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7 Best Shiatsu Massage Cushion Review 2022

Massage Cushion
Written by Sonia Naz

Are you looking for the best Shiatsu massage pillow? Then we would like to explain more about making the right choice in this article! Shiatsu massage is an age-old technique that is still used with great success. It is therefore not surprising that many people are looking for the best shiatsu massage cushion . So you always have an (electric) Shiatsu massager available at home to let you relax and relieve any pain.

In order to ensure that you purchase a good Shiatsu massage Cushion or pillow , we are happy to tell you in this article  what you should pay attention to when purchasing such a cushion or pillow. We also provide some background information about the Shiatsu acupressure technique and we have made a selection of what we think is the best Shiatsu cushion or pillows . This way you will soon be able to enjoy the relaxation of a Shiatsu massage cushion!

1. Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

massage cushion

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If you’re in the market for an electric massager (or just want to expand your self-care game) look no further. We just found what the massage pillow could be to surpass all other massage cushions.

What gives us the confidence to say that, you might ask? Well, it has more than 16,000 near-perfect ratings on Amazon and a high average rating of 4.5 stars. The people have spoken.

The Zyllion Shiatsu back and neck massager acts as a pillow and personal massager in one. Just sit against it and let it heated, rotating massage knots knead away stubborn knots and muscle tension, all from the comfort of your own home. Use it between spa sessions. Use it while watching netflix. Use it on long car trips. (It comes with adjustable straps that you can attach to your car seat and a power adapter specially made for you to enjoy a nice Zyllion Shiatsu massage while traveling across America. Incredible!) Plus, the slim design makes it travel friendly, so you never have to go without it.

In fact, several shoppers have purchased multiple Zyllion massage pillows to keep both at home and in the office – it’s so loved. Take it from Amazon user White Noise Machine, who wrote in their five-star review, “This wonderful little gadget came to the rescue several times a day and has never complained. I sat on it, dropped it, [lied] over it, insisted – pretty much lived on that. It was my favorite friend when I was in pain from surgery, from work, from a long day in the garden. Got one for my mom and brother [because] I loved it so much. ”

Chris M. likes the massage pillow for travel and writes: “I really liked that it works on both 12V in the car and a long extension cord for hotels. It’s not so big that it won’t fit in a small carry-on when air travel is required. Can’t wait to try this thing out on an airplane – assuming power is available.

  • Shiatsu massger with heat.
  • Ultra compact & ultra slim design
  • 4 deep kneeding massage nodes
  • Over heat protection & 20 minute auto shut-off
  • Not suitable for taller people

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2. HoMedics NMS-620 Massage Cushion

massage cushion

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The HoMedics NMS-620 is a beautiful device that loosens your neck and shoulders through a wonderful massage. The Shiatsu massage technique is based on a Japanese method that uses hard finger pressure that loosens the muscles well.

The pillow can also be set according to your own wishes and you also determine the intensity yourself. You do this by means of the 4 different intensity settings where the highest setting is very hard and the lowest of course a bit milder.

In addition, the HoMedics NMS-620 is equipped with a wonderful heat function so that you can relax even more. This makes the massage feel a lot more intense and your muscles are loosened even more.

Has the massage been so relaxing that you even fell asleep? That is no problem, because the HoMedics NMS-620 switches off automatically when the massage is finished.

Advantages and disadvantages NMS-620

Not only will you receive the HoMedics NMS-620 Shiatsu massage cushion, but a manual is also included. This manual explains exactly how this model works and how to set all functions.

  • Equipped with handles so that the pillow does not slide
  • Extra pillow in the neck for more comfort
  • You can adjust the intensity with 4 different positions
  • You need mains power for the heat function

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3. Beurer MG145 Massager

massage cushion

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Do you really want to relax and chill on the couch after a long day of work? By using the Beurer MG145 you can relax just a little faster. The MG145 can be placed anywhere you want, such as your legs, neck or shoulders.

Thanks to the handy remote control, you no longer have to get out of a comfortable position and you can switch between the two different massages. The two massages are each performed by 4 different massage heads that rotate and work together to put pressure on the painful muscles.

Muscles are released really well by the 4 rotating massage heads and you can also relax. Would you prefer some extra warmth in, for example, the cold winter months? Then use the heat function to make the massage even better. Cleaning the Beurer MG145 is also a piece of cake, remove the cover from the massage cushion and put it in the washing machine.

Advantages and disadvantages Beurer MG145

  • Choose from 2 different massages
  • Intensity of massages can be adjusted with the remote control
  • Not out of your favorite position due to the remote control
  • The cable of the MG145 is unfortunately a bit on the short side

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4. Medisana MCN Shiatsu Massager

massage cushion

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Do you not only want to have your back massaged, but also your buttocks? Then the Medisana MCN Shiatsu is an option to look at. In addition to massages for the back and the seat, this massage cushion also has other treatments in store. The MCN Shiatsu is also suitable for massages for the legs, neck and your lower back.

The massages that you can enjoy are very similar to two types of massages, namely a roller massage and the shiatsu massage as the name says. But this is not all, because you can also opt for a vibration massage to really loosen the muscles.

In addition, many people enjoy warmth during a massage, this is of course also possible with the Medisana MCN Shiatsu due to the handy heat function. In terms of operation, this massage cushion is very simple. You no longer have to get out of the chair to change type of massage, you can now do this with the handy supplied remote control.

Advantages and disadvantages Medisana MCN Shiatsu

  • For multiple body parts such as neck, seat, back and legs
  • Choose from 3 different massages: roll, vibration and shiatsu massage
  • Operation is easy with the remote control
  • Cleaning the pillow is difficult due to the non-washable cover

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5. Homedics 3D Shiatsu & Vibration Massage Pillow with Heat

massage cushion

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The HoMedics 3D is a suitable model for loosening your muscles in the neck. Great when you occasionally suffer from your neck or just to relax.

The Shiatsu massage technique is used for the neck massage. This is a Japanese method in which pressure is applied to certain points of your muscles. This provides pain relief in your neck and gives you a calming feeling.

In addition, the HoMedics 3D is equipped with a heat function. This ensures that muscles are loosened extra well and the massage feels a lot more pleasant. Great when you come home from a long day of work in the cold winter months.

This model is originally intended for massaging your neck, but you can also use the HoMedics 3D on your back or your shoulders. This way you can always enjoy a wonderful massage and your muscles will completely relax.

Advantages and disadvantages 3D

A number of items are always supplied with the HoMedics 3D. You will of course receive a manual that explains how to operate this model.

You operate the device by means of a remote control that is included. This allows you to make changes during the massage without having to get up.

  • Easy operation with remote control
  • Choice of a Shiatsu and a vibration massage
  • Adjust the intensity with 2 different positions
  • The device can only be used with mains power

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6. Beurer MG260 Massager

massage cushion

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The Beurer MG260 is a device that is very suitable for people who suffer from their muscles. Of course it is also suitable for people who just like to get a massage. This model offers many massage options with which you can go in all directions.

Place the Beurer massage cushion on a chair and then sit down. The Beurer MG260 then immediately performs a body scan so that the massage is adjusted to your personal characteristics.

In addition, the Beurer MG260 has no less than 4 massage heads that work well together. With this you can give your tired back some relaxation and ensure that it loosens up a bit and becomes flexible.

In combination with the heat and the roll massage, the muscles are completely loosened up and you can get back to it. Not only does this model massage your back, but your neck is also massaged right away. Very nice if you have a stiff neck or just generally have problems with your neck.

Advantages and disadvantages MG260

In addition to the Beurer MG260, a number of items are included as standard. You will of course receive a manual explaining how this model works exactly. An adapter is also included because the Beurer massage cushion only works on mains power.

  • Easy to store thanks to the handy loops
  • In addition to your upper and lower back, your neck is also massaged
  • The massage is always adapted to your body
  • Not suitable for massaging your hips or waist

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7. Medisana MC825

massage cushion

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After a long day of work, relax on the couch and get a wonderful massage. With the Medisana MC825 it is all possible because this device does not only massage your back. You can choose to also have your neck, your legs, your buttocks and your waist taken care of.

A Shiatsu massage is used that, by means of an old Japanese method, loosens and relaxes the muscles. This not only relaxes your entire body, but it also calms your head because you don’t have to think about anything.

In addition, the Medisana MC825 uses a different type of massage technique when massaging the legs and the waist. This technique is the acupressure massage in which the muscles are completely loosened and you can completely relax again. In addition, the neck massage is adjustable in height.

That is nice if you are a bit smaller or larger because otherwise the neck massage will be performed on the back of your head or your upper back, which is not the intention. In the winter months it is nice to use the heat function for an extra relaxing massage.

Advantages and disadvantages MC825

In addition to the Medisana MC825, a number of items are supplied as standard. Think of an adapter that you need for the device to function. You will also receive a remote control that gives you the option to make changes during the massage without having to get up.

Certainly not to be forgotten is the manual that is included. This manual will explain how to operate the Medisana MC825

  • Massages your waist / hips in addition to your back
  • Choice of 3 different types of massage
  • Thanks to the heat function, the massage feels extra relaxed
  • This type is not completely silent when used

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What is Shiatsu Massage or Acupressure?

massage cushionWe can well imagine that people wonder what Shiatsu massage or acupressure massage is exactly. Before we immersed ourselves in the world of massage devices, we had never heard of this ourselves. 😉
Shiatsu massage is a massage technique that focuses on pressure points on the body. These pressure points are based on the theory of the Chinese meridians, or energy channels. This makes Shiatsu massage comparable to Chinese acupuncture . Hence the name ” acupressure “. Not with needles, but with pressing movements the pressure points on the body are stimulated. The stimulation of these points on the body can have many health benefits involve.

A Shiatsu massage cushion: what is it good for?

massage cushionThe movements that are made with the hands during a regular acupressure massage can be simulated by a massage device . An advantage of this is that you can always receive a massage at home . And with regular use of a Shiatsu massage cushion, you can save a lot of money  – you don’t have to pay a masseur anymore.

But what are the effects of the pressure point massage? And when do you apply it and when not? We are happy to explain!

  • A Shiatsu massage cushion helps against stiff muscles.
    As a Shiatsu device makes kneading and pressing movements, muscles are more loosely made. This has the effect that your muscles feel less stiff, become more relaxed and therefore give fewer complaints.
  • Shiatsu or acupressure massages can reduce complaints.
    By stimulating the muscles, the skin and certain pressure points, complaints can be reduced. This can concern physical complaints as well as emotional or stress complaints . Consider, for example, neck pain, headaches, back complaints, excessive stress and exhaustion, injuries and stored tensions. With proper use, a Shiatsu massage device can have many good effects.
  • massage cushionAcupressure massage pillows can help you relax better.
    A nice and pleasant massage pillow can of course give a relaxing feeling. The stimulation usually provided by a masseur is now provided by the pillow. And we all know how wonderful a massage can be! It is therefore quite logical that a Shiatsu pillow can also give this effect. 🙂Good news, as far as we are concerned!

What criteria should a good massage cushion or acupressure pillow meet?

  • Note that the massage cushion has multiple speeds.
    These are often the most extensive and qualitative massage pillows. The advantage of having multiple speeds is that you can adjust the massage to your own preferences . For example, do you like a solid massage? Or a little softer? A pillow with multiple settings ensures that you can receive the best massage for you.
  • massage cushionThe best Shiatsu massage cushions are adjustable in height.
    If the cushion is adjustable in height, the cushion is suitable for just about everyone. It is then not too long, too big or too small. This also applies especially to the Shiatsu massage pillows with neck massage. The ratio between the neck part and the back part must of course fit your neck and back. When this can be adjusted, you can be sure that the massage is also applied to the correct body parts.
  • A good massage cushion has several massage zones. 
    It would of course be a shame if you buy a pillow that can only massage in one place. A good pillow can massage your upper back , lower back and your neck . What is added to this is of course a nice bonus! The more functions and massage zones, the more extensive a device is often. You usually pay a little more for this. But the result is that you have a pillow that can give wonderful extensive massages . So it depends on your own budget and preferences, whether you opt for extra massage points in the pillow.
  • Would you like a pillow with a neck massage function?
    massage cushionIf you are specifically looking for a Shiatsu neck massage pillow, there are several options. So you have the “standard”, larger pillow that you literally sit on, and which is spread over your entire back. But there are also loose pillows, which you can often place in your neck or in your back. Are you looking for a pillow that is specifically suitable for your neck? Then we can recommend choosing a suitable neck massage pillow for this.
    Would you like a combination of several types of massages, such as neck massage and back massage? Then you could look at a device that gives both massages. An example of this is the high-quality Zyllion Shiatsu Massage Cushion.
  • Choose a device with remote control.
    massage cushionEspecially with devices that are somewhat larger, it is nice if a remote control is included. For example the larger Shiatsu massage cushions. Suppose; you are just enjoying a massage, but you want to adjust something within the settings . Then it is annoying if you have to get up or sit completely in order to reach the buttons on the pillow. A remote control ensures that you can stay comfortably in your relaxed state. And from there you can change the settings of the pillow if desired.
  • Choose a pillow with good reviews.
    Fortunately, now a days it is possible to go through all customer reviews carefully before we make a purchase. We can therefore recommend that you do this if you plan to buy the best Shiatsu massage cushion for you. The list of the top 7 products that we discuss above is already completely OK in our opinion. So choosing a product from this list can of course save a lot of research. But if you would like to buy another device or pillow, it definitely pays to read the online customer reviews.
  • Would you like a pillow with a heat function?
    Extra heat can ensure that your body relaxes even better. And that can of course not hurt! Especially in winter. So are you cold or do you easily suffer from stiff muscles in cold weather? Then it can be very nice if the acupressure pillow has a good heat function.

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