13 Tips on How to Create a Relaxing Garden in 2021

13 Tips on How to Create a Relaxing Garden
Written by Sonia Naz

Claustrophobia is very present today in our cities. Indeed, with the existing small apartments, it is very easy to feel locked up within four walls. As a result, all city dwellers today dream of having a house with a garden allowing them to free themselves.

If you don’t always know the benefits of having a garden, these studies will make your head spin. You just have to take a trip to the city pharmacy and do the same at the country pharmacy.

You will see that in the city, sales of anti-stress and anti-depression drugs are increasing more and more, while in the countryside, it is quite the opposite. The garden has the power to make you happy and relaxed.

The public garden also has the same benefits, but the problem is that you will not often have time to make the trip. But just know that it is better to spend half an hour a week in a garden than to do nothing. These 30 minutes will do you good on an emotional level.

Here, we give you 13 tips to model your space in a heavenly place

1. Prepare a corner just for you

woman relaxing in garden chair

Vines, shrubs… the list is long to create a small space for relaxation. You don’t even need to occupy or arrange all of the garden as the cost can quickly escalate.

If you want shade, you can fence off an area and choose plants whose branches follow the irons to cover everything.

2. Make your choice on scented plants

Lavender, clematis … to name but a few are plants to choose from to have a heavenly place. Scent plants have been shown to help you relax. Choose potted plants that you can set up near your deckchair or garden lounger so you can relax while sipping your favorite juice or drink.

3. Choose seats with cushions

We all know it is great to have a lawn chair, but if you forget the cushion, the level of comfort you will experience will be reduced to a low.

In today’s market, you will have several garden chair options: foldable, transportable, double seater, with sun shade … but for more comfort, it is more ingenious to focus on the appearance of the chair. comfort, opt for chairs with cousin or buy a cushion after purchasing your chair.

4. Don’t forget the wind chimes

wind chimes

Bamboo or metal wind chimes? Design material is not something to consider, the main thing is that you have one. These are very resistant to rain and other bad weather.

You can put them where you want in your garden, but the ideal will be to install them next to your lounge chair or deckchair. Wind chimes allow you to relax. Plus, they will add a vintage touch to your space.

5. Don’t underestimate the benefits of water

garden birds

We used to say that water is a source of life, but we forgot to add that it was also a source of happiness. To have a source of water in your garden, you can opt for a small pond or waterfall.

Watching water flowing, whether in the forest or in your garden, gives you the feeling of freedom and well-being. For more exoticism, you can add freshwater fish and also some plants around the source.

6. A little touch of spirituality with the statues

garden statue

It is not uncommon to find statues of an angel or an Asian character in gardens, the latter serve to give more spirituality to the space. You too, if you are spiritual and want to show it off, put up some statues in your garden. In addition, these accessories will help you relieve stress and anxiety.

7. Go for simplicity

Keep it simple and don’t go into a high-cost renovation project because your wallet may not be carrying the loads. In addition, make sure not to leave the exotic decor because it will give you the impression of leaving the beaten track.

Choose oxidized metals and lightly glazed containers as they are not only cheaper, but will allow you to relax.

8. Use floor cushions

Floor cushions are a good solution if you have a small nook or don’t want to use chairs. They allow you to completely relax and keep busy reading your favorite book or visiting your favorite sites or blogs (hope it is 😉). It is more judicious to opt for small and large cousins ​​and to mix them in order to obtain a perfect decoration.

9. Don’t take lighting lightly

It’s a little scary to be in a dark place. It is better to install lighting to better relax. Salary lamps are a good solution. With these lamps, you will be able to light your garden without paying for electricity. With the new innovations, you can find lamps with different colors that can illuminate your exterior.

If you are 100% exotic, opt for candles instead. You can find lightly scented candles that can play the same role as scented plants (relaxation and well-being)

10. Don’t forget to attract birds

Nothing is more beautiful than having the visit of birds every morning in your garden. But, this wonder is not given to everyone. You have to know how to attract them by installing feeders and feeding them the grains they love. You can take it a step further by planting fragrant flowers that can attract butterflies and other wonders of nature.

11. Add a swing

Swings add a little extra to your garden. They play a dual role. If you have children, you can give them fun times with this one. And if the kids don’t feel like playing, the swing can play the role of an exotic decoration (unless it reminds you of the horror movie you watched 10 years ago with a child who came out of the darkness and sat above 😀)

12. Fire bowl

As we said about solar lights, it is often difficult to relax if it is dark. Moreover, maybe you also want to relax even if it is a bit chilly. The solution is the fire bowl.

It not only makes it possible to produce a little light, but also to heat the air around you in order to fight against the cold. Go for a small sink and turn it on as soon as you feel the place is dark or cool.

13. Get a hammock

It is rare to see a garden “worthy of the name” without a hammock. The latter participates in the decoration of the space. but also, its first role is to allow you to relax after a long day of work.

There are hammocks to hang on two tree branches, but if you don’t have very rigid trees yet, go for the version with frame.

We hope that these thirteen tips will allow you to relax in your beloved space of the garden. Let us know your feedback in the “comments” section and don’t hesitate to suggest other tips.

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