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Donnerberg NM089 Original Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager Review 2022

Donnerberg Original NM089
Written by Sonia Naz

Donnerberg NM089 neck massager in the test


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If you have already informed yourself at a trade fair, you should have already met the original Donnerberg NM089 neck massager. Because the Donnerberg company based in Munich is very active in this area. Hence, the name “Original” is because Donnersberg his own words the first ones were who brought such a product on the German market. The quality is with them at the top.

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So the massager was manufactured according to German quality standards . The materials are RoHS certified, the product tested by TUV SUD.

Furthermore, the original was neck massager since the introduction of constantly improved and performance with customer requirements, customized. Anyone looking around the Internet will experience the same as the trade fair visitor. Because here too, product tests and recommendations cannot avoid the Donnerberg NM089 . Last but not least, the recommendation of the German Olympic Sports Confederation is conducive to successful marketing .

But what makes the NM089 right compared to other products  like Naipo massager, are the many positive reviews justified?

Main Features:

  • 8 round massage heads
  • 2 directions of rotation, changeable
  • 3 massage speeds, adjustable
  • Pleasant infrared heating function
  • Vibrationsfunktion
  • Flexible suspension system
  • Donnerberg motor with 24 watts of power
  • Precise, individually adaptable treatment without outside help
  • Can be used on the whole body

Scope of services

Donnerberg doesn’t just want to convince with their products. Also the customer service is very important. This offers German-speaking customers the option of contacting them  by email or phone . You meet a competent, German-speaking team . A clear pointer in the direction of quality leadership is also the 7 year guarantee that you as a customer can count on. The competition cannot keep up here. To which is return shipping free.

The product

The Donnerberg NM089 is available in two versions : either in black or in beige / gray . Both variants are exactly the same in construction and scope . The only difference is in the color. You get a lot for your money with this product:

  • The neck massager
  • Two removable covers with zipper, washable at 40 ° C
  • A hygienic towel with Velcro
  • A protective bag made of environmentally friendly material
  • A power supply 220V
  • Also a 12V car adapter
  • In addition, the operating instructions

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The massager comes in a U-shape with two loops. With its 1.8 kg weight, it is quite handy, flexible and easily stowed. The surface material is made of synthetic leather , while a breathable, soft mesh cover is stretched over the massage area . A battery is not included. For this, the cable has a good length of 200 cm .Donnerberg NM089 original neck massager included

The original Donnerberg NM089 is available in both black and beige with free shipping. You can view the current price and availability here:

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The original Donnerberg neck massager with battery

The latest development of the Donnerberg NM089 is now available wirelessly with a battery . For this, the gentlemen from Munich installed a long-lasting Samsung battery with 2600 mAh .

Once charged, the Donnerberg neck massager can massage for about 100 minutes without a network connection. This compensates for a small disadvantage of the test winner and you can move freely during the treatment .

The idea behind the original was to enable a tension-relieving, relaxing treatment of the muscles without outside help , which can be individually adapted to your own needs . At home and on the go, in the office or after sports. Complete mobility is not guaranteed due to the missing battery . But thanks to the car adapter , you can be massaged as a passenger in the car and anywhere else where there is an electrical outlet.

The principle is based on the Japanese Shiatsu massage . For this purpose , two massage units, each with 4 different sized massage heads, rotate against each other. The heads are rounded. So they simulate the finger pressure of the therapist , depending on the application, reaching deep into the tissue . In total, there are eight such massage heads.

The range of programs has never been surpassed by any other article. The units can rotate in both directions . The direction of rotation is adjustable . You can also choose between three different rotation speeds.

The intensity can be continuously adjusted by the user. To do this, pull the two loops of the device. The harder you pull, the deeper the massage heads reach into the tissue and the more intense the massage experience. If you just want to be gently massaged, you can simply let the weight of the Donnerberg NM089 work.Donnerberg NM089 neck massager massage scope

The vibration function also offers a gentle relaxation of the muscles. Most competitors miss this extra. For example, it can also be used to warm up the muscles before the actual treatment . And here we are with the infrared heating function , which rounds off the program.

This can also be activated independently of the other functions . However, it probably does not reach the temperature of a classic hot water bottle. It should be much more supportive . The pleasant warmth can be felt quickly , relieves tension and relaxes the muscles by stimulating the blood circulation and the tissue relaxes.

The Donnerberg motor ensures a powerful massage . This is 24 watts strong. A special flexible suspension system adapts the massage heads to the surface conditions and is also intended to prevent severe pain in problem areas. The sophisticated technology is certainly more ambitious than with comparable massage devices.

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Massage operation

The Donnerberg NM089 is applicable to the whole body . Not only neck and shoulders should be massaged – even if the treatment is probably the most comfortable here.

Original Donnerberg NM089 neck massager operation
Original Donnerberg NM089 neck massager operation

It can also be used to reduce tension in the back, hips, abdomen, thighs and lower legs, calves, feet and arms . You just have to hit the right spot and regulate the intensity using the loops.

All functions can be set using the control element above the left loop. It is easy to reach with the right hand even during operation .

Control five buttons:

  • On/off
  • Change of direction of rotation
  • Change in rotation speed
  • Switching the heating function on and off
  • Switching the vibration function on and off
Let the original Donnerberg NM089 neck massager massage directly on the skin . This is how the heat function comes into its own and the massage effect is optimally transferred. The washable covers and the enclosed cloth with Velcro fastener ensure hygiene .

When used correctly, you quickly get used to the treatment with the massager. A treatment cycle lasts 15 minutes . Then the device switches off for safety reasons . But it is immediately ready for use again . Applied in the right places, you get a feeling almost like that of the right masseur.

If you have persistent tension, the device helps by effectively kneading the tissue and loosening the muscles . The result should not be underestimated. After an application you feel relaxed like after a proper massage from the therapist.

Even if you finally want to unpack the Donnerberg Original and full of enthusiasm for the massage, it is still a matter of caution. If you have painful tensions that have been going on for a long time, you should carefully approach the optimal treatment with increasing intensity .

This is also confirmed by the vast majority of customers . On the Internet, you will almost exclusively come across convincing customer opinions and positive experiences . Quite a few report that the Donnerberg NM089 helped them even with persistent, protracted tension .

Anyone who has tried the device will believe these reviews. And so it is not surprising that this article distinguishes highest customer satisfaction in  comparison. Although rated so often (almost 1,000 times on Amazon to date), it still receives top ratings on average .

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Advantages and disadvantages

First up is here the quality and Masssage experience . The Donnerberg NM089 is unmatched in the neck massager sector . Of course, this also includes the exemplary range of programs .

The gentlemen from Munich are so convinced of the quality of their own products that they give their customers a 7 year guarantee . This is not the case for comparable massagers. A clear plus for customer security .

The scope of delivery is also convincing . Probably the only neck massager that comes with two covers and a hygiene towel . Car adapter is also available. A small drop of bitterness is the missing battery . So you are always dependent on a power source.

So far we haven’t heard anything bad about customer service . This can also be reached by phone , which Donnerberg has ahead of most competition. One should not forget the advantage for German customers that this is a local company and that communication is easy. Others already fail here.

As a minus point, we list the high price here . The entire scope of services may well justify the high price of currently 189 euros , because this is unmatched by other products. Nevertheless, there are cheaper alternatives that seem more suitable for the small budget. However, you often have to be satisfied with a two-year guarantee or even just the statutory guarantee , which could possibly relativise the costs over time.

Last but not least, the high level of customer satisfaction speaks in favor of a recommendation. No other neck massager on the German market was rated as often and as well as the Donnerberg NM089.

  • Best quality
  • Customer service & 7 year guarantee
  • Very good program range
  • Very good massage performance
  • Highest customer satisfaction
  • High price

Conclusion: In our comparison, the Donnerberg Original is the test winner . If you want quality for your health, we recommend that you make this investment. In this case, however, quality comes at a hefty price of currently 189 euros . With a guaranteed term of 7 years , the price is relativized. So you can speak for an investment in the future . If that’s too much for you, you’ll find cheap alternatives . In this he is but in terms of quality, customer service, delivery and scope some compromisesdo. If you are not afraid of spending, we can predict satisfaction with great certainty .

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