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5 Best Rowing Machines Reviews 2022

best rowing machines
Written by Sonia Naz

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It’s not just about getting in shape, you want everyone to be as chiseled, toned and sexy as possible. Rowers are your one-stop-shop for a full-body workout, taking care of the legs, calves, biceps, pecs, triceps, and more. Here we will give a review of the 5 best rowing machines.

Your home gym is important, your health is your creed; we’ve found the best rowing machines to keep you in top physical shape, as well as a complete guide to doing’s and don’ts, and all the hot questions you’ve been asking yourself for a long time.

5 Best Rowing Machines Reviews 2022

1. Concept2 Model D Rower

Best Rowing Machines

Perhaps one of the most recognized rowers on the market today, Concept2 has taken the basic set of rowers and turned it upside down.

Turn your Model D into a full-body workout with app sync, a self-calibrating computer screen to measure your heart rate, and a spacious 9 X 4 format, and splits in half for storage very easily.

Assembling this bad boy was probably the easiest time we have ever had to assemble any piece of home gym equipment. We are still a bit in shock.

Your frame is all that matters -; it supports your weight and forms the basis of your machine. This frame comes with a five-year warranty and a 500-pound weight capacity guarantee, so you can go back and forth and emerge a champion every time.

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You benefit from a large space to sit, which allows you to adapt to your level of comfort and posture. In addition, your footrest is also adjustable. Concept2 has made it the most comfortable you can feel while continuing to exercise for the biceps and for the biceps.

  • Real-time data from a self-calibrating monitor
  • Plenty of room to sit
  • Extremely simple assembly
  • 500 lb capacity
  • Five-year frame warranty
  • Brand: Concept2
  • Model: 2712-US
  • Device weight: 57 pounds

2. Orbital Rowing by Stamina

Best Rowing Machines

Our dolphin is the ultimate contender, sporting some of the same features as our best choice. You have a five-year warranty on the frame and up to ninety days on the parts (in case you do not have time to build it for a few weeks, you are still covered).

While the Compact2 was the easiest to assemble, the Orbital Rowing Machine comes in close to the second and is actually much easier to store.

You get less movement than you can do, but you are still able to do a great workout to train your whole body. By focusing on the main rowing model, the Stamina Orbital has a serious punch.

One of the most important elements of any training equipment is fit. You are not going to buy ten rowers for different parts of your transformation or maintenance of your body. You want to raise your level of play, this machine is just around.

You get multiple levels of adjustment for varying degrees of tension control, and a very comfortable seat so you don’t kill your bum while you row all night. Price: perfect. Your home gym: almost done. Our handy guide to the best ab machines offers other great products like this.

  • Thick padded seat for optimal comfort during long stretches
  • Multiple settings for tension control
  • Compact size for storage
  • Quick assembly
  • Five-year frame warranty
  • Brand: Stamina
  • Model: 35-1215
  • Device weight: 52 pounds

3. WaterRower Club Wooden Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machines

In our detailed buying guide below, we explain who the rowers are and why, but the key feature that we can’t stress enough is the silent operation.

While some hydraulic / air rowers will produce industrial sound effects, the water rowers are virtually silent, making them preferred by home gym users who have to deal with light rowers in the home. Made from premium ash wood, it will also look like a damn centerpiece no matter where you place it.

But it’s not just a question of aesthetics. WaterRower is designed to support up to 1,000 lbs. If you’re looking to shred and reduce weight, you’re in luck, because WaterRower has you covered, no matter what your goal or starting weight.

Higher weight capacities are directly correlated to more durable equipment, and this one has been a beloved version by many men who seek to cut more than a hundred pounds, and who still have a reliable rowing machine for keeping their bodies sculpted for years to come.

  • Flywheel reproducing the feeling of real rowing
  • Performance monitor for training intensity and heart rate monitoring
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Weight capacity up to 1,000 lbs
  • One year frame warranty
  • Brand: WaterRower
  • Model: Club S4model
  • Weight: 117 lbs

4. Sunny Health & Fitness Full Motion Rowing Machine Rower

Best Rowing Machines

With some features less dense than our successors on the list, Sunny Health & Fitness brings us their magnetic rowing machine. You will see a much lower weight capacity on this one, but it is the perfect solution for pricing and training for middleweight men who want to be toned and stay that way.

The most recent addition to your line of home gym equipment includes a chest strap for heart rate, as well as a monitor to make sure you’re not going to throw yourself into a stroke.

The seat is molded from saddle-shaped PU leather, which gives you comfort without the anodized aluminum frame rubbing your legs the wrong way.

The adjustable voltage is in the form of electronic input. You just need to press a few buttons and adjust your tension to meet your specific needs in order to raise your game level and maintain your bombshell physique.

Sunny Health & Fitness brought their cutting edge design into play; it looks like it’s straight out of the future, which is exactly where you’re going; a healthier, more chiseled you. Easy to store and light (91lbs evenly distributed, which facilitates vertical storage solutions), VE gave us an excellent machine.

  • Drum magnetic control resistor
  • Voltage adjustment by electronic control
  • Heart rate chest strap included
  • 275lbs weight capacity
  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness
  • Model: SF-RW5639 

  • Device weight: 91 pounds

5. Sunny Health &  Fitness SF-RW Rowing Machine

Best Rowing Machines

Sunny Health &; Fitness sounds like a retirement center, but their machines are anything but geriatric. Amazon’s Choice is offered at the most alarming price we’ve ever seen for such endurance home gym equipment.

Supporting up to 350lbs, your new light rowing machine (seriously, it’s a huge 33lbs fully assembled) will also fold nicely to be stored, or transported in a truck on the day of the move.

As if that weren’t enough, assembly is a breeze, and you’re balancing the power of a hydraulic cylinder. It’s a little more difficult to use, but it allows you to do the same workout and keep a huge amount of money in your wallet, exactly as it should be.

From the LCD screen and heart rate monitor to the last nut and bolt, we recommend it to anyone looking to exercise for the whole body and start a home gym on a budget.

Sunny Health & Fitness also offers you a three-year warranty on the frame and ninety days to contact them in the event of mismatched or missing parts.

  • Supports up to 350lbs
  • Integrated LCD display
  • As easy as possible to assemble
  • The Whole machine weighs 33lbs
  • super light for storage and movement
  • Hydraulic cylinder actuated by a cylinder
  • Brand: Sunny Health & Fitness
  • Model: SF-RW1205
  • Device weight: 33 pounds

Rowing machine buying guide and FAQs

You asked, and we kept our word. The Best Rowing machines (and home exercise machines in general, by the way) are much more than you might think.

From noise to type, difficulty in posture, and everything in between, we’ve provided the most comprehensive guide to the best rowing machines.

Best Rowing Machines

Features to look for when buying a rower

Noise level – You have a home gym, but you don’t want to disturb the spouse sleeping in the light by making a lot of noise.

Depending on the type you get (which we’ll get into in a moment), you can actually get this whole body workout machine without producing an insane amount of noise.

Difficulty settings – Built into your rowing machine, there are steel cables, brakes and other features that increase tension, thus increasing difficulty.

You want a better workout, bigger muscles. Because that’s how we get them. Your rower is an investment and should match your current and future goals.

On-Board Computers – A staple in all home exercise equipment these days. Although we would say that it is not the most necessary functionality (since there are a billion applications), it’s nice to have the dedicated space to focus on your physical shape, and even attract your attention.

These range from counting calories burned to synchronize with phone apps that you can use for other activities.

Foldability / Storage – If you don’t intend to leave it in place all the time, storage is important. If you are in an apartment, you have roommates or you are in a cramped condo, you will look for maximum power, with minimal storage space.

User Weight – You get this not only to keep your body strong; you want to lose a few pounds. Your starting weight must be taken into account when purchasing. In most cases, superior quality rowers can support up to 400 lbs.

No matter where you are, a rowing machine can be the full exercise you need.

Types of resistance to rowing

Water – Aquatic rowers are known to be almost silent, just like another type of rower that we will get into in a moment.

Water rowers are traditionally made of wood, although commercial grade machines can be made of metal. Silent and frictionless, they provide a unique feeling in relation to the weight of the user and the air models.

Magnetic – Almost completely silent, magnetic rowers are fan favorite for producing no friction and for using magnetized brakes. They are silent, so you will not disturb your partner in the next room.

Piston (AKA Hydraulic or pneumatic) – The tension is established in direct relation with the air or, in certain cases, the fluid which accumulates in the chamber.

With these, you get a lot less pulling power than with magnetic rowers or water rowers. It is difficult to shoot in a straight line, although they are cheaper and still viable options for a good workout at home with a rower.

Benefits of a rower

There are so many to list, but we decided to stick to the main reasons why a rower is good for your body. We sit at desks for half the day, so exercise and personal health, in general, are extremely important to maintaining a healthy environment.

Rowers are among our favorite gymnastics equipment, and here’s why:

Weight Loss – Whether you’ve eaten too many donuts or it’s been so long, we all have a few extra pounds to lose from time to time. Rowing combines the key caloric power of cardio with the power to burn fat behind muscle training (we’ll come back to that later).

Upper Body Training – Not all of our lives are easy when it comes to exercise. Some have difficulty with traditional exercises, others look at a squat stand and say, “Damn no, I’m not doing this,” and for these people, your time spent screaming at the screen in horror has been greeted with an answer. Rowers work your upper body without exhausting yourself.

Lower body training. I bet you didn’t see it coming. Rowers don’t just work your body and your shoulders. You will get a lot more thigh benefits, but you will also get good work for your calves. Work your lower body and strengthen your posture in the same movement.

Increase your stamina – Age and health problems weigh on our daily energy supply. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, but there is nothing to be embarrassed about, but there is nothing easier to cure.

Due to the low impact nature of the best rowing machines, you will slowly build muscle and energy, without leaning back every day. Building endurance takes time, but with a little diligence, it’s impossible.

No excuses – We don’t all want to exercise, at least until we start to do it. If one of us (not pointing the finger, but it may or may not be the guy who writes it) spends more than four or five days without exercising, it leaves our mind completely blank.

With the convenience of this high-quality home article, it will look you in the face every morning, and you will have no excuses to go away.

Correct posture and advice when using a rower

You will come across a dozen well-known rowing techniques, most of which will come with different positions. We cannot target all types of rowing exercises (at least not without being bored to death).

However, if you follow these tips and correct the posture reminders, you are sure to keep control of your posture and positioning.

Remember that you control the stress on your body. Weight training and fitness are at the heart of your concerns, but when it comes to your shoulders, the last thing you want to do is squeeze them too tight.

You are making a serious movement with a rowing machine; standing too tight is a very easy way to pull a muscle. Leave your shoulders free. They change position with each movement.

Breathing is important – we don’t need to tell you. One of the biggest mistakes everyone is guilty of at one time or another is not understanding the proper breathing techniques.

You will experience a sudden drop in energy loss and fatigue if you are not breathing properly. Your lungs don’t get enough oxygen, your blood doesn’t transfer it to your heart. Inhale, pull, exhale, release, repeat. It’s that simple, once you get used to it.

Finally, your back should never hurt when you’re done. Yes, you are building muscle, but it is a feeling of pain and discomfort that intensifies the next day.

If you get up and have immediate back pain, you are doing it wrong. Posture, trunk, and breathing are difficult to perform perfectly while exercising, but it will just come with practice and determination.

Other equipment needed with a rower

Although these are guidelines more than anything else, we highly recommend these items. If you’re not keen on using them, you might get a little less from your rower, but that won’t make your purchase useless or less efficient.

This reduces time, increases comfort and puts you in the full-body workout mood you need to get things done.

Trideer training gloves

Losing your hand is never fun, but you also don’t want to wear full mittens in the gym. These give you enough grip while giving you a masculine look that won’t leave you embarrassed. Inexpensive and easy to adjust, you will want to keep them within reach of the rower when not in use.

Chill Pal Refreshing Bath Towel

There is nothing like the originality of the product, and Chill Pal was the pioneer of the refreshing towels that really put them on the map. You can use it a million times, and there will be no signs of wear or tear.

I have had one for about four years now, and it is the best thing to do to avoid overheating during serious training.

MPOW Waterproof Bluetooth headset

You will shoot for twenty minutes per session, and for that, you will have to stay focused and work hard. The waterproof IPX7 headphones from one of the best sound companies in the world should do the trick.

You get between seven and nine hours of use (two months before you need to recharge them), as well as a tight fit that ensures there will be no slippage in the middle of your rowing session. If you just want to cancel the noise to stay focused, these tools also work for this.

Rowers FAQ

Are rowers considered cardiovascular devices?

When we say full training, we mean full training. Strength training sculpts what is there, while cardio loses weight, reduces fat, and helps you maintain a healthy body from the inside out.

Rowers have regained popularity in recent years because they are designed to give you cardiovascular and strength training.

The funny thing about muscle training is that it technically burns calories longer than cardiovascular training, but it sometimes burns less in general. When you do a good strength training, you create thousands of micro-tears along with your muscles.

Your body boosts testosterone to help build your muscles, which also act as fat-burning agents. After a good weight training exercise, your body will burn fat slowly for 36 hours after training. This is one of the reasons why we are supposed to give a day in between.

Rowers offer the advantage of both. Lose crazy calories with cardiovascular training and take advantage of the after burning effect of huge muscle training.

Best Rowing Machines

Is rowing a low impact?

If you have RA or a sports-related injury, we understand how difficult it is to find equipment that will do no more harm than good.

The rowers have an extremely small impact, which puts most of the pressure and stress on your muscles (which are where they need to be), rather than on your sensitive areas. Knee, ankle and even asthma problems can all be on the sidewalk.

Rowing provides a safe, stable and gradually growing environment that allows you to monitor your health and injuries and decide when you have had enough. Low impact, high results.

Exercising is hard for me: Does a rower need less time and dedication?

The world is a busy place – we don’t have the time or patience to train every day. If you are not a morning jogger, you can still do cardiovascular training and super strength training.

Because of the information presented in previous questions on this article, you should spend a day between uses anyway. In fact, using a rower only takes about 20 minutes to exercise for the whole body, instead of running a track for an entire hour, or something crazy like that.

You can stick to it three times a week (Sunday doesn’t count) while continuing to exercise to kill. Sixty minutes a week – you can do that, right?

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