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9 Best Massage Table Buying Guide 2021

Massage Table Buying Guide
Written by Sonia Naz

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When preparing to buy a massage table, you must take into account the use  you will have of it, the materials used in the manufacture and the quality of the latter.

It is essential to have a quality massage table to ensure a  pleasant and safe moment of relaxation  for your patients or clients.

It is not a massage accessory on which to seek to save money, because  a quality table will last over time  and will be of invaluable help in the practice of your trade.

The market for massage tables is as varied as the massage professions themselves: you must therefore take the time to choose the model that will accompany you for several years!

We have put together this  buying guide  to help you understand the various information that must be taken into account before any purchase.

Massage table: Our Top 9 Picks

To relax, nothing beats a good massage! But it's even better if it's done on a real massage table, rather than on a bed. For those wishing to acquire one, here is a selection of 9 models of folding massage tables.

1. Yaheetech Portable Massage Table

( #1 Best Seller on Amazon )

Treat yourself to a multifunction massage table with this model from the Yaheetech brand. Very practical, it has a reclining backrest that allows you to perform different types of care. 

It also has Reiki panels in order to be more comfortable performing massages on the legs and face of the patient. The thick mattress foam guarantees comfort. Be careful when using the carrying case, it can be fragile.

  • Reiki panels
  • Reclining backrest
  • Foam thickness
  • Fragile cover

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2. EARTHLITE Premium Portable Massage Table

( LUXURY Massage Table )


Treat yourself to a massage table without breaking the bank with a very affordable model from Earthlite. Easy to maintain, you can clean it with a simple damp cloth.

It is also very comfortable and therefore ideal for relieving the back pain of your loved ones or patients. Too bad the storage of accessories is not a little better thought out, they can slip, and the seams are not a little more solid.

  • Easy to clean
  • Comfort
  • Price

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3. Yaheetech Portable Massage Table

( Adjustable 3 Fold Salon Bed Face Cradle Bed )

Maintain easily this folding massage table signed Yaheetech. Its vinyl coating wipes clean quickly to keep it intact for a long time. In addition, you have the choice of transporting it simply closed thanks to its integrated handles, or using the protective bag provided.

A small drawback for the thickness of the foam which is not very important and which therefore risks sagging and settling down quite quickly over time.

  • Vinyl coating
  • Integrated handles
  • Foam thickness

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4. Master Massage Folding Table

( Amazon's Choice )

The wooden massage tables are not left out in terms of strength. The proof is, this time, with this other table signed Master: it too can support up to 1,100 kg once installed.

But it adds to that a ROHS certified PU leather. This one is specially designed to resist your massage oils.

  • Amazon’s choice
  • ROHS Certified
  • PU Leather
  • No armrest

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5. Sierra Comfort Preferred Portable Massage Table

Offer massages that suit everyone with this Massage Sierrra brand table. It offers 10 different adjustment positions for optimal comfort. The masseur will also be taken into account with the Reiki panels allowing him to massage seated.

A table rather intended for a fixed use with its weight of 19 kilos. We also regret the slightly small hole for the face, and some finishes that leave something to be desired.

  • 10 adjustment positions
  • Reiki panels
  • Weight
  • Small face hole
  • Finishes

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6. Naipo Portable Massage Table 

Naipo has intoroduced the light weight portable massage tabl. This folding massage table from the Naipo brand is also practical to use at home on a fixed basis, or to transport for masseurs or physiotherapists at home.

Very well thought out, it has armrests, an armrest and a removable and adjustable headrest. Note, however, that if its installation is quick, its folding is a little difficult at the beginning and requires a helping hand.

  • Arm rest
  • Quick setup
  • Difficult folding

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7. MaxKare: folding and accessible massage table

Tables with 3 zones are therefore dedicated to those who want more advanced services. If you are an individual wanting to perform occasional massages, no need to look for sophisticated equipment: the MaxKare 2-zone massage table will be more than enough for you. This includes an adjustable height, as well as all the accessories useful for patient comfort: facial cavities, arm rests, etc.

  • Facial Cavities
  • Armrest
  • Price
  • Foam Thickness

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8. Yaheetech Aluminum Fold Up Massage Spa Bed Facial Tattoo Salon Bed

The weight of a massage table is largely related to its material. There are essentially two: wood and aluminum. With this Yaheetech brand table, aluminum shows that it is superior to wood to give tables that are light and portable. This does not prevent it from being able to carry up to 1,100 kg!

  • Low Weight
  • Weight Capacity
  • Armrest
  • Difficult Folding

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9. Yaheetech Massage Table Portable Massage Bed 3 Folding

These are the criteria to remember when choosing a massage table. The Yaheetech brand table lists most of them, offering very good value for money. It is a 3-zone table, suitable for professionals as well as individuals. 

Let us add that the size of this massage table can exceed 2.10 meters depending on the configuration: it is large enough to accommodate all profiles. Finally, its leather, which is available in different colors, is certified water and oil resistant.

  • 3 Zone Massage Table
  • Oil or Water Resistance
  • Washable
  • Foam Thickness

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That's all there was to know to make your choice. Do not forget to provide oils from all walks of life for your first massages. Again, you will have to choose them well!

Best Sellers in Massage Tables

What to know about massage tables

Is the height of a massage table adjustable?

Almost all massage tables have an adjustable height of 60 to 83 centimeters. This adjustment is done individually at the legs, which means you can use them to give your table a slight tilt.

What size should I choose for my table?

Paradoxically, while the length of a massage table can be long enough, it should not be too wide. Indeed, it is true that a large width gives more comfort to your patient. But you'll also have a harder time massaging the opposite body parts. Pay attention to it.

Tips for Choosing the Right Massage Table

The massage table is no longer a material reserved for professionals. But before choosing it, know that it will have to be the most suited to your needs. So here are some tips you can build on.

Tip#1 : the number of zones

If you are looking for an inexpensive massage table, there are several features you can play around with. The frame material or the thickness of the foam is part of this.

But the number of zones is very important. With some exceptions, it will always be 2 or 3 zones. This conditions the positions in which your patient can be placed. In the case of an inexpensive massage table, you may prefer tables with 2 zones.

Tip#2 : weight, a factor to take into account

First and foremost, know this: Most consumer massage tables are foldable and portable. Electric tables are almost exclusively intended for professionals (physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc.) operating in offices.

But to make your choice, you must distinguish between the weight to carry and the operating weight of your massage table. The first must be as light as possible (to carry your device everywhere), while the second must be able to support the weight of your patient added to the pressures that you will add to him.

Tip#3 : pay attention to the padding and the thickness of the foam

Obviously, your table must be comfortable! Here, the thickness of the foam on your massage table is the main criterion: prefer models with this thickness approaching 10 centimeters. On the other hand, most of the models adopt PVC leather covering. But make sure that this leather is resistant to oils.

Types of tables

A suitable table for each massage! It is essential to adapt your equipment to the massage performed, which is why there are specificities depending on the profession.

  • The  electric or motorized massage table is suitable for physiotherapists. In this case, you need a mattress that is not too wide - so that the patient is close to the physiotherapist - and dense enough to withstand the pressure of the various manipulations carried out. The motorized massage table can also control the height and inclination of the patient on the mattress.
  • The “classic” masseur's table should be wide enough (at least 75cm) to provide greater comfort to the person being massaged. The mattress should be thick and the table structure strong.
  • An  aesthetic massage table  will be the ally of any beautician who can use it to practice all kinds of treatments in addition to massage, such as manicures or pedicures. With the recent development of home beauty care offers, it is interesting to choose a folding table to be able to move it to your customers.
  • In institutes, you will have to choose a  massage table in three parts , that is to say with a backrest that can be raised for other treatments than back massage. To comply with PMR standards, the table would have to be motorized or electric, just like the tables for physiotherapists.

PMR standards

These standards must be respected in a massage institute or spa.

Law No. 2005-105 of February 12, 2005  “Equipment,  furniture , control and service devices located  in establishments open to the public or in installations open to the public  must be able to be located, reached and used by people. with disabilities. The arrangement of the equipment must not create an obstacle or danger for people with a visual impairment. »Art 11

Therefore, the table must be low enough so that an elderly person or person with reduced mobility can climb on it (possibly with help from the practitioner) before being raised for the massage.

In which materials to choose your massage table?

The structure of massage tables is usually made of wood or aluminum, or a mixture of both.

If you go for wood, choose a hardy variety, such as maple, oak or birch. This will be particularly suitable for  fixed tables  which will always remain in the same place, at the spa or institute for example.

Oak will be heavier than other woods, so it is better suited for fixed, non-folding tables, which will not move around your clients / patients. Birch is generally cheaper and still of good quality.

A folding table will generally have an aluminum structure because this metal is lighter than wood. This makes it possible to manufacture tables that are  several kilos less  than those with wooden structures. Once folded, the table forms a kind of case that is easily transported.

As for the mattress, its quality is judged by the  density of the foam and not by the thickness of the mattress itself . If you are looking for a physiotherapist table, the mattress does not need to be very thick because stability is more important. It will therefore suffice to choose a mattress 5cm thick.

If comfort is important for your job, prefer a thicker mattress (about 8cm) so that it is soft and comfortable for your patients / clients.

In both cases, prefer a mattress with shape memory, which will guarantee more longevity since it will deform less than a conventional mattress.

Also consider choosing a mattress with a PU or imitation leather covering so that it is flexible and comfortable.

How to choose your massage table?

There are several questions to ask yourself before buying a massage table, which will allow you to make your choice:

Will the table be moved to clients / patients? If so, it should be foldable and as light as possible. It will therefore be necessary to prefer an  aluminum structure  rather than wood, and which folds  easily and quickly .

In this case it is also necessary to make sure to choose a table with a  transport bag with strong handles .

  • How many  kilos  does it support? You must avoid having a table that creaks as soon as you step on it: this can worry the person who is going to be massaged!
  • Will it be used for  treatments other  than massage? If so, choose a table with a  folding backrest .
  • Do you need a  facial hole for  your patients / clients? A  headrest  ? A  bar of reik i  ?
  • Can the height  of the table be adjusted  ? Is it easy to get on it? This is necessary so that it adapts to elderly people or people with reduced mobility
  • Is this solid  and of good quality?
  • Does it come with  massage sheets  ? Does your activity require the purchase of spare sheets? How ?

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