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Beurer EM49 Electrostimulator Review and Opinions 2022

Beurer EM49 Electrostimulator Review
Written by Sonia Naz
Welcome to my post ” Beurer EM49 Electrostimulator Review and Opinions 2022 “We all like to play sports, both as a hobby and with a goal in mind. If like us, you practice it with the intention of getting in shape or enjoying its benefits for quality of life, surely you would like to get the most out of that effort you make.

The tools that allow this are called electro-stimulators and, like the Beurer EM49 (see the offer on Amazon) , they are becoming both the main recommendation of physiotherapists and masseurs like us.

When our team of massage therapists recommend one of these devices, they do so for two possible reasons. The first: that, as we said, it seeks to improve sports action. The second: solve muscle aches and pains .

Not all electrostimulators work at the same level, which is why it is necessary to choose effectively .

This Beurer model, for example, meets the needs and even surprises with some features that put it ahead of many of its competitors.

Read following artcile for use of Tens Unit on Neck for Pain Relief:

What will you find in this article?

  • Features of the Beurer EM49
  • Review of the Beurer EM49
  • Comparison of the Beurer EM49 with other models in the same range
  • Frequently asked questions before buying the Beurer EM49
  • Final Opinions on the Beurer EM49 and its Price

Features of the Beurer EM49

  • TENS and EMS system

  • Two independent adjustable channels
  • 64 programs
  • 6 customizable programs
  • Doctor function
  • 50 intensity levels
  • Timer from 5 to 100 minutes
  • Adjustable intensity
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Belt clip
  • Security switch
  • 83 gram weight
  • Very small and light
  • Electrode position indicator
  • Timer
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Cover EMS, TENS and Massage
  • The instruction manual has very small drawings
  • Few replacement stickers are included

Conclusion :

If you like a chair where you can get a massage, your goal is to save a lot of money. It’s probably a decent massage chair. But they rarely offer high-quality massages to help you relax.

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Beurer EM49 Review

When recommending an electro stimulator we always take into account choosing the models that provide a guarantee, high performance and that can be trusted for all types of tasks. The Beurer EM49 (see the offer on Amazon) fits in this type of device, and it has come to show us, in the exhaustive tests we have done, that it is a team of great possibilities.

In our analysis, we stop at all the fundamental characteristics so that you know what you can expect from this electrode system if you get hold of it.

First of all, let us show you this video, where a fitness expert shows how to use this electro stimulator . We found it really useful and close:

On the other hand, before starting fully with the characteristics that make this model unique, let us show you everything that it includes when you buy it:

  • Stimulating
  • 2 connecting cables
  • 4 electrodes 4.5 × 4.5cm
  • 1 belt clip
  • 3 pilas AAA
  • Manual

The first thing that convinces us about this terminal is how small it is, handy and portable. It is easy to carry it in your bag or suitcase and its battery means that you do not have to think about having to recharge it if the trip you are going to make is only for a few days.

Its slim format makes it very practical, so if you are going to take it on a trip, you will only have to worry about putting on the protected electrodes. This helps you continue to use it even on vacation. On the other hand, its use is very simplified thanks to its backlit screen.

It shows important information, such as the program or intensity level that has been chosen. But it is more relevant that the image of the human body appears and that it tells you where to place the electrodes. Thus, although the instruction manual is not very practical in that sense, because the drawings are small, at least it is compensated by the display indicator.

32 programs for sports use

If of the total of 64 programs, half are dedicated to the sports experience, you can get an idea of ​​how it is focused, above all, to enhance exercise performance. Every minute of sport you do will now count for much more. That will help you multiply all that effort and have a better chance of reaching your physical goals in less amount of time.

One of the details to mention is that all sports programs can be individually adjusted to regulate the intensity and the way in which you take advantage of them. Their standard duration is 30 minutes per session and they focus on boosting performance in different areas in various ways.

For example, if what you want is to help the muscles of the arms, you can choose programs that strengthen the muscles, maximize their strength, increase the starting force, the elastic force, or help the conformation of this area of ​​the muscles. This same area work philosophy also applies to other parts of the body, such as the abs, thighs, legs or shoulders.

In addition, among the EMS programs, there is also one that is recommended to use when warming up and another that helps in capillarization. By using them, you will ensure that your physical effort achieves better results.

Different types of massage that will relax you

The massage programs last 20 minutes and provide you with the support that your muscles need after an intense sporting task.

Come on, it is especially useful at that time when you are tired and your body is at a critical point because it is exposed to the appearance of soreness or even possible injuries if you do not finish the sports session in an appropriate way.

With these massage programs you can take care of giving your muscles a good rest and thus make sure you do not have problems in the future. The massages available include tapping on various areas of the body, friction, pressure, relaxing massage, relaxing massage or various spa massage options.

The only thing you have to pay attention to is to put the electrodes as marked in the figure on the screen so that they act as they have to and thus you can receive the massage.

Setting up the Doctor role

Another feature available in the electrostimulator is the Doctor function, which is part of the technology with which Beurer devices make their way among sports lovers. This system takes care of giving ease of configuring personalized programs so that they are executed easily , since these are activated immediately when you turn on the machine.

It is important to note that the Doctor function is intended as a medical solution , so it must be supervised by specialists. Of course, at the time you configure it, it will be one of the best ways to take advantage of the service that the device gives you. Among other things, you can configure the frequency of the pulses emitted by the electrodes between a minimum of 1 Hz and a maximum of 150 Hz, their width between a scale of 80 to 450 μs, the program time and the rest volume, these last two parameters between 1 and 30 seconds.

Solve pain with custom programs

As we’ve already mentioned, the Beurer EM49 also acts as a TENS device, so you can rely on it to reduce body aches and pains.

Although it is not its main task, it offers a good application in different parts of your body.

We can assure that your electrodes work to reduce pain and that the effects are not long in being noticed, being appreciated practically from the first session. All these massages have a duration of 30 minutes with which you can face your pain.

Its 12 pain relief programs are divided into several areas, such as the lower extremities, upper extremities, shoulders, different parts of the back, buttocks, or thighs. The variety of programs that it proposes is surprising because it covers more parts of the physiognomy than are usually present in other electro-stimulators.

It also helps eliminate ankle pain, chronic pain, and general aches and pains that you may have in other areas of the body. And it has an endorphinic effect mode that helps calm ailments in the most serious moments.

More customization at your disposal

One of the particularities that define this electro stimulator is the possibility of customizing six channels to adjust them to the type of exercise and performance you may need. This is a way to expand the freedom of the device since it allows to fill any lack of this in terms of programming. You can define the placement of the electrodes, the volume of intensity, and the oscillation, getting support with which to perform any physical exercise you need.

You can also use it to program massages that you would not be able to do otherwise, which opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to squeezing the potential of the device. Additional options you can customize include pulse shape, frequency, pulse width, and intensity volume. If you have difficulties when it comes to customizing these parameters, it is best to refer to the instruction manual, as it has very detailed explanations of each element.

When you activate the Doctor function, this will become the main operating method of the electro stimulator, so, to change use, you will have to remove it. Doing so is not complicated and after that, you can configure it again whenever you want.

Can the electrodes be used to strengthen areas of the body not mentioned in the instructions?

Yes, there is no problem at all. The Beurer EM49 should be viewed as a device that enables training and relaxation of the entire body as a whole. It is true that not all possible programs are included, but this is due to the device’s own limitations and the manufacturer’s desire not to complicate the user experience with too many options.

However, following the instructions of a physical therapist or medical professional, you can configure the electrodes to soothe any type of muscle pain and even other conditions. The potential of the device comes as a surprise.

What kind of replacement patches can be used?

You can use any generic patch or those of the brand itself. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the measurement of the electrodes is 45 x 45 mm, so you need some replacement patches that fit it.

Is the distance between the electrodes important?

Very important. The distance between the electrodes marks the tissue coverage that is performed, or, in other words, that performed by the exercise. But what you have to keep in mind is that the separation of the electrodes directly influences the volume of intensity. Therefore, if you are looking for intensity and result, it is better if the electrodes are close, even if they take up less space.

That said, remember that the proper distance is between 5 and 15 centimeters. If you are going to use a distance less than this recommended average, it will be for superficial areas of the body, while with a greater distance you will work structures of great extension, but always at low intensity.

How do I clean the Beurer EM49?

The most important and sensitive are the electrodes, since keeping them clean will ensure that you can use them for a longer time and not have to change them regularly. The way to clean them is with a cloth that you have slightly dampened and that is not of poor quality, since that could leave lint. Another way to clean them is with water. Before doing so, disconnect the electrodes. Then use water that is at a warm temperature and make sure to dry it well with a cloth that does not leave any type of residue.

Cleaning the appliance is usually not complicated, but it is recommended to do it so that it is always hygienic . First, disconnect the battery. Then use a cloth that, as before, is lint-free and is also slightly damp. Do not use any type of cleaning product. If it is very dirty, you could moisten the cloth with water and a little soap.

Final opinions on the Beurer EM49 and its price

The Beurer EM49 (see offer on Amazon) is one of the electrostimulators that offers the best performance and offers the greatest number of possibilities. Its dynamic design, small size and easy controls, helps make it very accessible to all people, even those who have not had any experience with this type of electrode machines before.

In the cases in which we have recommended it, it has been to people who need calm in their muscles, in which they accumulate pain and tension due to their sports sessions. It has also given very good results in cases of those who practice a lot of sports and who require a tool that can complement their efforts to get more out of it.

The case of one of our patients is especially notable, to whom we regularly massage the abdominal area, where it tends to accumulate more tension. You’ve been looking for the Six Pack for a while and you don’t always listen to recommendations about the limits of your training sessions. His routines include planks, dynamic planks, CrossFit crunches and Russian twists, practicing all at a high level.

From the moment you started using the Beurer EM49, the results you achieved were superior, and by the end, you rested better with the relaxation massages . We also recommend using the warm-up program, so that your abs are better prepared for the exercise. The result of all this has been to improve his sports routine and reduce his ailments, which has also resulted in him being able to stop getting deep massages so frequently.

Considering the price of the device and what can be saved in massages and ailments, the result is a good investment that is worth making.


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