A watch with large numbers for my father


It’s almost my father’s birthday again and I always find it very difficult to choose a present. Now there are some special reasons to do something extra and that’s why I thought it would be nice to surprise him with a nice watch with large numbers. My father is of course also getting older and unfortunately, this often means that his eyesight is becoming increasingly poor. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find a nice watch, especially with large numbers. After a long online search, I came across a Dutch brand called Kiber. On Kiber’s website, I discovered a very beautiful and unique watch called the Iluma.


A watch is a piece of jewelry that is popular with men. In addition, it is a piece of jewelry that you see in men of young and old. Every age category has its own lifestyle and therefore a certain type of watch is more popular. There are many brands and huge variations in price. The Kiber watch with large numbers is unique in several ways and I will explain why below, but let’s start with what the watch looks like.


This watch is available in 3 variations and with these 3 I think everyone can make a suitable choice. I personally opted for the steel version with a black leather strap. We explain all available variations in more detail below.


Gold colored

This variant has a gold-colored case and a beautiful brown leather watch strap including a gold-colored buckle. The gold of the watch case has a nice matte finish. This makes the watch stand out, but in a subtle way so that it does not continuously attract attention. Since this watch with large numbers already has a fairly thick case, subtle and striking are perfectly combined. There is a reason why the watch with large numbers has a thick case, but I will come back to that later.

Steel with black leather strap

This variant of the watch with large numbers has a matte steel case and a beautiful black leather watch strap with a beautiful shine. The combination of the matte finished watch case and the shine on the leather watch strap creates a nice complementary whole. Here too, the watch strap is held together by a matching buckle, in chrome color.

Steel with mesh strap

This is the coolest version of the watch with large numbers. This variant also has a matte steel watch case but is held on the wrist by a sturdy mesh strap, also called a Milanese strap. This band has a slightly shiny finish and therefore stands out nicely.

The unique dial of this watch

The dial of this watch with large numbers is truly unique and was the reason I fell for this watch. This watch with large numbers provides a clear display but still has a chic appearance. The numbers stand out nicely, but it also ensures that it fits into the entire design of the watch. Even the large numbers give the watch a chic and exclusive look.

The look of the dial isn’t even the most important thing. Earlier I said that the watch case is quite thick and that was not without reason. The reason is the technology incorporated in the watch case. When you press the top button of the watch, the entire watch face lights up. I did some research and now it remains that the dial is made of a special foil that allows light to pass through. The numbers are placed on top so that they do not emit light and are clearly visible when the watch face lights up. The hands are also dark in color, making them clear, just like the numbers, with the light on and off.

The lighting of the dial remains visible for 3 seconds, giving you enough time to read the time in the dark. To ensure that the battery of the timepiece is not burdened by lighting up, a separate battery has been installed for lighting up.

The date has even been thought about because space has been made available in the place of the 3 to display both the day and the date. I even read that the day indication can be set in both English and French. To display this clearly, a magnifying glass has been placed on this part of the glass in the shape of a drop. I wonder how they managed to pack so many features into such a small box.

All in all, I was looking for a watch with large numbers. When we Google we quickly come to simple or medical websites with watches for older people. This watch is made with feeling, it is stylish and chic! Highly recommended for a true watch enthusiast!

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