal bars to enable you to exercise even more joint-friendly.

How to train efficiently with the elliptical trainer


In contrast to the cross trainer, the soles of the feet should always stay in contact with the foot pedals on the elliptical trainer.

You should have your legs slightly bent in order to protect the joints and to avoid excessive strain due to incorrect posture. You should always keep your upper body upright during your training and straighten your back.

Keep your hips straight throughout your running program. Under no circumstances should it swing back and forth. The arms are slightly bent and, above all, relaxed. In the beginning, you should take the exercise slowly to increase over time.

How effective is training on the elliptical trainer?

In terms of energy consumption, training with an elliptical trainer is comparable to treadmill training. I have put together a small table to show you the efficiency of training with the elliptical trainer.

It gives a rough idea of ​​how effectively you can work with the elliptical trainer, whereby many other aspects also play a role – for example the frequency of training, the intensity or your diet:

body weight Calorie consumption after 15 minutes
50 kilograms 139 kilocalories
70 kilograms 194 kilocalories
90 kilograms 249 kilocalories

How do I use the most calories?

If you want to burn a lot of calories, you should do interval training. This includes short training phases with a high load in combination with recovery phases that take place on a lower level.

The braking systems of the elliptical trainer

In one of the previous sections Ilisted the different braking system techniques of the elliptical trainer. In this section Iwould like to explain the differences between the braking systems to you in more detail. Idifferentiate between elliptical trainers:

  • Magnet brake system
  • Induction brake system

The braking system in elliptical exercise bikes, as the elliptical trainer is also called, is required to be able to brake the integrated flywheel and thus generate the desired pedal resistance. Depending on the braking system, you can adjust the step resistance in different ways.

The ellipitical home trainer with magnetic brake system

This braking system is the most commonly used on elliptical trainers. Due to the lower price of this brake system compared to the induction brake system, training equipment is often cheaper.

The magnetic brake systems are operated with permanent magnets that brake the flywheel mass of the training device. The resistance is set in stages. The training devices with a magnetic brake system are very quiet and show little wear and tear.

As a rule, the training machines with this braking system have fewer resistance levels than the induction braking system elliptical trainers.

The elliptical trainer with induction braking system

Basically, it can be said that the elliptical trainers with this braking system are more expensive to buy. This fitness equipment has many resistance levels, which means that you can fine-tune your training.

These home trainers are driven by an electric coil with a generated current flow. The flywheel is not touched, which means that the elliptical is very quiet and the material cannot wear out. The resistance levels are set continuously.

The elliptical trainer with induction braking system has one striking difference compared to the training device with magnetic braking system: it requires electricity.

Questions about the elliptical trainer

Question mark

HRC programs – what does that mean?

The HRC programs are pulse-controlled training programs. These programs are perfect if you want to improve your stamina or lose weight. The fitness equipment checks the pulse at certain intervals in order to then increase or decrease the resistance.

Who is the elliptical trainer suitable for?

This training device is for those who like to do sports at home, train their body, increase their fitness or want to lose weight. Due to the joint-gentle movement, the elliptical trainer is suitable for everyone, so to speak. Even people with a little more body or with knee problems can tackle their training sessions on the fitness training device.

Can I lose weight by exercising on the elliptical?

This question can be answered with “yes” – depending on the amount of training and other influences such as diet etc. Because with the elliptical trainer you train your entire body, whereby a lot of muscle parts are used.

The fat burning is boosted, so that training with this device is very suitable for losing weight. In addition, a more muscular body burns more calories even at rest in order to supply the muscle mass. This can also help you lose weight.

How often should I exercise on the elliptical trainer?

In order to lose weight, improve the condition and increase the general fitness, certain training units are necessary to achieve success. Of course, the intensity and frequency of training depends on your own “constitution”.

For good success, it is recommended that you do your exercise program on the elliptical trainer about three to fmytimes a week. It makes sense to plan breaks in training to give the body the opportunity to regenerate.

When exercising, I generally recommend that you check your pulse and heart rate with a heart rate monitor. In this way you can see which combustion phase your body is currently in.

Elliptical trainer test and comparison

How long should you exercise on the elliptical trainer?

The recommendation is at least 25 minutes per training session. Calories are consumed from the first minute, but if you want to build muscle, according to fitness trainers, you should not go less than 25 minutes. The muscles are, so to speak, challenged by the longer strain.

Should you feel weak and broken or should your strength weaken, stop the training for that day.

Which muscle parts or muscle groups are trained with the elliptical trainer?

As already mentioned several times, different muscle groups are trained with this training device. Mainly the muscles in the legs, but the upper body and arms are also addressed. Due to the total tension during running, you inevitably train your back and chest, as well as the shoulder area. With the elliptical trainer you almost have a full-body fitness workout.

What does an elliptical trainer cost?

The prices of the elliptical trainers are very different. If you choose a mini elliptical trainer, the cost factor is quite low. However, if you decide on a trainer with an induction brake system, you have to calculate with several euros as an expense. Ultimately, the purchase decision also depends on the frequency of your training, which you would like to complete with the elliptical trainer.

Is there an elliptical trainer test at Stiftung Warentest?

The Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out an elliptical trainer test. During mysearch for test results with the efficient exercise bikes, however, Icame across an exercise bike test. This test was a few years ago, but takes a closer look at treadmills and cross trainers. A total of ten crosstrainers and five treadmills were sent to the test laboratory by the independent test department. The test subjects found pollutants in the arm bars and dumbbells.

Should Stiftung Warentest carry out an elliptical trainer test in the near future, I will inform you about the result of the test at this point.

Is there an elliptical trainer test on Öko Test?

The search for an elliptical trainer test on Öko Test did not lead to any result. The research for exercise bikes or cross trainers did not yield any test results. Should Öko Test take a closer look at the elliptical trainer in the near future, I will inform you about the test result.

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