5 Best Muscle Massage Gun Reviews for Athletes

best muscle massage gun reviews
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Looking for the best muscle massage gun for athletes? In my reviews article, you will find the best muscle massage gun comparison. Buy any recommended massage gun and enjoy it.

This new gadget promises relaxation at the push of a button: Massage guns are currently conquering the European market.

The trend from the USA promises quick relief for tension and can easily be used at home. Targeted vibrations and shocks are intended to loosen muscles and stimulate blood circulation.

The practical massage guns are aimed at both back and neck pain- plagued people who are plagued by frequent people, as well as for regenerative self-massage for ambitious leisure and professional athletes.

I have already reviewed the Kraftgun Massage Gun and told: “Why not recommended”.

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5 Muscle Best Massage Gun Reviews for Athletes in 2022

1. TheraGun Elite Massage Gun Reviews


Main Features:


  • 1 Kg Weight
  • Rechargeable, runtime up to 2 hours in continuous operation
  • Power 1750 to 2400 PPM, adjustable via an app
  • 5 different attachments, charging cable and transport box

The Theragun Elite massage device impresses with a particularly powerful motor. With a counterforce of up to 18 kg and an amplitude of 16 mm, the device is one of the strongest in comparison. The massage penetrates deep into the muscles and is low-noise thanks to special soundproofing.

The triangular shape is characteristic of Therabody devices: the right handle can be selected depending on the body region treated.

The five flexible attachments are made of foam and can be easily wiped off after use. This keeps the massage hygienic and oil can also be used.

Practical: The associated Therabody app can not only conveniently set the speed. In combination with a fitness or health app, individual treatment recommendations for the massage are given.


The premium model from Therabody scores with strong performance, high-quality materials and a long-lasting battery. The price is handsome, but you also get customized application recommendations via app and a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Our favorite in the premium class!

2. FYLINA Massage Gun Reviews


Main Features:


  • 1.8 kg weight
  • Up to 8 hours of running time battery
  • Power 1800 to 3200 PPM, 20-speed levels
  • 6 massage heads, storage box

The FYLINA massage gun can be started very easily via a touchscreen. The speed can also be monitored and controlled here. A glowing ring on the handle also shows the charging status of the device at all times.

The engine noise during the massage is reduced by a special soundproofing system so that you can fully concentrate on the massage. With a volume of less than 50 dB, the noise level remains below that of a normal conversation.

Special feature: under the six flexible massage heads on the FYLINA massage gun there is also an attachment especially for the foot!


Proof that good doesn’t always have to be expensive: This massage gun is a flexible entry-level model at a reasonable price.

3. TechCare Massage Gun Reviews

Main Features:


  • 1 kg weight
  • Rechargeable, approx. 3 hours running time battery
  • Power up to 3200 PPM, 15 speed levels
  • 4 massage heads, charging cable
  • % money-back guarantee

The name says it all: with a powerful motor and 15 speed levels, the massager provides an intensive power massage after training.

The four classic versions are included as attachments in the scope of delivery: cartridge, ball, fork and flat attachment.

Thanks to the ergonomic design and the practical 360 ° handle, the massage gun can be conveniently used for self-massage.]


Advanced users enjoy the intensive massage – so much power can still be uncomfortable for beginners. Strong tool for insensitive athletes who want to counteract muscle tension with a lot of strength and do not want to dig deep into their wallets.

4. Hyperice Hypervolt Massage Gun Reviews

Main Features:


  • 1.13 kg Weight
  • Rechargeable, exchangeable, up to 3 hours of running time battery
  • Power 2000 to 3200 PPM, 3 speed levels
  • 5 attachments, charging cable

The light massage gun from Hyperice has a quiet 60 watt motor.

A pressure sensor enables users to read how much pressure is currently being exerted on the treated areas. This feature is particularly useful when the device is used on others.

The classic from the USA offers numerous instructions and helpful tips for using the massager on its website.

With just three speed levels to choose from, the massage gun is more suitable for advanced users.

Sustainable and long-lasting: the powerful battery can be easily replaced – so you don’t have to replace the entire device in the event of a defect.


The most expensive muscle massager is aimed in its functions primarily at professional athletes and physiotherapists. Anyone who already has experience with massage guns and knows the right intensity will find a high-quality tool for muscle massage here.

5. Addsfit Mini Massage Gun

Main Features:


  • 0,36 kg weight
  • Rechargeable, up to 6 hours of running time battery
  • Power 1600 to 3000 PPM, 3 speed levels
  • 2 massage heads, USB charging cable, storage box

The smallest and lightest in comparison: this compact aluminum massage gun weighs just under 400 g and is the size of the palm of your hand.

The handy tool achieves a gentle amplitude of 6 mm and is, therefore, a good choice especially for beginners or sensitive athletes.

With a flat and a pointed “Bullet” attachment, both large muscle groups and targeted trigger points can be treated.

In addition, you can choose from three preset speed levels, which are easily set at the push of a button.

With a working noise of less than 40 dB, the massage gun is also comparatively quiet.


Whether sports bag or handbag: This tiny massage gun really fits in any luggage. If you want to have your massage tool close at hand and do not need excessive treatment, you will find it with this little helper. Ideal for on the go, at the desk, or when traveling.

Tips for using massage guns

What’s the point of a massage gun?

Massage guns are used as therapeutic tools for deep tissue massage. Through targeted impacts and vibrations, muscle tension is loosened, blood circulation and oxygen supply are stimulated and self-healing processes are promoted.

In this way, tensions can be released and regeneration accelerated. At the same time, the massage can help mobilize muscles and make them more elastic.

Compared to a classic hand massage, massage guns have the advantage that they can penetrate deeper regions and theoretically can be used anywhere by hand.

However, the intensity of this athlete or deep tissue massage is quite high even at the lowest level and not for sensitive people who otherwise prefer wellness massages.

How do you use a massage gun?

Physiotherapist and fitness trainer Carsten Lemke from the Practice & Therapy Center Physio Winterhude in Hamburg recommends dealing with your own anatomy before using it. Bones and joints should be avoided during the massage and only the soft tissues should be treated.

“My tip: Hold the massage gun in one hand and feel with the other where there are bones,” says Lemke. Although certain injuries, such as B. the tennis elbow, it may also be necessary to treat protruding bones – this should only be done by a specialist.

In general, the physiotherapist does not recommend too many or too intensive treatments with the massage gun. Two to three applications per week and about five minutes of treatment time per muscle group are sufficient to achieve the desired effects.

If there is no noticeable improvement after the first few applications, you should put yourself in professional hands.

If there is tension in the back or neck, it may also be advisable to ask someone else for help, whether you are a training partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

It is always more relaxed to let someone else treat you. Especially in areas that are not so easily achieved by yourself, the massage can be made more pleasant and effective “, reveals Lemke.

Who are massage guns for?

Whether a professional or recreational athlete, endurance or strength athlete or simply with tension from sitting in the office or home office for a long time: massage guns are suitable for everyone who suffers from muscle tension and muscle pain.

Physiotherapist and fitness trainer Carsten Lemke recommends massaging with the gun especially for normal to moderate muscle soreness or minor muscle injuries, such as those that occur during strength training. In this way, strong tensions can be released and slight strains or torn muscle fibers can be treated.

According to Lemke, caution is also required with extreme loads: “After intensive endurance units, e.g. running a marathon, you should choose a gentler method,” says the physiotherapist. With such heavy loads, classic wellness massages are more suitable than the massage gun.

When is the right time for a muscle massage?

Depending on your needs, the use of the massage gun can be useful at different times.

These are the three classic forms of application:

  1. Before training : In order to loosen and warm up the muscles before exercise, a gentle and short massage of the muscle groups concerned is recommended. This stimulates the blood circulation and prepares the body for the workout.
  2. After training : So that the muscles relax again after a sweaty workout, a short and intensive muscle massage can be useful. Using the massage gun can shorten the regeneration phase.
  3. For sore muscles and pain: Especially during strength training, the muscles are quickly overexcited and painful. The massage gun can provide a remedy here, as targeted pain points can be targeted and treated.

What should you pay attention to when buying?

Those who want to buy a massage gun at home will now find an almost unlimited range of products.

These properties should be taken into account when choosing the right massage tool:

  • Attachments: Different muscle groups need different massage heads. Interchangeable attachments should therefore always be included.
  • Weight: The weight of the massage gun should be as low as possible: because you want to enjoy the massage for as long as possible – without your arm becoming heavy.
  • Battery: The battery should last more than 30 minutes, if possible, in order to be able to massage several muscle groups undisturbed. A replaceable battery is also good if it runs out one day.
  • Power: Different levels and speeds should be adjustable directly to the massage gun. The following applies to the more levels, the more flexibility during the massage. The performance is measured in percussions per minute (short: PPM).

What essays are there?

Most manufacturers offer four different attachments for the massage guns. Depending on the muscle group being treated, an attachment is particularly suitable – that’s why it makes sense to have a selection here.

These are the most common types of attachment:

  • Hammer (plate) : This attachment is straight and large at the front. It is particularly suitable for large muscle groups, e.g. B. on the buttocks and thighs, and for smoothing fascia. The attachment works a little more gently and superficially – ideal for beginners.
  • Bullet (ball, thumb) : The small attachment, which looks like a pistol bullet, is perfect for treating trigger points and hardening in deeper tissue layers.
  • Fork: The fork head is mainly used on the back, as it spares the spine and thus better reaches the surrounding muscle cords. The area around the Achilles tendon or tense calves can also be massaged well with it.
  • Medium (Ball, Standard) : The normal attachment is standard on the device. It can be used anywhere and is the right choice, especially in sensitive areas.


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