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Top 3 Donnerberg Massager Review 2022

donnerberg massager
Written by Sonia Naz

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Due to “Covid-19” most of my recommended products may be unavailable. However, I’ve given the best alternative against each product. Buy the alternative in case of recommended product unavailability.

Relaxing our muscles is an important issue. There are those who do not need a massage too much, but those who do need it, we look for quality, since it is a delicate matter.

Donnenberg brand brings the high degree of quality of its products to our home so that we have it easier. The donnerberg Massager is well known brand in the massager category.

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Let’s see which electric massagers from this firm are the most recommended:

  1. Donnerberg Premium NM-090 Massager
  2. Donnerberg NM-089 Massager
  3. Donnerberg NM-088 Massager

So which Donnerberg Massager to choose?

Although a comparison table always helps to see, globally and very quickly, which product we should buy or need, in this case they are very similar models.

So now we are going to comment on the details of each one, their main differences and their similarities so that this helps you decide even more.

1. Donnerberg Premium NM-090 Battery Massager

donnerberg massager

From the outset we can tell you that Donnerberg massagers are not a synonym for cheap apparatus, it is worth the rhyme. But they are quality.

In fact, the Donnerberg Massager Premium Akku NM-090 is one of the few massagers with handles that we can find that works with rechargeable batteries, wirelessly.

This does not mean that those with cables have to be worse but, obviously, this model has a plus of comfort. At least when it comes to using it anywhere: you can be with it in a living room chair or in bed, for example, without needing a plug (socket) next to it.

This freedom provided by not depending on a cable and its low mobility in comparison, together with the fact that the Akku NM-090 adapts very well to almost any body area, make this massager a firm representative of versatility.

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2. Donnerberg Massager Premium NM-089 Electric Neck Massager

donnerberg massager

On the other hand we have this other model, the NM-089. That in a few words we could say that it is similar but that it works by cable.

A back and neck massager that incorporates the handles can always come in handy to control the intensity of the massage in a personalized way, so it is also a point to consider with these electric massagers.

It is probably Donnerberg’s best-selling self-massager because it is one of the most standard and, in turn, one of the ones that most people can satisfy. Prices would have to be assessed to stay with one or the other.

In the case of this Donnerberg Massager Premium NM-089, by the way, we can find it in two different colors: Black and Beige. Click here to read full detail review.

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TruMedic InstaShiatsu+ Neck, Back, and Shoulder Massager with Heat

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3. Donnerberg Massager Klopfy NM-088 Cervical Massager

donnerberg massager

On the other hand, the Donnerberg Massager Klopfy NM-088 is a 2-in-1 massager that incorporates two more heads (or nodes) including percussion or tapping therapy.

We explain ourselves better: this massage device is capable of offering us a shiatsu massage, which is basically pressure, and percussion massage, which is a kind of vibration by tapping the muscle that is trying to relax.

The best thing about the three models is that they are valued very well, so the purchase decision can only be based on the price. That this is something to value personally. Everyone knows how much money they are willing to dedicate to this help for self-relaxation.

We, for our part, leave you the best offers so that this money is the least possible and thus you have a more satisfactory purchase.

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Similarities and Differences in these Models

Let’s first look at the similarities of these Donnerberg massagers:

  • All of them are massagers with shiatsu massage technology with 3 levels of intensity.
  • They incorporate the functionality of heat to help relax muscles, with two levels of temperature.
  • They have vibration functions .
  • The heads or nodes rotate in all directions.
  • TÜV certificate, which is a guarantee of quality and safety.
  • The brand offers a 7-year guarantee on each one Something that at , we consider very important.
  • They come with 3 replacement covers.
  • They are made of a soft material.
  • They have an auto-shutdown function and protection against overheating.
  • They incorporate an electric power adapter for the car cigarette lighter.

And, on the other hand, we see how they are different:

  • Only the “Premium Akku NM-090” works with Samsung rechargeable batteries, that is, it is the only wireless one. In fact, it is one of the few electric massagers that we have analyzed on this website that can work without cables.
  • The “Donnerberg Massager Premium NM-089” is offered in two different colors.
  • Only the “Klopfy NM-088” model incorporates a percussion or tapping function.

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