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5 Best Back Massager for Knots – Buying Guide 2022

best back massager for knots
Written by Sonia Naz

When back knot pain reaches the point of being unbearable, opting for the best back knot massagers can be a good option to avoid spending too much money. In this article, we teach you how to choose the best back massager for knots for your needs. We offer you a Shopping Guide with Offers and Opinions.


Here is the list of 5 the best back massager for knots:

  3. Naipo Massage Cushion – Massage Pillow
  4. Backrest Medisana MC 825
  5. HoMedics Backrest MCS-840HA

Each of the models of this TOP 5 best back massager for knots incorporates the Shiatsu type pressure. If they are the best, they could not lack it, could they? So you can enjoy your relaxing self-massage much more.


Buy anyone recommended by me and enjoy!



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The advancement of technology covers so many points that it even improves personal well-being in ways we did not think about. This is the case of best back massager for knotsknots, and this Naipo model is a great proof of this.

We are ahead of the MGS-150D model, chosen by many users for its value for money, as the best neck massager. Which is ideal for use in work environments as well as domestic ones. It can even be used for long car trips (if you are not the driver, then it is not recommended).

Access the Review of the  Naipo MGS-150D , which is the best massager with handles.

This article has 8 heads or nodes that will work at the same time, being able to choose the direction of rotation, to resemble the hands of a human masseur. It also has a 3-speed or intensity selector incorporated , an ideal function to help reduce pain effectively.

When you add these two points to the 3D massage (which means that it adapts completely to the shape of the neck ), you can apply pressure and relax the entire knots area.


Apart from this, this model has a design with handles that makes it optimal to use in the part of the body you want: as well as legs, buttocks, lumbar …

If you choose the Naipo MGS-150D back massager for knots, you take home a self-massage device  with a heat function that works directly plugged into the electrical current. It offers a built-in car adapter and works at a power of 30W.

Another very similar the best back massager for knots device is the Naipo MGS 801 . Want to see a full review?

It has an automatic shutdown mode after 20 minutes, although we always recommend using it based on our feelings. That is, if you are starting to use it and it causes you some discomfort, reduce the time of the massage.

Finally we have to comment that a cloth is added to the package to protect the area of ​​the nodes from dust and friction with the mesh. It can be removed and cleaned to always keep the device in good condition. Likewise, we will have a 2-year guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied. The latter, if you buy it on Amazon.

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If you are concerned about your body health and that of your whole family, the ideal is that you enter the world of the best back massager for knots. With the MaxKare Shiatsu, the best back massager for knots, you will get an off-road model, which has a great value for money too, just like the previous one that we have analyzed.

The truth is that they are very similar massagers, designed for the neck, back and shoulders and with the ease of adapting them to other parts of your body. For this reason, it scores so well for ergonomics and usability.


Avoid fatigue and relax after a stressful day at work. You can also use it at home, in the office or in the car, as it brings power adapters for any situation.

We would like to emphasize that the cable measures almost 2 meters (1.90 m specifically). Which makes, although it is not wireless, it is a great option to start receiving a cervical massage in any corner of the house.

In addition to this, one of its strengths is the high-quality breathable mesh. This helps the movement of the nodes and the transmission of heat.

It has AutoStop function after 15 minutes of use and, if you buy it from Amazon, you are assured of CE and ROHS approved certificates for safety and quality assurance. Not forgetting the possible return within the first 30 days in case any problem occurs (with full refund). Click here to see full detail review of Naipo 108 massager.

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 3. Naipo Massage Cushion – Massage Pillow


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Within what would be the best back massager for knots, we seek adaptability among its functions. At least, it is one of the points to take into account. And is that this product is something different from the previous ones: it is of the cushion or pillow type, that is, it does not have handles.

So what do we get with this? Well, an even greater facility than in previous models to use the device anywhere on the body. Paying attention, yes (and always), to apply the massage on a sensitive area or that can be damaged.


The Naipo Massage Cushion MGP-129A model is characterized, in fact, by facilitating everything a lot. In this case we are only going to have an on / off button. The device has an auto-off function after 20 minutes and a function to change the direction of rotation automatically every minute.

In addition, with short presses on the button (to turn off we must leave it pressed for 3 seconds), it is varied between heat therapy or self-massage without it.

It should also be noted that, among its characteristics, this cervical massage device has 4 nodes and that it offers, like the previous ones, normal and car power adapters.

Without a doubt, the differentiator of this cervical massage cushion is its versatility. Ideal for unloading traps, shoulders, quadriceps, hamstrings, feet …

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4. Backrest Medisana MC825


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As for massage backrests, also known as massage chairs, we are going to find two models that we consider better. And one of the advantages or strengths that these endorsements have over others of the competition is their brand.

In the first place we have the Medisana MC825 Backrest Armchair, whose brand is a benchmark in health and comfort products. With this electric massager you can enjoy and at the same time reduce your back pain.

We must comment that, although the massage backs are not the best in terms of adaptability or mobility, we consider them practically the most complete in terms of the best back massager for knots. The reason is simple and is that they have the ability to cover different areas at the same time.

We recommend its use in a quiet environment with relaxing music. 👌


One of the most frequently asked questions about this type of massager is whether it is compatible for all types of heights. And the answer is yes. This device has an adjustable part for neck massage. And we know of people close to 1.50 m who are very happy with the product. Similarly, tall people (1.85 m or more) also think the same: they can enjoy a fantastic massage at home.

Finally, mention a little its characteristics:

  • 3 Shiatsu massage zones (neck, back and legs) with 3 different intensities to choose from.
  • It has a heat function (auto-stop in 15 minutes).
  • Package content adds: remote control, power plug, and user instruction manual.

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5. HoMedics Backrest MCS-840HA


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If we were talking about Medisana as a benchmark brand in health and comfort, the HoMedics brand is considered one of the best in the field of massage and relaxation at home. So now you can get an idea of ​​the quality of their massagers, whether cervical or not.

In fact, you may have already noticed that the HoMedics MCS-840HA Shiatsu Chair-Back massager model , we have classified it (always in our opinion, based on what we have tested), as the best back massager for knotsAnd, although its price is a little higher than the others, buying this massage chair is undoubtedly a very smart long-term investment.


It has a new technology for back and shoulder massage called “T”. Thanks to it, the massage is performed more optimally and more ergonomically. This translates into greater relaxation and, therefore, a much more satisfactory the best back massager for knots.

The Homedic MCS-840HA is the best back massager of this top 5. In addition, this device offers the user a very personalized work. We explain ourselves:

  • Up to 14 different massage modes or programs (including rolling and shiatsu).
  • Adjustable head height and width.
  • Up to 80% more massage surface.
  • It also has a heat therapy function, just like its competitors in the Top 5 the best back massager for knots.

Finally, mention that it is also compatible with all types of heights, like the previous model. It comes with a remote control, the power adapter and a washable back protector in the form of a cover. It does not cover completely but it does cover enough.

An electric massage device like this one will help you quickly reduce your neck pain while enjoying fantastic relaxation at home.

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These relaxing the best back massager for knots devices are good and effective at their job. We have no doubts about that. The problem is that they should not be thought of as a substitute for medical treatment, although they can reduce certain pain.

the best back massager for knots are interesting to relax muscular tensions and to release stress after work days or seasons of increased nervous activity or high stress level. They do not replace, in any case, a physiotherapy or traumatology treatment to decontract the back, for example.

In fact, the ideal function of use would be as an adjunct to a therapy or treatment. They may even help make the pain in the back and neck muscles go away completely if we are careful and do it right. Although we never hesitate to go to a specialist if our discomfort or contractures get worse.

Are they only good for the neck, back and shoulders?

The quick answer is NO.

As you will see, the design of many of the back and neck massagers is also adaptable to other muscles such as the quadriceps or the arms. Everything will depend on the type and shape of the massager in order to see how compatible it is with use in other areas of the body.

Muscle relaxation

The best back massager for knots, with these devices must be performed in a place free from feelings of anxiety, stress and the like. It is also advisable to mention that the ideal is to use them sitting or standing. Lying on the massager may not be good for the neck. And the moment we notice pain or something strange we must communicate it to our doctor.

We have already said that they are not a substitute for a physiotherapy treatment. The main function of the the best back massager for knots is to relax the muscle and release stress on the fibers.

Save of time and money

If we make proper use of these massage machines, we can save some expenses and a lot of time in a matter of visits to the doctor or the physio. Investing in this type of device is a good idea if you are going through a streak of increased stress from work or another situation. You will appreciate coming home and being able to sit quietly with one of these automatic self-massagers.

In conclusion … do back massager for knots work? The answer is that, if we use them properly, they will be a really useful tool with multiple benefits. After using them, you will be the one to confirm that it has been a successful investment.


Best cervical massager

We have come to reduce cervical discomfort with the best massagers, right? Well, we are going to follow the operating guide that we explain here: you will get more out of your electric the best back massager for knots.

The first thing you should do is find a comfortable place where you can sit away from stress. This is the best position to enjoy a relaxing massage using your device. Before starting and during the process, we must verify a series of points. You will see how they have nothing to do with a manual massager.

Check the battery level

Obviously this section only serves for the best back massager for knots that have a rechargeable battery.

If we have one of these machines at home, we must make sure that it has a high percentage of load or, at least, enough. In this way we will not have to stop the massage abruptly.

If our massage device works connected to the electrical network, it is time to plug it in.

Identify the affected area and put the massager directly on it

We do not always suffer from cervical contractures , other parts of the body can also tense up and cause discomfort. So when you have decided in which area you are going to receive the massage, it will be advisable to apply a thin layer of body oil on it (only in the case of direct skin contact). In this way, the basic rotating function of the massage nodes, as well as the heating function, will act more fluidly.

Depending on the model that we are going to use, we can adapt the nodes and the handles to cover areas of the cervical muscles in general: neck, back, shoulders, occipital crest, shoulder girdle …

In the case of having a compact massage cushion, we can apply it directly to other areas of the body such as the quadriceps or the abdomen. Sure, your legs need a dose of relaxation too.

Control its operating status

During the entire cervical massage process it will be convenient to pay attention to:

  • The intensity.
  • The pressure.
  • The temperature.
  • The direction of rotation.
  • Unwanted movements.

Having these points controlled in an optimal way, we can extend the task as long as we need, without spending about 15 minutes.

Finally, take care that your device is always in good condition and clean. If this is not the case, it will be a better idea to renew it to avoid damage.


Not everything is offers and prices when buying. For each product we must also look at a series of characteristics and thus know which ones are adapted to our needs and which ones are not. The same happens, logically, in the market for the best back massager for knots devices.

In the case of choosing a the best back massager for knots to use at home, in the car or at work, we must take a look at the following points:

Type of back massager for knots

It is a very important aspect when it comes to getting a massager of one type or another. In the case of massages for cervical muscles we are going to distinguish 3 types of massages:

  • Shiatsu massager. It is one that uses the technique of the same name. Specifically, we are talking about acupressure. This technique from Japan is based on the pressure with the thumbs or the palms of the hands in various areas of the body, such as the trigger points . In our case, that pressure will be exerted by each of the device’s nodes.
  • By electro-stimulation. The use of electrical impulses to contract or relax muscles.
  • Manual massage. For this, massagers made of wood or other rigid material are usually used, or even your own hands.

Is it wireless?

Once we have seen the type of massage that is best based on our needs, we must choose whether we want a massager with a rechargeable battery or not.

It is not the same to use it in the comfort of the house or the car (some models offer a power adapter for the car cigarette lighter), than to have to transport it because you are a user who travels constantly. Perhaps in the latter case you need a wireless massager.

Heat therapy


The quality of your cervical self-massage can improve with the application of heat. You know why?

For the muscles capture the “work” zone better when heat is applied directly to them. Blood circulation is stimulated and the surface of that part of the body is better prepared for massage.

For this reason many of the massage equipment come with a built-in thermal function. As a tip: check that they have a safety thermostat.

AutoSTOP or Autoestop function

This point comes from the last sentence of the previous section: checking the safety thermostat. Most of the latest devices have an auto-shutdown after 10, 15 or 20 minutes.

And it is that we must avoid by all means that the device gets too hot or improperly. It is neither good for our health nor is it good for the lifetime of the device itself.

Pay attention, especially in the hottest months of the year. An overheating of the massage instrument can damage very sensitive areas of the skin such as the neck or shoulders. In addition, the internal electronics of the massager can be affected and may become unusable.

Best brands

It is difficult to mention all the brands that have massagers on Amazon that are actually sold. This is because there are many brands but also many suppliers. In any case, the list of brands of the best back massager for knots devices that we consider the best is this:

  • Medisana
  • Homedics
  • Naipo

What price do they normally have?

We must make a distinction here between electric massagers and manual ones.

The latter have a price, normally, that falls below $ 30. But it is obvious that they do not have the same advantages as one with electric / automatic operation.

In the case of automatic machines, the price range is varied. We can find from basic the best back massager for knots, prices around $ 30 to the most sophisticated backs that exceed $ 150.

In any case, to leave a more specific answer, let’s say that the most common prices are within this range: $ 35 – $ 60. In the next point you will be able to check this better with the price of the 6 best sellers.


There are many options of online stores where you can buy this type of massage device. Those that we have named in the title are some well-known chains that even have physical stores throughout Spain. However, we do not recommend buying these types of products on these sites and we will tell you why.

First is the price. Since on Amazon you can find much lower prices than in these stores. Your pocketbook will welcome that you don’t go directly to stores such as Aldi, Media Markt, Decathlon, El Corte Inglés, Carrefour or Lidl.

On the other hand, the great web portal that is Amazon provides a variety of products that are not available to all brands.

Finally, we consider that one of the greatest advantages is obtaining a lot of information from real customers for free on each product that we want. We are talking, of course, about the range of opinions and reviews that we have at our disposal on the Amazon site.

Advantages of buying on Amazon

We have already seen some comparing with other stores. Do we give an in-depth review?

✔️ Prices and discounts

As we have already mentioned, the cost of each product on Amazon Web is usually, in most cases, lower than in competitor stores. If we add it to the large number of items on sale at all times of the year, it is very easy for us to find the perfect bargain for us.

✔️ Fast shipping

The experience of this brand in the market has led it to have a superior logistics network. Make the purchase with Amazon Prime if you want to have your product at home the next day.

✔️ Security and guarantees

By combining return policies with Amazon’s reputation and outstanding customer service, you can ensure a 100% satisfactory purchase. They have earned it: if the customer has any problem with the product or the shipment, is not satisfied or has made a mistake, Amazon takes care of all the return costs. It is also a safe store that has never been attacked by hackers.

✔️ Customer reviews

Mmm 🤔… what will be the opinions of this neck and back massager for knots?

When we go to buy anything we like to know that there are satisfied customers with the product who have tried it before us. Amazon in this is the king, you can see a lot of opinions, reviews and frequently asked questions answered.


Although the back massager for knots are really recommended products for muscle relaxation in the back, neck and shoulders (even other parts of the body), they do not replace the role of a medical specialist.

From , we always recommend visiting a doctor before using this type of massage machine regularly.

We must especially emphasize one aspect: beware of injuries. The best back massager for knots are designed for muscle relaxation and in no case should we use them for an injury without first asking a medical specialist, physiotherapist or traumatologist for an opinion.

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