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8 Best Foot Massager Machines Reviews 2022

foot massager
Written by Sonia Naz
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Due to “Covid-19” most of my recommended products may be unavailable. However I’ve given the best alternative against each product. Buy the alternative in case of recommended product unavailabity.

Foot Massager – Buying Guide, Grading and Testing in 2022

After long hours of work, finishing the day with a massage session is ideal. So not to come and go in massage parlors and spas, foot massager device kits are available on the market.

If some seek in this type of device a moment of relaxation worthy of a provision of professional institutions, others aspire to only take regular care of their little feet. 

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To avoid unpleasant surprises, you can choose from our two carefully selected devices, taking into account your expectations: Beurer FB 50 draws its particularity from the fact that this device combines heat with the massage. Original Thermal Relax Cushion, as for him, is distinguished from other specimens, because in addition to the massage with a pleasant temperature, infrared heat is also at the rendezvous to circulate well the blood in the body at the level of the massed zone.

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The best foot massage machines 2022

1. Beurer FB 50 Foot Massager

If you are looking for a good device for foot massage or simply to make a good pedicure, it is one of the best on the market, especially that we speak of quality Beurer.

The highlight of this foot massage device and distinguishes it from many other models is the fact that it keeps the water temperature stable. That way, we can spend more time there and no need to change the water when it cools.

What we look for first in this type of device is the fact that it can massage the feet deep. With no less than three different technologies, this gem of Breuer does more than what is expected of him. First, we have removable rollers that can be used at its own pace because they do not rotate alone. They target the reflex zones of the feet to bring comfort.

After, we have interchangeable pedicure tips that can be used even dry to massage the feet and especially make them as soft as those of a baby. And, we have vibrations and boiling that work all the surface of the feet. It is by combining these three technologies in addition to infrared light points that at the end of each session, we forget all the fatigue and we come out with almost perfect feet.

The use of this Beurer foot massage machine is simple. You do not even need to read the user manual to take full control of the device. Just read the instructions on the LED screen to learn how to do it.

Besides, there are not many settings to make. Just set the temperature. There are 5 temperature increments ranging from 35 ° C to 48 ° C. If you want to have total relaxation, you can adjust the massage time in advance. To have bubbles and vibrations, just click on the buttons made for. Finally, just choose the pedicure tip that is needed among the three proposed if you want to do a dry massage. Do not forget to plug the unit in and turn it on and close at the end. It’s as simple as a breeze.

As already mentioned in the description of the use, there are 5 temperature levels. We can go from an average temperature to a high temperature to have the foot bath that we need. But, the plus with this device is that you can add essential oil or disinfectants without it spoils it.

In addition, thanks to bubbles, you do not need to foam the water, the device will do it by itself. In other words, we do not have to wet our hands. This is a device that even professionals can use for pedicures. It makes disinfectant baths and even the scrub without having to get dirty hands. Simply change the water to rinse the feet, dry and continue with nail care by removing the cuticles and performing the nail polish.

This foot massager machine offers you several possibilities to relax your feet. You can use it to dry massage the soles of your feet. You can also enjoy with this tool a moment of vibrant and bubbling massage.

You can enjoy a hot and pleasant foot bath whose temperature is adjustable in 5 steps. Depending on your desires, you can adjust the water temperature from 35 to 48 ° C. The timer also allows you to select the duration of the massage. Thus, the LED screen facilitates control and adjustment of the device.

This model is equipped with magnets that allow you to perform foot therapy by the magnetic field and relax fully. It also features removable rollers that provide unparalleled efficiency for a relaxing massage of the reflex zones of each foot and an improvement in your blood circulation. You are free to put or remove these mobile massage rollers for a personalized use of the device according to the expected result.

This massage machine also offers you the opportunity to use 3 interchangeable pedicure tips for the beauty of your feet. With pressure produced on the middle console, the pedicure tip automatically works to beautify and soften your feet.

Beurer FB 50 is a device that adapts to all needs by offering each user the ability to do a dry massage, one by vibration, a massage through bubbling water and another through removable rollers.

This model would have been perfect if its massage rollers could work automatically. Those present on this article ask to make movements at the level of the feet to turn.

Beurer FB 50 is the best of the list taking into account the characteristics of the products in our rankings. Indeed, it offers several varieties of massages.

For the relaxation and beauty of your feet, take a look at this Beurer FB 50 massage machine that offers good value for money.

Removable rollers for massage of reflex zones of the foot do not rotate alone. However, it is perhaps better to be able to impose the pace especially when we see how hard they are.

  • Multifunctional
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Magnetic field therapy
  • LED screen
  • Inadequate location of the pedicure tip
  • Non-automatic operation of massage rollers

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2. Original Thermique  Relax Cushion Foot Massager

The Relax Cushion Foot Massager is a device that will allow you to spend a relaxing and enjoyable foot massage. He performs thermal massages that can be adjusted either to be done hot or cold. The choice of temperature will be according to your needs in massage or according to your medical prescriptions. In any case, the product will provide you with a great softness and the equivalent of a relaxing foot massage.

The device not only massages gently, but it also massages acupuncture points while diffusing infrared heat to reduce stress and improve blood circulation. The massed areas include toes, arches, and heels.

The entire foot area is thus massaged. To set the time of your massages, the device has a timer adjustable on intervals of 5 minutes up to half an hour. In addition, the intensity can be chosen between two modes: strong or light. To facilitate the washing of the fabric where the feet are placed, it was made with a washable textile.

Original Thermal Relax Cushion allows you to perform a massage with heat or cold. Such a feature is interesting because the device can thus adapt to needs and expected results that can be very varied.

The foot massage machine would have been spotless if it was not too heavy. With a weight of up to 5 kg, it can be more complicated to move it frequently for a senior.

Original Thermal Relax Cushion is the most expensive model of our selection, but it has unique features giving you the option to choose between a hot or cold massage.

For those who are looking for a simple foot massage device that works properly, the Relax Cushion will provide you with a gentle massage of your feet.

  • Massage with or without heat
  • A cozy and colorful design
  • Several acupuncture points
  • Washable cover
  • A moderately heavy weight

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3. Homedics FM-TS9- EU Foot Massager

Homedics FM-TS9-EU is a model of foot massage device that performs massage by releasing heat for better efficiency of the treatment performed.

The device has two sets that each have three rotating Shiatsu heads to give your feet a revitalizing massage every time you use it. The treatment is done through an infrared heat that gives you the speed and efficiency of the massage. Homedics FM-TS9-EU comes with ignition and stop button that you can control with your feet so you do not have to bend your back to turn it on or off. Which optimizes your comfort.

This foot massager allows adjusting the massage angle according to your needs to ensure the effectiveness of its use for the treatment you perform or for the level of relaxation you want to have. The appliance’s wire can be tucked underneath so you do not feel cluttered anywhere you put it when you’re not using it. Its surface is washable to allow you to easily maintain it so you can use it in the long term and in the best hygienic conditions, which compares this model to the best foot massage device on the market.

Homedics FM-TS9-EU performs each massage through heat released via an infrared system. This allows you to have a result that is both fast and efficient. Its quality is optimized by the presence of 3 rotating Shiatsu heads that accompany it.

To achieve perfection, this device should have guaranteed its effectiveness in massage of different parts of the feet. However, this model has trouble massaging the part corresponding to the plantar area.

Homedics FM-TS9-EU has the best value thanks to its infrared system which allows having comforting heat and which crosses the areas to treat with efficiency.

Which foot massage device to choose? In our opinion, the best brand of foot massage machines is Homedics and therefore, of course, Homedics FM-TS9-EU is first on our list.

  • Easy control
  • An innovative infrared system
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy storage
  • The device has trouble massaging the plantar area

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4. Clatronic FM3389 Foot Massager

If at this time of the year you’re still wondering what is the best foot massager on the market or which foot massage machine to buy, Clatronic FM3389 is the only answer to your questions.

This is a device that proposes to be both a masseur and an orthopedic spaThis model can be used with or without water according to your choice for a better efficiency of your massage. Its splash guard is removable to keep you clean and dry where you massage. 

The foot support which is rubber is non-slip to ensure your safety whether you use it with or without water. The massage is performed with tingling effects for better stimulation of the reflex zones.
Clatronic FM3389 has a removable roller for deep massage and guarantees a better result. The footrest is heated at the time of the massage for better relaxation of the feet.

The foot massager has 4 levels of adjustment namely level 0 which corresponds to the off position of the device, level 1 which corresponds to the massage function, level 2 which corresponds to the functions of heating / Whirl and level 3 which corresponds to the Warming / Whirl / Massage functions. This allows you to specifically tailor each treatment to the level of care you wish to have.

Before going to the place where to buy the best foot massage machine, know that Clatronic FM 3389 is the cheapest of our selection.

  • Alliance of well-being and beauty
  • Can be used without water
  • 4 levels of adjustment
  • Pretty noisy device

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5. AEG MSS5562 Foot Massager

AEG MSS5562 is the best foot massager with a well-designed design, suitable for many uses thanks to its different functions. Its very elegant white color and its compact enough shape allow you to adapt it to any type of decoration of a room without having to feel cluttered.

The device performs the massage by emitting a slight vibration to eliminate any kind of pain felt in the area massaged. The massage is done with heat that guarantees a very effective result over a long period. The handle of this foot massager is long enough to allow you to easily reach hard-to-reach places when you massage to another part of your body. The head of the device can be easily tilted at an angle optimizing access to every part of your body.

The motor of this foot massager is quiet when it works so that you can use it both day and night without any risk of annoying those around you. Its various programs allow you to choose between a simple relaxing massage, a relaxing foot massage or a massage that eliminates pain, especially on your feet. This guarantees you a versatile use of the device. By this performance, this massager is to include in your comparison of foot massage device if you establish one to find the model that suits you.

If you have any doubts about the performance of the AEG MSS5562, you can watch a video test about it to reassure you. Indeed, this model is correct and it is able to massage your feet!

  • Massage and spa apparatus for the feet
  • Various programs for an effective foot massage
  • Easy maintenance
  • Noisy device
  • Sweating and low vibration

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6. Heat TS3511C0 Foot Massager

After a long and hard day, a foot massage would be welcome. But who will you want to massage every night? Do not worry, you will only need a foot massage machine. You will have your massage wherever you want and when you want since this small device can be easily transported. With its option combining bubble bath and vibration, you will be thrilled.

The Calor TS3511C0 is ideal for massaging the arch and toes with its various massage cylinders and microbead tray. You can choose between 3 programs: pulsating massage and water heating; the bubble bath and water heating or combine the 3 features. Heating the water can keep the water at the same temperature regardless of the program you start.

To take a small pose between your massage sessions, the central footrest of the device is very convenient. As a result, you will not have to put your bare feet on the floor and will not catch a cold. A power of 215 W will not consume much electricity, so go for massages at will! All these qualities have reasons to rank the Calor TS3511C0 second product recommended in terms of foot massage.

According to user reviews, the Calor TS3511C0 Foot Massager is a real treasure you will not regret buying.

  • 3 programs
  • Massage of the plantar arch and toes
  • Water heating
  • Modern and contemporary design
  • Noisy

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7. Beurer FM 38 Foot Massager

Beurer FM 38 is a modern and innovative foot massager model that allows you to relax or remove your pains after a few minutes of massage. His two sets each have 4 balls that rotate during the massage. Its 8 rotating massage balls guarantee the speed and exceptional efficiency of each session.

The device works with an infrared heating system to perform the massage pleasantly without any pain. Your feet are enough to order it to avoid you to bend your back to handle it. This model performs the massage by touching the reflex zones of your feet to ensure you eliminate any kind of tiredness or pain that makes you suffer.

The power of the device is 30 watts to allow you to perform the massage in the shortest possible time. Just minutes after use, you feel full of energy and relaxed. Moreover, for a weight limited to 4 kg only, the device is sufficiently light and compact to allow you to insert it easily into a room without feeling cluttered. So, if at this moment, you still do not know how to choose the best model among the best foot massage devices of 2022, he proposes to put an end to your worries.

The Beurer FM 38 foot massage device is on our list because it is a correct model. You can also compare it to other models of the same brand to make sure.

  • Infrared heating system
  • Shiatsu massage and easy control
  • Noisy device
  • Keep the pressure

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8. Vitadock by Medisana Shiatsu Foot Massager

Vitadock by Medisana Shiatsu is a model of a foot and back massage device that offers you a relaxing moment with each use and reduces the pain felt in these two places after several treatments.

The device has 18 rotating heads that guarantee an incomparable efficiency of deep Shiatsu massage for a result of treatment obtained within a short time. The heat function that accompanies it optimizes comfort and reduces the pain felt at the time of massage. This function also promotes better blood circulation so that the massage is done in the best conditions.

Vitadock from Medisana Shiatsu performs the massage in two intensities allowing you to adapt it to the treatment and the sensation that you want it to be performed at the level of your feet or at the level of the upper or lower part of your back. Compared to most similar devices on the market, this foot massager is quiet when in use allowing you to use it at the same time as watching TV or reading to maximize your comfort. Available at a reasonable price, it comparable to the Best Quality heart massage machine of the cheapest feet marc hey.

The Medisana Shiatsu Vitadock Massage Device is suitable for foot and back massage with 18 rotating massage heads, the Medisana Shiatsu Vitadock model can help you relax effectively.

To make massages even more enjoyable, it has a switchable heat function. You do not have to be expert at using Medisana Shiatsu Vitadock, it is easy to use.

  • This foot massage machine is quiet
  • Difficult to differentiate the two intensities of the device

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How to choose a good foot massager machine?

The benefits of foot massages have been scientifically proven many years ago. The good news is that today there are machines capable of massaging the feet and the market offers a very large panel. Also, to help you make the best choice, we have created this buying guide for the best foot massage machines. Thus, by following our advice, you will not waste your time before finding the model that suits you.


Purchase guide

The operating system

When it comes to a foot massage device, today we have a choice of models in three main categories: manual models, electric models and foot spas. So, the answer to the question “how to buy a foot massage device for a better value?” Will be obvious if you get to determine what you really want. Above all, take the time to really think about what you really want to not waste time and money.

Know that hand tools are made for people who have help when it comes to getting their feet rubbed. The electric foot massage machines are for people who want to maintain their autonomy and who really want to benefit from an optimal foot massage as often as necessary. Finally, foot spa machines, which are just as effective, are for everyone who loves the foot spa.

It should be noted that foot massage machines involving water also contribute to the beauty of the feet. Whatever your final choice, as long as you know what you really need, you’ll make the right choice.

Power and features

Once you have determined which type of foot massage device is right for you, you should now know that the more powerful a foot massage device is, the better your feet will be massaged and the more massage options will be available. many.

Generally, the power of a foot massage device is between 10W and 100W. 10W power massage machines offer basic options and can properly massage your feet. On the other hand, the powerful massage devices offer other functionalities such as the choice of the type of massage (classic, shiatsu, etc.), the intensity of the massage, the system to be used (the massage balls, the infrared function, the water bubbles, etc.).

It should be noted that foot massage machines that can be controlled via remote control are more interesting in the sense that you will not have to bend your back to order them.



Hygiene, maintenance and storage

Last step before going to ask a price comparator to know where to buy a new foot massage device: check the options on hygiene, maintenance, and storage of the device.

Indeed, for your sake, it is important that the foot massage device is easy to clean after each use. If you have a preference for foot spa appliances, make sure that the model you choose will be easy to empty, clean and dry.

Finally, if you do not have much space at home, opt for a compact foot massage device will be a good idea. However, check if the device you are interested in comes with a storage bag and cleaning accessories to make your life easier.

How to use a foot massage device?

After a long day of walking or walking, you are in a hurry to return to relax and enjoy a foot massage offered by your new device. However, you still do not know how to proceed? This article will inform you about these points.

Plug in or turn on your device

This is probably the preliminary stage of its use. If you have a device with an electrical connection, simply connect the plug. However, be sure to check if the voltages are correct to avoid malfunction of the machine. The voltage offered by the network should be the same as the label of your product.

Take a comfortable position

Before you begin, adopt a suitable pose. The most recommended is especially to sit on a chair to make the most of the benefits that the massage machine can bring. For this fact, you will only have to switch on with your foot the Power button which is generally very visible and easy to reach. As for Homedics FM – TS9-EU. The power button is unbreakable.

Avoid the bathroom

Of course, for electrical appliances, the bathroom is always dangerous. Make sure you do not use it in places near water such as sinks or showers on pain of electrocution. It is best to use dry, in the living room for example or in your room.

Be sure of your state of health

It is advisable not to use it if you have heart problems, are diabetic or are pregnant. This could make your case worse. Preferably, consult your doctor for his opinion on the matter. Do not use it if you have doubts.

Select your type of massage

With its many features, you can opt for the massage of your choice. You just have to press the buttons to benefit. For convenience, you can do it with your foot and if your device has an interface, you could check without getting up. You could decide for a relaxing, soothing, or hydrotherapy massage.

Do not add water in full activity

If you use a hydraulic type device, avoid adding water during your use. This could create a failure in your device. Wait until the machine is turned off to take this action. With the Beurer FB 50 you will be able to choose what kind of foot massage you want to have. It can work with or without water to bring you complete satisfaction.

Watch the duration

The average duration should be between 10 minutes to 15 minutes, maximum 20 minutes. Do not exceed this time for the preservation of your health. The effect of the massage may vary from person to person, but in no case should you go beyond this time. With the Calor TS3511C0, you can choose between 3 relaxation programs for optimal relaxation during this time.

Do not use non-recommended accessories

Always use matching gadgets or the same brand as your device. If you insist on adapting an incompatible tool, it could have harmful consequences for you, but also for your machine.

Unplug or turn off after each use

Between uses, do not forget to turn it off. Be careful not to pull on the cord when you unplug it to maintain the integrity of its power cord. Also check that your hands are dry and that your feet have taken off.

The most popular brands

Relaxing after a hard day’s work or long walks can relieve stress and preserve your well-being. A foot massage machine can be a solution for your relaxing moments. The choice of the brand is one of the questions that can arise before the final purchase of this kind of material. We have developed this article to give you a boost in your selection.

Naipo is a brand recognized around the world as a designer of quality massage equipment. You can find to its credit a wide variety of products. They are adaptable for all ages. The brand offers copies capable of relieving the entire morphology of users: the eyes, the neck, the shoulders, the back, the feet. You can also opt for the model “full body”.

The quest for optimal comfort is the emblem of the brand. That’s why it has combined technological innovations with all of its equipment. For pedicure devices, the Japanese manufacturer offers a range of items specifically designed to bring satisfaction to users with their multiple features.

Since 1919, the German brand Beurer has continued to bring innovations to all its products dedicated to the health and well-being of everyone. You will find at the sign of articles for specific purposes such as tensiometers, scales, humidifiers, nebulizers, thermometers, childcare equipment and many more.

For foot massage devices offered by the manufacturer, buyers looking for several types of relaxations are served. Several models are proposed by the designer, just as innovative as each other. You can choose between hydraulic or infrared references that can meet your expectations.

Homedics is a recent brand in the field. But since its creation in 1987, it has risen through the ranks and placed itself among the best in the world. The sign is especially the inventor of the massage seat.

As for its specialized devices for the feet, they are equipped with the Comfort Gel technology. A system patented by the brand that has the distinction of being both natural and comfortable. The quality is prioritized by the brand added by laboratory research in terms of innovation to provide full satisfaction to users.

AEG is a German brand specializing in the manufacture of household electrical appliances and practical equipment for daily home activities. You will find among its products a range of stoves and ovens, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and various accessories.

The brand also offers a variety of foot massage machines for people looking for this category of comfort. You have the choice between hydraulic devices where you will need to add water during use or standard models. They are easy to handle and have multiple features to meet the expectations of buyers.

Revlon is especially recognized worldwide for the design of facial care products, hair and other sensitive areas of the body. It offers a multitude of articles and specialized materials in this field.

The brand has also diversified into the manufacture of products to satisfy its connoisseurs. The most popular foot massage device of the brand, the Pediprep Spa Thalasso Pedicure, has the distinction of offering authentic quality to your relaxation session. It is equipped with innovative systems in terms of massage technique.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How does the foot massager work?

A1: The foot massage device is designed to relieve foot pain and heavy leg sensations. They will perform various movements that will relax you and provide you with well-being. When you decide to buy a massage device, first determine what type of massage you want it to give you.

Resembling small bathtubs, some of these appliances are equipped with effervescent hot water jet systems. Besides the massage, it is a good device also for a successful pedicure. There are also models resembling platforms or slippers that have pads.

You set the heat and massage you want. Depending on the model of your choice, the device is equipped with a vibrating motor that will ensure the massage of your arch. To relax, it’s simple: just plug in your device and let it massage you.

Q2: I just got a foot massager. How to use it?

A2: Depending on the type of device you have chosen, it is advisable to always read the instructions for use before starting. To begin, check that all the items are in place and that you can connect your device. If necessary, you can fill it with the water needed for its use.

Then choose the program that suits you among those proposed and the temperature. Once the device tells you it is operational, you can dive or put your feet up and enjoy the massage it offers you.

On some models, you have the option to adjust the massage time to be optimal. At the end of the treatment, unplug the device, empty the water and simply store it. The heating time of these devices is relatively short to save you time. To relax, we advise you to put yourself in a quiet place at each meeting.

Q3: What are the techniques of foot reflexology for a relaxing foot massage?

A3: To begin your relaxation, sit on a chair or on the floor and cross your legs. Grab one of your feet and smooth it with both hands. Perform a foot massage by moving towards the heel. Then gently brush the inner edge of each foot with your palm. This will relax your spine.

Move from the big toe to the heel to exert a series of pressure on the reflex zones. Following the direction of the hand of a watch and changing your supporting hand, make circular movements of the thumb to stimulate the external areas of the foot. Massage the areas of the lymphatic system by rotating your leg so that the top of your foot is facing you.

Repeat the stroking of your foot with both hands. Do the same exercises for the other foot and finish by lying down for about fifteen minutes. Finally, drink a big glass of water.

Q4: How to massage a woman’s feet with this device?

A4: For a man as for a woman, the massage techniques are the same. It is at the level of intensity that the difference will be seen. For a woman, gentle massage is usually the option chosen.

Create a subdued atmosphere and promote relaxation in the room where she will be massaged. Then, depending on the device you have, ask her if she wants a massage with water or dry to perform the necessary maneuver. Then let her sit comfortably on a chair and place her feet in the device.

You can then start the massage on the program that corresponds to his expectations (shiatsu, bubbles, rolls, …) and the duration if it is possible.

To bring more benefits and at the same time perfume the room, you can pour a few drops of essential oils in the water of the foot bath. You can finish with a light touch of each foot with your hands after wiping them, Madam will particularly appreciate!

Q5: How to massage a man’s feet with this masseur?

A5: For a man as for a woman, the massage techniques are the same. It is at the level of intensity that the difference will be seen. Indeed, men are generally stronger and more muscular and therefore prefer an energetic and firm massage. By cons, the principle of use of the foot massager is the same as for a woman. Start by creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxation: soft lighting or candles in a quiet place.

Connect your device and choose the massage program that corresponds to it (shiatsu, compression, …) but especially its intensity. Also select the duration of the massage if your device allows it.

Once everything is ready, ask him to settle in and simply enjoy. The masseur will take care of evacuating all the stress and tension. At the end of the massage, you can bring a final touch by stroking the feet with your hands, relaxation guaranteed for sir!

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