The 7 Best Infinity Massage Chair Reviews 2024

As most of us know, the tensions of family and work can combine to create a stressful time. As you try to balance both work and family life, you may start to feel overwhelmed. And one of the best ways to relax your muscles and mind is a massage. However, it’s not the easiest or most affordable move to consistently go to your spa. Of course, it’s a great experience, not everyone has the ability to take some time out of their busy day to go to the spa. Infinity Massage Chairs are the best choice to reduce stress and tension. So you will here read the review article on “The 7 Best Infinity Massage Chair Reviews 2024”.

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That’s why one of the chairs in our Infinity massage chair review guide is a practical and much better solution.
Releasing only a handful of massage seats, Infinity is a novelty that has limited its product production. However, the chairs they released are getting tremendously well done by consumers. In our Infinity testimonials guide, we’ll take a look at the top 5 Infinity massage chairs. We will analyze their best features; provide pros and cons and break down each post with an in-depth summary.

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The 5 Best Infinity Massage Chairs

Infinity Therapeutics is the manufacturer of Infinity massage chairs and massage products. They launched their Infinity Massage Chairs merchandise line in 2009 and has been praised for its high quality and durability. Infinity emphasizes their dedication to spa quality products and customer service.

They brand themselves as a luxury massage company that focuses on bringing the comfort of a home spa. Their chairs are created for the home, studio and specialist environments. The focus and direction of their products derive from the fusion of ancient healing techniques with contemporary aesthetics and technological advances.

Infinity has its contemporary tech slogan as they include inversion therapy, multiple preset massage techniques, foot roller technology, and zero gravity design in their new chairs. Although their massage seats have different aesthetics and functions, they are all in keeping with their cutting-edge merchandise movement.

The last component that Infinity has embraced is personalization. Their chairs include 3D / 4D technology and muscle fascia targeting which allows users to intimately limit the massage function. They have also moved away from cumbersome remote management displays and have adopted streamlined control centers. The more people look at Infinity, the more evident it will become that they are a brand focused on the future of massage chair technology and advancement.

Let us discuss the 5 best Infinity massage chairs one by one:

The 5 Best Infinity Massage Chair Reviews 2022

1#  Infinity Evolution Full Body Zero Gravity 3D/4D Massage Chair


The Infinity Evolution is the most recent and premium model of the Infinity Massage Chairs. This massage chair is full body zero gravity with 3D / 4D technology. This massage chair is too much costly ( Check Price ). If you are under budget then you may choose the best massage chair from my following reviews article:

Best Infinity Massage Chair Reviews


This massage chair has autobody scan technology. Just sit on it, this chair will automatically adjust all the rollers and airbags according to your body physique to give the best massage experience. Infinity Evolution massage chair has a voice control function to control the massage modes.


Infinity Evolution massage chair has a 49″ long L-track design to suit tall persons. With zero gravity function, you can enjoy the feeling of weightlessness during the massage to relax the body. Each leg unit contains 2 rollers to soothe and sore, tired calf muscles. Simultaneously, the calf airbags use an oscillation motion for added relief.

Infinity Evolution massage chair has Android and Apple apps to control massage function through your mobile. With Zero Wall space saving technology, you to place the chair close to the wall. During the reclining position, the chair will slide forward.

  • FDA approved
  • New rocking 3D / 4D technology
  • Voice Controlled
  • New advanced technologically 49″  L-Track  design
  • Zero Gravity Function
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Advanced audio technology
  • Suitable for tall persons
  • Expensive (Check Price)


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2#  Infinity Riage CS, Compact Shiatsu Massage Chair

Best Infinity Massage Chair Reviews


Infinity Riage Cs massage chair has a compact design with space saving covering only 23″ space. Infinity CS massage chair is light weight ( 87 lbs only) so, it can be easily moved from one place to another with its transportation wheels.

Infinity Riage CS is a cheap massage chair (almost under $1000) with almost all the features of luxury massage chairs. You may also select the best massage chair under $1000 from my following review article:

This infinity massage recliner has almost all the massage techniques like a shiatsu massage. tapping massage, roller massage covering the full body massage with lumber heating function.

Best Infinity Massage Chair Reviews

  • Compact Design
  • Light Weight
  • Price Under $1000
  • No Thai or Foot Massage
  • Thao or Foot Vibaration Massage Only


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3# IT-Riage X3-AT 3D Massage Chair

The Riage X3 is the most recent version of the first Infinity Riage. It features the introduction of the brand new 3D massage mechanism which aims to change the degree and thickness of each massage. Infinity promises that the combination of its new 3D massage system and 2-position zero gravity recline is far superior to anything else on the market. The mix is ​​designed to increase blood circulation, calm both body and mind and promote general well-being.



However, the most notable feature of our review was the 124cm stroke length which works from the neck all the way to the gluteal muscles. The extended stroke length was created using L-track technologies and has the ability to reach places other massage seats just can’t. Infinity also contained 6 massage techniques that could combine with each other to provide adjustable pressure levels.

Another big upgrade Infinity made was the use of the foot massager, which currently features 8 airbags and 3 rotary massagers only. It is designed to roll, squeeze, knead and provide a relaxing swing arch, sole, ankle, and heel massage. Finally, the Riage X3 is much more energy-efficient than the original Riage. It uses only 240W while working and maintains constant and constant voltage usage.

  • FDA approved
  • New technologically advanced 124 cm inch stroke length (L-rail design)
  • Two zero gravity tilt positions
  • The vertical rail part has an S-curve to fit the contour of the spine
  • Contained blue tooth technology
  • Lower lumbar heating pads
  • The soles of the feet become rotary massagers
  • The chair can be used with smartphones and tablets
  • Advanced audio technology
  • Benefits of reflexology
  • New 3D massage mechanism
  • New rocking technology
  • Ability to fit 6’1+ people
  • No stretched decompression


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4#  IT-Escape-CB Massage Seat

The Infinity Escape is a combination of some Infinity massage chairs. Infinity takes some of their best features from each seat and makes a seat that saves space and money. Its main identity depends on its great price and also on the ability to fit into small spaces. While it is similar to the Infinity Evoke, the biggest difference is the increased stroke length and compact size.


We saw the Escape as an advanced version of the Riage X3. Instead of a stroke length of 124cm in inches, you get a stroke length of 119cm in inches. This is coupled with the 2-position zero gravity recline and other features to increase the number of benefits. Its 119cm stroke length extends from the shoulder and upper neck area to the hard-to-reach gluteal muscles.

The Escapes Foot Massager was created to provide plantar fasciitis and heel pain relief using its technologically advanced rubber. Athletes, runners and people on tiptoe for long hours find this to be a great advantage.

Infinity’s main strength for this chair was its technological ability to save space. To make sure the Escape was able to do this, they equipped it with a zero wall ability. In the long run, the Infinity Escape is apparently a solid chair, its space-saving technologies and extended stroke length are definitely a combination to honor.

  • 3D Massage Chair
  • Zero Gravity
  • Suitable for Athletes & Professionals
  • Heavy Weight (240 lbs)


Check Price & Availability


5# Altera Massage Chair

Many people who buy a massage chair find that there is a difficult problem to solve. This problem is that many massage seats are unable to accommodate people of different sizes. This is particularly problematic for individuals with smaller frames as the airbags do not reach ideal areas leading to poor massage quality. Another issue is that the toes do not reach the base of the footrest, which makes the foot massage rather weak.


To solve this problem, Infinity has focused the direction of its Altera massage chair to accommodate individuals of different sizes. To do this, they designed Altera with an exceptional layout and an extendable leg rest to fit people from 10cm9 to 15cm3. They also included a 124 cm long stretch that reaches from the upper part of the human body to the floor.

The Altera features 6 massage methods, zero gravity positioning, waist rotation and inter-sound technology. Its lumbar heat function also works well with a strong deep tissue massage for tense muscles.

The back correction function that has been implemented is a big plus for people with poor posture and misalignment. Finally, Altera helps save space as it only requires 8cm of free wall space to fully function. This makes it perfect for small people and smaller spaces!

  • It has no adjustable roller speed
  • The standard layout is created for smaller, not average individuals
  • Not Suitable for Tall Persons


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6# IT-Evoke-CB Massage Seat

At first glance, the Infinity Evoke seems to pale in comparison to its Infinity counterparts. It has no 3D massage clamps, lacks advanced L-track technology, and lacks oscillating technologies or built-in speakers. Which leads to the question, why is this on our best list of Infinity massage chair reviews?


The answer is simple, quality and price. While Infinity Evoke doesn’t have 3D massage technologies or built-in speakers, that doesn’t mean it’s not a fantastic massage chair. Will you receive the additional bonuses you will receive from the Riage or the IT-8500X? No, you won’t, but you won’t spend twice as much money as you will on those chairs.

What you will get with Infinity Evoke is a compression treatment that lowers blood pressure and improves circulation. You’ll also have the ability to eliminate pain within your spinal discs through S-shaped technologies. In addition, the zero-gravity Evokes recline position reduces heart rate and provides complete comfort from the complications of stress.

Its 8 airbags and 1.8m rotating massagers also fit those with any Infinity chair on the list. Together with the warm-up function it instantly relaxes the muscles and reduces total tension and pain. Infinity has designed a deep pressure spine massage that helps reduce fatigue and stiffness via pressurized massages using high quality forceps to also improve digestion and overall health.

Finally, Evoke is also the cheapest massage chair ( Check Price ) on the list. It’s a bargain for its price, and its durability is unmatched when dealing with wear resistance and distinct temperatures.

  • Zero Gravity
  • S-Track Technology
  • 38 Massage Air Bags
  • It has no 3D massage rollers
  • It does not have L-track technology
  • No oscillating technology or built-in speakers


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7# IT-8500X3-EB 3D Massage Seat

Another updated variant, the IT-8500X3 is a better variant of this IT-8500. With many updated versions, customers generally complain about the lack of features and improvements made. But with the 8500X3 there are a lot of new features and updates.


The biggest component added was the 3D massage technology which extends the rollers to provide a deeper massage. This is adored by many users right from the start and for others it takes some getting used to.

Infinity has also updated its airbag pressure massage technology by improving the position design. Previously, the IT-8500 featured airbags in five regions (arms, seat, legs / feet, shoulders (and seat). With the IT-8500X3, the additional Infinity airbag technology in the headrest, lower waist, lumbar area, in the buttocks and feet, next to the 5 original areas.

But our favorite supplement was the smaller, more elegant remote. Rather than the larger LCD display, Infinity has created a slimmer handheld remote that is easy, modern in style and performance. The remote also makes it easy to pair your phone with new Bluetooth technologies for both Apple and Android products.

Infinity has finished its update with new preset programs. The programs are preset practical methods that adapt to the different amount of massage chair users, they include the following: relief from functioning, sports update, sleep and rest, shoulders and neck, extension, waist and spine.

  • 3D Massage Technology
  • With Android & Apple App
  • Remote Contolled
  • Bad Customer Reviews (Chck Reviews)


Check Price & Availability


Here you are, people! We analyzed all the Infinity massage chairs we could get our hands on and these 5 are also at the top of our list. Now, that doesn’t mean that the other chairs from Infinity aren’t great as overall they are an amazing brand. We found that with the factors we had considered these 5 chairs were the best option for consumers now.

Ultimately, this guide is here to provide you with the best information that will help you make your choice.

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