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Best Massage Oils Reviews 2020

Wonderful care for your skin. With fine scents and natural ingredients. Kneipp always takes care of you. Whether you want to relax, are looking for extra energy, want to breathe freely with a cold or want flexible muscles.

Kneipp has the right scents and ingredients for everything. This relaxing and moisturizing Kneipp Massage Oil Lavender contains a high percentage of natural, intensively nourishing plant oils and essential lavender oil.

The moisturizing formula with vitamins A, E and Panthenol regenerates the skin so that it feels soft and supple. The lavender essential oil harmonizes and brings you back into balance

Do you want to relax? Or can you just use a boost? Then make optimal use of the benefits and powerful effect of massage oil. There are various types of massage oils available so that you can choose exactly the oil that suits you.

It is useful to buy a series, for example. A massage oil for the morning after shower for silky soft skin. And for the evening you choose a massage oil to completely relax.

There are also special oils available that provide relief for, for example, back pain or muscle pain, while other massage oils have an invigorating or relaxing effect.

The ingredients and scent of the oil play a major role in this. For example, you may be sensitive to certain ingredients. Then it is best to choose a massage oil based on purely natural ingredients.

Some oils also have a present scent and you may prefer an oil with a more subtle aroma. To achieve the desired effect, it is important that you choose the best massage oil that suits your skin and preferences.

There are different types of massage oils available in various price ranges and brands. For example, there are special oils with ingredients that provide relief from sports injuries, oils that offer wonderful relaxation after a hard day; and there are massage oils with a refreshing effect for extra energy. For example, it is known that lavender has a calming effect and a positive influence on your sleep rhythm.

Professional massage oil often contains the plant extract Arnica, which has a healing effect and provides relief from muscle pain. Ingredients with citrus fruit provide more vitality and energy.

Do a massage oil test yourself and see which oil you like best. Discover the best sports massage oil and massage oil that you can best use after a day in the sun.


Kneipp is a household name in the field of essential oils and is known for its high-quality products with natural aromas and plant extracts.

This lavender massage oil is made from natural lavender oil with a beneficial effect on body and mind. The advantage of this massage oil is its relaxing effect. The spicy lavender scent ensures that your body can completely relax.

The lavender oil also provides extra hydration to the skin. Do you occasionally have difficulty falling asleep? This is the best massage oil to use in the evening.

Thanks to the handy bottle, this massage oil is economical in use. The small disadvantage of the bottle is that the oil is a bit difficult to come out. In the beginning that is just a matter of trying.

  • Good quality
  • Meets expectations
  • Color matches picture
  • The oil is difficult to come out

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This professional massage oil is ideal for use with muscle pain and sports injuries. The balm is therefore widely used by physiotherapists and top athletes.

FIT Sports Balm falls under the category of best sports massage oil and therefore provides immediate relaxation after muscle pain or a minor injury.

The advantage is that the balm does not stick and absorbs fine. The skin also feels warm after the massage, so that you immediately feel relief in your muscles.

The sports balm has a pleasant scent and is very easy to use. Another additional advantage is that the balm has a beneficial effect after insect bites.

A disadvantage is that the balm does not have a very long shelf life. But the balm is also useful to use for relaxation after exercise. This way you can use the sports balm regularly and your muscles stay nice and warm.

  • Ideal for sports injuries and muscle pain
  • Provides relief in your muscles
  • Not very long shelf life

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Thermal Oil Lomi Lomi massage oil
If you are looking for a massage oil that brings you into a tropical atmosphere, then this oil from Therme Olie Lomi Lomi is for you.

The intense scent provides a relaxing and soothing feeling. Thanks to the handy pump you can dose exactly how much you want to use. The oil is finely absorbed by the skin during the massage and does not feel greasy. 

The massage oil is ideal to use before and after sunbathing so that the skin is extra nourished and does not dry out. You can also massage a little oil into the tips of your hair for extra shine and protection against the sun’s rays.

You also immediately create a hip beach look. A small disadvantage is that the tropical scent can sometimes be a bit too present. But if you like to dream about exotic beaches then this is the best massage oil to enjoy after a day at the beach and sun.

  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for after sunbathing
  • Fragrance is strong

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This pure almond oil feels silky soft on the skin and is easy to massage. The advantage is that almond oil has a nourishing effect on the skin due to its purity and in combination with eucalyptus it works excellently against mosquitoes.

So this oil also comes in handy on vacation. The massage oil is well absorbed into the skin and leaves a fine layer behind so that your skin feels shiny and soft.

The almond oil is also rich in vitamins, which visibly reduce wrinkles. The oil is therefore suitable for the whole body and can be used as a facial oil without any problems.

The disadvantage of this oil is the packaging. The large bottle is a bit inconvenient to carry in your handbag. As a solution, you can pour some oil into a smaller bottle so that you can easily take the massage oil with you.

  • Has a nurturing effect on the skin
  • Works against mosquitoes
  • Suitable for the whole body
  •  Large bottle is inconvenient to carry

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Weleda is known for its products with natural ingredients. No substances are added that can cause skin irritation. The brand therefore manufactures products for both babies and adults. For example, if you test a massage oil with different oils, you will immediately notice that this massage oil not only absorbs quickly, but also has a healing effect on the skin.

This makes this massage oil very suitable for people with dry skin. Even if you have sensitive skin, this is the best massage oil. The natural ingredients and chamomile extracts make this oil suitable for all skin types.

The oil is perfect to use after taking a bath to prevent the skin from drying out. The oil also absorbs even better on wet skin. Do you have a tense neck or shoulder? Then let yourself be massaged with this massage oil and immediately experience how the tension slips away from you.

The rich scent has a refreshing effect, so you can start your day vital and energetic. As good as this massage oil smells, the predominant scent can be a disadvantage.

Especially if you want to put on an eau de toilet or perfume shortly after using the Weleda massage oil. Or you let the scent of the oil serve as a kind of perfume. Of course you can! Especially if you want to put on an eau de toilet or perfume shortly after using the Weleda massage oil. Or you let the scent of the oil serve as a kind of perfume.

Of course you can! Especially if you want to put on an eau de toilet or perfume shortly after using the Weleda massage oil. Or you let the scent of the oil serve as a kind of perfume. Of course you can!

  • Consists of natural ingredients
  • Great for dry skin
  • Predominant scent

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