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8 Best Foot Massagers for Neuropathy in 2022

Best Foot Massagers
Written by Sonia Naz

If you are looking for some of the best foot massagers for neuropathy, you have come to the right place.

You feel tired, you no longer feel your feet after a long day at work, then a massage session with a foot massager will definitely do your thing.

Better with regular and constant sessions of the masseur, you will benefit from the many advantages that this massage device offers you.

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Through this article, which will be divided into two parts, we will give you all the information relating to this device. In fact, in the first part we will present the best devices to you before explaining the different characteristics and how to find the right model according to your needs.

Once you have read the buying guide and the reviews of foot massagers, we are sure that you will easily find the model that suits you best according to your needs.

I have already reviewed the best foot massagers in 2022. However this post you may say an updated review for the Best Foot Massagers 2022.

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The first thing is first what is Neuropathy or Peripheral Neuropathy?

Neuropathy occurs when nerves outside the brain and spinal cord damage and become numb, weak and painful, frequently occur in your hands and feet.

The causes can be different such as traumatic injuries, metabolic problems, infections, hereditary causes and exposure to toxins. One of the most common causes is diabetes.

Luckily we have compiled a list of Best Foot Massagers For Neuropathy.

8 Best Foot Massagers for Neuropathy

1. MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager

MedMassager is one of the best and most powerful foot massage and neuropathy and other conditions. This model comes with 11 different intensity levels and can produce up to 3700 rpm.

Although MedMassager looks like a normal Massager foot, you can actually tilt it and use it to massage your ankles and calves.

Another advantage is the design of the unit. the use of this footbath is its robust and solid construction. In this way, you can use foot massage for a long time. These features make it one of the best feet for Neuropathy Massgae.


  • Full-size oscillating foot pad, as well as an arched bar and surface that target pressure points
  • 11 Speeds vary from 1,000 to 3,700 rpm
  • Doctors and therapists use it to help stimulate circulation in the feet and legs
  • Robust, reliable construction
  • Comes with a kit for use on wood and tiles
  • Use diabetes and neuropathy patients to promote healthy blood circulation and relieve any pain

The Good

  • The strong buffer of the swinging foot
  • No heat option, but improved blood circulation warms your feet
  • 11 speeds to choose from 1,000 to 3,700 rpm
  • The integrated bow bar for bows and toes
  • Large warranty options
  • Can wear shoes using

The Bad

  • Higher price point
  • No remote control
  • Can be a little noisy
  • And more bulky than heavy many others

Best Alternative

Medi-Rub Foot Massager – Lifetime Warranty 

2. Miko Shiatsu Foot massager with Deep kneading

Miko is one of the best neuropathy cases available on the market today for the foot massage. This model uses 5 different pressure settings to target and massage specific pressure points, relieve pain and relaxation muscles. The device is powered by two separate remote controls to simplify operations.

The control panel has touch buttons. All controls are illuminated and easy to follow. With the remote control, you can change a parameter without having to look at the massage device. Although the remote controls don’t have a long range, they don’t even have to, because their feet could be inside the device when you use them. Providing remote controls is a good idea and can be very useful for people with tilt problems, such as the elderly.

The device requires very little maintenance. The fabric lining is equipped with a zipper. You can remove it for washing if you wish. The outside cover of the massage device is also very easy to clean and can be cleaned with lukewarm water and mild detergent or mild soap.

In terms of massage, this device uses 5 adjustable pressure levels to inflate and deflate the air pockets built into each foot space. Deep kneading massage knots work on the sole and relax the muscles. The heated massage function can be selectively activated and deactivated, creating delicate heat around the feet.

The Good

  • Comes with 15 minutes automatic shutdown function
  • Beautiful design
  • This model is easy to use
  • Easy to transport and store

The Bad

  • There are no side rollers or side tubes to laterally tighten the foot from the side.
  • Some customers complain of the uneven pressure exerted by the airbags used in this Massager.

Best Alternative

3. Foot Massage Machine Shiatsu Massager

The medical massage therapist relieves tired feet, diabetics, and neuropathies by increasing blood flow.

Various properties of heat, air pressure, and vibration Provide the perfect massage for the feet, calves, toes, and ankles.

Cloud masseurs offer a deep massage of Shiatsu paste for an optimal angle of comfort. It has an easily adjustable rod. Others need foot massage to keep your knees and legs together at 90 degrees.

You can feel the reflected quality of a cloud when Massager opens the box for the first time. We are proud to offer a 100% carefree guarantee. You have nothing to lose.

The Good

  • Offers a 1 year warranty on the engine.
  • patented support bar so your feet are at the perfect angle
  • Easily adjustable optimal angle comfort bar

The Bad

  • Most afflictions feel mild pain after an initial massage after the first few uses.
  • The machine does not have remote
  • According to some customers, the rollers are a little hard on the feet.

Best Alternative

4. HoMedics Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager

deep massage is now easier than ever. The Homedics Massager, which is optionally equipped with a heating function, guarantees the desired massage. Not to mention the deep shiatsu that kneads and massages each part of the foot as it moves up and down. In addition, a massage device with a sleek design is very easy to use.

Shiatsu foot massager is one of the Best Foot Massagers For Neuropathy because of deep, petit, light and portable kneading. It is also relatively inexpensive. It is suitable for feet of all sizes and has easy-to-use touch controls that allow you to quickly change the message without moving your upper body.

The Good

  • Offers very deep feet massage
  • Comes with an optional heating function
  • Beautiful design
  • Very easy and convenient to use
  • Economical compared to other models

The Bad

  • According to some customers, it is a bit noisy and the heat is not very strong.

Best Alternative

5. Daiwa Felicity Foot massager vibration with infrared heat Footvibe Pro


FootVibe Pro offers a powerful foot treatment and a powerful vibration massager to relieve pain, increase blood circulation and speed healing. Strong vibrations give plants and hands a stimulating effect.

Red light acts as a massage device for the circulation of blood and increases blood circulation in painful areas. Best Foot Massagers For Neuropathy or other circulatory problems.

High frequency vibrations and acupressure have a stimulating and healing effect on the soles of the feet and hands. The unique design makes it easy to apply as a massager for calves, thighs or circulation legs. Ideal for preventing injuries and people with diabetic neuropathy or other circulatory problems.

The Good

  • This work for feet, hands, thighs, and calves
  • Combine three types of treatment like soothe pain, stimulate circulation, and speed up healing.
  • Supplied with remote control
  • comes with a replaceable battery.

The Bad

  • Footpad is difficult
  • Vibration levels are a little too violent

6. NURSAL MD-50230A Foot Massager Kneading Shiatsu Therapy Massage

This professional foot massager has 5 function keys with 3 massage modes, 3 selectable time modes, and medium to high intensity. This Massager miraculously relieves tired feet, reduces tension and improves blood circulation in all parts of the foot.

The automatic switch-off delay can be 10, 15 or 20 minutes. Application once or twice a day for 5 to 20 minutes can relieve pain, relieve tired feet and improve blood circulation.

The Nursal foot heating function greatly relieves Massaging the pain of tired muscles and relieves foot pain. It’s easy to get started with the click of a button.

The fabric lining of this Massager is removable for easy washing. It measures up to 12 feet and is suitable for most feet, but may not be suitable for people with large feet.

The Good

  • removable cover for washing
  • Work well for the whole foot
  • Fits up to size 12 feet and is designed to fit most feet

The Bad

  • Some customers complain of sore feet at low pressure
  • The heat is not powerful enough for other users

Best Alternative

7. Belmint Shiatsu Foot massager for plantar fasciitis, Chronic Neuropathy


The Belmint Shiatsu foot bath is the ULTIMATE Massager that, after a long day of work, provides a relaxing treatment that refreshes your feet thanks to its 6 massage heads and deep kneading knots for a good massage treatment.

This Shiatsu Massager is your personal therapist to relieve any pain in your feet, whether you have chronic pain, nerve pain or plantar fasciitis caused by a long hospital, casino or restaurant job. This Plantar facial massage The device will be your personal therapist to relieve these painful tensions in the comfort of your home.

Just press a button, you can enjoy a deep massage to warm your feet. We have developed this integrated thermal massager foot therapy that gives you a feeling of warmth by focusing on blood pressure to improve cold foot circulation. It adapts to the perfect angle and automatically deactivates after a relaxing 20-minute massage to ensure your safety.

The Good

  • Improves blood flow
  • reduces pain, tension, and plantar fasciitis
  • Help stress facilitated
  • Format compact
  • breathable mesh

The Bad

  • The area is too large foot pad so you have to keep going my foot to get full coverage.

Best Alternative

8. QUINEAR Shiatsu Foot Massager

One of the first things you will notice about the QUINEAR footbath is its small, compact design. Unlike other foot massages, this model does not lose space. Although the masseuse seems very weak, he is still able to reach a height of 10 feet.

A positive aspect of this model is that it comes with 6 different intensity settings for atmospheric pressure. Each set differs significantly from the other, inflate more or less the integrated airbags according to your preferences. This is a nice feature because you can share with other masseuse members in your home without having to worry about changing the settings. These features make it one of the best foot massagers for Neuropathy and other circulation disorders.

Another advantage of this Massager is that it comes with two heat intensity settings. You can get a foot massage without activating the heating function, but you can also choose between a low and high heat setting if you wish. The heated massage is very pleasant, especially during the cold season. The heated massage is not only beautiful but also very useful. Regular use of this massage function improves blood circulation and makes you feel more relaxed.

The internal wall of the foot massager is removable and washable. You can even take food out of the machine and clean it when it gets dirty. In this way, you can make the look and Massager work like a new device.

The Good

The feet massager can fit up to Taille US 11

  • It comes with a safety device
  • it offers two kneading speeds and two preset massage modes.
  • comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Can be used at home and in the office

The Bad

  • Its size is a bit small

Best Alternative

Purchasing Guide | All About Foot Massage Devices

There are many of them but they are different in their design and characteristics, which is why it is not easy to find the best foot massager. Each model has its own advantages, but some of them also have drawbacks that should not be overlooked.

And in order to help you make the best possible choice, we have decided to offer you the different characteristics of each model which will allow you to make the right choice.



The design is a defining element of the foot massager. It has a considerable impact on the effects you will see after your massage session. In the market, you will certainly find two types of fabrications.

But even though the manufacturers have chosen to put only two types of designs, you should know that each device has its own personal touch, which sets it apart from others for that matter.

Open design

There are many such foot massagers with an open design. The reason is simple, these designs are comfortable and allow you to put your feet on the massager’s deck without much difficulty. Better, even if you do not want to turn it on, you can relax by putting your feet on the device.

One of the advantages of these design models is its portability. Indeed, these devices are very light and this is what facilitates their portability. Thus, you have the possibility of bringing them where you want and when you want, you can even use it at work if you wish and that without any difficulty.

Alongside this portability, there is the silent character of these models. Another advantage that can encourage you to bring it to work is that they won’t disturb you, they don’t make any noise therefore, they won’t disturb you when you are in a meeting or in the company of other people.

In addition, with these models, you do not risk losing your balance even if you place it on a shiny surface as they are stable and your feet are comfortably installed.

Also, you will not have to worry about the effectiveness of the massage you are going to receive: These devices will provide you with a deep massage of the soles of your feet. With these types of designs too, you won’t need to stress on maintenance and thanks to its heated massage feature, the soles of your feet will be well served as heat.

However, it should be made clear, with these types of designs your ankles and calves will not be massaged. So, if it is the massage of its areas that interests you, you will have to think of other models.

The other downside with these types of designs relates to the lack of massage of the arches of your feet. It is really rare to come across a model with an open design that will massage your heels.

 Closed design

There are as many foot massagers with a closed design as those with an open design. They are popular and easy to understand when you want to use them. The soles, sides and pain of your feet are their main targets but they also act on your heels unlike models with an open design.

And when you opt for a heated massage, your feet will be well served in heat. Only the arches and sides of your feet as well as your soles will not benefit from this heat.

Compared to massage techniques, you don’t have to worry with closed designs because you will be served very well, these designs combine several techniques and you are going to benefit from them with every massage session.

However, unlike open designs, with closed designs, maintenance must be required even though handling remains easy. And always in order to facilitate handling, some models are delivered with a remote control.

In doing so, things will be easier for all users regardless of their level of mobility. To this is also added the possibility of adjusting the intensities, which means that you have the possibility of personalizing your session according to your convenience, your mood.

When it comes to the comfort of your feet, you can also be reassured because most models are designed to accommodate the maximum number of users. Only, it is obvious that not everyone can be taken into account, therefore, there will certainly be a category of person who will be wronged.

This is the case for users who have big feet. These people may not feel comfortable because their feet will be too tight in the massager’s bridge.

Height and weight

The size of the foot massage machine is very important. It is through this that we can determine who can use the device. Indeed, it is not because a foot massager is designed to accommodate the maximum number of users that anyone, whatever your weight, can use any massager.

No, foot massagers have limits and one of those limits is the size of the person using it. The size of the user must necessarily correspond to what the massager can contain. Some models can accommodate people with a height less than 14 feet, while others can only take people less than or equal to 10 feet.

So when your massager does not adapt to your size or that of a member of your family, because it is too small, the best solution then would be to look for another device that suits all of you, one that can hold your different sizes.

Likewise, when your device is too big for your small feet, then the best solution would be not to take a massager intended for people with large feet. So, just because you have the ability to adapt your feet to the device doesn’t mean you are going to opt for this choice at all costs.

No, you should always look for the massager that is right for your feet, otherwise you may not get all the benefits that your foot massager has to offer. when your device is too big for your small feet, then the best solution would be not to take a massager intended for people with big feet.

So, just because you have the ability to adapt your feet to the device doesn’t mean you are going to opt for this choice at all costs. No, you should always look for the massager that is right for your feet, otherwise you may not get all the benefits that your foot massager has to offer.

When your device is too big for your small feet, then the best solution would be not to take a massager intended for people with big feet. So, just because you have the ability to adapt your feet to the device doesn’t mean you are going to opt for this choice at all costs. No, you should always look for the massager that is right for your feet, otherwise you may not get all the benefits that your foot massager has to offer.

Regarding the weight of the device, you just have to know that it is not as important as the size. The weight of the device is not as important as the size because its importance is just related to the portability and stability of the device. In principle, the heaviest devices are generally the most stable.


A massager with maximum portability is more beneficial because you will be able to move with it from one room to another within the house. You will even have the option to take it with you when you go to work, for example.

But first of all, you should know that foot massagers are not very portable. However, aware of the usefulness of a device’s portability, the designers have provided features that can help you carry your foot massager wherever you want.

Indeed, weight is a significant factor in the portability of the device and it is for this reason that some manufacturers have chosen to market devices that are much less heavy, and therefore easily transportable.

Next to the weight there is also the size of the device which is a very important factor, a determining factor in the portability of your massager. Models with an open design are much more portable than those with a closed design.

Indeed in the first case, you can even put your device in a bag and take it with you if you have to leave the house, which is not the case with devices with a closed design. These are heavier and larger therefore difficult to transport.


In principle, it is not recommended to stand or press too hard after placing your feet on the appliance. Such behavior may damage your foot massager. Engines can also fail in the face of such behavior. So, it is better to gently press your device if you want to change the intensity in order to benefit from a rougher massage.

In any case, you should be aware that the stability of your device necessarily depends on its design. If you choose an open model, you are going to have a more stable massager because these models are low and wide.

However, besides the design, there are other factors which are crucial in the stability of your foot massager. This is the case with the feet of the device in question. Made from rubber, the massager’s feet are stronger so you won’t risk seeing your massager slipping during a massage session.

In addition, there are massagers with adjustable feet on the market. The advantage of these models is that you have the ability to adjust their height whenever you want. This means that depending on your chair or the sofa you are sitting on, you can adjust the feet of your massager so that you will be comfortable to fully enjoy your massage session.

Types of massage

Like any massager, foot massagers also use features to give you a very relieving massage. Hey, yes foot massagers come with multiple features and it is these different features that allow you to have multiple massage experiences. The massage experience always depends on the characteristics used by the device.

Oscillating massage

This type of massage works very well with a device with an open design. Choosing this type of massage with a massager of an open design is choosing one of the best because the results will be above your expectations.

The answer to the question of how the massager works is simple: they oscillate their surfaces as soon as your feet are placed on the device. It is a very effective technique, especially when your feet are placed on the pressure points during the massage.

What is certain is that with this technique not only will your blood circulation be improved but you will have the privilege of feeling the work done by the muscles of your feet and legs on your toes and knees.

Atmospheric pressure massage

This type of massage is more common in devices with a closed design. Its mission is generally focused on the muscles of the arches and sides of your feet. To do this, an inflation and deflation work is carried out on the airbags integrated into the walls of the massager.

You don’t have to worry about its effectiveness too, this type of massage is very effective and gives you a lot of good as your tired muscles will be well soothed and you will benefit from a very relaxing massage. .

When it comes to the intensity of the massage too, you have the option of choosing the intensity that suits you the most because almost all foot massagers give you the option to customize your massage experience.

Kneading massage

This type of massage works equally well with an open design as well as a closed design. However, it is not exercised in the same way on the contrary, it acts differently depending on the massager you have.

In fact, some foot massagers use massage heads, with several massage nodes, which turn in all the directions of a watch hand. Also, the massage is performed on the soles of the feet.

On the other hand, other models opt for the use of different mechanisms integrated into their floors. The movements of these mechanisms can also be circular as it can be several round trips.

Massage Shiatsu

Like kneading massage, shiatsu massage is also very common in foot massagers. Also, it is a type of massage that works just as well with a closed design as with an open one.

For its execution, there are many models that apply pressure to different parts of your feet. It is this pressure that will stimulate your muscles while improving your blood circulation.

 Heated massage

Unlike in the past, many foot massagers now use the technique of heated massage. However, it must be said, the technique of heated massage has not yet been unanimous.

Not only, not all foot massagers have this massage technique, but even those who have provided this technique do not use the same amount of heat. Indeed, at the time when some models opt for a feeling of heat, others on the other hand have planned a strong heat.

For the latter case, it is necessary to remember in some cases the heat is so strong that it is not recommended for people who have lost the sensation of their feet to use this technique.

In any case, the heated massage is a very relaxing technique. Also with this heating massage technique, you will feel very comfortable and safe especially when the heat spreads on the soles of your feet.

In addition, with the heated massage, you will notice a marked improvement in the stimulation of blood circulation in your feet. This, thanks to a bursting of blood vessels as soon as the thermal massage is activated. Thus, your feet will benefit from more nutrients and oxygen, which will warm up and accelerate your muscle recovery.


Applying is also another massage technique that aims to massage your feet and legs at the same time.

Feet:  It is certainly a deficiency but most foot massagers only act on the soles of the feet. Something that is certainly not to the liking of users who prefer a device capable of massaging several areas and not only the soles of the feet.

Feet and Ankle:  If you want a device that can massage your ankles as well as the soles of your feet, then go for a device with a closed design. They are larger so they are better able to reach several areas at the level of your feet.

With these designs too, the sides and arches of your feet will be massaged at the same time. So, these designs are the best solution if you don’t just care about massaging the soles of your feet.

The Foot, Ankle, and Calf:  There aren’t many foot massagers that can reach your calves, only the few versatile devices can. So, if it is ankle and calf massage that interests you, then don’t look for an open design massager because this model can only massage the soles of your feet. Instead, choose a model that you can tilt to massage your ankles and calves, especially after workouts or after spending a lot of time in a standing posture, muscle knots can develop. And in this case, a calf and ankle massage can be a very good solution to relieve muscle tension.

But, if it is a warming and boiling massager that interests you then you should know that this is a foot spa that suits you the most. However, here too you should be aware that finding the best one will not be easy as home foot spas are flooding the market.


The benefits of foot massage, especially when the sessions are regular, are manifold. Among them are relaxation, improved blood circulation, pain relief, nerve stimulation … However, you should know that even if these benefits are considerable, they are not the only ones.


You do not know what the real use of foot massages is. Answering this question will not be difficult because you just need to know that these types of massage are even recommended by specialists under certain conditions. Here we will tell you when and why to use a foot massager.


One of the first benefits of a foot massage is relaxation. There is no better solution than a good foot massage session after a hard day’s work. Whether you have spent the whole day in a sitting or standing position, when you get home a foot massage is one of the best solutions when you want to relax.

Indeed, the sitting position prevents a correct circulation of the blood circulation and it is for this reason that you have the feeling of feeling a certain freshness in your feet.

At the same time, standing for a long time can swell your feet, and you may even feel some pain there. And when faced with these situations, the use of a foot massager will be a huge relief for you.

Poor blood circulation

Spending a lot of time in a sitting position can be harmful to the blood circulation in your feet. Indeed, movement is necessary when you want to facilitate this circulation, but that does not mean that you will not have a problem with blood circulation in your feet if you are used to moving a lot.

In any event, the use of a foot massager can help in stimulating blood circulation to the feet which will otherwise be warmer. To achieve this result, the masseur acts on the muscles of your feet in order to warm them up.

So, with the increased blood flow, the muscles in your feet will receive more oxygen and nutrients and this will keep them warm for a long time.

And when you want more satisfying results, using the heated massage function would be the best solution. This characteristic has a double advantage. On the one hand, your feet will be well warmed up but even your blood vessels will be dilated, which will allow better blood circulation at this level.


Neuropathy is common in people living with chronic illnesses such as diabetes. Preventing the development of its symptoms is possible with a foot massager. This device will, in fact, reduce nerve pain while relieving you. With this device, too, numbness and tightness can disappear.

Plantar Fasciitis

You suffer from fasciitis, which is a condition of the tissue at the bottom of your foot which at the same time becomes inflamed. As a result, you have difficulty walking properly and you don’t know what to do.

Don’t worry, the solution is there and it’s very simple. Do a treatment based on foot massage with a foot massager. With this technique, it is sure that you will soon get rid of your problem without even leaving your home.

A foot massager may help you even if you have some pain in the sides or arches of your feet. In that case, you just need to look for a model that can reach these areas for relief in the shortest possible time.


You want an efficient foot massager that can target the various pressure points used for pain relief, then look for a device that can provide you with a full massage.

A masseur who provides for the shiatsu technique can also do the trick for you. In any case, having these kinds of devices can help you get rid of your headaches while reducing the frequency of those same headaches.

Aches after jogging

You have certainly experienced aches at least once especially when you are used to running long distances. It may happen that you have felt this very early in your training. And this risks being a blocking factor, hence the need for a foot massager.

This device is very effective and is able to relieve you by eliminating this feeling of tension in your muscles. Also, if you’re used to having muscle pain in your calves and feet after a run training session, don’t worry. There are models of masseurs who take care of these muscles for the sole purpose of providing effective relief.


You have arthritis and you don’t know which massage model is right for you so the answer is simple, don’t pass up a massager that has a heated massage system and is able to provide you with a full massage.

In fact, arthritis, also called inflammation of the joints can in some cases lead to swelling of the feet and fluid retention in the limbs. Suddenly, the foot massager would be a good way to reduce the symptoms of this condition. And the heated massage techniques and the full massage will give you great relief by reducing pain.

 Bunions or Hallux valgus

If there are people who must necessarily have a foot massager, it is certainly people suffering from bunions. These people have constant pain in their feet from the movement of their toes:

The big toes are pulled towards the other toes and it can hurt a lot. So opting for regular foot massager sessions can be a good solution. But be careful, you should not take just any foot massager. It is recommended that you look for a device that can relax your muscles in the soles and sides of your feet while providing a shiatsu massage.

Lower back pain

A foot massage can also be helpful for a person with low back pain. The reason is simple, lower back pain can be the result of poor posture. Which bad posture can also be manifested by pain in the legs but also in the feet.

In the face of such pain, a foot massager can be an excellent solution because not only will you be relieved but also you will notice a marked improvement.

Menstrual pain

It looks more like utopia but it is reality. A foot massager can in some cases relieve your period pain. To do this you just need to look for a masseur who can accomplish this mission while massaging your calves because not all foot massagers can do it.

 Using foot massage to induce labor

A good foot massage session is also effective in helping you induce labor. However, not all foot massagers can accomplish this mission but a massager model capable of massaging your soles as well as the sides of your feet.

In addition, the device must also have the ability to relieve the ankles as well as your calves. In short, you need a device capable of acting on several acupressure points. However, you should be aware that the consent of your doctor is a must before inducing labor through a foot massager.


In summary, we have shown you through our reviews that each model of foot massager has its own unique features with the sole purpose of providing you with a quality massage and an exceptional massage experience. This means that there are many foot massage devices, but from the point of view of their function, they are not the same even if they are all effective.

When looking for a foot massager, choose the best one because not only will they provide you with a relaxing massage experience but also with them you will have the possibility to benefit from the many advantages especially in the health setting. And to find the best model you must first determine how to use it and how you plan to use it.

These answers found, it remains for you to know which model, with an open or closed design suits you the most without forgetting the feature offers.

Based on the answer to these questions, you should either look for an open design model or a closed model and decide which model offers the most functionality. It is after answering all these questions that you will be able to know which model is best for you.

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