American Massage Chairs Recommendation and Purchase Guide 2024

There are many types of massage chairs on the US market, with prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. It is a challenge to tell who is the true hero in the confusion. Today I’m going to write an article on Recommendation & Purchase Guide for American Massage Chairs.

In this article, we will introduce the key points for purchasing massage chairs, including 2D/3D/4D roller system, S/L type guide rail, zero gravity tilt, foot and calf massage; as well as several massage chairs that are well received in the United States.

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American Massage Chairs Recommendation and Purchase Guide 2021

We will discuss the American Massage Chairs according to your budget as follows:

  1. Cheap Massage Chairs Under $500
  2. Massage Chairs Under $1000
  3. Best Massage Chairs Under $2000
  4. Best Budget Luxury Massage Chairs Under $4000
  5. Luxury Massage Chair Under $6000
  6. Most Luxurious Massage Chair Under $8000

The cheapest is only one or two hundred dollars, and the most expensive is nearly ten thousand dollars; I hope it can help you clear the fog in front of you and find a product that suits you.

1. Cheap American Massage Chairs Under $500

For a budget of around $500, you can consider relatively simple massage products, such as the following two recliner chairs (recumbent sofas) and massage cushions that are popular on Amazon. These products are not “massage chairs”, but they can provide relief and are better than economical benefits!

1.1  Macedonia Mid Century Fabric Recliner

American Massage Chairs

This Recliner Chair for Living Room of “Macedonia” has two massage points, which can be used to press the shoulder and back; it is available in black, blue, red, beige, grey and other colors. There are more than three thousand positive reviews on Amazon.

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1.2  Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

American Massage Chairs

This Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massage has four 2D/3D massage points with heating function, and airbag massage on both sides of the buttocks and thighs. It can massage shoulders, necks, younger generations, waist, buttocks and thighs. No need to install, it can be used on sofa or chair. Must read my review artilce on:

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2. American Massage Chairs Under $1000

2.1  Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

The World’s Most Selling American Massage Chair Under $1000 with more than four thousand positive reviews.

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

Real Relax 2020, Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner” is affordable, less than 1,000 Dollars, Rela Relax 2020 is a full body massage chair with airbags, Bluetooth, heating functions. Read my detailed article on ” Real Relax Massage Chair Review 2021

There are wheels on the back of the chair to facilitate indoor movement. Many loyal fans think it is excellent value for money. Some people report that it is relatively strong, but high-intensity is still very effective in relieving pain.

Turning off the massage function and enjoying its heating and vibration combination is also a very good experience.

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2.2  RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

American Massage Chairs

RELAXONCHAIR is also a popular American Massage Chair for under $1000. This massage chair has almost all the functions of high-end massage chairs. RELAXON massage chair has an L-shaped track, 3 zero-gravity positions, airbags with 3 adjustable strengths, 4 automatic programs, 3-speed adjustments.

Equipped with foot and calf massage, heating function.


  • Intensity of foot massage is too strong
  • It takes up a lot of space
  • Remote control is not very useful

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3. Best American Massage Chairs Under $2000

3.1  iRest Massage Chair Recliner, Full Body Massage Chair

iRest Massage Chairs

iRest Massage chair is a recommended American Massage Chair under $2000, which is the best selling in the USA and has almost all the functions that a massage chair can have. This massage chair is full-body shiatsu with zero gravity function. For more details read my article ” IRest A382 Robotic Massage Chair Reviews 2021 ”


  • Unique foot acupoint massage
  • A new generation of airbag technology
  • Two-stage zero gravity posture


  • Not Fit for taller persons

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3.2  YITAHOME Massage Chair SL Track Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu

YetaHome Massage Chairs

The main selling point of the “YETA Home” brand is the design of professional doctors, and many doctors endorse it. Its full range of prices is relatively high. This one is also best selling American Brand Massage Chair under $2000.

If the selling point of the doctor’s endorsement can impress you, then it is worth the price. The exterior design is full of technological sense, and the product name is earthy and professional.

It is rich in features, suitable for users who like to tinker, but also not suitable for taller users. Many users also reported that its detachable cushion is good and can be used to adjust the strength.

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4. Best Budget Luxury Amreican Massage Chairs Under $4000

4.1  Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800

American Massage Chairs

Kahuna Massage Chair is the best buy under the budget of $4000. The outstanding feature of this Kahuna LM6800 “Superior Massage Chair” is that this product is suitable for users with a taller height (1 meter 95). Space-saving is another selling point.

The zero-gravity posture only needs to be less than 8 cm away from the wall. The Kahuna massage chair has an SL. In addition, it also has unique functions such as yoga stretching and precise point pressing.


The remote control cannot remember the previous settings.

For more details about the Kahuna Massage Chairs read the following articles:

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4.2  Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair SM-7300 

American Massage Chairs

This luxurious massage chair, also from Kahuna, is a star choice. The mustered black appearance reveals luxury (other colors are available), and the 3D system makes tired muscles nowhere to hide.

The intelligent memory system avoids the embarrassment of forgetting the settings of the previous product, and the super SL track with a length of 1 meter 3 makes every inch of the body fit closely. Among the products we recommend, the only drawback is that it is expensive!

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5.  Luxury American Massage Chair Under $6000

5.1  Inada DREAMWAVE Made in Japan Upgraded 3D Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair

American Massage Chairs

Inada Dreamwave massage chair is one of the luxury massage available in the USA. It has functions beyond the imagination. This luxurious American massage chair is Made in Japanese technology. Read the following article for full details:

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6.  Most Luxurious American Massage Chairs Under $8000

6.1 Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair

Osaki-JP Premium 4S Japan Massage Chair is also the most selling American massage chair with all massage functions. 


Medium and large massage chairs will take up a lot of space. Before buying it, it is best to plan the placement and measure the size. At the same time, it is recommended to consider the color, style and interior decoration.

After all, such a large thing needs to enter the home. Harmony with other furniture is good. Although the massage chair can relieve our discomfort, we should also pay attention to physical exercise and avoid sitting for a long time in a fixed posture. If you are working at home, it is strongly recommended to lift the desk!

Shopping points

There are two main motives for buying American massage chairs: relaxing the body and curing pain. Before buying, think about your needs: if it is just for relaxation, most products on the market can achieve this purpose; if it is used for physical therapy, such as waist and neck pain, then some specific functions will be more important.

Wheel system: 2D\3D\4D

Just a little bit of searching can see the confusing concepts of 2D\3D\4D. They are the technology of the roller system. To put it simply, the roller is the little massage hand, and D represents the dimension. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional are easy to understand, what is four-dimensional?

  • If you just want to press it casually and don’t require a deep massage, 2D may be enough. 2D is a traditional design with a long history. It is aimed at the superficial skin, does not penetrate into the subcutaneous muscle tissue, and its strength is generally the lowest.
  • 3D is currently the most common wheel system on the market. It can penetrate into the shoulder and back muscles and is stronger than 2D. The rollers of the 3D system can leave the plane of the guide rail, so that there is more operating space to reach areas that are difficult to reach with traditional 2D technology, such as the upper neck and shoulder area; refer to the following brief schematic diagram.
  • 4D sounds even cooler. What is the extra dimension? Of course, it still moves in a three-dimensional space, but the movement space is larger. The rollers can be rotated and beaten from different angles, and the speed can be adjusted to provide more precise and in-depth massage to the muscle tissue.

Simply put, “D” actually represents the space for the rollers. These rollers are the little hands that massage the body. The higher the number, the more muscles the little hand can reach.

A big cause of fatigue and muscle aches is to fix the body posture and cause some muscles to become tense for a long time. The small hand has a large range of motion, making it easier to press on these long-term tension parts, and the experience is natural and more comfortable.

How much does the higher “D” improve the user experience? The answer varies from person to person, because it depends on where you need to massage the muscle tissue and whether it is difficult to reach with traditional techniques.

Generally speaking, the larger the D, the more expensive the price: 2D technology is somewhat backward; 3D should be able to meet the needs of most people; and if the budget is sufficient, 4D must have a better experience.

Guide Rail: S type and L type

The movement of the roller needs to be guided by a guide rail, and the length of the guide rail determines the number of body parts that can be reached.

  • The common S-shaped track fits the curve of the spine, and the massage target area is concentrated on the back.
  • The L-shaped rail is longer and can cover the neck, back, buttocks and thighs. This function is more suitable for people who need to massage the waist and legs, and the price is more expensive.

Zero Gravity Tilt

Almost all American massage chairs on the market have the function of tilting backwards, but not all tilts are worthy of the name “zero gravity”. Zero-gravity posture is a concept proposed by NASA. It refers to that the legs are higher than the heart.

Its purpose is to relieve the pressure of the earth’s gravity on certain joints, so that the chair itself can bear more body weight and reduce the pressure on various parts. Help achieve a deeper and more comprehensive massage experience.

Some American massage chairs adjust zero gravity through programs, some are equipped with zero gravity buttons, and some can even provide inverted treatments to raise the legs higher to help improve the blood circulation system and relieve the swelling of the extremities.

Foot and calf massage

If you walk or stand for a long time every day, you may often have sore feet and calves. In severe cases, it will lead to varicose veins, followed by sleepless nights. If there is a strong hand to massage the sore area, it would be a pleasant mother to open the door – and feel comfortable at home.

The good news is that most of the medium and large American massage chairs on the market are already equipped with this function. Some models have a foot massage function, some models are equipped with airbags to clamp the calf, and many can manually or automatically adjust the intensity.

These special massages can help dispel pain and promote blood circulation in the lower limbs, so that the night is no longer troubled by leg pain and foot pain.

Some other functions

  • Heating . Heat can help blood circulation and enhance the massage experience. Advanced heating functions include hyperthermia and whole body heating. Friends in the north may especially appreciate the feeling of being wrapped in heat in the cold winter. If it is a cold body, the heating function should be considered. Of course, this function is relatively basic, and most products will be equipped with it. After all, you can add this function by bringing your own hot water bag and electric blanket.
  • Airbag massage . It can repeatedly squeeze and relax the muscles to better relieve muscle tension and promote blood circulation.
  • Body scan . This is a function of tailor-made massage plans. The massage chair can obtain the user’s body shape and body curve data through sensors to create a unique massage experience. Most of the high-end massage chairs have this function.
  • Strength adjustment . Some large products focus on medium and high strength, while small products tend to be more moderate strength.
  • Massage technique . Common massage functions include kneading, rolling, and flapping. There are also advanced products that provide richer functions, such as acupressure and sports massage. If you have a massage item that you particularly like, you can find it in the function list when choosing it.
  • Bluetooth . Does massage still need Bluetooth? If you like to use your mobile phone to control the seat, or massage while enjoying rhythmic music, you can consider Bluetooth. Smart home appliances are becoming more and more common now. If you like to control everything with your mobile phone and the Internet, you should ensure that your home Wi-Fi network can support the latest technology.

How to choose the best American massage chair?

The massage chair uses the rolling and squeezing of the mechanical parts in different positions of the massage chair to achieve the purpose of massaging different parts of the body.

It uses motor drive or electromagnetic vibration to simulate various massage techniques to massage the corresponding muscles and acupoints of the body. So as to play a health effect.

If you want the massage chair to simulate the feeling and strength of manual massage as much as possible, you have to explain the two core components of the massage chair: the guide rail and the massage movement.

  • The guide rail is the core main structure of the massage chair. In layman’s terms, it is the collection of massage areas when you sit (lie down) in the massage chair, and it also affects the appearance of the massage chair.
  • The massage movement is the core component of the massage chair, and the movement position of the massage is the key to achieve continuous massage and fixed-point massage of the whole body. Therefore, it affects the massage procedure of the massage chair and directly affects the massage effect.

Of course, when choosing an American massage chair, price, brand, color, material (style), and size should also be considered.

It is worth noting that, in order to better meet the masses’ massage needs, there is also a portable massage appliance on the market, namely a massage pad .

A. Price

The price of an American massage chair generally ranges from $500 to $8000. The higher the price, the more comprehensive its functions.

There is also a massage cushion whose price is relatively low, usually between $100 ~ $300. When purchasing products, you need to consider your own real needs and choose the most suitable massage chair.

B. Type

At present, the common types of massage chairs in the market are: massage chair + sofa + recliner three-in-one, massage chair + sofa two-in-one, massage chair + recliner two-in-one, etc.

Some massage chairs often have multiple functions in one machine, but if If you do not turn on the massage function, you can also use it as a sofa or recliner, playing the role of an ordinary sofa or recliner, improving the utilization rate of the massage chair.

The following massage chair looks no different from different sofas. In addition to the massage function, it can also be tilted at various angles and can be used as a sofa and recliner.

C. Dimensions

The size of the massage chair is also an important consideration. If the size of the massage chair is larger than the door size, it will not enter your home at all. Even if it enters the home, it will restrict movement between each room.

If the size is too large, it will take up too much space. Choosing a suitable size massage chair can not only effectively save the space in the home, but it will not make the massage chair look very abrupt, and it can better match the furniture.

D. Material

The main materials of the American massage chairs are hard wood, metal alloy, PU leather, textile, filling sponge, etc. Hard materials such as hard wood and metal alloys are used as the frame material of the massage chair to support the entire frame of the massage chair. These materials usually have the advantages of high hardness and strong resistance to deformation.

Leather is rarely used in the surface material of massage chairs, because the leather is single in nature and weak in tear resistance. It is usually replaced by PU leather and polyurethane (polyurethane).

Polyurethane has the advantages of stable properties, wear resistance and durability, and is widely used. Used in various industries, and the price is not expensive.

The cushions and backrests of some massage chairs are filled with sponge, which increases the softness and comfort at the same time. Textile materials, commonly found in the backrest of massage cushions, are generally in the shape of a mesh honeycomb, which has the advantages of strong air permeability and light weight.

E. Maximum load

Users should pay attention to the maximum weight of the massage chair. Generally, the maximum weight of a massage chair can be between 200 and 400 pounds, which is suitable for most people.

F. Massage area

Massage chairs generally have comprehensive massage parts, which can systematically massage the cervical spine, shoulders, spine, back, waist, buttocks, feet, etc. Some massage chairs are even full-body massage, which is comprehensive and effective.

The massage area of ​​the massage pad is generally more local, mainly for the spine, waist, etc., and the effect of local massage is obvious. Many massage chairs and massage cushions have a fixed-point massage function, that is, focus on massaging muscle sore parts, improve massage efficiency, help relieve muscle pain, and achieve a certain physical therapy effect.

G. Massage procedures

Many Massage Chairs have different massage programs, intensity and speed levels. You can match between intensity and speed, such as high intensity + low speed, low speed + high intensity and so on.

At the same time, different combinations also meet the needs of different groups of people for massage. Children and the elderly can choose a massage program with low massage intensity and slow speed; for young adults, they can choose a massage program with high intensity and fast speed.

A variety of massage programs can meet the massage needs of a family, choose the best massage program to achieve the best massage effect.

H. Massage techniques

Most American massage chairs have airbags. The more air bags, the larger the massage range and the higher the efficiency. There are dozens of massage air bags in the massage chair, which are mainly distributed on the back and legs. Waist and other parts.

American Massage Chairs
  • 2D massage method refers to flat massage, which can perform up and down, left and right massage on a certain muscle plane;
  • 3D massage mainly refers to three-dimensional massage, i.e the up and down and left and right flat massages, multi-level deep and shallow massage.
  • V-hand massage method (V-hand) is to completely imitate the human hand (the thumb and the other four fingers form a V-shape) massage, kneading natural, gradual and comfortable.
  • Heating massage generally dissipates heat from the waist and back of a massage chair or massage cushion, and then spreads to the whole body. It has the effect of warm current massage, which can promote blood circulation and facilitate metabolism.

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