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Acu Pulse Massager for Neck & Shoulders Reviews 2022

acu pulse massager
Written by Sonia Naz

acu pulse massager


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Hi guys, welcome to Acu Pulse Massager review of the neck and shoulder massage over here. It gives real feel massage with heat and speed adjustment. 

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Acu Pulse Massager

Most of them have really good reviews, but I cannot tell you if they are really the same so my review only really covers this specific one from a queue post. And yeah, this is what you get mean you get the whole thing in the Box put the Box a little bit away and you get these instructions and this is how these works are not going to show.

How this Acu Pulse Massager works, but you can imagine from the picture when we start here. This is usually how it works. You put your hands into this like a pocket almost like a pocket and then pull and you have this equipment like you late on your shoulder or on your neck, and then you pull and with pulling you decide on. How much pressure you want to put on your neck and shoulder but you cannot only do it on your shoulders.

You can do it for your neck and the whole back and as soon as it’s focused. I will show you more waste and tights and legs and feet and call and whatsoever, wherever you can reach. That’s exactly the pocket which you use for your hands and here you have to pull you, don’t have to pull a lot. It’s just a little bit of pulling here. We have this control panel and so I will turn it on and so you can see how this works.

So this is about not exactly how you would have that so you go with your right hand here with your left hand here and you have this thing over your shoulder. So I think you can a little bit imagine how this would work, so we turn it on here as you can see it starts already.

I think with the last setting we can activate the Heat or turn it off when we have it off. There’s no light here. So the line, that the heat is combined, there’s not a lot of it is just a little bit. It doesn’t get super hot. So it’s just a little bit inside and doesn’t know if it’s really infrared.

I have seen much stronger than that here. We have the speed. You can see it slows down a little bit. There’s no beeping, no annoying thing, so it is quiet, so you can do that also during like when you watch TV See something like that.

this Acu Pulse Massager has three different speeds and we can change the direction of think as far as I have seen that it was like every now and then it reaches the like direction anyway, so maybe after five minutes or something like that and you can totally turn it off and turn it on again.

So this is how it works. It is pretty simple. When we look at that’s the material how it is built. It looks like it is really stable. I haven’t seen, I mean I’ve been using that now for a week. It looks like everything is really nicely built. Maybe you won’t have this extra caution when you buy cheap, I have really no clue.

I cannot compare this to the really cheap ones. But this looks like it is nicely built really stable really good. So no complaints so far, but the key question is actually how does this work? Especially compared to the normal style massage? Which you have which like hammer looks, similar to a hammer which has some kind of holes or massage which has some kind of ultrasound or whatsoever, which you hold in one hand and then you put it back over your shoulder and the problem with this device.

I mean I have seen or even used over the years or decades. A lot of these massage things which you hold in one hand and they have I mean they actually work but they have a lot of disadvantages. I mean when you’re using them yourself holding them over or bending over your shoulder, then the so much tension you get even a new additional tension on your shoulder and it’s hard to really improve if you especially as of this especially if you Want to use it at the lower back or Center of your back not only at your shoulder.

So it’s really difficult to work yourself on your shoulder or back and sometimes it’s a little bit. I mean you can ask somebody to do that and usually, people would do that for maybe two or three minutes maybe five minutes, but they don’t do this for like 10 minutes half an hour or even an hour you won’t find somebody to do that for you every day for half an hour.

It’s impossible. I mean not even somebody who really loves you who do that. I mean they get exhausted and they run out of power whatsoever. This is a really cool thing. This is so powerful and it doesn’t stop and the feeling which you have started again the feeling which you have with this ball rotating. As you would have with finger really strong fingers massaging your neck and shoulder and back.

I have been using that for quite some time. I mean a couple of days and maybe 20 minutes per day something like that and I can tell you this is really good stuff.

If you want to buy something like and you have tensions on your shoulder or back or whatsoever, you have to go with something like Acu Pulse Massager. Definitely these things which you have to hold in your hand and bend over your shoulder and put try to put pressure on your own back or show that these things are definitely not working. I mean, they have not been working for me and I guess you’re not working for other people.

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They are just too cumbersome and nobody wants to do that for you. Every day for half an hour and this is just plug-in and let the machine do the work and it’s so relaxing. This Acu Pulse Massager is absolutely helpful for relaxing.

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